Hermitcraft VII - Goatman - Episode 18

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The dark GOAT rises!
Hermitcraft Season 7 is upon us. Starting in Minecraft 1.16.2 The Nether Update Update, we set out to new adventures in the seventh season of our epic Minecraft Multiplayer Saga!
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#Minecraft #Hermitcraft #Season7
Music: Dark Hero - Martijn de Bont

Nyxira 11 timer siden
Raddest return ever.
combatwombat chicken
combatwombat chicken 7 dager siden
I like the usage of green blocks for greenscreen of a birds eye veiw
Molly Menard
Molly Menard Måned siden
17:20 “no.”
Makaio Polson
Makaio Polson Måned siden
I still don't see the goat in the sky help
Joe Thompson
Joe Thompson Måned siden
the scene in the beginning was magical
Karolina M
Karolina M Måned siden
Doc is such a good guy
XOtube Måned siden
Oh man.. Goatman is best man! We need many more mini docs in the world. :))
YungMK Måned siden
This was more hype than mandalorian S2
federico mafrici
federico mafrici Måned siden
Missed you a lot man, welcome back
Lozy gamer
Lozy gamer Måned siden
Its funny, last war Doc and Grian were against each other and basically the leaders for their teams. But now Doc is working alongside Grian Just shows that through thick and thin, they're still friends in the end
Wdomino Games & Media
Wdomino Games & Media Måned siden
The Dark Kn- eh Goat Returns! You are so welcome and im so happy to see you again :D
A Raine B
A Raine B Måned siden
Ahhh I feel like a little kid again. Welcome back sir! 🐐
SimonOpsi Måned siden
17:37 I laughed so hard
Philip’s YouTube
Philip’s YouTube Måned siden
It's a new hero! Who do you think it is? Maybe it's Doc?
Lukas Schalko
Lukas Schalko Måned siden
successfully watched the intro for the 78th time now
cory martin
cory martin Måned siden
Also you should take a cut of the fill belt money if you so please its your money your name showing love for something you love and if you make money so what who cares you have a baby on the way fuck what the haters say us real fans would understand your doing the right thing for your family
cory martin
cory martin Måned siden
By far my all time favorite intro to any video ever your the damn doc glad to see you back and hope your lily family is doing well
Carter Arnold
Carter Arnold Måned siden
Goat mountain is going to be so awesome with some actual goats in the new update
malani figueroa
malani figueroa Måned siden
hey you should do asmr your voice is allways soothing
laartje24 Måned siden
HEP = Hermitcraft Environmental protection. Except for the fact that they do a pretty poor job at protecting the environment.
Philip G
Philip G Måned siden
Def make the first mob from the security system a regular Pig named MR Security. Fake out HEP, only to bombard them with potion buffed Zoglins. I can't wait for the chaos you create Doc!
Sinjin Måned siden
Gut das du wieder da bist...good you are back man! Goat you are back!!!!!!
MrVipitis Måned siden
Traps? Alarm! Make some system that crushes zombie piglen for example. That is always an annoying sound or even a ghost?
TheGodTurtle Måned siden
I have been missing out not being subscribed to the GoatMan
Sewlo Savoy
Sewlo Savoy Måned siden
The hermits are just as good if not better then morning cartoons
Ploder Måned siden
"Hippies Eating Pies" should be what resistance call the H.E.P
MindBlow42 Måned siden
the symbol look liek a picture from the back of a flying bat
Landon Mackey
Landon Mackey Måned siden
Why did you have to make the most dope cinematic of all time
Mistyswirl Måned siden
10/10 most epic intro
Brian Conuel
Brian Conuel Måned siden
That was an absolutely amazing intro, you did a fantastic job! :)
Luka3431337 Måned siden
Hermitcraft felt empty without you for me
Luis Felipe Abad Guzmán
Luis Felipe Abad Guzmán Måned siden
Doc: How do you keep up with all these shenanigans? Some of us: We try! We really, really, try. Also some of us: We watch Hermit Recap Anyway, thanks for coming back to the server, Doc. If you need resources ask the other members to help you. You don't have to do this alone. And also: Have fun!
Mark Mesa
Mark Mesa Måned siden
Amazing intro
Spaceblast Legend
Spaceblast Legend Måned siden
Max Reemtsma
Max Reemtsma Måned siden
he protecc he atacc but most importantly HE BACC!!!!!!
Pete Rondeau
Pete Rondeau Måned siden
When the season first started it appeared like everybody was isolated from each other. Felt like they traveled for days from spawn to find their homes. Now when they fly around its like they are all practically right on top of each other.
Aiden O'Rielly
Aiden O'Rielly Måned siden
well everyone else is a round episode 60 and we are watching there videos so we are more up to date
Dr. Cygnus Laboratorys
Dr. Cygnus Laboratorys Måned siden
9:55 it's Called Hermitcraft Recap - a show by fans for fans 27:45 Yes Invading your on Vacation Neighbour's Garden is ze best solution
Elker Måned siden
"Budget cuts" Grian with his 5 stacks of diamond blocks....
hermitfan135 Måned siden
Use hermitcraft recap that’s how I keep up
Genesis Måned siden
“Cinnamon bun shop “💀 lmaooo weak asf
404 Error Not Found
404 Error Not Found Måned siden
All hope is lost for HEP, for the Goatfatherman has entered in play, and none can challenge his might.
build King
build King Måned siden
This intro is more cinematic than every movie I’ve ever seen. Combined.
Alan Rollf
Alan Rollf Måned siden
I want to sample 20:29 "man this was a good hit of poison"
Garret Austin
Garret Austin Måned siden
glad doc is back
Mummy Man
Mummy Man Måned siden
I think doc is corpses second channel
Lloyd Nelson
Lloyd Nelson Måned siden
GameNinjaD Måned siden
Who would win: The Doc Knight or Poultry Man?
Gizmo_ Potter
Gizmo_ Potter Måned siden
“All hell will break loose” ha
Jonathan D.
Jonathan D. Måned siden
Best invest 3 minutes of my life!!!
David Edwards
David Edwards Måned siden
Glad to have you back Doc. Hope you bring much chaos back to the server!
Philip Prescott-Decie
Philip Prescott-Decie Måned siden
Hippies Eating Pie... I missed you m8, glad you're back even if it's only for a special :) Live your life as you want to, loved the two new videos :)
Magic L
Magic L Måned siden
wait so you joined the resistance?
Sharpen your swords
Sharpen your swords Måned siden
hippies' eating pie, In couldn't stop laughing.
Fr Michels
Fr Michels Måned siden
Hey willkommen zurück grüß deinen kleinen Doc von mir :)
Barnaby Måned siden
Who would win; Goat man or Poultry man?
Henryque Cunha
Henryque Cunha Måned siden
THis opening sequence oh my goat.
icixatrak Måned siden
Ask grian for some diamonds he's litalerey rich
Krimax 92
Krimax 92 Måned siden
Hippies eating pie
gabe salazar
gabe salazar Måned siden
Goat man vs Poultry man who would win
CryoChick Måned siden
Welcome back. Congrats on the baby btw granted you prolly heard that enough. Myself I can't get one so I am happy when others can have that joy
Supreme king end
Supreme king end Måned siden
Ngl i thought that was red dragon archfiends head
Epic Squidge
Epic Squidge Måned siden
This intro is everything
Rylan Brosh
Rylan Brosh Måned siden
Are we just gonna ignore goatman taking flight damage and the cameraman getting completly distracted by stress's base?😂😂 in all seriousness, great edit! My faviorite parts were the cavern, the camera angles when flying out, and the green screen
Rylan Brosh
Rylan Brosh Måned siden
10:21 it would be better if that door outline replaced the wood on the outside
Cislord SoyBlue
Cislord SoyBlue Måned siden
Time to summon the German's natural enemy.
Firekris 34
Firekris 34 Måned siden
That intro was epic but an ad totally ruined it...
Ice Wallow Come
Ice Wallow Come Måned siden
MEANWHILE IN A PARALLEL UNIVERSE Gotham city Batman Meanwhile in a parallel universe GOATAM CITY GOATMAN
Gucci368 Måned siden
Imagine the intro of this video but with the new 1.17 generation, AAAAH.
capes Måned siden
Could you lower you mic’s sensitivity?
Shreyas Tripathy
Shreyas Tripathy Måned siden
Doc trying to make The Resistance HQ safe Witch: Watcha doin' ?
Nirbhay Oberoi
Nirbhay Oberoi Måned siden
Ha goat-em
Joel Kaunisto
Joel Kaunisto Måned siden
Gongrats doc
BaWa G
BaWa G Måned siden
Build a Goatham City
789costela Måned siden
docm. the defense system it is Nice idé... but Wat aboute the Hep members stuff ? you Will be forced to get those stuff back somehow, if they lose it all!... so how aboute a coletion system, that pick all there stuff & store it in a chest? then you don't have to mine diomonds & grinde there stuff back...
SuperSupper2 Måned siden
Can't spell CHEAP without HEP
Phantom Mapleaf
Phantom Mapleaf Måned siden
That intro was top tier dude. I loved it.
NIEL Måned siden
This is like Star Wars
{Venom SkyZ
{Venom SkyZ Måned siden
this is epic.
the only thing offended me was his voice at the start it felt different not sure why
Pierre Proudhon
Pierre Proudhon Måned siden
The intro... Best I've seen in hermitcraft world. Amazong
Ryan Hines
Ryan Hines Måned siden
Love it! Glad to have you back hope all is well with the family!
abdul muhaimin shahrir
abdul muhaimin shahrir Måned siden
Really wanna se grian as joker.. hahahahaha
Nicolino Will
Nicolino Will Måned siden
Only the GOAT can go from a mafia boss to a superhero
Jemima Ryan
Jemima Ryan Måned siden
maybe to make it multi-use, you could set up a hoglin breeder and make different ways of triggering it every time 👀
Oldmanfreeze Måned siden
Best episode Ever :)
Linus Christian
Linus Christian Måned siden
I love the cinematic intro!
Grayson Dubois
Grayson Dubois Måned siden
Fantastic to see you back Doc!
MaSh3d P0tatoes
MaSh3d P0tatoes Måned siden
If you managed to get a piglin brute in, then give it a strength potion or something, it would tear through someone in full prot 4 netherite in like 2-3 hits. It takes four hits without strength. It would be everything uou need
Jetceptadi Måned siden
Bahaha man
Marcus Bonin
Marcus Bonin Måned siden
This turf war will be very interesting. We got a taste from last season with the Civil War, but now the teams are mixed up and once battle erupts, I'm legit interested to see what happens then.
Emma Lin
Emma Lin Måned siden
hippies eating pie lol
Skull6272 [][][][]
Skull6272 [][][][] Måned siden
You should make a movie like your intro
Naitik Patel
Naitik Patel Måned siden
10:15 I'm also born in feb
That_One_Guy1357 Main
That_One_Guy1357 Main Måned siden
That music in the begining made me so nistagic of the Dark Knight trilogy. Ima go watch it later.
Coool turtle
Coool turtle Måned siden
Calvin Pratt
Calvin Pratt Måned siden
That intro was literally the best part of my week, i love it!!
noob 1884
noob 1884 Måned siden
That is really good production. Look forward to seeing payback. Not sure if you'll actually lure tango and cub though (I think cub's scared after falling into impulse's pit) but I'm sure you guys will get someone or two :)
Jiminy Cricket
Jiminy Cricket Måned siden
30:18 that moment when cubfan's music starts playing and you check your other browser tab to make sure his video didn't accidentally start
Dustin Knapp
Dustin Knapp Måned siden
17:36 "What does HEP even stand for?" HEP = Hermitcraft Enforcing Patrol. I think that is what it means, I am on the MR [Mycelium resistance]
Furiouspizza Måned siden
Why is his voice so satisfying? first time viewer from grian lol
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