Election Day in New York City - Jordan Klepper Fingers the Pulse | The Daily Show

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2 måneder siden

Jordan Klepper hits the streets of Brooklyn to find out how New Yorkers are feeling on Election Day and what they’re doing to avoid jinxing the results. #DailyShow #JordanKlepper #Election2020
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Arnold Hakim
Arnold Hakim Dag siden
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Ching Ring
Ching Ring Dag siden
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yo mama
yo mama 3 dager siden
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OfficialTaithi 3 dager siden
the coin flip part is hilarious
Patient Zero
Patient Zero 5 dager siden
He really can’t get these people in a gotcha moment... Biden voters are smart.
Mackenzie Craner
Mackenzie Craner 6 dager siden
This aged weird
alex hebert
alex hebert 9 dager siden
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Nathalie Lambert
Nathalie Lambert 9 dager siden
The coin was right
June Gonzalez
June Gonzalez 10 dager siden
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Luluu Johnson
Luluu Johnson 10 dager siden
Dylan fischer
Dylan fischer 11 dager siden
The coin man knee who would win he always new
pomykal dest
pomykal dest 11 dager siden
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alex hebert
alex hebert 12 dager siden
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Mwadjuma Mukamfizi
Mwadjuma Mukamfizi 12 dager siden
Lol coin
cfr73 14 dager siden
1:54 wow I can't believe they predicted the future
O T B J 17 dager siden
That coin flip. Who knew. Let's have that guy flip coins at the next World Cup.
Amanda hump
Amanda hump 17 dager siden
this is hands down my favorite youtube channel
Won On 1
Won On 1 19 dager siden
Lol that coin flipping man was onto something 👀👀
Just 0kay
Just 0kay 19 dager siden
I love that the one guy really flipped a coin and Biden STILL won 😂
Keldin Glenn
Keldin Glenn 21 dag siden
Flips quarter to see Trump heads Biden tails ............ Biden wins!!! thats my vote Nov. 23rd 2020 Biden becomes the President-Elect.
vilaysone Vong
vilaysone Vong 22 dager siden
The placid rat serologically whirl because swim hepatosplenomegaly confess at a eager fear. funny, abusive slipper
Random Wonders
Random Wonders 26 dager siden
song wu
song wu Måned siden
Okay let me say this: god democrats are so much cooler.
J3on_Xook Måned siden
This is why I love New York it’s literally so fun here most of the time
Glen Providence
Glen Providence Måned siden
At least these people have sense.
Dan Josef
Dan Josef Måned siden
Jordan is the real American hero, exposing the brainwashed Trumpies and their psychotic cult
Emily E
Emily E Måned siden
Annoyed at the man who actually left his vote up to a coin flip... But love that all my New Yorkers are wearing masks in these videos!!!! And actually speaking with sense...
Wagone Johannsen
Wagone Johannsen Måned siden
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Rie Vance
Rie Vance Måned siden
Joey Ciotti
Joey Ciotti Måned siden
The coin flip was right
nija nimi
nija nimi Måned siden
I was so Happy when his quarter landed on Biden😂😂😂
Zoe Ellen Goode
Zoe Ellen Goode Måned siden
You'll be relieved to know that BIDEN WONNNNNNN!!!!
Gerard Ligonde
Gerard Ligonde Måned siden
It must be nice for him to talk to people who have actual awareness...
Ibrahim Wichka
Ibrahim Wichka Måned siden
It's not as funny and sad as with the stupid trump supporters.
Der Alman
Der Alman Måned siden
C´mon New York City???
Jack Pasquale
Jack Pasquale Måned siden
Decent people for once
AresWar8299 Måned siden
1:44 dude omg this man really won the election for us!
Crysthalia B
Crysthalia B Måned siden
Is no one gonna talk about how that coin flip correctly predicted Biden’s win?
mlouis035 Måned siden
A friendly suggestion: leave the electoral college, and try the direct democracy.
yvwic50 Måned siden
Bwalls? Byalls? Booalls? I can't even begin to fathom how to inscribe how that young lady pronounced 'balls", but I like her.
Kai Robinson
Kai Robinson Måned siden
3:15 Holy shit did he even notice what she said? That was amazing!
Thanks for another bad haircut, Mom! NoFirstName
Thanks for another bad haircut, Mom! NoFirstName Måned siden
tRump lost his home state in NY in2016 and in 2020. NYers know him and HATE HIM!
Rhonda Anderson
Rhonda Anderson Måned siden
that’s a lucky quarter
Uvalacrosse10 Måned siden
Get this guy his own show!
Andrew N.
Andrew N. Måned siden
1:30 you can't be undecided when the two leading candidates are polar opposites.
Wallace Trisler
Wallace Trisler Måned siden
It's refreshing to see Jordan klepper interviewing people that aren't insane
Elroy Dom
Elroy Dom Måned siden
Me coming here on November 23 and nothing is finalized 😂. That coin better be correct
Gun welds
Gun welds Måned siden
Any chance Joe Biden will release the millions of black people that were arrested under his 1992 crime bill.
Singingway Måned siden
Makes me think this political " polarity" isn't a bad thing. Soon the Democrats party will have ALL the intellect, scientific knowledge, rationality and competence, and they'll have...tucker laughable carlson
Singingway Måned siden
Makes me want to move to NYC!
donnamariedemaio Måned siden
#Trump is probably the kind of man who ALWAYS finishes early.
EmpiresDawn Måned siden
As a european that has seen and heard way too many MAGA-opinions, that's disgusted by the fact that four years of that insanity were rewared with 70 mio votes, it's kinda soothing to see some reasonable people in this bit. My travel plans to the USA are still cancelled for life, pandemic or not. No way I am gonna visit a country where close to every second person ... well, you get my drift.
michael alfandary
michael alfandary Måned siden
That coin toss proved it was fraud
La Niña
La Niña Måned siden
"Hell no!! if his balls were cut off today I would be happy.. " 🤣🤣🤣 That's my girl right there
Adele Måned siden
Thank god the coin flip was right.
RonLarhz Måned siden
Uneducated voters
Staplers Break
Staplers Break Måned siden
Lady with the strong New York accent is a cool lady
Aly Mitchell
Aly Mitchell 2 måneder siden
I don't know a single person from Brooklyn who voted for Donald Trump 😂😂
JB 2 måneder siden
Shows campaigning four years doesn't work.
Mars Alenda
Mars Alenda 2 måneder siden
His Bawls!
Brian Schauffler
Brian Schauffler 2 måneder siden
Your videos are so funny.Even my moderate Republican cousin says yeah. All though he votes for no one ,so he says. His ASS is creased like Mick said!
Zutusz 2 måneder siden
I love how everyone is wearing a mask in this video, but almost no one is wearing one when he is speaking with republicans lmao
King_ xBorix
King_ xBorix 2 måneder siden
That coin flip was right 😂😂😂
Soham Dwivedi
Soham Dwivedi 2 måneder siden
Ironic_Iron87 2 måneder siden
I love that lady's accent
Carolina Gonzalez
Carolina Gonzalez 2 måneder siden
The difference between these people and Trump voters is that these people seem to actually understand when Jordan speaks
PinkiePie57 2 måneder siden
I fw y'all New York!!!
Hashirama Senju
Hashirama Senju 2 måneder siden
lf im gonna be honest with you Jordan must feel so happy talking to people who are smart after such a long time with trump rallies.
The coin guy.... Gave it all away.... 😂
Chris Coleman
Chris Coleman 2 måneder siden
BriaN 2 måneder siden
Its so much more funnier when Jordan makes fun of the trump supporters. Nothing to see here with normal man.
Evie M
Evie M 2 måneder siden
The coin flip won Biden for us
Infinity Louis
Infinity Louis 2 måneder siden
I love my city!!
Seetiyan 2 måneder siden
I'm glad she voted against Trump, but . . . she actually liked that version of Spider-Man? Wtf?
Jaime Andrade
Jaime Andrade 2 måneder siden
That man saved the country with that coin
Victor T.
Victor T. 2 måneder siden
0:35 Wow, he managed to put that in the nicest way possible lol
Kara_Mel 2 måneder siden
Jeez,never thought I'd miss Trump supporters on this segment...you gotta admit they're kinda funnier than this reasonable bunch😅
Nicolas lopez
Nicolas lopez 2 måneder siden
1:45 He predicted the future
Justin Time For Parties
Justin Time For Parties 2 måneder siden
Wow how sed this liberals Trump 2020 🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾🇲🇾
AaNi S
AaNi S 2 måneder siden
This aged so well
OLGA MOROZOVA 2 måneder siden
1:55 The coin wasn't lying!
yujus sanity
yujus sanity 2 måneder siden
Not scared anymore biden 2020 periot
Pretti Yoshi
Pretti Yoshi 2 måneder siden
Home sweet home
Vidhi Basu
Vidhi Basu 2 måneder siden
OMG, it must be Jordans big day. He got to talk to people with functioning brains. How's that change feel?
Sofia Friend
Sofia Friend 2 måneder siden
Lorenzo Dawkins
Lorenzo Dawkins 2 måneder siden
400 years of campaigning and a coin flip😑
Fire of Jagz
Fire of Jagz 2 måneder siden
Aaah damn, i'm gonna miss this guy
Nona Boccalupo
Nona Boccalupo 2 måneder siden
Can’t laugh at sane, nice looking, Americans! ✊🏽😎 🇺🇸 🖖🏼
Savy Simon
Savy Simon 2 måneder siden
Lol I love it!!! The first time voters who hate Trump are the winners!!!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼
Loosey Goosey
Loosey Goosey 2 måneder siden
2:50 damn I love her accent
Carlo Crousillat
Carlo Crousillat 2 måneder siden
wow the coin flip called it
Paul Brienza
Paul Brienza 2 måneder siden
"Donald Trump always ends things early" Oof
ANVEZ _ 2 måneder siden
“I liked that spiderman” FINALLY SOMEONES SAYS IT. Garfield was a awesome spiderman.
Lorraine Durham
Lorraine Durham 2 måneder siden
This video compares to his videos of the trump supporters...BIG DIFFERENCE
Daphne Loustalet
Daphne Loustalet 2 måneder siden
First girls response: lol 😂
steven jackson
steven jackson 2 måneder siden
Is no one gonna talk about how that coin flip correctly predicted Biden’s win?
cmm3699 2 måneder siden
I liked that guy who mentioned a mindfulness walk. He didn’t relay it correctly, but being mindful of your emotions, surroundings, and others is a truly important thing to learn. I know I slip up a lot, but I do notice I do better once I do a kind of “check-in” with myself about mindfulness.
Latonya Tinch
Latonya Tinch 2 måneder siden
Undecided fool
Natasha Gibeau
Natasha Gibeau 2 måneder siden
The quarter flip was right all along
Maria Elena Vazquez
Maria Elena Vazquez 2 måneder siden
It’s truly comforting to finally watch a video of Jordan Klepper where some people actually have common sense 😌
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