I made it IMPOSSIBLE to score in Rocket League and bet PROS $100

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I bet pros and freestylers $100 if they could score a goal in Rocket League (and $100 for every goal) Hopefully this doesn't come back to haunt me...
Check out the boys:
@Pulse Fire
Shock: www.twitch.tv/shock_rl
Mist: www.twitch.tv/mist_rl
If you're on PC, you can download the miss-bot (built inside of the aimbot plugin) here: bakkesplugins.com/plugins/view/121
As usual, the genius behind the miss-bot (and aimbot, and a ton of other stuff) is CINDERBLOCK: cinderblockcb

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Production music from Epidemicsound.com
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SunlessKhan Måned siden
*SUBSCRIBE TO ME OR YOU WILL HAVE MISSBOT IN ALL YOUR GAMES* Alternate title: I made it HARD to score and made MYSELF rage Not clickbaity enough 😂
Liangbajin 4 dager siden
@Itachi Uchiha bro you are red you sus
Dino Dude
Dino Dude 7 dager siden
eg henners
eg henners 11 dager siden
I dont need missbot i already have it on switch
aryan galang
aryan galang 13 dager siden
“You actually just played me, actually I just played myself.” ad plays in the end.. we all get played.
Jeffrey James
Jeffrey James 15 dager siden
Viktor 3 timer siden
Hi sunlesskhan i want to ask you something. i just learned to air dribble and ceiling shot but i never get the chance to do it in a real match. maybe you can make a video where you teach how to get the chance to make thos playes
Abstrxction 5 timer siden
You may have lost over $1,000 but the memories you made were probably worth it
Átila Bagano Gonçalves
Átila Bagano Gonçalves 12 timer siden
"Now most of you watching this already have missbot" Damn haha, sobs
Jay The Ninja Beast
Jay The Ninja Beast 14 timer siden
Rocket League Mr Beast? But better
Daniel Lamb
Daniel Lamb 16 timer siden
Sunless: I’m gonna post a video and it’s gonna be so much fun for me and the people participating in this video Musty: You may weep, you may wine, but this video is now mine!
Matt Flo
Matt Flo Dag siden
Rodrigo J
Rodrigo J Dag siden
My favorite freestyler is pulse fire
JJ Cow
JJ Cow 2 dager siden
Fire: I’ve been training my whole life for this
Elliot Johansson
Elliot Johansson 2 dager siden
Sunless should try aimbot 100% vs missbot 100%
horhe gonzalez
horhe gonzalez 2 dager siden
“This video is me losing money😂🤣.” MrBeast: First time?
Rene Rubio
Rene Rubio 3 dager siden
“Now most of you watching already have missbot” ha that’s got me crying 🤣😭
Shoot For The Stars 2020
Shoot For The Stars 2020 3 dager siden
im pretty sure that you can score but you have to push it in with max boost
Sweaty AG
Sweaty AG 3 dager siden
Didn’t musty do this?
Tack Tnot
Tack Tnot 3 dager siden
Trying to air dribble or freestyle? Well then I have the thing for you! Download code:FE33-E27F-3162-EA11.
SniperSd Sid
SniperSd Sid 3 dager siden
i must have it preinstalled lol
Indika Bandara
Indika Bandara 3 dager siden
does miss bot make you miss the chance of actually having a life, if so i have miss bot ;-;
Peter Tsagklis
Peter Tsagklis 3 dager siden
The open nets were missed in this video | |
Crikey Mate!
Crikey Mate! 3 dager siden
Video idea: aimbot+mission vs 3 pros
Diana Hill
Diana Hill 3 dager siden
Pulse Fire is my favorite professional gamer
ItzSwaggy 4 dager siden
My girl got me the PS5 🥲
Striker 5 dager siden
Idk why but mists mikrofon is so satysfiing
Affan Rahman
Affan Rahman 5 dager siden
I would not pay a dime when some of them score
Tempest Gaming
Tempest Gaming 5 dager siden
Shocked leth only got one
1st time in history of rocket league a person don't want to svore😂😂
MTX Moped
MTX Moped 5 dager siden
Shot fired in the intro I see you
ImadethisaccforFunkeirao 5 dager siden
SunlessKhan lost $1,100 today may god let his wallet rest in peace
Mango0 6 dager siden
GD fraction
GD fraction 6 dager siden
R.I.P Maradona 1960-2020😭🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷
Elijah Ward
Elijah Ward 7 dager siden
Wait you actually win games?!
Not JoshJones
Not JoshJones 7 dager siden
You should do missbot for the opposite team and you get AIMBOT
Ts toro
Ts toro 7 dager siden
Jokes on u sunless I don’t need the the reverse aim bot haha
Glizzy Gang
Glizzy Gang 7 dager siden
Put the miss bot on 1000000000 and see if they can score
SlaX 7 dager siden
New title: I made it IMPOSSIBLE to afford gifts for my family this year from betting PROS $100 that they couldn't score.
Mae Murray
Mae Murray 7 dager siden
“This video is me losing money😂🤣.” MrBeast: First time?
Puppymax 1298
Puppymax 1298 6 dager siden
Imagine stealing someone's comment who is basically above you on the same video
Its Your Boi
Its Your Boi 7 dager siden
"some of us already have missbot" XD
green lettuce
green lettuce 7 dager siden
"Now most of you watching this already have missbot" Damn haha, *sobs*
Sherifface 1
Sherifface 1 8 dager siden
I literally AM miss bot at this game😂😂
Ψ Carlos Geels ッ
Ψ Carlos Geels ッ 8 dager siden
I mean in the last you had to pay like 1000 dollars
Jestin J
Jestin J 8 dager siden
Now do 1 team aimbot 1 team miss bot
Glizzanator IIIV
Glizzanator IIIV 8 dager siden
You should put this against a regular aimbot
Adriel Isaac
Adriel Isaac 8 dager siden
I need someone to answer this question how do you get the center ball, first touch xp notification thing cause I thought they took that out of the game
Green huggs
Green huggs 8 dager siden
thats a rip for me i can't use it cause i use the free one on epic games since its free now ;c
ツCM 8 dager siden
What we learned? *_never_* challenge a god damn pro player
Kalvin Smith
Kalvin Smith 8 dager siden
imagine stealing Musty's video :(
ilove Chocolate’s
ilove Chocolate’s 8 dager siden
There is a mode called heatseeker if your playing that mode THEN it’s actually impossible to not score you probably know about this mode
Martin Sävås
Martin Sävås 8 dager siden
Feel bad for leth
Lautaro Bravo
Lautaro Bravo 8 dager siden
It would be cool if Sunless had aimbot and 1v2 pros with missbot
Mae Murray
Mae Murray 7 dager siden
RaisedThrone Gaming
RaisedThrone Gaming 8 dager siden
This is an expensive video here sunless ;)
Coolawsomeguy100 8 dager siden
Who else just skipped to the parts with pulse fire to hear him say dum shit
Yeet Meat
Yeet Meat 8 dager siden
I’m getting miss boy rn
Yeet Meat
Yeet Meat 8 dager siden
K I’m subbing
Mikkel S-key
Mikkel S-key 9 dager siden
I still don’t understand how i disable it?? xD
jeromy williams
jeromy williams 9 dager siden
Dammmmmmmm missbot
Gaudy Stream
Gaudy Stream 9 dager siden
How dare you steal this idea from musty
Barnett Torelli
Barnett Torelli 9 dager siden
buns 8 dager siden
when barnett plays himself: "WAIT NO I STOLE A COMMENT"
Daniel 81
Daniel 81 9 dager siden
This video: *exists* Every Rocket league youtuber: Hello
Chasing Snow
Chasing Snow 8 dager siden
Hunter 9 dager siden
When pulse did that tongue click I started dying
Srivanth Magham
Srivanth Magham 9 dager siden
Afk_Detrox 9 dager siden
Sunless:😡☹️ His wallet: 👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿👿😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡🤬🤬🤬😈😈👿😈😈😈😈😈😈👺👺👺👺👺👺☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️
PJEtrov0604 10 dager siden
U copying musty😡
PJEtrov0604 10 dager siden
Luke Tutorow
Luke Tutorow 10 dager siden
bruh we didnt get to see the rest of pulse fires pinches
ThegreatOleg 10 dager siden
Make a Defendbot.
Monkey D Luffy
Monkey D Luffy 10 dager siden
Mans just goated innit
Vorce Gaming
Vorce Gaming 10 dager siden
*I need to uninstall this*
Arabela Nakano
Arabela Nakano 11 dager siden
“You actually just played me, actually I just played myself.” ad plays in the end.. we all get played.
PurpleKiller 11 dager siden
now i want to see the best defenders in RL go against an aimbot software
Phantom 11 dager siden
It is just the opposite of heatseeker lol
Faisal Kamel
Faisal Kamel 11 dager siden
Sunless: Most of you have Missbot Me: And I took that personally
Stephanie Sullivan
Stephanie Sullivan 11 dager siden
Sizz: "We should do this more" Sunless: SHOULD WE?! lmaoo
ER Alharbi
ER Alharbi 11 dager siden
Gd Ozzienemo
Gd Ozzienemo 11 dager siden
At 101 power it just bounces off the goal
Midnight Slasher
Midnight Slasher 11 dager siden
RIP to my mans bank account
DiceDodo 11 dager siden
dude sunless just stole this idea from Musty bro. Not cool.
Ben Art’zz
Ben Art’zz 11 dager siden
I just realized what he ment by “you guys probably have miss bot”
bruuuden 12 dager siden
you got fire, shock and mist. you just need someone with a username related to ground
Archie Pennington
Archie Pennington 12 dager siden
How do you get it
Tee Kay
Tee Kay 12 dager siden
Bro can’t believe you took musty’s idea smh😂
CYB0RG 11 dager siden
I agree
Kevin Hiriart
Kevin Hiriart 12 dager siden
0:35 I already have missbot :(
Blan 12 dager siden
What is your camera settings
-AbPz- Gaming
-AbPz- Gaming 12 dager siden
Jabber Habber
Jabber Habber 12 dager siden
I’m pretty sure musty thought of this before you
Jackson Brown
Jackson Brown 12 dager siden
HO3SAY TV 13 dager siden
Is there any way that this comes as a default setting ??? Where is the on/off option
sosadwh_ Gaming
sosadwh_ Gaming 13 dager siden
Rip Sunless Wallet
aryan galang
aryan galang 13 dager siden
Sizz: "We should do this more" Sunless: SHOULD WE?! lmaoo
Melvin Lewis
Melvin Lewis 13 dager siden
3 grand Champs with miss bot vs a bronze with Aimbot would be SO PHIRE DOE
Potato Squad
Potato Squad 13 dager siden
Same here
Potato Squad
Potato Squad 13 dager siden
Jk I suck
1xXAssassinMXx1 13 dager siden
Yo, why did you copy musty though?
RvG Gabe
RvG Gabe 13 dager siden
Fire and sizz are the two halves of fireburner so no wonder they got more goals
Im_Theory 13 dager siden
I really want to see this mod vs the aimbot
Dwayne Calvin Nano
Dwayne Calvin Nano 13 dager siden
the video title i made it impossible to score in rocket league and then fire... 3:40
Airestith 13 dager siden
Oh it's kind of like musty's video
Arthur 14 dager siden
Who is here after Musty's vid?
sora najimi
sora najimi 14 dager siden
This is a definite cop
Arnav Thapar
Arnav Thapar 14 dager siden
What if you did this with heatseeker?
PudzianPL 14 dager siden
Musty: ima take the idea now
Smug Dancin'
Smug Dancin' 14 dager siden
Hey sunless. i have video idea. You should 1v1 a pro but you have aimbot at 100% and the pro has misbot at 25 or 50%. lets see which one is more powerfull!
James2415 14 dager siden
Do a vid we’re u have sim bot and they have missbot
mininikeo_playz 14 dager siden
(you already have missbot ) me laughing and then getting angry
Pros vs Golds but the Golds have aimbot...
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