The White House's Cut Of Trump's "60 Minutes" Interview (Exclusive Preview)

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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Måned siden

A Late Show has exclusively obtained this sneak peek at President Trump's already-notorious interview with "60 Minutes" which airs this Sunday on CBS. #Colbert #ColdOpens #60Minutes
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davidpar2 8 dager siden
I’ll just watch the full video Trump released, thanks anyway.
Devastinator 24 dager siden
Ngl, the tick tocks and the 2 next to CBS had me rolling 😂😂😂
꧁Hilda. RG꧂
꧁Hilda. RG꧂ Måned siden
1silvervespa Måned siden
COVID FAILURE .... Bone head T RUMP ..... !
T K.
T K. Måned siden
Trump could learn something from Joe Biden.
Beach Girrl
Beach Girrl Måned siden
Robin Williams supports Joe Biden! 😂
BS1 Måned siden
All this media hate is bull crap... That's a Dictator Move by Trump!!! Mr Trumps technique is ...If I have scandal, I'll make sure everyone has a scandal. Get the papers!!! what papers? He makes everything a fake deep state red dawn movie and that's for his base, mean while his boy Rudy Got his hands down his pants trying to get some interview loving, you know Rudy he married his second cousin.. Zero integrity!!!
W Thomas
W Thomas Måned siden
Adrenochrome virus
Bob vs Bob
Bob vs Bob Måned siden
for a guy that lives in soon to be socialist europe, i must say, the interview was a sham. a shame of an interview. the bias has got to stop.
Caroline Melecia
Caroline Melecia Måned siden
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Kristin Delaroche
Kristin Delaroche Måned siden
John Davison
John Davison Måned siden
Trump is such a an idiot
Chase Kurt
Chase Kurt Måned siden
S955US84 Måned siden
SEE what CBS cut out in this side by side comparison:
R Ryan
R Ryan Måned siden
How can anyone vote for Joe Biden when he said twice on video that he is running for the US Senate? 🤦🏻‍♂️ 😳
Mike Cooke
Mike Cooke Måned siden
Does Lesley not watch any of the hearings in the Senate ??? She clearly needs to go watch IG Horrowitz's testimony in front of the Senate ! Yes Lesley his campagn was survielled !
Anthony Aponte
Anthony Aponte Måned siden
Between his taxes all he has done he is a con man crook that hopefully goes to jail. He'll probably hate it when you sees that interview . Now 60 Minutes will be fake news . Idiot What a terrible person con man liar self-centered with no empathy. That press secretary should be ashamed of herself.
Quy Tran
Quy Tran Måned siden
Melanie Sherman
Melanie Sherman Måned siden
Alex Måned siden
Dave Weiss
Dave Weiss Måned siden
The interview is a hoax
Alex Gordon
Alex Gordon Måned siden
colbert is a media backed troll
TheLeoLaboratory Måned siden
Both candidates suck. You know they suck, but you’re not able to do anything about it yourself. Sucks
Esperanza J Creeger
Esperanza J Creeger Måned siden
Trump did not “storm out”. I watched the entire thing. He calmly ended his portion of the interview and left the building, like Elvis. The Young White Liberals will vote for Trump, on the sly, in droves. Too many Dark Deeds and bad Karma on the Biden side. Today’s Biden drops were simply horrific, disheartening, and it is now clear he will not be able to recover from this massive, massive scandal. Sorry Dems. It’s over for the “The Big Guy” who is in big trouble.
Bruce Molyneux
Bruce Molyneux Måned siden
Here's the truth libtards
TheLambsChapel Vietnam
TheLambsChapel Vietnam Måned siden
I'm ashamed you are an American. When your life is minutes from its end, what have you contributed? A waisted life...
jerry kirkpatrick
jerry kirkpatrick Måned siden
good people on both sides “, “suckers and losers “ “it will be down to zero by the summer “ integrity and truth is on the ballot vote BIDEN/HARRIS !!
WARNING: Misleading title.
Patricia Snow
Patricia Snow Måned siden
And you people call Trump supporters Stupid. Trump 2020.
Daniel Provencher
Daniel Provencher Måned siden
hairby indiaanne
hairby indiaanne Måned siden
Watch the UNCUT version 😂😂 "left abruptly"
motorbikeray Måned siden
The supposed highlight of President Trump's 60 Minutes interview with Lesley Stahl is that he "abruptly" ended the interview. What actually happened was two of the 60 Minutes producers interrupted the interview to let President Trump and Lesley Stahl know that five minutes remained before needing to bring on VP Pence. President Trump then said that he thought there was enough interview material of his to use, which a female producer agreed with and said that they're now ready for the Vice President. Only after that interaction with the two 60 Minutes producers did President Trump stand up to leave the interview. See for yourself here the unedited moments before President Trump stood up from the interview: Then see how 60 Minutes and Lesley Stahl made available on the 60 Minutes NOpost channel an edited version of the same ending:​
jamie martin
jamie martin Måned siden
This show sucks. How is it still on? Your ratings are in the toilet...
Carolyn Hoover
Carolyn Hoover Måned siden
Ah Stephen! Always good to have your take on what this man says. Too funny.
Dan Guest
Dan Guest Måned siden
What a turd
Sidney Seed
Sidney Seed Måned siden
I miss the Colbet Report 😢
Briggs Wilson
Briggs Wilson Måned siden
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Steve Stockman
Steve Stockman Måned siden
Trump will win again, Steven the liberal Canadian will cry like a little bitch again. 🇺🇸💪
Otto VonHamburger
Otto VonHamburger Måned siden
I watched President Trump's in-house recording. I saw with my own unedited eye and ears the truth of Stahl's attempted media attack. She was shut down in every way. CBS sucks ass. Fake, absurdly edited. Straight propaganda. I know, I know....that's why they call it programming, but CBS must fold and go out of business.
Kimberly Summers
Kimberly Summers Måned siden
Nothing BurgerKing
Nothing BurgerKing Måned siden
Beyond being completely shitty , he's rude too
w5cdt Måned siden
Who wants a jerk for president.
Fraud President -Elect
Fraud President -Elect Måned siden
OMG..People are dying and its really sad to see this old woman, doing interviews without mask and should be ashamed of herself. We should protect old people and people should be fined for not wearing mask so that we follow the rules.
Farnaz Khankhanian
Farnaz Khankhanian Måned siden
I hate you Stephen!
Larry p
Larry p Måned siden
The interview was 45 minutes long.. they wanted 6 hrs to edit
MarcosElMalo2 Måned siden
Don’t forget to BOAT!
Rick Prusak
Rick Prusak Måned siden
Humpty Trumpty sat on a partial wall. Humpty Trumpty took a great fall. Said Mexico will pay for it all. 4 years later, it's still not done. Humpty Trumpty sez he will drain the swamp. Instead Humpty Trumpty created a dump. Humpty Trumpty's losing election results will show him the street. For all of America, that will look real sweet.
Paul Måned siden
Joe Biden wants to raise taxes on corporations. If you raise taxes on corporations, the corporations will just raise their prices to the public and so therefore you are just taxing the people,
Chris Facemire
Chris Facemire Måned siden
60 minutes just want to promote Biden never have I seen such bias
joshisking Måned siden
Again the fake news media trying to make one of the greatest presidents ever look like a bafoon. Immagine if republicans did this to Obama. Oh my massive red wave income. Trump will win in a landslide
Jo Ellen Johnson
Jo Ellen Johnson Måned siden
I love it that President Trump walked out on this interview the President doesn't need it they do she is just an old has been or a never been off her meds I hope the president keeps on walking away from the left these people are sick just a bunch of CLOWNs
John Alcazar
John Alcazar Måned siden
The woman is a slime ball way to go 👍TRUMP 2020 .fake news lives matter. NOT
Lisa Marie Simmons lll Oathkeeper
Lisa Marie Simmons lll Oathkeeper Måned siden
Suffering Suckatash Leslie! Having HILLARY Clinton BOBBLE HEAD eye fluttering syndrome. Her eye's tried to take flight but her Silvester style speech saved her eye lashes from taking flight! Thanks Sylvester!
Kev Dawg
Kev Dawg Måned siden
Any one here like Trump I think he’s going to win 4 more years god bless America
Lindsey Chance
Lindsey Chance Måned siden
Its God with a capital G. God doesn't bless nations. He also warned you of false profits and yet here you are!
Damon Czanik
Damon Czanik Måned siden
Nearly a quarter million DEAD now and this coward can't answer a few questions without RUNNING AWAY. If you can’t answer tough questions you don't deserve to be president.
willy Jilly
willy Jilly Måned siden
Trump did what young Bidness did on key and peele.
Kerry Rodeffer
Kerry Rodeffer Måned siden
Steven Colbert is neither funny or intelligent.
Yolanda Hernandez
Yolanda Hernandez Måned siden
They can't recognize a great leader. Only the swamp.
Murray Schultz
Murray Schultz Måned siden
Manuel Galvez
Manuel Galvez Måned siden
Yeaa does are you buddy's that u made rich they could afford boats the non tax payers
Bandit 1
Bandit 1 Måned siden
Trump 2020 🇺🇲 KAG
Rhonda Langlinais
Rhonda Langlinais Måned siden
She is asking very clear & direct questions. Why can’t either one of them just answer her questions clearly? These questions aren’t hard one, but They both still evade every one of her questions. Trump & Pence just hammers away to the same OLD script word of word. They’re script is not factual or relevant to the questions her asking. That wasn’t a interview. It wasn’t lack of trying neither, 60 minutes tried very hard. She is a True journalist. I been watching 60 minutes for decades! I have never seen Americans leaders like these two guys. They dance around & miss direct questions. Leaders do stuff like this because they have screwed up royally. I’m so embarrassed by these two little boys. P.S. Both Pence & Trump “little boys” were very rude & interrupting her. That’s what children do when they don’t want you to correct them.
Catherine Hendrickson
Catherine Hendrickson Måned siden
This guy is SCANDALOUS please America wake up.
Adam Peters
Adam Peters Måned siden
Leslie stahl needs to resign immediately. Liberal hack
aurora sun
aurora sun Måned siden
Did Stephen Colbert interview Biden about his corruption in Ukraine. I bet you not. Come on man.
tim parrish
tim parrish Måned siden
She is an investigative “reporter who spreads a false statement that the laptop is not verified but won’t even do so much as a google search to see that the real intelligence community (as opposed to the former intelligence talking heads) have definitely verified it and the Biden Lawer asked for it back! Lesley has discredited herself when all she thinks the American people want to do is rearrange the deck chairs with masks while the Titanic is sinking!
Fitch 09
Fitch 09 Måned siden
It is extremely offensive that Colbert allows this crap to go on. They just made fun of half the population. Just like hillary did..and Colbert is conservative down under.
MrBLARG85 Måned siden
was this supposed to be funny... this was a cringey attempt 😕
Tom W
Tom W Måned siden
Trump is all over the place. He is constantly saying things (lies) then gets called on it and he says he was joking or he double downs on his lies and cries about fake news. The truth is that Donald Trump spreads Fake News more than all the other sources combined. It is tragic how the US has to deal with this immature, insecure, narcissistic, pathological liar and the Radical Right and drinks his Koolaid every day.
Anna Paglialunga
Anna Paglialunga Måned siden
Just watched 60 min today, Sunday ... He’s unhinged ... what a whining bully .... And he wants 4 more years !!! He should be locked up in one of his cages ... I’m disgusted
energy 101
energy 101 Måned siden
Stahl was cynical, prejudiced, and disrespectful. You either GET President Trump or you don't. Lesley Stahl does NOT get Trump. The best president in my lifetime in terms of action and keeping promises, and she decided to be as negative as possible. Tough questions are expected, but insulting questions are not. If I listed all the positive things he's done, I would run out of room.
Jane Doe
Jane Doe Måned siden
Trump is insane, rude and out of control with his insults and lies. ! If he remains in office it is goodbye USA and hello Russia. Even when he and his corrupt posse leave office; the Trump evil will forever harm our nation and the Republican Party is directly responsible. They all will sell US classified and confidential information to the highest bidders and could care less what happens to our nation. Trump and his lemmings including Gresham and McConnell the perfect examples of the most disgusting, immoral, vile, unethical, hypocritical liars in US history and they will face the consequences for turning on their own nation. People who still support these guys need serious mental intervention.
Christian V-H
Christian V-H Måned siden
60 minutes has gone from filming Ling Ling wannabe piano prodigies like Alma Deutscher, to interviewing this bumbling fool.
Albert J
Albert J Måned siden
J Smith
J Smith Måned siden
I'm a Trump fan and I was laughing at this, good job guys! Also for all you deranged 'Hollywood' liberal types in NY and California, just to let you know President Trump will easily win re-election. He will win most of the swing states like North Carolina, Florida and Michigan and be re-elected four more years. Try putting your Trump hate down and realize how much he has done for the country... see yah!
Cheyenne Cannaday
Cheyenne Cannaday Måned siden
Pathetic how they fact-check Trump's joke. haha
The train kid
The train kid Måned siden
The truth is on this documentaryon Amazon Prime. “ The Plot Against The President “.
Easy Wind
Easy Wind Måned siden
It’s called Dumbkirk. The funniest thing to come out of the election, yet.
Lorraine Schoenberger-Ward
Lorraine Schoenberger-Ward Måned siden
Why would and intelligent person vote for Trump? What is wrong with you people? Have you not been listening? The man is a bully who lies through his teeth. Have you lost your mind? Wake the hell up. Unless yo u want to live in a communist America.
Michael P
Michael P Måned siden
Orange Man Bad is not comedy. Boring.
Anime - Mun
Anime - Mun Måned siden
Kapt'n Pee
Kapt'n Pee Måned siden
Trump throws fit over 60 minutes interview Me (using tactic from Leslie Stahl’s book): oh that’s not verified
Crime Fighter
Crime Fighter Måned siden
60 Minutes of BS every week!!!!
PrimTime Måned siden
To funny.
choice12ozborne Måned siden
If you had a loved one move to another country for a job over a 3 year. Would you not ask them once how's the job? Joe Biden says to this day hes never spoken to hunter biden about his job. If you believe that you are seriously gullible and I would love to get your information cause I kid milk you out of money lol. You would be asking You are would be asking if a loved one got a job at the Burger King down the street how is the job I would assume.
Javon Wells
Javon Wells Måned siden
So the Trump White House announces that they will leak an unedited version of the entire interview... and the Late Show responds with a heavily-edited two minute parody. Well I see no irony here at all...!!! But hey, I gotta admit it was funny.
Haydee Cano
Haydee Cano Måned siden
He did the right thing to walked away. The first thing she told him after he answered was "that is mot "truth' they do not interview they accuse him. Then the camera man started asking him questions. Good Mr. President yuh ou are smarter than him. How come Biden doesn't go to Fox news to be interviewed?
Karen Greelee
Karen Greelee Måned siden
Trump is a big fat liar he doesn't care about the people he care about himself
Ronalda Arends
Ronalda Arends Måned siden
I am so glad I don't watch your shows anymore or your programming you're fake news
Sally Smith
Sally Smith Måned siden
Childish Petulanceosis=Trump
Kenneth Thomas
Kenneth Thomas Måned siden
And the boaters crashed. We had to rescue some of these idiots in Galveston LOL dumbasses
Jim Burnette
Jim Burnette Måned siden
Trumpy is the world's most stupid idiot anyone who has to blow his own horn is generally a great dummy
Maineiach Måned siden
I only ask... Please do.leave the country when trump wins... AGAIN ❤️❤️❤️
Rej Beau
Rej Beau Måned siden
Leslie Stahl I used to like you........NOT ANY MORE
Hiss Lamb
Hiss Lamb Måned siden
What part of George Carlin's Ít's a club and you ain't in it' (skit) do voters not understand ? Blame the 33% (moral minority) of the US population who are voters/ enablers of the 1%/are complicit/ consent by voting, and are [thus] a danger to the rest of us and the world (except Israel). The US has been a mere CORPORATION (legal fiction = not a Republic) since 1861 when the southern states walked out of Congress over the issue of not wanting to put up their public lands as surety for the national debt (not slavery). When Lincoln then no longer had a quorum in Congress to be a Republic, he started the US CORPORATION, where the Constitution is in favor of the banks and [CORPORATE] government, and the fake government is the Sovereign, not the people. The FEDERAL RESERVE is also an international private CORPORATION. 14th Amendment "citizens" are considered as sureties for the national debt (which you are not allowed to question) and wards of the BAR (British Accreditation Registry) courts. Dual citizens in elected and appointed positions of policy-making of wars, resource & land theft,, etc. ? Th@ would not occur if the US was actually still a Republic. Waiting for breadcrumbs while we have to watch the left-right false paradigm circus and waiting for CV-19, etc. vaccines while simultaneously facing arrest for not wearing masks оr not social distancing ? Th@ would not occur if the US were a Republic. The US owes you the interest money on the CORPORATION (birth certificate bond & tax asset tracking #) they started in your name (@vanity/commerce) and monetized that as a bond on the stock market. Is it easier to fool the sheeple than it is to convince them they've been fooled ?
Josephus S
Josephus S Måned siden
Your title is already incorrect. It is an *UNCUT* version of the 60 minutes interview and you can watch it yourself right now on Trump's twitter without Stephen Colbert telling you how to think.
South Korea Rigged Election
South Korea Rigged Election Måned siden
South.KOREA MOON Jae-in is either a diplomatic genius or a communist set on destroying his country ( bbc) S korea 's liberal rulers unleash their inner authoritarians ( the economicst) South korea is now under martial law / South Korea Rigged Election CCP Out
Juan Carlos Millanes Lopez
Juan Carlos Millanes Lopez Måned siden
Good morning Mr. President Trump: 80,000 new infections in the USA in one day (23.10.2020)
numen one
numen one Måned siden
"Nothing discloses real character like the use of power. It is easy for the weak to be gentle. Most people can bear adversity. But if you wish to know what a man really is, give him power. This is the supreme test. It is the glory of Lincoln that, having almost absolute power, he never abused it, except upon the side of mercy." (Ingersoll, 1884)
Rexerman89 Måned siden
I'm not watching that crappy WH version of 60 mins! I want to see the orig. after football lol!
James Z
James Z Måned siden
If he can’t last 60 minutes, how will he last 4 more years?
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