Picking up major pieces for the R33 Skyline

  Ganger 119,425

Jimmy Oakes

Måned siden


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Jimmy Oakes
PMB 169
61 N. Plains Industrial Rd.
Wallingford, CT 06492

marveldrifters 21 dag siden
What coil packs are these James?
LYON$ Måned siden
Tommy not only looks like a jdm-hamster, he actually is a jdm-hamster.
Marquise Thomas
Marquise Thomas Måned siden
Rjay : Let me see you put that in the box as neatly as he did Jimmy : ok *SLAMS THE HARNESS IN THE BOX*
ted.g8 Måned siden
I am convinced Tommy borrows every tool in the videos. I’ve never seen a toolbox anywhere lol
BighomieJ5x -
BighomieJ5x - Måned siden
@8:43 somebody need to check them undies after that one 🤦🏾‍♂️😆😆 @16:04 😆😆😆😂😂😂
Built By Kyle
Built By Kyle Måned siden
Really enjoying your content at the moment, keep it up, much love from Australia. 🤙🏽
Jordan H
Jordan H Måned siden
Ayyyyy I see the boqer sticker at the start👀
michael stone
michael stone Måned siden
Should have Straight pipe it
420BLAZIN69 Måned siden
6’2” lmfao I felt that
Mind Business
Mind Business Måned siden
You guys need to do some POV or some general ripping more !!!!
Keoni Kaniho
Keoni Kaniho Måned siden
Did dj think piping is the same as icing? 😂
Thomas Tran
Thomas Tran Måned siden
Man tell dj to finish his 1jz already if he not interested in it. Tell him to sell me it jimmy. I’ll put to good use
TrapHouseGarage Måned siden
Back from florida and is right back to work
Caprice Davis
Caprice Davis Måned siden
That Caprice Comment hit me some type of way lol 💔
Jesus Campos
Jesus Campos Måned siden
“Ask your girl” 😂💀
minzahhh1 Måned siden
This is the one we need Yeah 2 grand 😂😂
Seamus Lachapelle
Seamus Lachapelle Måned siden
Curious if anyone knows the average price of a wiring specialties harness?
BandiiT- Måned siden
"yeah i was on the treadmill" im weak lmao
Black Glokage
Black Glokage Måned siden
R Jay and Jimmy LSZ memories are soooooo cute
Ididnttouchthat Måned siden
16:03 had me dead
Keith Fitzgerald
Keith Fitzgerald Måned siden
Omg why is everyone in my hometown boo new milford
Mr oIndy
Mr oIndy Måned siden
james cobbins
james cobbins Måned siden
That exhaust is so quite 😭😭
AudibleVisible Måned siden
Are you good at piping? Ask his girl LMAO
Kevo Cabb
Kevo Cabb Måned siden
$100 says that cheap pipe cracks within a week, sorry jimmy :)
Gavin Adams
Gavin Adams Måned siden
*Rj is a dead man next time Tommy sees him lmao*
Daniel Tellez
Daniel Tellez Måned siden
Mf ford ranger!!
Fatty Nuts
Fatty Nuts Måned siden
Man jimmy you better shred tf out the s13 this season 500hp with the wider tires😎
tinus HB
tinus HB Måned siden
do NOT give away the r33!!!! ever!!
AYardley Måned siden
i laughed so much this video, big love jimmy
Steve Måned siden
big up the bqr sticker!
ELI BRACKE Måned siden
does Tommy have a channel to?
Tristan Måned siden
8:14 what a strong and independent racoon he is!
Jonathan Reed
Jonathan Reed Måned siden
That is by far the cleanest integra I’ve ever seen
Scott Rowe
Scott Rowe Måned siden
I worked on exhausts for 4 years no flex in the front pipe Unless cheap Chinese manifold and dump the yes
Andrew supermoto
Andrew supermoto Måned siden
If your dailying it would it be worth wax oiling underneath.
Coda5610 Måned siden
Are you filming with a GoPro?? I can hear the echo from the case... sounds like its underwater!
Max Hennessy
Max Hennessy Måned siden
That harness makes me feel sick, fuck wiring 😫
Jake Crouch
Jake Crouch Måned siden
Tell em to get my harness to me ;)
heikkne Måned siden
8:35 Too funny.
Joshua Foster
Joshua Foster Måned siden
Did he just ask jimmy for 2k for that cross brace???
yung 601
yung 601 Måned siden
Tommy has 30 of everything 😂
SleepyDC5 Måned siden
What the fuck. That rack of vapor honed parts is nuts..
ThatModder Måned siden
Liked when you called out the ranger had to
Matt Smally
Matt Smally Måned siden
My ITR is black not yellow but it still makes my dick swell uwu
Gregoire Måned siden
THOR GARAGE 🔨 thank you guys for all these moments that I share with you behind my screen in France since the beginning, I would have liked to be able to do like you with my friends ... suddenly I look at you and I buy bad t - shirts size: D lol Peace
Sean Sorjonen
Sean Sorjonen Måned siden
I used an sr20 ISR downpipe. Do the same method you did to the flange and it works in an rb s13 flawlessly
FLCivic Måned siden
jimmy throw together a 500hp k series honda and rip it
Cliff P73
Cliff P73 Måned siden
What a match!!!! Meat head abd RJay!!! I would pay!!!! To watch that!! First pay per view. I say boxing match full head gear!! Protection but going all out!! I would pay 9.99!!!!! No joke! I wonder if? You can have a boxing match there in Co?
Spencer Hudson
Spencer Hudson Måned siden
Pumped for all the new stuff
Cliff P73
Cliff P73 Måned siden
Did RJay put a chip hole in his mask?
Str8UpRevving Måned siden
"Its a mutha focking Ford Ranger!" lol
LateNight Rituals
LateNight Rituals Måned siden
"Ghetto" (?) seems like a dope ass guy
Ash Smokemall
Ash Smokemall Måned siden
Ahaha I love how the auto glass homie has a fatt chew packed!
LateNight Rituals
LateNight Rituals Måned siden
2 grand ? I hope he was callin Grant not naming the price. Fml
LilSpiderWeb Måned siden
It’s okay RJ. My g37 stalls all the time as well
ChrisBeGaming2 Måned siden
Who even watches tv anymore literally only need jimmy,randy,mike,Tj,Throtl, and occasionally other car youtubers
Josh Ehman
Josh Ehman Måned siden
prem1um Måned siden
hey jimmy, one more time, is that bracket a mirror image or what?
Phillip Oestreich
Phillip Oestreich Måned siden
Love hiw jimmy is trying to be "politically correct" warring a mask lol
James Pugh
James Pugh Måned siden
What a great business. Creating harnesses just looks alien to me.
Jesse Herrera
Jesse Herrera Måned siden
If your a fan of Ma Boy Jimmy O with his Great Content better like this comment 🙌🏼
X_XDAVID Måned siden
LOL are you good at piping
Dan Hoffman
Dan Hoffman Måned siden
My main goal is trying to be like Tommy in having a bunch of car goodies.
Mark Laughn
Mark Laughn Måned siden
That buc-ees sticker! 🤘🏽🤘🏽
Moss on it Mossey
Moss on it Mossey Måned siden
8:38 has me dying 😂😂😂
Cory Mcaughey
Cory Mcaughey Måned siden
You Jimmy... move to Florida bro... it's the right thing to do. 👍
J4Y_M1N3R Måned siden
Now the only thing you need is a dyno for the shop
RwdyAudi Måned siden
Aint gonna lie, I like wiring 👋
D33p Six
D33p Six Måned siden
The square foot is from drinking Laphroig, right? Tell me RJay is a single malt Islay guy...😃
Hlonolofatso Mohlakore
Hlonolofatso Mohlakore Måned siden
Can you do a pc giveaway
Matthew Kraus
Matthew Kraus Måned siden
I used Manzo headers on my old cl type s 6 speed and can tell you they are terrible lol. Only option to get a header that clears the motor mount on the 6 speed cars without spending a million dollars on discontinued ct parts.
Beastnj_haze_db1 Måned siden
is dj wearing his girl"s pants??? hella tight! lol
mike tambini
mike tambini Måned siden
Hey Jimmy, long time sub since the haggard garage days when you had a bay next to them. Want to cop some merch but need some large tall tees. I'm 6'7 I'm sure you understand, thanks. Keep rockin
spent Måned siden
Getting the camera way too close to people's faces is super annoying, for all of us.
- SkeptikalSavage -
- SkeptikalSavage - Måned siden
What did you clean that exhaust with🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👀👀👀
Evan pelkey
Evan pelkey Måned siden
Jimmy pls put a “I ❤️ my Honda” sticker on the s15 when it’s done
Evan pelkey
Evan pelkey Måned siden
Wiring specialties is such a fucking dope company. Like who would’ve thought you could just go buy a custom made harness and have it be from a big trusted company. Even with me being only 18 it just sounds like the type of thing you’d need to go to some small specialty shop in your home town for, or your “neighborhood” wiring guru friend
Sharks Goons
Sharks Goons Måned siden
Aye kakimoto gang 💪🏽
Brandon Deel
Brandon Deel Måned siden
I know how much you enjoyed dragging mikes ls400 on the ground. You should bag a FUCKIN FORD RANGER!
Adam Davies
Adam Davies Måned siden
No offence, but that's not how I was taught to fit windscreens. The rubber mould around the window is push on, no need for sealant to stick it on. And the polyurethane bead around the car for the window to attach better of had joins at the bottom. I did it for a year back in 2014. Trained by 1 bloke with 15yr exp and other with 30. Little sceptical, but no offence intended. 👍🤷‍♂️
Marquis Rivera
Marquis Rivera Måned siden
Bro donnie is a such a fool
Kevin.L. Måned siden
4:37 It need a cam angle sensor mine did that too before !
RG Carlson
RG Carlson Måned siden
Tys over there vapor hoaning and dreamin about chainsaws...
PaigePlex Måned siden
what song is at the end
Wrecked Revival
Wrecked Revival Måned siden
Where's Brian at though? Haven't seen that dood in a minute.
Az home Improvement
Az home Improvement Måned siden
Not cleaning his shop lol. Hes grinding gotta get the bmw ready for next season. Blew the motor
joe slater
joe slater Måned siden
Tommy is cool as shit. Go run it up boys
iGAME iN COLOR Måned siden
Rj would kick Tommys ass
YianniDee Måned siden
manzo is the worst. i got some headers for a bmw, the shit wouldnt clear the motor mount. never again lol
NB Måned siden
i love how you took that cheap piece of shit metal pipe and turned it into its best form. Thats some knowledge right there
05altimaser9 Måned siden
yo I lost it when jimmy hit em with the jdm space
toasty Måned siden
"He's gotta be great at piping" AYO PAUSE ON THAT DJ
TheSmosis Måned siden
As a person who works for speedy glass it's fun watching someone else I stall a backglass
Rubtop Måned siden
there is somthing wrong with the sound sounds like there is water running true the right mic
The Rig
The Rig Måned siden
"Just park by that MF'ing ford rangeR !!!! Lol
AmplifiedReaper Måned siden
FYI engine masters tested dented headers and found very minimal loss
Deklyn Brindley
Deklyn Brindley Måned siden
Where about in Scotland
Mike Wyer
Mike Wyer Måned siden
Can't wait to hear it start
WAIT4IT Måned siden
Awe got em
Rogelio Oom g
Rogelio Oom g Måned siden
Love your content bro
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