Film Theory: Is Thanos Worthy of Thor's Hammer? (Avengers Endgame)

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In Marvel's Avengers Endgame we learned that Captain America is worthy of Thor's hammer, Mjolnir. That is a BIG revelation and it made me wonder - who else is worthy? The scene in Age of Ultron made it seem like no one else was worthy but I believe that over the course of the last few film, that answer is no longer correct. Who is worthy? Time to find out!
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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Researcher: Zach Stewart
Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

C.R.D.B Dewey
C.R.D.B Dewey År siden
college student: buys a jacket parents: "what did it cost?" college student: "everything."
Shadow Queen
Shadow Queen 6 dager siden
emerson depew
emerson depew 8 dager siden
35k likes! Nice job!
simp police
simp police 14 dager siden
That is not the law of equivalent exchange
galaxyraider9 16 dager siden
Yoshi Vids
Yoshi Vids 16 dager siden
Lmao that would be me
Robyn Guzman
Robyn Guzman 3 timer siden
imagine if everyone was worthy and they have a civil war for the hammer
Fiqz 7 timer siden
I kinda think Thanos in IW and in Endgame are different version in some way especially in their intention.. While in Infinity war thanos seems more compassion and focus on his goals, thanos is endgame seem more violence and evil..
Fiqz 8 timer siden
Capt wielding Mjolnir will always be the best things in the last decade for me.. The theatre go crazy when he did that.. 😂😂😋
JS_ 360NC
JS_ 360NC 14 timer siden
If anything the hammer should self destruct in thanos’ hands
permeus Dag siden
11:50 one second while i stop laughing, nither MCU caral or her comic counterpart are worthy of picking up the hammer both of them are extremely prideful and arrogant people. the rest of the cast ied say a good 80% of the good guys would be excluded from been worthy by themselves subconsciously removing their worth, for people like Banner its thoughts like how meny people did i harm as the other guy, what if i could have done more, for Drax its the guilt over the death of his wife and child, its all these little niggles at the back of people's minds that would stop them from been worthy.
Boo Brotha!
Boo Brotha! 2 dager siden
You know who is worthy, tho? SPIDERMAN!
ricky chen
ricky chen 2 dager siden
Avengers: we can go back in time and save iron man everyone: ok so do it Avengers: no
DogLegendYT 2 dager siden
Wait a minute, Didn't Fortnite already do that?, they Brought them back to life, YAYA
Wynnstan Wong
Wynnstan Wong 3 dager siden
How about Doctor Strange?
Brady L
Brady L 3 dager siden
You forgot one person, a person that can maybe lift thor's hammer................. WANDA YOU FORGOT WANDA
King Gamer 175
King Gamer 175 4 dager siden
The best scene was cap saying avengers assemble
King Gamer 175
King Gamer 175 4 dager siden
That was the best intro ever
Max Beavis
Max Beavis 4 dager siden
Ant man is worthy he sacrificed himself for his daughter and he redeemed himself as a criminal
Alfie Sarjeant
Alfie Sarjeant 4 dager siden
What about spider man
00rphb 4 dager siden
Yes everyone is, because wielding it have nothing to do with "worthiness" otherwise why could it have been stolen so many times?
TheMinarus 5 dager siden
Is Captain Marvel worthy? Brie Larson: DEFINITELY! Yep....That's exactly the kind of arrogance that makes you unworthy lmao
Jaiden Marks
Jaiden Marks 5 dager siden
Best theory yet love you man
Đinh Khánh Toàn
Đinh Khánh Toàn 6 dager siden
bruh thanos literaly said he will enjoy destroying earth VERY VERY MUCH
Elisha Muldez
Elisha Muldez 6 dager siden
Just a point here storm breaker can be wielded by any one because (what I think) Odin never put the enchantment in stormbreaker like he did w mylonir👍
Nekro Cenobite
Nekro Cenobite 6 dager siden
Goose is Worthy
Andres Sartiaguin
Andres Sartiaguin 7 dager siden
Not only that's not the only proof that Thanos is worhty to hold Thor's hammer, but it showed us that he could hold and carry Thor's brand new axe "The Storm Breaker" so that is proof that he might he worhty but also an explenation actually makes more sense to know if Thanos is worhty
Ashrafunnisa Moinuddin
Ashrafunnisa Moinuddin 9 dager siden
Lol nope why doesn't he just double planets resources instead
Jeremias Hernandez
Jeremias Hernandez 9 dager siden
I don’t think Cap was worthy in age of ultron because he was hidden the fact that bucky killed Tony’s parents
Tox Gaming
Tox Gaming 9 dager siden
Ah so Jonathan Joestar is worthy
The Eraser
The Eraser 9 dager siden
Sooooo... is Spider-Man worthy..?
Omar Robles
Omar Robles 9 dager siden
I went to the cinema and I watch avenger endgame and when captain America holds Thor’s hammer I clapped and the other people to
Cundee The Creator
Cundee The Creator 10 dager siden
But then he wants to break the universe down to a single atom and rebuild it
Smithsonian smith
Smithsonian smith 10 dager siden
Awesome and cool!
Angeline Miller
Angeline Miller 11 dager siden
Wait, what DC heroes would be worthy??
I eat TACOS!!!!
I eat TACOS!!!! 12 dager siden
Mat you forgot Spider-Man
João Vaz
João Vaz 12 dager siden
Tony was worty since the first Avengers . He as been sacrificing his life since then .
JoDarryl Gone
JoDarryl Gone 14 dager siden
Thanos didn't need to be worthy. He was more powerful than Odin's enchantment with the infinity stones.
JoDarryl Gone
JoDarryl Gone 14 dager siden
A young Odin did those things. Things he is clearly remorseful about, or else why would he hide his people's history and imprison his own daughter/enforcer? Furthermore, if Odin truly believed that his actions were justifiable and that they do not make him unworthy why would he hide them from his son and heir (who must be worthy)? Ragnarak is a story about a father's redemption through his son. A father who by his own actions became clearly unworthy. Odin is by default able to hold Mjolnir because he commissioned it to be made, and he cast the enchantment. He's essentially worthy by being literally grandfathered in. I mean bro I thought you did research.
JoDarryl Gone
JoDarryl Gone 14 dager siden
You can think creatively about The Mad Titan being worthy, but not Ms. Marvel.. ok.
JoDarryl Gone
JoDarryl Gone 14 dager siden
It almost looks like Steve wiggled Mjolnir by accident, but realizes that's not cool man and tries to play it off.
luculentgaming 733
luculentgaming 733 14 dager siden
so those that mean the avengers are evil?
The Weegee
The Weegee 14 dager siden
of course Captain America is worthy he doesn't drink alcohol
ThatGuyEnzo 14 dager siden
I hope you realize that the only reason captain marvel said she could was because she was on buzz feed. If she said no she would be shamed for not believing in girl power
Wade Jarrett
Wade Jarrett 14 dager siden
Thanos: Kills Hawkeye's family Hawkeye: I'LL NEVER FORGIVE THE JAPANESE
Erik Ravello
Erik Ravello 15 dager siden
This is an all time best cold open lols
Lil Taco
Lil Taco 16 dager siden
“the eye of odin” - matpat 2020 best thing ever
Ali Aasi
Ali Aasi 16 dager siden
this was the stupidest video/theory i have watched on youtube so far and this is my first ever comment on youtube.
borisapp barreto
borisapp barreto 17 dager siden
I love how there is a lot of superheros but out of all of them you chose 2 that are dead ans Thanos
Damian Qualshy
Damian Qualshy 17 dager siden
Question is: Why isn't Spider-Man worthy?
Ribobley 17 dager siden
What about hela she was able to wield and even brake mjolner
RandomTheBugg 17 dager siden
This whole video and my favorite part is the end meme
Beetle the SilkWing
Beetle the SilkWing 17 dager siden
Thanos Car lmfao
Ted Marcak
Ted Marcak 18 dager siden
oh i think there is a better scene than america mjolnir and that scene is the portal scene right after this one
Dinodude01 19 dager siden
What about the other avengers? Plz do part 2
First Name Last Name
First Name Last Name 19 dager siden
Sure, next movie just give every avenger Mjölnnirs, since they're all worthy. Give them all new weapons with other stupid replacement names, like Flamebringer, or Stabcrusher, or Owchiemaker like fkn StOrMbReAkEr
Callum Pritchard
Callum Pritchard 19 dager siden
Cvbbjjv cg.
Ephraim Tuttle
Ephraim Tuttle 19 dager siden
wait thanos actually picked up storm breaker tho btw this is me before the vid so dont get mad
Hudson Harp
Hudson Harp 19 dager siden
Notice how he used hishe dubs that was hilarious
Dipper 20 dager siden
Dammit you made me like thanos
Kalani Echang
Kalani Echang 20 dager siden
Were a donkeys youtube!?!?!?
Wolfe Da boi
Wolfe Da boi 20 dager siden
Dude like I believe spider boi could be Able to lift the harmer
Loude Olivier
Loude Olivier 20 dager siden
@matpatgt I wanna ask if it’s possible for you to do a video on infinity war but talking about the half of the universe that blipped;yet why not the bother half?I mean I’m kinda asking why this half had to go and what qualities they had that made them “worthy” of blipping...?
{Gföçèr} !¡!¡
{Gföçèr} !¡!¡ 21 dag siden
OMG that intro is too hilarious
Gen4John 22 dager siden
Harry Potter would be worthy
Mike Fenton
Mike Fenton 22 dager siden
I think what was happening in the glove catching scene was less "Thanos is impressed"/"Steve's working with outside powers" and more that, in that moment, the stones had equal contact with two separate wills. Thanos didn't stop of his own volition, he stopped because Steve's will to save the day was being pitted against his will to enact his grand plan, and Steve has nothing if not heroic willpower.
Betty Stewart
Betty Stewart 22 dager siden
samir sam.samirdas
samir sam.samirdas 23 dager siden
is spiderman worthy though?
Vitor Da Silva
Vitor Da Silva 24 dager siden
Cringing moment-
False Autumn
False Autumn 24 dager siden
tan like toes
Atomic Umber
Atomic Umber 24 dager siden
Also a very simple argument of how he is able to pick it up way back then, there is no such thing as almost worthy the hammer wouldn’t just nudge if you were almost worthy it either moves or it doesn’t you’re either worthy or you’re not. Being almost worthy is like being almost right or almost alive you’re dead bro
The Man In 1280
The Man In 1280 25 dager siden
The intro tho XDDDDDDD
Hi Im Gib
Hi Im Gib 26 dager siden
Now here's MY question... is the spooderguy worty?
TGB Maniac
TGB Maniac 26 dager siden
Can you do a video of why vision was worthy of third hammer please
TGB Maniac
TGB Maniac 26 dager siden
You do realise you don’t have to be worthy to wield stormbreaker a charm wasn’t put on it
Deadpool 27 dager siden
Ironman seeks out power tho to protect earth and cap doesn't which is why he can but tony cannot
venomis_artist_is_ me
venomis_artist_is_ me 28 dager siden
Every ant in Ant-Man one is worthy of the hammer because they are all self sacrifice it even says it in nature documentaries that ants will give up there lives for the good of the colony
Paul Moreno
Paul Moreno 28 dager siden
Why isn’t ironman worthy
DropOutNation73 28 dager siden
MatPat Can You Answer this is an elevator worthy
Ethan Xander
Ethan Xander 29 dager siden
By this logic wouldn't Spiderman be worthy?
Emmalyn Tanaka
Emmalyn Tanaka 29 dager siden
one of my friends went to comic con so my other friend asked for thanos's chin
idiotic YT
idiotic YT 29 dager siden
I think ant man could also wield Thor's hammer because: 1. he sacrifices himself in ant man the movie by shrinking between the molecules to save his daughter. 2. he doesn't just go in killing he tries to steal the suit without injuring anyone. Both follow the rules of worthiness.
Jeffrey' jr
Jeffrey' jr Måned siden
Natasha can't be revived cause she sacrificed her life for the soul stone
I like nougat
I like nougat 28 dager siden
TBF, it was a Stone that took her life. While I doubt it's going to happen, I'm sure a Stone, whether Time or Mind or Soul again, could bring her back.
Xaiver Robinson
Xaiver Robinson Måned siden
you know he did so he can get lade by death
I like nougat
I like nougat 28 dager siden
In the comivs, yes. In the movie, no.
Kailyn Måned siden
why is thanos blue then purple like does the gantlet change is skin color?????
Kailyn Måned siden
why is thanos blue
Poptart _ Peeps
Poptart _ Peeps Måned siden
Technically if thanos is getting rid of half of all life it really won’t do anything cause half of ALL life would die not just humans, but all animals so we still would have the problem of not have if enough food sooooo
Poptart _ Peeps
Poptart _ Peeps Måned siden
Me: what about Wanda she sacrificed everything she loves (vision) so the world could live in peace in infinity war
Basty Bacon films
Basty Bacon films Måned siden
Batman might be worthy... Because he sacrificed himself in the dark knight rises and he normally just scares the enemy off In short terms: BECAUSE HE:S BATMAN!
Poptart _ Peeps
Poptart _ Peeps Måned siden
Jeswin Joseph
Jeswin Joseph Måned siden
wait is spider man also worthy matpat?
Roderick Brown
Roderick Brown Måned siden
But then u have the biggest red herring which is hela who doesn’t fit the citera or vision who was basically a new born and could lift the hammer
M L PRODUCTIONS _ Måned siden
Avengers: Gods Among Us Any thoughts?
Brian CarabNtes
Brian CarabNtes Måned siden
Hey mappat don't worry I saw the movie
TMS2022 Chase P
TMS2022 Chase P Måned siden
but is oden worthy
Stephanie Martinez
Stephanie Martinez Måned siden
Hulk said “It’s like I was made for this” as a callback to the avengers. Tony said that Bruce shoulda died in the accident but he didn’t. He said that’s a nice sentiment, but for what? And Tony said, guess we’ll find out, so Bruce is calling back to that moment. He was quite literally made for this. Everything led up to that moment. If he had stayed as normal hulk he wouldn’t of known what to wish for
Official Tab
Official Tab Måned siden
A M Måned siden
C'mon movie science guy, you can't say with a straight face for one second that Thanos' plan made ANY sense at all. The inherent and obvious flaw of his plan is so jaw-droppingly and mind-numbingly stupid that it threatens to shred everything otherwise amazing about the MCU. Go ahead and wipe out half of all life on Earth. Y'know what happens next? Within 2-3 generations that entire population GROWS BACK, and you're right back where you started with the overpopulation problems. In less than 100 years, Thanos' grand master plan becomes utterly obsolete and worthless. Go ahead movie science guy, tell me I'm wrong.
A M Måned siden
@Poptart _ Peeps That's true too, except animals are only one "natural resource" that people tax too heavily. Oil, lumber, clean water, natural gas, coal, iron, CO2 emissions, etc. Either way, the Thanos plan is ridiculously ineffective to fix that problem. People are like a viral weed of invasive species. Rip some out, we just grow right back.
Poptart _ Peeps
Poptart _ Peeps Måned siden
Yea and wiping out half of all live wouldn’t solve the problem thanos saw in the first place cause all life would die not just humans but animals to so it wouldn’t solve the problem of people not having resources
Akko Måned siden
Me: ‘gives a dollar to a homeless man ’ Me: thinks I give something for a good cause and sacrifices it. Also me: *"Maybe I am worthy"*
Nitinroo Måned siden
Wait I just saw banner budge the hammer
JrGaming 1212
JrGaming 1212 Måned siden
The Anime Artist
The Anime Artist Måned siden
I feel like people in the comment section are under the impression that self sacrifice is the only criteria for mjolnir and it isn't did they forget the rest of the video?
Sonicsuper12.2 Måned siden
film Theory you are right captain america was able to lift thors hammer but he did not want to. and yes it will be cool to have EVERYONE COME BACK TO LIFE AND BRAWL OUT. film theory i have a theory. will godzilla earth be able to beat slattern?
Justin Cristo
Justin Cristo Måned siden
What about Spiderman?
Kevin Tapia
Kevin Tapia Måned siden
If people say he held stormbreaker that thanks is worthy that is false since it’s the hammer and axe only not the worthy ness seal
Mediocre Detective
Mediocre Detective Måned siden
But I remember him telling Tony in Endgame "I'm going to enjoy wiping out your planet." (Or something like that) I remember that because it pissed me off as it was such a departure from his character in Infinity War.
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