I Survived Hardcore Minecraft For 1000 Days And This Is What Happened

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Luke TheNotable

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This video is intended for audiences 13+ years old for the following reasons
Fantasy Violence
Violent References
Suggestive Themes
Crude Humor
Minecraft Hardcore Mode is the HARDEST version of Minecraft without a doubt. Creepers spawn more often. Skeleton arrows do more damage. And Zombies can call upon the horde. Most notably of all though, if you die in Hardcore Minecraft, you die forever. Your world is deleted. *Minecraft theme plays at MAX VOLUME*Subscribe today!! HELP ME REACH 1M!!! - bit.ly/2CCW0gf
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TheNethoriteMinecart 6 minutter siden
THE BUNNY IS WHAT I WILL DO IF I DO NOT GET 2000 DAYS IN 2020 (bunny suicide)
Malachi Krawczyk
Malachi Krawczyk 12 minutter siden
make a 2000 Minecraft
Alec James
Alec James 26 minutter siden
Day:542 I sailed the ocean blue but couldn’t find the fork of blue theirs your finished rhyme
Redninja 007
Redninja 007 28 minutter siden
1,500 or 2,000 days, please and thank you.
Kirstin Repass
Kirstin Repass 38 minutter siden
2000 days pls
DrBrickBattle 40 minutter siden
I love how when you hover your mouse over the vid it shows a part of day 420
Obsidian Gamer
Obsidian Gamer 48 minutter siden
F respect to the villagers
Reili Sassaman
Reili Sassaman 48 minutter siden
43:53 he said smooth stone! Bty LOVE YOUR VIDS!!!!
Spencer Merwin
Spencer Merwin 51 minutt siden
f for the villagers
VoidAnthony Colangelo
VoidAnthony Colangelo Time siden
When he tried to name the dolphin he put the name tag in the anvil with the fish
Bethany Gibson
Bethany Gibson Time siden
can anyone help me build an afk fishing farm? i have bedrock edition and when i try to open up the chest, it doesn't open. help please
miki&miko yt
miki&miko yt Time siden
miki&miko yt
miki&miko yt Time siden
watching this at night is the best
0ld_chum Time siden
“Soon they’ll breed with their own children.” *SWEET HOME ALABAMA*
Asmit Shukla
Asmit Shukla 2 timer siden
Imagine surviving 1000 days in hardcore Minecraft ......killing wither for more than 20 time.......defeating the ender dragon 2 times ....completing all the achievement and just tearing the game apart............. BUT STILL NOT BEING ABLE TO MAKE FULL NETHERITE TOOLS!!!!!!
Wolf Warrior
Wolf Warrior 2 timer siden
Keovar 2 timer siden
5:35 - E'ry day I'm shovelin'.
Mario_and_Pokemon 2 timer siden
Stonks 2 timer siden
Samel Da Camel
Samel Da Camel 2 timer siden
Luke: “And now I ask for a minute of silence for all the dead villagers 😔” NOpost: “How ‘bout ADS”
FLIKZ 2 timer siden
in the 2000 days you should make a gaming room
Baba Oke
Baba Oke 2 timer siden
Day 666??!!! 😱😱😱😱
kopp Clan
kopp Clan 2 timer siden
and i started burning that sweet berry kush
Phoenix Daniel
Phoenix Daniel 2 timer siden
i guess nameing a raw dolphin raw dolphin is ilegle no you did it wrong way
not a youtuber
not a youtuber 3 timer siden
"Let's have a moment of silence for villagers" Ad: How 'bout no? [Not kidding this srsly happened]
The llama game 15
The llama game 15 3 timer siden
Day 754 emeralds buy happiness:Luke
Oreo Dubblestuffz
Oreo Dubblestuffz 3 timer siden
It says on your twitter your at 2000 days. Where is the vid?
Scomily Gelbfarb
Scomily Gelbfarb 3 timer siden
F for the villagers
Donovan Hart
Donovan Hart 3 timer siden
Pls d0 2000 days i really enjoyed it
Abdullah Amien
Abdullah Amien 4 timer siden
Shit i will bored to death to get 1000 days
Snubby 4 timer siden
Kenneth B. Wilson
Kenneth B. Wilson 4 timer siden
Kinda dumb question: does mending keep you from putting other enchantments. Is it technically the “last” enchantment to get?
Animation Myth YT
Animation Myth YT 4 timer siden
Asianx 4 timer siden
okay now 1000 with thetors
Mook TheMan
Mook TheMan 4 timer siden
COMING SOON: fully enchanted armor town.
Nolan Nation
Nolan Nation 4 timer siden
Aww the video ended
Copper 5 timer siden
We’re is 2000 days
della bank
della bank 5 timer siden
When he said he couldn’t bring home and didn’t bring home any of the mooshrooms pandas or cats it annoyed me so much he could have used boats!!!
DillyPickle Games
DillyPickle Games 5 timer siden
just realized his world is named 100 hardcore days still cuz you cant change it
Juice wrld is da best
Juice wrld is da best 5 timer siden
Get silk touch pick to pick up a mod spawner
The boss boss
The boss boss 6 timer siden
On day 519 it took 33 levels not 32
Stephen Grosh
Stephen Grosh 6 timer siden
How do you make a raid
D e f i n i t l e y N o t A J
D e f i n i t l e y N o t A J 6 timer siden
you should've made the path out of slabs
DrizzyP 24
DrizzyP 24 6 timer siden
Petition for Luke to do 2000 days
Nolan Nation
Nolan Nation 6 timer siden
You have no idea how much I've learned thx luke u da best
Cringecontent _
Cringecontent _ 6 timer siden
Nobody: Luke: YES I DID IT A *CHILD*
Vtt Eclipse
Vtt Eclipse 6 timer siden
20:53 I’m sure people have said this but I haven’t seen any comments about it, but Luke when you name a thing in the anvil you just type the name you don’t need the name tag. (Note I’m not trying to be rude just helpful)
Disorted 7 timer siden
Day 331 : Bunny Suicide
Kaiden K.
Kaiden K. 7 timer siden
We don’t tell him to make 2000 days we skip to 100’000 days
Malaki Anonymous
Malaki Anonymous 7 timer siden
I’ve watched this video everyday for months now.
Ciaran McDonagh
Ciaran McDonagh 8 timer siden
Beetroot: exists Luke:BEETs
Harsh Gupta
Harsh Gupta 8 timer siden
Dylan Klitenic
Dylan Klitenic 8 timer siden
I have officially watched this video 69 times
CommandoBoy 8 timer siden
So if you survived 1000 days in minecraft, and 1 minecraft day is 20 minutes long, that means you played 20000 hours of minecraft, ok cool.
Shurikenblast YT
Shurikenblast YT 9 timer siden
swag miester
swag miester 9 timer siden
also the melon god is lazarbeam
moose squad
moose squad 9 timer siden
Xander Guerra
Xander Guerra 9 timer siden
Do more with tours
swag miester
swag miester 9 timer siden
the second he said your mom likes this one I disliked it in 2 seconds
Ethan K
Ethan K 9 timer siden
17:27 is the place where the edit mistake happened If anyone cares
Hertz Was taken
Hertz Was taken 9 timer siden
When is 2000 days
Kool aid Kid
Kool aid Kid 10 timer siden
Didn’t he do half of this stuff in 100 200 and 300 days
Gacha Pro
Gacha Pro 10 timer siden
I just realize the dog he doesn’t talk about the dog that he talks about the most
Dominga Matambunoy
Dominga Matambunoy 10 timer siden
wow 😮🤤🤤🤤
Shadow LikesCookies
Shadow LikesCookies 10 timer siden
Luke: why? *Mind your own business* Also luke: **Tells us why**
BlueSJ 10 timer siden
Ph1lza: *ominously chuckles*
Mitchel Johnson
Mitchel Johnson 11 timer siden
Luke: a moment of silence for the dead villagers NOpost: plays lego city ad
Bryce Ragasa
Bryce Ragasa 11 timer siden
Alternative title: Starting raids and killing withers.
Obsidian Hulk
Obsidian Hulk 11 timer siden
2000 days?
Ira Tan
Ira Tan 11 timer siden
He's a God
Jaidenjazz 2011
Jaidenjazz 2011 11 timer siden
The fact I didn’t even know you existed and it’s funny that I noticed you in 1000 days
domantas radzevičius
domantas radzevičius 11 timer siden
Junbuggie69 Pokémon player
Junbuggie69 Pokémon player 12 timer siden
I love the creeper head on the armor stand
Turkturkturkturk Tunananana
Turkturkturkturk Tunananana 12 timer siden
Pls do 2000 days hardcore
Time Khatri 2
Time Khatri 2 12 timer siden
You know this video took nearly 3 years old some of my cousins aren’t that age lol
Dark Ore Gaming
Dark Ore Gaming 12 timer siden
Luke's minecraft house is antila
Anthony Michael Lipetri
Anthony Michael Lipetri 13 timer siden
The fact that I was here during the premiere is cool. I don't usually go for premieres and just skip it and watch the video later
Eeshvi verma
Eeshvi verma 13 timer siden
Luke: And somehow just by mining i became the hero of the village Iron Golems: AM I A JOKE TO YOU?
Bruce Fec
Bruce Fec 13 timer siden
wtf 13+
Bad Art Guy
Bad Art Guy 13 timer siden
Shovel knight: im the shovelest knight Luke: hold my billions
Eshaan Sumesh
Eshaan Sumesh 14 timer siden
Just imagine how much xp would be in lukes furnaces in glass town!! if u did not know if u take items out of a furnace u gat xp but if you use hoppers to take the items out then the xp gets stored in the furnace..... u can obtain that stored xp by destroying the hopper and then taking an item out of the furnace btw the xp is lost if u destroy the furnace
Sugnan SM
Sugnan SM 14 timer siden
17:28 ??
Ruby Ann Jimenez
Ruby Ann Jimenez 14 timer siden
I Found so many nethernite in like 2 days and it just took me like 300 -800 TNT's?
monsac77 lee
monsac77 lee 14 timer siden
The direful tub informally surprise because astronomy spatially name near a malicious jellyfish. aback, sweltering latency
SHADE 15 timer siden
How do u put that day Counter Plz Tell🙏
Soza 15 timer siden
Hey Luke what if your wife hit the reset nether button as a brutal prank?
FishyOfTheSeaa 15 timer siden
Yeah.. I wont forget Day 9/11
jordanjames plays all games
jordanjames plays all games 15 timer siden
Did you know axe do more damage
MyUserIsNotThis 0
MyUserIsNotThis 0 15 timer siden
I have a question about this series is he talking about in real life days or Minecraft days??
Gary Watkins
Gary Watkins 5 timer siden
Nathan Buckner
Nathan Buckner 15 timer siden
The internet do one push up every time you die in Minecraft Luke the notable:you dare challenge me internet
do ppo
do ppo 16 timer siden
Mohammed Manna
Mohammed Manna 16 timer siden
Petition for Luke to show the analytics of this video.
Owais Shaik
Owais Shaik 16 timer siden
Omg he just hit 2000 days today 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
隨機名字 9 timer siden
James gaming
James gaming 16 timer siden
Nah he hit 2000 days couple days ago
Luz Hamilton
Luz Hamilton 16 timer siden
The fact that I was here during the premiere is cool. I don't usually go for premieres and just skip it and watch the video later
James gaming
James gaming 16 timer siden
Copied word by word
RS TECH TIPS 16 timer siden
i thaught 1 day means real life 1 day then i thaught u played alot of years but then i got its minecraft days :/
Brendan 16 timer siden
😂 😂 😂 Who wants freedom??? possiblly the funniest thing you said that whole video 😂 😂 😂
Grace Official
Grace Official 17 timer siden
make 5000 days in minecraft (if you dont want no problem)
Aditya Nair
Aditya Nair 17 timer siden
Survive 20000000 days
Aditya Nair
Aditya Nair 17 timer siden
I Made 100 Players Escape An Impossible Maze!