50 Tips for Among Us

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Among Us is a fun game, but if you find yourself struggling to win as either impostor or crewmate, than this video will hopefully give you enough tips to up your game and make you less sus! Enjoy!
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Macro Måned siden
new pfp. who dis?
Zoey Keller
Zoey Keller Dag siden
Marco!! Polo
Ramadhani34 Khaira
Ramadhani34 Khaira 2 dager siden
Hi macro
Asriel Dremmur
Asriel Dremmur 5 dager siden
Oh dang I did not notice that are in your name I kept on calling you Marco
X A N O X 5 dager siden
Who's macro. He said " I'm Macro " but I've never heard of someone named I'm before
Poketay Mon
Poketay Mon 5 dager siden
Nicole Ng
Nicole Ng 52 minutter siden
i saw a tik tok that says if your the impostor keep an eye on the kill button and if you see like a number or glitch means your impostor partner killed someone
Rithanga Lalrithanga
Rithanga Lalrithanga Time siden
I love among us, there should be more tips which no one knows and how to be imposter all the time
Amrita Rahim
Amrita Rahim 5 timer siden
And sheld becuse at the right the light trun on
Jenson Siddon
Jenson Siddon 7 timer siden
Tip:Sabotage lights then go to eletrcail and kill someone while faking
Edward Tye
Edward Tye 9 timer siden
'Guys how do I vent like Blue did' is my favourite!
Im a rombus adamls
Im a rombus adamls 10 timer siden
if u go into free play and go to the computer and press impostor 5 times a stay on impostor then go onto online a gone a server u sould get impostor
Coaster Velocity
Coaster Velocity 12 timer siden
When I see someone vent, I run till I find another crewmate. That way, they can’t kill me, and if they do they will know who it was
Coaster Velocity
Coaster Velocity 12 timer siden
“The more detailed your alibi is, the more believable it becomes” Public servers: “Um, no.”
Lele the Lighting riolu
Lele the Lighting riolu 12 timer siden
blitz_knight 14 timer siden
Welp, the Glitches might work *in mind* : I still have to download the updated version
you can't lock up the darkness.
you can't lock up the darkness. 19 timer siden
u weird
Bigboi Inanut
Bigboi Inanut Dag siden
here's a tip. if ur in skeld, and are imposter, close elec, sec, and medbay doors, and vent to any lone wolves.then vent back to ELECTRICAL MAINLY. cause medbay and sec shadow vents suck and they wont be afraid to call u out by what seems to be a hack, but worst yet a glitch or just bad programming due to seeing rooms even when not in them.
Minecraft Pro
Minecraft Pro Dag siden
If you want you can say it’s you and do tasks quicker
Minecraft Pro
Minecraft Pro Dag siden
Another tip
Minecraft Pro
Minecraft Pro Dag siden
Aka don’t say dark green is sus all the time I am dark green and they always say it’s me like bruh
SolangeloRulezzz 19 timer siden
Minecraft Pro
Minecraft Pro Dag siden
The task in the bottom of weapons is a visual task because it turns on the lights on the ship
Buttered Piece Of Toast
Buttered Piece Of Toast Dag siden
My tip is to never play with Slimecicle
Solomon Kim
Solomon Kim Dag siden
Thank you Macro. Now I can actually install Among Us.
Kwbolt Dag siden
These are pretty big brain tips
Rosalie Brady
Rosalie Brady Dag siden
The "why is my name red?" one works if you are imposter after you say it as a crewmate.
Pyt Angel
Pyt Angel Dag siden
can u show us how to know if a body fresh or not
Lxzyrxt -
Lxzyrxt - Dag siden
I always write tips down
Ada Biko
Ada Biko Dag siden
Remember that the sheilds task in The Skeld also is visual:D
Anna Hagerty
Anna Hagerty Dag siden
those r cool
Prince Joaquin Jose
Prince Joaquin Jose Dag siden
Hi macaroni I don’t know your name sorry 😅
Purple Pig
Purple Pig Dag siden
i know EVERYTHING about among us and i rarely lose as an impostor!! But when they blame me when i am crew for no reason is the most *ANNOYING* thing in the world! (Also amazing vid i subbed)
crazy porg
crazy porg 2 dager siden
good tips
Bianca D.
Bianca D. 2 dager siden
Number 30,the tip “Self Reporting is not bad,but it can backfire on you” Hacks:(For the skeld)Stay in vent in electrical (or whatever vent but don’t go near the ones with cameras even tho their not on)then wait for a victim and make sure ur cool down is low and kill them then vent to medbay or security (or whatever place with no one in it)then start heading to elec, sabotage it and maybe kill someone on the way there then if there is another imposter there or imposters,You can go for a double kill if ur thing is down of course or just pretend to fix lights and walk to the front and report the body and then blame the nearest person and just say It was in elec I think blue was near it but idk I didn’t really see.So try to not be sus and ur done!So u should sabotage elec often (if u want) but do it where no one sees you kill on the way to elec When crewmates report: Everyone without proof:SELF REPoRT
YanYan UvU
YanYan UvU 2 dager siden
theres a task in shields thats visual
It’s snipergodtear_yt
It’s snipergodtear_yt 2 dager siden
Some of the stuff he I didn't know
blazemaker gaming
blazemaker gaming 2 dager siden
Handsome boi
N Ko
N Ko 2 dager siden
tip to win as imposter, when you get caught tell everyone that an inoccent crew mate is the 2nd imposter.
Sofia Costello
Sofia Costello 2 dager siden
If ur an imposter and someone has hard proof against ur teammate and it’s obvious its them, vote ur teammate so ur not sus
ValerowkaYT 2 dager siden
How To Outsmart Crewmates: First Sabotage The Lights, Then Stand Near Electrical Randomly, If Anyone Asks You Why You Were Standing For No Reason, Then Answer Them: I Was Checking What`s Going On, To Make Sure Every Crewmate Is Safe. Also I Did This, I DIDN`T EVEN GOT VOTED BY A SINGLE CREWMATE!
ballo bhai
ballo bhai 2 dager siden
Hey guys! Want some great among us and more crafting game pvp videos so plz click the link in description nopost.info/code/ayq69raomEXCFC_LzRyzlQ And subscribe
Atharva Gavandi
Atharva Gavandi 2 dager siden
Atharva Gavandi
Atharva Gavandi 2 dager siden
MaxGamerGr 2 dager siden
The' re is some tasks that 1 or 2 peoeple can do (it's usefull the save me many times in a way)
Kendra Santiago
Kendra Santiago 2 dager siden
tips for the imposter: - all the tasks you should fake are given to you where you normally check for tasks. if there is a common task that everyone has, it is listed there. - do not fake common tasks if its not in that list. this means no one has it. google for a list of common tasks. example would be admin card swipe in the skeld or dropship insert keys in polus - calling any sabotage blocks the emergency meeting from being called. this is useful if someone sees you vent or kill and you still have a cooldown. - following the tip above, you can also lock doors to your advantage. it’s extremely underrated - do not fake visual tasks. - try to get an alibi from the beginning. fake a few tasks infront of people. - do not leave a one part task until the task bar goes up in front of someone. if you do, this can be easily spotted. - stacks are your advantage. if you kill while in a stack of a bunch of people, it’s extremely hard for crewmates to tell who killed.
King Bread, Lord of Toast
King Bread, Lord of Toast 3 dager siden
comms sabotoges - cams -emergency -admin
eileen lolz
eileen lolz 3 dager siden
why do i have this saved HAHHDJSHS i was such a noob at among us 👩🏻‍🦯
It's Ella D
It's Ella D 3 dager siden
If your on a phone you can move a sabotage
I Is Doge
I Is Doge 3 dager siden
Admin can be complicated, but it’s the best.... what’s the word... assistance, in the game. You can see where people kill, people venting, and self reports. It’s also great as an impostor. If you see someone alone in a room, they could be a good target
Florian Esteban Dieudonne
Florian Esteban Dieudonne 3 dager siden
Florian qui le inposter se red va fer dans le estoma ma hahahaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jelly un Zombie!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Slogo oui Jelly est mort R.I.P. a je suis PUMBA ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.oo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Florian Esteban Dieudonne
Florian Esteban Dieudonne 3 dager siden
Florian Esteban Dieudonne
Florian Esteban Dieudonne 3 dager siden
among us
Xxgamer GamergirlxX
Xxgamer GamergirlxX 3 dager siden
Me and Macro. Are pros at being imposter. Self report is a story. If somebody walked out and you killed report it and say the person who walked out killed while u we’re doing a task :) good tip
mohammad reza
mohammad reza 3 dager siden
I love your self esteem dude.
Maisie Rogness
Maisie Rogness 3 dager siden
also love your new icon
Maisie Rogness
Maisie Rogness 3 dager siden
if your impasta then if a crew suses a crew then always go with them beacus you wont look sus cus all crews are voting him/her so you may end up with a free kill
burial bike
burial bike 3 dager siden
I ave stopped reporting, EVERY time I report every one is like “self report” like dude not everyone who reports is imposter
sapphire Andualem
sapphire Andualem 3 dager siden
you can kill someone and vented and let the same crewmate report the body x3 and you can say thats mad sus how that person reported bodys x3 and say it might be self report ( lmao i always do this :D )
Sugarr 3 dager siden
you: *uploading data in admin and it's 99% finished* person: EMERGENCY MEETING person: *watch me do medbay* you: sisiuwoodbekowiudjjehbbbwppkkwnwkkwiejhwhhkwoewrhseudeuwktrrueeejjejdirrjeyywu
Alexander Mansley
Alexander Mansley 3 dager siden
Thx bro I just got 19 more wins from ur tips :)))))))))
kaviya priya
kaviya priya 3 dager siden
Dhruvin Fasara
Dhruvin Fasara 3 dager siden
You can also see my some of the among us clips 😉😉😉 nopost.info/throw/0727gIrVnaWimKM/video
Zohaib Khurram
Zohaib Khurram 3 dager siden
you know that once crewmates won because i had the final task it was fix wiring
Andrew Zhang
Andrew Zhang 3 dager siden
cheeze *noice*
Christian Semaan
Christian Semaan 3 dager siden
Tap the plus in navigations on the middle task and then you’re just complete the task
Pastry Playz
Pastry Playz 3 dager siden
what screen recorder do u use im trying to make a yt channel
Elena Anderson
Elena Anderson 3 dager siden
Vedansh Budhia
Vedansh Budhia 3 dager siden
Para not handsome
iiMikko 3 dager siden
Me noticing that this was the Macro from the face reveal of Parashock12.
Ajay Gupta
Ajay Gupta 3 dager siden
Thanks for the tips
auvie 3 dager siden
tips when you’re an impostor: -don’t blame someone for being the imp, because even if they get voted out and it shows that they’re not impostor, people might think you’re sus for falsely accusing a crewmate. -don’t say “skip” in the chat. I know this sounds weird but trust me, it makes you look sus for trying to get away with being an impostor. -don’t follow anyone, it makes you look sus. -don’t self report, it’s very risky. -if you’re in the vents and you want to get out, double check to make sure nobody is around that area. -check admin first, try to find an area with only one person and nobody super close so you can make your move. -don’t vouch for the other impostor, because if they get voted out, you’ll seem very sus for defending an impostor -don’t betray or rat out your impostor partner, they are your backbone, your teammate, it’s much easier when your other impostor is with you. -try not to run around the area, instead, fake non-visual tasks. -go with the flow, if someone is saying “black” or “purple” is the impostor (just an example) vote them out. -just like the first tip, but don’t blame multiple people at a time, like don’t say “green” wait no “pink,” that’s what will make people vote you out. -don’t act sus around anyone, the goal of being an impostor is to lie and kill without getting caught, so that the crewmates can accept their defeat. this will also help, because if anyone is sus of you, ask for proof, because if you’re not being sus around anyone, what can they say?.. that’s all my tips for being an impostor 🔪 🩸 👩‍🚀
Muthwinder Lundoliya
Muthwinder Lundoliya 2 dager siden
Bro you really deserves more likes
Ali-A Gaming!
Ali-A Gaming! 4 dager siden
*body gets reported* whole chat be like orange: where dark blue: where yellow: where purple: *silent* light green: electrical cyan: its pink pink: where anyone else rage when this happens? lmao-
staples sharpener
staples sharpener 4 dager siden
1:00. That kill on dark blue was SMOOOOOTH!
Nadja Reljic
Nadja Reljic 4 dager siden
_NoNoobJustPro_ 4 dager siden
"I would have lost if radiator didn't go off" Okay....
Aj1979_VR 4 dager siden
I love this video it is very usefull.
Max Hill
Max Hill 4 dager siden
I always sabotage comms cause none of my friends can do it and they just sit there the whole round while I kill everybody 😂
frenetically 4 dager siden
1:32 you're both scanning how did you not instantly accuse him instead of saying he was sus you can't scan more than 1 person so he was faking it
Lecel Treyes
Lecel Treyes 4 dager siden
The visual task you said cause the skeld had the shields task you can see light
bababa1hk2 4 dager siden
you tel me so mene secret
Andreus Oraha
Andreus Oraha 4 dager siden
I leave because im not the imposter
RobloxAnigamer 4 dager siden
@Macro haha i @ed you the doors are the best sabo
adam adam
adam adam 4 dager siden
hmmmm whats Radiator at 3:18
Puma 4 dager siden
if someone sees you go off with someone there is a likely chance they will Rember that so don't kill that person and if you do your living on the edge
Łucid 5 dager siden
Among us more like Amongst us
Vulture Bolt
Vulture Bolt 5 dager siden
If you see two people in electric where the vent is hide behind the wall and you should see the vent open and shut so remember who those people were and report and say who did it For example me purple pink Iam blue pink dies so I know it’s purp
Air 5 dager siden
Another visual task no one talks about is shields, the light on the side of the ship turns on when you do it.
Dexx 5 dager siden
Axiria Bloxy
Axiria Bloxy 5 dager siden
When the lights turn off Go to the medbay door When the lights go off the imposter will most likely kill and then vent to Medbay ✨😎
Lyndsey Whaley
Lyndsey Whaley 5 dager siden
Ahh this is what laurenzside was watching😂
VeeBamGacha 5 dager siden
Tip: if you are the host, please don’t have the discussion time and voting time so short. Once, I was in a public lobby and probably 15 seconds after the game started, red reported a body. He blamed it on me and everyone but me and someone else voted me (black). Since the discussion time was only 15s, I didn’t have time to explain. And obviously, it was red.
Pöfemeter Mishály Ákos
Pöfemeter Mishály Ákos 5 dager siden
is nobody gonna talk about the fact that there 0.1% of people who just dissapeared from the % of viewers?
Ixmer 5 dager siden
What we all want in Among Us: A way to add friends.
SolangeloRulezzz 20 timer siden
a way to search people instead of joining a lobby/game theyre in and saying "i know you"
Akhil videos
Akhil videos 5 dager siden
nopost.info/throw/3MeklmLftmVzqaM/video See best among us video
Jayson Marklyn
Jayson Marklyn 5 dager siden
Dont. leave. if. ur. not. imposter!!
I don’t know. I’m Weird.
I don’t know. I’m Weird. 5 dager siden
Him: 4:27 FINISH YOUR TASKS Me: Wait.. We get paid nothing... We get no Coins if we win.... *It’s a Waste of Time*
I don’t know. I’m Weird.
I don’t know. I’m Weird. 5 dager siden
@Linn Will Agreed, so among us needs to update a bit... And They need to add a shop .. Where we can buy things with our coins
Linn Will
Linn Will 5 dager siden
voting out imposters don’t give “coins” either.
David Rio
David Rio 5 dager siden
If there is someone in medbay lock the door of medbay and security and vent to medbay get the kill and vent back to security
Tntg 00
Tntg 00 5 dager siden
The admin/cafe/hall vent is one of the most dangerous vents in skeld. 1. Admin has card swipe, one of the most populated tasks. 2. The hall vent is under a security camera and beside navigation, a room with a lot of tasks. 3. Cafeteria is the link to all hallways so it’s common to see people running through it.
Tntg 00
Tntg 00 5 dager siden
Use admin more often. It’s not helpful for determining impostors but it is helpful for finding bodies.
Tntg 00
Tntg 00 5 dager siden
If you are an impostor, when people begin to finish their tasks, start alternating between admin and cams. 1. That’s a normal reaction when people finish their tasks. 2. If someone comes in alone, you can strike them.
Tntg 00
Tntg 00 5 dager siden
If you are faking a task with your co-impostor and they kill somebody as someone else walks in. Say your co-impostor did it. 1. It lifts suspicion from you 2. They were going to be voted off anyway.
Luke P
Luke P 5 dager siden
Oh so your the guy that always comments on that other channel... Interesting
Turbo ZeLegen
Turbo ZeLegen 6 dager siden
Here's a tip. Whenever you kill somebody. like in Skeild electrical, always vent to a different room and vent out and walk toward the body like your a normal person about to do a task so I'd recommend doing this in front crewmate so when vent out security make sure the crewmate doesn't see you and you follow them and if they ain't going to electrical, go to electrical and rep the body and that person I'M NOT SAYING WILL but might say and know your safe.
Isabella Stokes
Isabella Stokes 6 dager siden
I need some help, I downloaded Among Us on BLUESTACKS now it won't let me play because I have to update it. There is no update button. What do I do?
Isabella Stokes
Isabella Stokes 5 dager siden
@Linn Will I'm not American, but thanks for your help! I got it to work!
Linn Will
Linn Will 5 dager siden
Buy it on steam
caitlynn clark
caitlynn clark 6 dager siden
shields is also a visual task, the light turns on outside the ship
Wewan Glo
Wewan Glo 6 dager siden
At the start of a game press shh and you will have a higher chance of impostor
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