What is the best asdfmovie joke?

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3 måneder siden

AKA Tom breaks down asdfmovie while asdfmovie breaks down Tom.
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Written by Thomas 'TomSka' Ridgewell (@TomSka)
Edited by Elliot Gough (twitch.tv/thelovelystuff)
Research Assistance by Kai Newton (@KaiPie)
Data Analysis by Dr Simon Clark (@Simon Clark)
Web Development by Peter Reid ( ReidWeb)
Additional Art and Animation by Ben Smallman (@Wonchop) and Billy Crinion (@BillyBCreations)
Appearances from Brian David Gilbert (@brian david gilbert), Devin Stone (@LegalEagle), and Tom Scott (@Tom Scott)
Writing Assistance by Eddie Bowley (@Eddache) and Ana Valens (www.dailydot.com/author/ana-valens/)
Music by Todd Bryanton (@LilDeuceDeuce)
Special thanks to Twitch Chat and Olly Thorn
The spreadsheet: www.kaggle.com/thomasridgewell/understanding-asdfmovie
CONTENT WARNING: Where to begin? Discussion and depictions of guns, death, suicide, violence, vore, kinks. This one’s got it all.
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TomSka 3 måneder siden
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Isaiahthebendyfan !
Isaiahthebendyfan ! 3 dager siden
Oh no the RSL virus has infected the one who created asdfmovie!
Dr. Eggz
Dr. Eggz 22 dager siden
Tom your awesome and I love your content, but no.
Kiên 2 Nguyễn
Kiên 2 Nguyễn 27 dager siden
Meme of the year
Cate_Roses_ 2 måneder siden
John Racing
John Racing 2 måneder siden
Why tho I have roblox
Knine Nights
Knine Nights 6 timer siden
My favorite is the suicidal muffin. All of them. Admittedly partially because of the song but mostly......wow I need to talk to my therapist more.
Defeated Tooth58
Defeated Tooth58 11 timer siden
Huh, Guess He Was Wrong. 2021's Here Wait... What's That Black Thing In The Sky?
Victor Schollaert
Victor Schollaert 15 timer siden
Comment il sait qu'il y as des francophones mdrr
Ethan Alvarado
Ethan Alvarado 18 timer siden
"Butterflies are harmless?" "Not this one" "This one'll bang your wife" *"True story don't wanna talk about it"* *what*
OwenR08 21 time siden
the three card games of the universe muffin time waffle time marshmallow tome
the puppet
the puppet Dag siden
I am from 2021 2020 end
Xplayer76 Dag siden
12:13 "Murder is great" You really do need to see a therapist
MegaPoxford gaming
MegaPoxford gaming Dag siden
This Turns from a pie chart into a decent into madness very fsst
Gacha Brian
Gacha Brian Dag siden
My favorite one is No don’t jump Okay jump now
Evan smith
Evan smith Dag siden
Have you seen my lemons? I want my lemons....
Alex Nielson
Alex Nielson Dag siden
Keeps me observably well fed Lolz
Owen Dag siden
Best joke ever Tom. Good job. You have created the perfect joke.
Owen Dag siden
16:07 I’ll never see Charlie and The Chocolate factory the same again
Owen Dag siden
I know this is dark, but I would find it hilarious if I was in a graveyard and someone’s last words were “What’s that Mr Gun? You want to see inside my ear?”
(S)-Riley Dunn
(S)-Riley Dunn Dag siden
Yoo LegalEagle crossover episode
Pspctv.1 2 dager siden
The butt one is literally my favourite aswell. Never mind 😔
Anthony Gray
Anthony Gray 2 dager siden
"How does 2020 end?" "It doesnt" That aged well
- TheHunter -
- TheHunter - 2 dager siden
"Your getting mugged kid" "No, your getting mugged!" "NGH how the hell does that even work?!"
Lozzo H
Lozzo H Dag siden
no u
Da Time
Da Time 2 dager siden
My favorite line is the Ill come back later
MrMisterMinister 3 dager siden
I like the guy says he's scared of flashbacks.
Malakhi Garcia
Malakhi Garcia 3 dager siden
Tomska: gets a sponsor from raid shadow legends. Me: oh no he’s been infected
BENJAMIN THOMAS 3 dager siden
asdfmovie is god there is not anything wrong about it.
xlolox LAB
xlolox LAB 3 dager siden
The science shoooow! - Piano! - Who's idea was this?
Henry_white 4 dager siden
Suicidal murder lol
Damián 4 dager siden
*And now my each favorite sketch from each ASDF video:* *ASDF 1:* "I got your nose" (*I liked:* "Tree powers") *ASDF 2:* "Pie pie flavor" (*I liked:* "I like trains" (classic), "Not today", "I like trains 2", "Desmond the bear" & "I like trains 3") *ASDF 2 deleted scenes:* "Car parked over a sandwich" (*I liked:* "Milk spilled" & "Feed me paper") *ASDFMITE:* "Have you seen my pony?" (*I liked:* "Marmite, what are you doing?") *ASDF 3:* "There's not dog there....... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" (*I liked:* "I'm your sandwich", "Don't even think about it", "I'm punching your salad 1, 2 and 3 :P" & "Checkout my new camera") *ASDF 4:* "This is a robbery" (Here was hard *I liked:* "I'm gonna do...", "Well, I stole your face", "You can't tell me what to do", "I'm a Stegosaurus :D", "I wanna go to the moon!" & "No, you getting mugged") *ASDF Skyrims:* "Train warrior vs Dragon" *ASDF 5:* "And now: Ducks" (*I liked:* "It's just me, you and the moon", "Muffins" & "Being random") *ASDF 6:* "You'll never take me alive!!" (*I liked:* "Knock knock!", "Carrots are good for the eyesight", "A ppupy with a knife?", "Everybody do the flop", "What are you drawing?" & "You're a nerd!") *ASDF 7:* "Color mode: On" (Both of them why not? XD) (*I liked:* "The suicide Muffin", "This is a really good idea", "The suicide Muffin 2", "You're fat!", "Desmond the moon bear 2" & "Turn that frown upside down" *ASDF 7 deleted scenes:* "Suzie and the Stegosaurus" (*I liked:* "Larry's intervention", "Have you seen the baby?" & "Brain cancer with pineapples") *ASDF 8:* "You're adopted" (*I liked:* "A cow pretending to be a man", "Afraid of backstories", "The suicide Muffin 3", "A cow pretending to be a man 2", "Would you like to see a magic trick?", "Look at the baby", "A cow preteding to be a man 3") *ASDF 9:* "His name is David" (I liked: "I'm Hungry" & "I like trains 4") *ASDF 10:* "Beep beep I'm a sheep - Song version" (*I liked:* "Killer ball", "I wish I could fly!", "Beep beep I'm a sheep" & "Meow meow I'm a cow") *ASDF 11:* "It's a hearing aid!" (*I liked:* "What's the magic word?", "Is this your car?", "Your girlfriend is single?, "Award for best sarcasm" & "I'm a doctor of psychology") *ASDF Muffin time:* "Time of death: Muffin time" (Lol) *ASDF 12:* (I love the anime intro and the lyrics too :D) "Can people fly?" (*I liked:* "I'm on my way to eat your skin", "Did somebody say waffles?", "Your wish is stupid" & "Jerry's unappropriate reactions") *ASDF 12 deleted scenes:* "A -cow- man who does crime" (*I liked:* "Oh God, duck!") *ASDF 13:* "I still alive! 7-7" (*I liked:* "Hi five, hundred", "Are you ready to die?", "French dog", "When I grow up", "That's my boy" & "You're an idiot") *My favorites ASDF sketches of all goes to:* "This is a robbery" (ASDF 4), "Color mode: On 1 & 2" (ASDF 7), "Suzie and the Stegosaurus" (ASDF 7 deleted scenes), "You're adopted" (ASDF 8), "Beep beep I'm a sheep - Song version" (ASDF 10), "It's a hearing aid!" (ASDF 11), "Can people fly?" (ASDF 12) & "I still alive! 7-7" (ASDF 13) What? Only 1? *Well:* "Suzie and the Stegisaurus" (ASDF 7 deleted scenes) cause it's random XD Anyway I enjoyed every sketch, but these ones were my favorites at all! :D *Thanks TomSka!*
JPlayzX01 // Propcouti Studios
JPlayzX01 // Propcouti Studios 4 dager siden
9:16 Man I remember when spamming the letters "kys" (kill yourself) was very popular in youtube comments back in 2016, if people didn't like each other for some stupid reason. Glad we put a stop to that.
Natasha Eliot
Natasha Eliot 4 dager siden
The jokes where the punchline is 'gay' are the worst ones.
Just a guy who’s a frog for fun
Just a guy who’s a frog for fun 2 dager siden
The “you know who’s gay.... us” is really funny though
vyr CZ
vyr CZ 4 dager siden
The butt sketches are my favourites tbh
ktchoco 4 dager siden
Oh did this guy just explained his jokes?
Laughter Dawg
Laughter Dawg 4 dager siden
If there’s an ASDF movie 14, can there be A secret story hinting at the end of the series?
SquirrelNut Gaming
SquirrelNut Gaming 4 dager siden
Larry! What? Larry!!
B Gacha
B Gacha 4 dager siden
Wait what in America the super hero one isn't murder? Here it is because we could have helped also the reason why you can't tell anyone about your suicide because the people you tell could have stopped you or something. Edit: With here I mean The Netherlands
chan jet
chan jet 5 dager siden
Respect DaBirb
Respect DaBirb 5 dager siden
I'm on my way I'm on my way I'm on my way to eat your skin dun
Respect DaBirb
Respect DaBirb 5 dager siden
I like trains kid Vs thanos Ik who'd win
Respect DaBirb
Respect DaBirb 5 dager siden
ooo how does 2020 end It doesn't
The fox in the sky
The fox in the sky 5 dager siden
This is what happens when Tom forgets to take his medicine.
Lil POG 5 dager siden
No raid has taken Tom D:
MrStickGuy 5 dager siden
My favourite is "Catch it son!" "I'm gonna catch it, I'm gonna catch it!" *squash*
Datepigeon 5 dager siden
... I loved the vore sketches until I found out they were vore. Then I was disgusted. Then I asked myself some hard questions. Then I did a quick Google search. Then I set my computer on fire. Still love the sketches tho.
TheYolocast 5 dager siden
I'm glad that the but jokes were the bottom 5.
Caleb Cohan
Caleb Cohan 5 dager siden
When 1/7 of the entire world has watched your videos and you still only have 6 million subs
Keri Searl
Keri Searl 6 dager siden
My fave joke is probably: Oh God, we all need therapy
ellaAngel smith
ellaAngel smith 6 dager siden
"Aw look a puppy" "Ah, careful honey he has a knife" "Oh what no no I don't"
Little Ender
Little Ender 5 dager siden
Lol I understand
SEMCouncils 6 dager siden
.....the finall joke was rubbish
ben dover
ben dover 6 dager siden
When i get hit by my gf 2:44
Saffron Leriger
Saffron Leriger 6 dager siden
tomska: so what r u talking about? future tomska: *slap* *slap* *slap*
Nimbus Shadow-Wings
Nimbus Shadow-Wings 6 dager siden
farting butt 4 was actually one of my favorites
Tim The Tortilla
Tim The Tortilla 6 dager siden
3:35 *_what do you mean "true story," Tom?_*
Team Lacky
Team Lacky 6 dager siden
"How does 2020 end?" "It doesn't." "Sounds bout right"
Theesl 4 dager siden
it did but the chaos didn't
Aaro n
Aaro n 7 dager siden
Just 78
Emu Play
Emu Play 7 dager siden
Ok now I'm mad raid shadow legends ey ok YOU'RE FAT!
Ganondalf The Grey
Ganondalf The Grey 7 dager siden
“Now son, don’t touch that Cactus.” **son gravitates full body onto cactus** **close up on the dads face** “You’re dead to me.” Is literally my favourite asdf joke.
Corky Grant
Corky Grant 7 dager siden
murder is great
Connor Thompson
Connor Thompson 7 dager siden
10:34 "If the tree is alive then he's not dead" Okay, let me crush you with a tree, see if you survive. Turning into a tree and being crushed by one are two very different things. He's dead.
Wolfgalaxy 7 dager siden
The Perfect Asdfmovie Joke is actually becoming one of my favorite Asdfmovie jokes
EchoNyxx 7 dager siden
"Violence is funny!" -TomSka 9/28/2020
Seth Sutton (student)
Seth Sutton (student) 7 dager siden
but what about Ritalin'd it tis secret adsf movie 3
Ignacy Włodarski
Ignacy Włodarski 7 dager siden
1:13 -How does 2020 end? - It doesn't me living in 8/1/2021: well tom is a terrible terrible prophet
TeoSkrn 4 dager siden
You don't understand, this is 2020 part 1. We merely finished the prologue!
Cade B
Cade B 7 dager siden
God dammit that final joke was really funny mostly because I just was not expecting Tom scott
Craic Dealer
Craic Dealer 8 dager siden
Can we just appreciate the term ' Obserbably well fed'
Ash 8 dager siden
My two favorite jokes in the Asdf movie are the- "It says gullible on the ceiling-" "Oh your right it do- oh- you stole my lungs." And "Now son, don't touch that cactus-!"
F 8 dager siden
İmagane that *Look behind.*
Veda Brown
Veda Brown 8 dager siden
the music in the backround: beep boop boop
ToTo 8 dager siden
my favourite is "........I have no idea how to breathe."
Under Communism, Even Illness Becomes Wellness
Under Communism, Even Illness Becomes Wellness 9 dager siden
my favorite joke is the first, "'got your nose!' 'LOOK OUT HE'S GOT A NOSE!"" That joke is so fucking random i just can't help but laugh at it every time i see it, even the 74th. A close second is "'Knock knock' 'who's there?' 'THE DOOR'" for the same reason
YourOrdinaryChannelName 9 dager siden
Them Coolness
Them Coolness 9 dager siden
I’m allergic to raid shadow legends
GodOfThunder976 9 dager siden
For his neutral special *he wields a gun*
SimAndi 10 dager siden
7/10 on that german there
Chill 1234
Chill 1234 10 dager siden
12:11 2020 best quote
Sebastian Molinaro
Sebastian Molinaro 10 dager siden
I think that this will be a good asdf sketch: -Hey! -wath?! -where is my money?! -here it is (Gives a dossier to the other guy) -oh thanks! (He open the dossier and there is a bomb in there) -(laugths as a manniac) muahahaha! -(sudently eats the bomb) mhh delicious, thanks -you're welcome
Retro Vo1d
Retro Vo1d 10 dager siden
Tomska from the future: 2020 doesn’t end... Me: Are you sure about that
chan jet
chan jet 10 dager siden
19:25 meme
DÒctØ_ ØctÓ
DÒctØ_ ØctÓ 10 dager siden
10:07- 10:10 is one the greatest lines in this video.
Cosmic Dragon
Cosmic Dragon 10 dager siden
You're FIRED You can't fire me i QUIT You can't quit i QUIT You cant quit you're my WIFE Im not your wife your my WIFE Oh hey honey how was work Pretty good but i quit my job You cant quit your job you're FIRED AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH
RainWolffyGamer and the MonsterSquad
RainWolffyGamer and the MonsterSquad 10 dager siden
2020 level 2: *electric Boogaloo.* *its only just begun-*
Kate Toyents
Kate Toyents 10 dager siden
I like trains :)
Haiiooo 10 dager siden
I like the Pointless button one. You all know what I'm talking about.
brag Fox
brag Fox 10 dager siden
2020 ended evntually
Mason Murf
Mason Murf 10 dager siden
Fav joke did you park your car on my sanwich!?
GrahamRaptor 10 dager siden
Those are my favriotes
GrahamRaptor 10 dager siden
And mine turtle
GrahamRaptor 10 dager siden
• M O O N L I G H T qwq •
• M O O N L I G H T qwq • 10 dager siden
My favorite one is I like trains
Joshua Platko
Joshua Platko 10 dager siden
Guess what. 2020 ended!
bomber forest
bomber forest 10 dager siden
My favorite is carful honey he has knife
Dustin Blankenship
Dustin Blankenship 10 dager siden
What about jkl;movie?
The lost nerf dart
The lost nerf dart 10 dager siden
That was actually a funny scene so i guess he made it not a dog lol
Felix Mcgee-Thompson
Felix Mcgee-Thompson 10 dager siden
The fact that Jaiden Animations voiced a character makes me a happy man
River tales
River tales 11 dager siden
My volume went 📈📈📈📈📉📉📉📉📉📉📉📉📉📉📉📉📉📉📉📉📉📉📉📉📉📉📉📉📉📉📉📉📉📉📉📉📉📉📉📉📉
Hello I Changed It
Hello I Changed It 11 dager siden
He doesn’t need to justify himself because he is GOD
Check channel description for source of pfp
Check channel description for source of pfp 11 dager siden
"Oh no a gun man!" "Oh ho ho I'm gonna stab ya"
Kenzi Storrey
Kenzi Storrey 11 dager siden
Here's some pie charts that show how well the topics do! *zooms in on vore that has 100% approval rate*
WarGamer 8
WarGamer 8 11 dager siden
"STOP! I'm you! From the Future!" "How Does 2020 End?" "South Park Pandemic Episode!"
Jaye Ankney
Jaye Ankney 11 dager siden
I like trains wasn’t number 1???
Samuel Washko.
Samuel Washko. 11 dager siden
14:41 is my fav part.
Average_animations 11 dager siden
lol he so surprised that the top ten list didnt have any recurring characters even tho they overused
Donovan Phillips
Donovan Phillips 11 dager siden
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