10 Rapid Fire Product Reviews for Mountain Bikers

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7 måneder siden

Today, we’re doing a good old fashioned 10 mountain bike products video! Very few of these are long term reviews, and most of the products featured were tested while filming, so this is more for entertainment. If you are interested in any of these products, all the links are right here.
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Dawn to Dusk Products
Water bottle (non-insulated!) amzn.to/36JdXuj
Bear hug mount amzn.to/2XjMAE3
Carbon bottle cage amzn.to/3dldCAv
Tasco Scout Shorts amzn.to/2zOLQxz
Crud Cloth www.crudcloth.com/
Flash Stand amzn.to/2XNTj86
Power Lever amzn.to/2XJ7E5T
Tru Chu chutru.com/
Crash Pads betterbandages.com/
Park Tool Hex Wrenches amzn.to/2TV0daJ
Fixit Sticks amzn.to/3dies0I
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James Hoff
James Hoff 4 dager siden
The new crud cloth with different flavors
AA ASHVEEN GAMIMG 5 dager siden
2:16 he got hit by the cycle holder.
Person B
Person B 6 dager siden
10:51 kinda sounds like flight reacts laughing
STANDARD H 9 dager siden
who makes those black mats you have on your work benches?
Vhan Lhynon Cesar
Vhan Lhynon Cesar 10 dager siden
its so funny when your hit by the stan for the bike🤣🤣🤣
Maou Freed
Maou Freed 12 dager siden
@10:53 My balls Shrank inside to get ready for impact 😂
Andrew Rosenthal
Andrew Rosenthal 12 dager siden
Happy about the fixit stick review. The creator is local
LastOfBeats 12 dager siden
" I clapped my suspension". - Seth
Macon VanAmburg
Macon VanAmburg 12 dager siden
god dam your picky
9A-RAMA 14 dager siden
2:16 Seth on camera: ouh Seth off camera: OUH F**K *beat the s**t out of that bike stand
Tarkyn Benton
Tarkyn Benton 15 dager siden
11:07 he had a spider on his right shoulder
TheRustedTinCan 16 dager siden
4:32 whos taking a leak in the shop?
Ryan Flannery
Ryan Flannery 17 dager siden
I don’t mb but I love the vids anyway!
Ted Way
Ted Way 17 dager siden
Seth ur wrong the gummie thing doesn't work if you're riding in perfect conditions its if ur riding in Washington
faiz ardana
faiz ardana 17 dager siden
10:46 i like how he fall ;v
69indigoblue 18 dager siden
Okay, watched 4 videos out of this series and must say, this guy is very likeable in demonstrating all that stuff. Unfortunately the time spent on some gimmicks is exaggerated, for example the absolutely useless gummibear holder, on the other hand the multi tool runs too short, because it explains only the allen key function and es set of them is even smaller and identical in use...
XROliver_gaming22 Pro league player
XROliver_gaming22 Pro league player 18 dager siden
The gummies would be better for road biking
Hussain Fazleali
Hussain Fazleali 22 dager siden
The chu tru is better for xc riding in my opinion
Lamthelaw 23 dager siden
3:25 pause
Alonso Pazos
Alonso Pazos 24 dager siden
Med student here, you probably don't want the blood clot to stick to the pads as soon as you take it out so a real bandage will help better with the wound regeneration However this pad will definetly avoid moisture and dirt to cover the wound so to short term usage, it is not a bad choice
milu datta
milu datta Måned siden
Mahua Dey
Mahua Dey Måned siden
Can you give me a bike plese bycycle please
kool_dud Måned siden
british people: wo'a bo'ow american peple: woda boddle
Ant the sith
Ant the sith Måned siden
5:28 you tried eating those cloths??
HTS Proj
HTS Proj Måned siden
The encouraging light isely appear because kale postnatally mourn into a equal creditor. overconfident, infamous rain
HTS Proj
HTS Proj Måned siden
The wooden vegetable understandably blind because stool oddly marry besides a aggressive tuesday. big, mindless punch
LOGAN VIS Måned siden
I love how he saids water
Person B
Person B Måned siden
You knew it wasn’t going good right when this happened 10:52
Chase Flanagan
Chase Flanagan Måned siden
Handle bar spikes don’t seem like a good idea, especially when your face goes right into them during a crash
jonmapa07 Måned siden
My one complaint about the bottle and bottle cage is that it has to much branding Seth 20 seconds earlier: i actually take away points for that
Tarkyn Benton adopt me
Tarkyn Benton adopt me Måned siden
This is my new fav vid bc I love the bike reviews of gadgets more pls.
Brooke Wielde
Brooke Wielde Måned siden
nobody Seth: lemme just wash these gummies * eats of camera*
Brooke Wielde
Brooke Wielde Måned siden
Oliver Collard
Oliver Collard Måned siden
Every aspect of mountain biking is positive, almost all of the products you’ve reviewed in this video, you talk about the positive attitude of the people who make them
CODY CRITT Måned siden
Ralf Pascua
Ralf Pascua Måned siden
More bike build pleaase
Florian Paehler
Florian Paehler Måned siden
What why would you need a Master link tool, I always get it with my bare hands!
Kid Slimes
Kid Slimes Måned siden
At 11:09 there is a spider or something on your shoulder
Tyler M
Tyler M Måned siden
Those bandages are cool, but you can get a roll of saniderm its a synthetic skin like bandage you can put on and leave on for like a week. Its cheapish and they use it for tattoos so you know it works well.
Toasty Skater alt
Toasty Skater alt Måned siden
I bet the chew holder is made for a road bike
Elijah Talbot
Elijah Talbot Måned siden
Greatest touch I hope we can keep in touch
Aiden Mills
Aiden Mills Måned siden
I think the idea behind the crash pads is to keep dirt and water out of the wound until you can get back to your car.
Kas 212
Kas 212 2 måneder siden
Warter bottles
Leo Carter
Leo Carter 2 måneder siden
Seth- “I think the branding is a little bit agro” Also Seth- Wearing a shirt that says berm peak in all caps
Cooper Busby
Cooper Busby 2 måneder siden
Can you do a video on how to put in sealant please???
Just shred It
Just shred It 2 måneder siden
Anyone notice the spider on his shoulder
Brian Ortiz
Brian Ortiz 2 måneder siden
U kinda have ny accent
Arnold Vekrau
Arnold Vekrau 2 måneder siden
The bar snacks seem like they would be good for a XC race or road race.
Chris Higgins
Chris Higgins 2 måneder siden
Love the new shirts!
ChairsNotStairs E
ChairsNotStairs E 2 måneder siden
Bruh anyone else see the spider crawling over his shoulder while he was explaining his topple during the snack holder thing
Gray Filtered
Gray Filtered 2 måneder siden
Instead of that powerlever just get a piece of coat hanger and pliers
Stephen Teran
Stephen Teran 2 måneder siden
do you see the spider on seth's shoulder 11:04
Kanoakea MTB
Kanoakea MTB 2 måneder siden
Lets do a bottle smasher 2.0!!
XR_RONIN SAMA 2 måneder siden
2:15 you need to see this
Henry Lemke
Henry Lemke 2 måneder siden
Is it just Me or did he say Flavors in stead of scents
Kenneth Pan
Kenneth Pan 2 måneder siden
are golf shorts ok for mtb
COLOSSAL COSMOS 2 måneder siden
10:08 look at seths right shoulder he is bout to become Spiderman
Riley Welch
Riley Welch 2 måneder siden
Wuter bottle
Boostio_TV 2 måneder siden
11:08 spider on his left shoulder. idk if anyone noticed
Brandon Coronado
Brandon Coronado 2 måneder siden
If Gordon Ramsey was a bike expert🤣🤣🤣🤣
1984 Toyota Corolla
1984 Toyota Corolla 2 måneder siden
12:27 the belt sanders are not only off but aren’t even plugged in
Dazzling Dingo
Dazzling Dingo 2 måneder siden
I met the guy that made chew tru he fixed my bike too haha.
xAH-64x 2 måneder siden
i really like my camel pack. have it for airsoft but started taking it out.
Dat Tepo
Dat Tepo 2 måneder siden
Seth is the new shark tank
xdKinkyGorilla 2 måneder siden
Jacob Bockover
Jacob Bockover 2 måneder siden
Wow good thing they sent new shorts. If they had sent filthy shorts it may have hurt your review
Max Robertson
Max Robertson 2 måneder siden
20 minute Seth's bike hacks video! Am I dying?
Jesper Aspebrant
Jesper Aspebrant 2 måneder siden
7:14 hahaha not everyone has a couch in their garage :.D
Fred The bread
Fred The bread 2 måneder siden
We are building a small trail
Fred The bread
Fred The bread 2 måneder siden
My best friend and I just created a really sketchy skinny
WE ARE FAMILY 2 måneder siden
did anyone else see the spider 11:08 / 20:22
WE ARE FAMILY 2 måneder siden
@Stephen Teran ok
Stephen Teran
Stephen Teran 2 måneder siden
Dave Nelson
Dave Nelson 2 måneder siden
ok, I'm just getting into biking but have worked extensively on cars so yeah, I have a tool fetish... gimmie a neat tool I haven't seen before or one that is better than what I have. You hit the mark Mr Berm. This is good stuff. Keep on reviewing!!!
Legendary no0b
Legendary no0b 2 måneder siden
Waoter bottles
YANG MU55A 2 måneder siden
you criticized the tightness of the bottle cage when you inspired it lol
Minaruo Askander
Minaruo Askander 2 måneder siden
Seth, you are so underrated
fetB 2 måneder siden
17:00 seems to be the hex-plus thing, minus the nonsense twist which does nothing
Azhar Hafiz
Azhar Hafiz 3 måneder siden
You should review the geo mountain bike handle bar guards
Cooper Topol
Cooper Topol 3 måneder siden
1:47 dude look at your shirt
MotorMinds 3 måneder siden
Yeah 11:07 Spider on your Shoulder heading to your Ear on your Right side. That's 10x scarier then any Gear Fail I can think of....
MotorMinds 3 måneder siden
Gotta say that I am gonna subscribe for how Positive you were towards the Young man's design even tho it wasn't the best for most case's.. Respecting someone's idea and saying how you felt in a positive matter and if anything gave the Guy a challenge keep the Gummies Safe Bravo not many people are patient and opened minded and nice to complete such a product review. People complain about everything unless it matches their blood type
syed ibrahim
syed ibrahim 3 måneder siden
the only reason I liked the vid was when the stand hit his head, I hope he was okay at 2:15
Ethan Loughlin
Ethan Loughlin 3 måneder siden
Those chew holders would be great on my road bike
Tyturner98 3 måneder siden
$70 for a bike stand 🤦🏼‍♂️ I have 2* that hold up my motorcycle for cheaper than that, I’d suggest including prices otherwise awesome vid, they did a good job w the wipe thing
Chloe Hong
Chloe Hong 3 måneder siden
haha werter bottle
Bear Frank
Bear Frank 3 måneder siden
Wooder boddle
thegradschooldropout 3 måneder siden
The handlebar snack holder would almost make more sense for a road bike where the need to refuel without stopping is high and the likelihood of dust being kicked up onto the gummies is a lot lower.
Nathan Brokering
Nathan Brokering 2 måneder siden
It’s mainly for xc racing where you can’t stop to take them out of your pocket
Drifter Lot
Drifter Lot 3 måneder siden
Can i convert a 1 x without changing the cassette slx,, 2009 specialiize camber
Denver 3 måneder siden
I’m a engineer and use 3, 4, and 5mm Allen keys and my ball screws have all had to be replaced for stripping out. They do get a lot of use and I like the ball end but I think taking them out of a high set it smart
Jess Hines
Jess Hines 3 måneder siden
I was just remember this video yesterday as I had a couple of chews, and was wondering if that chew-holder thing might be actually decent for the case where you want to grab a bite and keep riding. So you stop, pull out the chews, stick 'em on, and get back to pedaling. You eat three while on the go, and aren't parked while you slowly chew three ultra-gummy snacks. If you're on a ride where you just don't want to stop for 5 whole minutes, maybe that has a place. Just not any good for having them on there for a long time through dust, mud, and crashes.
Joshua Jones
Joshua Jones 3 måneder siden
11:07 . Seth has a spider walking on his right (left of the screen) shoulder. It's quit big too
Amanda Bettencourt
Amanda Bettencourt 3 måneder siden
4.30 ASMR
Bruce Warren
Bruce Warren 3 måneder siden
Sorry for the lateness of the comment. My son works for a company that manufactures bandages and such. I asked him about the Crashpads that you reviewed. He says: "This is just a fast healing bandage, which is to say, a transparent film with a hydrocolloid pad. We already sell those. In fact, most of the recommended similar items are either transparent dressings or hydrocolloids. Furthermore, most of the recommended items are from All-Health and CareScience, both of which are our brand. The price he is charging on Amazon is very expensive. You are paying for the black printing on the dressing, because that is not cheap to pull off." Based on that information, The product works better than "traditional" bandages.
ok C
ok C 3 måneder siden
Look at that spider on his left shoulder 11:06
RANDI MARIN 3 måneder siden
I thought you said Costco this is how much people agree | | V
Alexander Kiss
Alexander Kiss 3 måneder siden
11:08 there is a spider on seths right shoulder
JMark69 3 måneder siden
My uncle is the inventor of crudcloth
Owen Krupa
Owen Krupa 3 måneder siden
What should I use if I don’t have a oring in my front fork to see how much my forks moves
Zack Skinner 2
Zack Skinner 2 3 måneder siden
i think the gummy bears would be good for road biking
Kim Riemer
Kim Riemer 3 måneder siden
The energy chew thing is big in races and before people wound lick the back of the chew and stick it to their top tube for food on the go
Vlad Ucrainciuc
Vlad Ucrainciuc 3 måneder siden
I really like this guy
dmcintyre15 3 måneder siden
Can you provide a link to the Kind bike shorts you like?
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