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That was crazy...
Today I robbed a car dealership and stole all of their cars. It was the official Redline dealership and it was really funny. I stole a lot of luxury cars and the cops showed up and I got into a ton of chases. There were a lot of funny moments in this gta 5 episode, enjoy!
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If u read this far down in the desc I love u!

easton tube
easton tube 10 timer siden
1099 means officer hostage
V G 15 timer siden
Bruh just swim away dont get back there bruh.
Jdog George
Jdog George 21 time siden
Who else saw treys red frarrie
Adam Guerrero
Adam Guerrero 22 timer siden
dont touch me n***a my drip my drip
Kadyn Shenfeld
Kadyn Shenfeld 22 timer siden
Wtf why was the Ferrari in the water
Alexmavplayz 23 timer siden
Stupid a 10-99 is officer held hostage
Notilis Plays
Notilis Plays 23 timer siden
Trey a 10-99 is officer in distress
Crisp3e Gaming
Crisp3e Gaming Dag siden
Why would u robe redline
sxlent Dag siden
1099 mean officer heald hostage
Dag siden
at 16:10 there was a firari at the bottom of the water
Versinal Dag siden
Look at 16:13 there’s a Ferrari
Dominic Rayas
Dominic Rayas Dag siden
Was that a Ferrari in the water
Fresh ErRoR
Fresh ErRoR Dag siden
10-99 is a emergency and they need backup ASAP
Daemein Lanier
Daemein Lanier Dag siden
He was like gimme they was like ni un nu he went back and was lik gimme
Adrian Marsh
Adrian Marsh Dag siden
Lov your vids
FaZe Bg PRO 7
FaZe Bg PRO 7 2 dager siden
I'd like to recommend to not look back and watch where you are going as your mom told you when you were born(not hate just recommend)
Kyle Greathouse
Kyle Greathouse 2 dager siden
16:12 why was there a fucking Ferrari underwater
Mahmoud abouraia
Mahmoud abouraia 2 dager siden
Was that a red car in the water??????
antek cielniak
antek cielniak 2 dager siden
16:12 anyone else see that Ferrari?
jack rogers
jack rogers 2 dager siden
whats the music called when he jumps from the plane
That One Scottish Boy
That One Scottish Boy 3 dager siden
16:11 why was there a car under water
NOLAN FINAN 3 dager siden
y cant i see the dealership on the map
Matthew Kraszewski
Matthew Kraszewski 3 dager siden
anyone clock that random red car in the water
Teddy Dobi prod.
Teddy Dobi prod. 3 dager siden
How do u talk to people in the game PLEASE
Death[Y_T]Assassin357 4 dager siden
A 10-99 means Cardiac arrest / Officer held hostage.
cuda 74 - gaming videos
cuda 74 - gaming videos 4 dager siden
At 16:12 you can see a red and blue Ferrari underwater
Godpays 4 dager siden
At 16:13 is that a random car?
edio gaming
edio gaming 4 dager siden
16:12 why is there a Ferrari there?
Jac on youtube
Jac on youtube 4 dager siden
15:31 means cop held hostage
Ultradurpcake 4 dager siden
What server is that
Shrawin Sisodia
Shrawin Sisodia 4 dager siden
Damn bro that homeless guy in the dealership was kyous ! Wtf crazy coincidence or a sneak colab ?
Fast Driver22
Fast Driver22 4 dager siden
Aydan Camarillo
Aydan Camarillo 5 dager siden
Treyten:I could already see the comments. Me:yea boy😂
COLE JACKSON 5 dager siden
he is so funny
Shelley Marcozzi
Shelley Marcozzi 5 dager siden
What is that mod plzz tell me
DPM12_Gaming 5 dager siden
16:11 the car underwater
UMP WAD 5 dager siden
16:12 there is a car lol
Joss McIlwaine
Joss McIlwaine 5 dager siden
Too late but 10-99 means a wanted suspect has been located
Mariam Iqbal
Mariam Iqbal 5 dager siden
Expirez Vqxz
Expirez Vqxz 5 dager siden
Any1 else see the ferrari at 16:12
Lucid TV
Lucid TV 5 dager siden
10-99 is officer taken hostage lol
Dicipal 5 dager siden
10-99 actually did mean officer being held hostage 😂😂
Austin gun
Austin gun 5 dager siden
Love ❤️
Javionne Hudson
Javionne Hudson 5 dager siden
This is scripted
DiMi 5 dager siden
This kinda looks scripted
Tyler Frater
Tyler Frater 6 dager siden
5:55 lol
Unknown 6 dager siden
16:12 what’s the Ferrari doing there
Blyvs8124 6 dager siden
Rip joey
Kale George
Kale George 6 dager siden
Why was your friari in the ocean
its Michal
its Michal 6 dager siden
pause the video at 16:12 is that an ferrari in the ocean?!????!
Vertex Gameplay
Vertex Gameplay 6 dager siden
“This thing sucks” dude it is a Ferrari Dino , do you know how much it is worth ? Anyway love the content 😀
Lynzing 6 dager siden
You’re worried bout gender fluidity but refers to your audience as boys... okayyyyy
Jaylen Person
Jaylen Person 6 dager siden
“I slept with you’re mother” “What HEY” Me: *WHEEZE*
Trickrobin 26
Trickrobin 26 6 dager siden
16:12 wtf is treys car doing down there
Smart boys inc.
Smart boys inc. 6 dager siden
He’s car was in O’Shean
C 6 dager siden
Is this just gta online
Bryant Vasquez
Bryant Vasquez 6 dager siden
Eclipse 7 dager siden
Rip the Ferrari 16:11
-Tores- 7 dager siden
This Guy cant rp
Serban Ratiu
Serban Ratiu 7 dager siden
why r u so bad at driving?
Blake Karacsony
Blake Karacsony 7 dager siden
U got that mod well so do i
Rafa Rides
Rafa Rides 7 dager siden
At 11:58 the construction worker sounds like mully
Gman Topinko
Gman Topinko 7 dager siden
Sell them pls you need to do more selling vids
The George Mitchell
The George Mitchell 7 dager siden
Omg. I was just scrolling through tik tok and saw a gta video and thought 💭 mhm 🤔 TREYTEN 🤑 so I hoped of that shit and here I am 😈
Preston Bayliss
Preston Bayliss 7 dager siden
10 99 means wanted
Bluxxed2 7 dager siden
who else saw that car at 16:10?
Hangmang thang
Hangmang thang 7 dager siden
Official_clixy_mixy 7 dager siden
What do u do with the car's?
Quizzy 8 dager siden
Trey 10-99 means all units
Fytruck 8 dager siden
Who else So the Ferrari in the water
Jai'Chaun Bultemeier
Jai'Chaun Bultemeier 8 dager siden
Did anyone see the ferrari under water?
YT Jenswilz
YT Jenswilz 8 dager siden
Treyten: What’s a 1099 Me:ITS A PLACE IN REDLINE Treyten i love your videos i watch them everyday and there all really good and I’m gonna start Redline
Aris Jandee Navarro
Aris Jandee Navarro 8 dager siden
At the last why did you not get the police lambo
polly the atomic
polly the atomic 8 dager siden
A 1099 is a cop has been held hostage stupid
iC l o u t y y
iC l o u t y y 8 dager siden
That “ WHAT ! HEY !! “ took me the fuck out 😂😂😂
Kyler Bertrand
Kyler Bertrand 8 dager siden
"I sleep with your mother " Guy"WHAT!
SilverEGaming Live
SilverEGaming Live 8 dager siden
little did he know 10-99 meant he was being held hostage
Alixxity 8 dager siden
How do I join redline rp? Thanks!
sam 9 dager siden
the homeless guy is gregg btw
Evan & josh
Evan & josh 9 dager siden
17:07 he should’ve said I’ve got the cuffs around his neck
pizzakiller21ttv 9 dager siden
Bro I found a Ferrari it 16:12 I think its a 458
Brandy J
Brandy J 9 dager siden
10-99 dicksonary =officer held hostage
[MolBF] Christian H.
[MolBF] Christian H. 9 dager siden
10-99=Distress Signal
Airs Lite
Airs Lite 9 dager siden
Get out my NOpost channel
Airs Lite
Airs Lite 9 dager siden
lil duck
lil duck 9 dager siden
16:12 you see dat car
lil duck
lil duck 9 dager siden
10-99 is officer held hostage
Marlen Gernado cardena
Marlen Gernado cardena 10 dager siden
I saw your car in the water good vid tho best
Sultan Danny
Sultan Danny 10 dager siden
Guys how does he have so much money? I’m tryna find out if it’s worth it to apply
caidenboysuper 2
caidenboysuper 2 9 dager siden
Are these mods?
Miguel .Mc7
Miguel .Mc7 10 dager siden
cop saids" 10 99'' he what the hack is 10 99 lol
Merchandise 2011
Merchandise 2011 10 dager siden
10-99 means officer held hostage
Steazyyy 10 dager siden
Treyten: i dont want construction workers in her Keyous: im homeless man
dude in the background
dude in the background 10 dager siden
16:12 anyone else notice the car down there?
Reba Layfield
Reba Layfield 10 dager siden
Trey 1099 means cardiac arrest officer held hostage
You’re not your Self1234
You’re not your Self1234 10 dager siden
Btw 10-99 means officer hastage🥰
Elliot. Adventures
Elliot. Adventures 10 dager siden
Mans just runs into Kyous
Jermarrion Scott
Jermarrion Scott 10 dager siden
Corona time :D
Corona time :D 10 dager siden
I like how the plane costed more than the cars and he treated the plane like nothing
Muddyfox0HC7 !
Muddyfox0HC7 ! 11 dager siden
Is the dealerships a mod?
The pumpkin klng
The pumpkin klng 11 dager siden
10-99 cardiac arrest/officer held hostage SCAM! Part 2, Testing Chinese Body Armor...
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