How the Tour de France is preparing amid Covid-19 spikes

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3 måneder siden

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As Covid-19 cases have spiked across France, Daniel Friebe looks at how cycling is preparing for the Grand Départ of the Tour de France on August 29.
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Mr. Claypole
Mr. Claypole 3 måneder siden
Stop calling it the new norm! This is not normal, never will be.
Brian Messemer
Brian Messemer 3 måneder siden
Amen Nicholas Roche 👏👏👏
Eric H
Eric H 3 måneder siden
Shame on Ineos for having a mask with a filter valve (clearly this caught the eye of the cameraman). They're not effective in stopping the spread of covid-19.
Bicycle_Ty 3 måneder siden
It’s not a bubble. Impossible. Hate to tell ya’
Simply Thoughts
Simply Thoughts 3 måneder siden
covid is a hoax
Lex Rides Bikes
Lex Rides Bikes 3 måneder siden
What horrible nonsense because of some kind of flu.
Charlie Lyth
Charlie Lyth 3 måneder siden
Get some bloody perspective what is more important really
MegaXtc11 3 måneder siden
T Boss
T Boss 3 måneder siden
You cannot get the chinavirus if you have a 7G activated skineos telecompooter phone. Disneyworld.
Odhran 3 måneder siden
Fair play to Nicholas Roche calling out the 'free holidays'
Neil Nelson
Neil Nelson 3 måneder siden
Sorta nice not having the fans being an obstacle to the athletes.
Francis Schofield
Francis Schofield 3 måneder siden
1:12 still not distanced for spectators though. Nicholas Roche says it best.
Andrew Raphael
Andrew Raphael 3 måneder siden
Absolute nonsense
Nico W
Nico W 3 måneder siden
Who's that sunweb guy?
Tom & Rachelles First Dance
Tom & Rachelles First Dance 3 måneder siden
Nico Roche one of the veterans of cycling been there done that. Straight talking irishman
Jason 3 måneder siden
Jimmy Choo
BRECKDOG Hello 3 måneder siden
Be convenient for Ineos if this gets cancelled 😞 unless Carapz can ride
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