Terrorizing My Friends in Proximity Chat Among Us

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2 måneder siden

Proximity chat allows you to talk ingame using open mic, but only when other players are nearby
Courage: nopost.info
Minx: nopost.info
5up: www.twitch.tv/5uppp
Tubbo: www.twitch.tv/tubbo
Anita: www.twitch.tv/sweet_anita
Jesse: www.twitch.tv/jessesmfi
Basetrade: www.twitch.tv/basetradetv
Ze: nopost.info
Botez: www.twitch.tv/botezlive

Inko Midoriya
Inko Midoriya 4 timer siden
I love how overly excited tubbo gets at everything
Legia Ngoc
Legia Ngoc 7 timer siden
max wind
max wind 18 timer siden
Is Anita British
AP 19
AP 19 19 timer siden
He sounds like a mix of Batman and Kratos I love his voice
FLAME PLAYZ 21 time siden
Tubbo is there tubbox
Cam_shaft_06 /TTV
Cam_shaft_06 /TTV Dag siden
12:06 perfect timing
Cam_shaft_06 /TTV
Cam_shaft_06 /TTV Dag siden
12:06 12:06 12:06 12:06 12:06 12:06 12:06 12:06 12:06 12:06 12:06 12:06 12:06 12:06 12:06 12:06 12:06 12:06 12:06 12:06
Madi Ward
Madi Ward Dag siden
I would love to have a shirt of the thumbnail of this video. So iconic Tubbo: So... where are we going? CORPSE: Straight into hell buddy
manavia Dag siden
tubbo is adorable
x e p h e r
x e p h e r Dag siden
ok u have to admit when tubbo was looking for corpse on cams that was cute 😭😭
Scorpia Rising
Scorpia Rising Dag siden
hi :)
Jeanette Cordero
Jeanette Cordero Dag siden
I love you videos
Kolby White
Kolby White Dag siden
Love you voice dude. Found you cause of mrbeast.
Kolby White
Kolby White Dag siden
Παύλος Βεντούρης
Παύλος Βεντούρης Dag siden
Why anita doing weird noises and weird things with her lips and eyes?
vanessaupward Dag siden
I like how CORPSE betrays with no hesitation and how he can turn anybody into his puppet.
Mackanna Xo
Mackanna Xo Dag siden
Corpse sounds like the person to kill you straight away but doesn’t
Midnight meztli
Midnight meztli Dag siden
That was really sweet of tubbo to not kill corpse...I mean not that he needs to cuz he already is a "corpse".....okay Imma stop I lost my social skills to make jokes \( ö )/
Midnight meztli
Midnight meztli Dag siden
I respect this man One day I will be able to kill like him Hopefully *-*
Max Woollard
Max Woollard Dag siden
Corpse could make me think I’m the impostor
Sd Tp
Sd Tp 2 dager siden
CORPSE you and Anita look great together y'all should really hook up
it’s abi
it’s abi 2 dager siden
i feel like corpse and anita would we so cute lol
Crystal Afton
Crystal Afton 2 dager siden
ALSO I have heard about tubbo but I have not seen him before
Crystal Afton
Crystal Afton 2 dager siden
Ollie Vendor
Ollie Vendor 2 dager siden
Fuuuck I love watching Anita play this game. I love watching her admit she a killer whether she is or isn't. So many laughs.
mr square game
mr square game 2 dager siden
I love you
rcg Music-BandLab
rcg Music-BandLab 2 dager siden
Yeahhh I heard something 2 times from anita that o didn't want too hear, it has a starting letter of 'v' and she 'loves' them
Jyneffer Dill
Jyneffer Dill 2 dager siden
If you also notice Anita winking and doing little things, like this comment. (Does Anita have Tics?)
꧁KayleePlayz Gacha꧂
꧁KayleePlayz Gacha꧂ 2 dager siden
Yeah it said it in the beginning
Applejuice 2 dager siden
LOL 20.000
Arcticbeast 36
Arcticbeast 36 2 dager siden
Makes sense why if corpse is not the impostor gets killed first
Titano Trike
Titano Trike 2 dager siden
How did you not see 5up kill
•Ally Animal past•
•Ally Animal past• 3 dager siden
Just like Tubbo: where we going Corpse: straight to hell buddy Me:😂🤣😂🤣
Wolfeh Neko
Wolfeh Neko 3 dager siden
I have to be honest here, I do enjoy watching corpse kill his friends in among us.
eccentricPlays 3 dager siden
I watched this live and I was CACKLING when Corpse said straight to hell buddy and MURKED TUBBO XD
Kamal Parvez
Kamal Parvez 3 dager siden
Your old friends are best i mean that sykkuno, toast etc
Gacha Muffin
Gacha Muffin 3 dager siden
4:49 where the hell did corpse go Passes dead body that 5up and u forgot who else where dancing around
snow Ξ
snow Ξ 3 dager siden
0:40-0:44 anybody tryna take that out of context
꧁ T r o y꧂
꧁ T r o y꧂ 3 dager siden
xXmarshal LeeXx
xXmarshal LeeXx 3 dager siden
“Where we going?” “Striaght to hell buddy” Top 10 anime betrayals
the gg guys
the gg guys 3 dager siden
Keanu Bezuidenhoudt
Keanu Bezuidenhoudt 3 dager siden
No one Corpse: so enjoy me killing my new friends
mary gacha
mary gacha 3 dager siden
EeveeQueen 4 dager siden
Anita: I'm in love with a fish!! Me: Girl! I feel that!
Mr. Rock
Mr. Rock 4 dager siden
Hey Batman
Black Beauty
Black Beauty 4 dager siden
I just love Tubbo!!! 💙💙💙
Zombie Intelligence
Zombie Intelligence 4 dager siden
Corpse's laugh is so funny
Maxy Maroon
Maxy Maroon 4 dager siden
7:33 watch Anita carefully Lol she flipped someone off 💎✨Anita is Queen✨💎
Aiden Delegge
Aiden Delegge 4 dager siden
10:18 look at anita she flips everyone off lmao
Teresa London
Teresa London 4 dager siden
Tubbo sounds like Harry Potter 😂😂😂
2019 COELHO RICHIE JESUS 4 dager siden
Play with jelly slogo and crainer
THEODORE KIM 4 dager siden
"straight to hell buddy" -corpse
Valeria Rojas
Valeria Rojas 4 dager siden
Howwww does Corpse always get Impostor? 😂😂
L V 7 timer siden
His rng is just too good
Brianna Blando
Brianna Blando 4 dager siden
I’m alway sus some how and idk how
Brianna Blando
Brianna Blando 4 dager siden
I know right 😂when I’m imposter I always get voted first
Rebecca Spiwoks
Rebecca Spiwoks 4 dager siden
This was one of the funniest video! Also I love how Anitas whistle sounds like the twitter sound
Robert Lightner
Robert Lightner 5 dager siden
He just says causally enjoy me killing my new friends again
TheMostwanted 08
TheMostwanted 08 5 dager siden
Is this his Chanel or fan Chanel
Crunchy :3
Crunchy :3 5 dager siden
4:24 to 4:43 is just epic xD
J-Capp 5 dager siden
10:25 watch Anita and listen at the same time your welcome :) btw corpse love the content keep it up bud 💪💪
Dark Roses / Lolbit
Dark Roses / Lolbit 5 dager siden
5:02 I have never laughed so hard in my life
Brandon Davis
Brandon Davis 5 dager siden
Tubbo: where we heading Corpse: straight to hell buddy
Isaiah Hall
Isaiah Hall 5 dager siden
Tubbo is so wholesome
Anthony Gaipa
Anthony Gaipa 5 dager siden
Corpse you should just yell at all of them and you would scare the hell out of them.
midnight yellowolf
midnight yellowolf 5 dager siden
Ngl I'm kinda simping for corpse voice 😳♥
Ryan Whittington
Ryan Whittington 5 dager siden
That Voice is deep boi
Dude Why
Dude Why 5 dager siden
No one is talking about the line “welcome to the afterlife where you get betrayed” 😂 that had me rolling. Also, “Corpse I’m haunting you!” Corpse: oh god 😅 I died
Twissted 5 dager siden
nobody: not a single soul: Anita:Im inN lLoOoOoVe wIthH a FIShHHHH
Overgaywatch Cosplays
Overgaywatch Cosplays 5 dager siden
Ze not being red is weird to me
Jordan Ili-Like
Jordan Ili-Like 5 dager siden
7:00 did Anita just put up the middle finger i mean I know she has tics but that was offely funny
Marissa Owens
Marissa Owens 5 dager siden
The slow regret comparably weigh because kenya internally stop vice a entertaining ant. careless, invincible halibut
Sara S
Sara S 5 dager siden
this is Oscar worthy.
p a i g e
p a i g e 5 dager siden
Everyone talking Corpse: Says one word Everyone:*Silence*
Marie Burman-Wiegele
Marie Burman-Wiegele 5 dager siden
“Corpse never dies” does remind you of some type of pig, maybe TECHNOBLADE
JOSEPHINE ZOBEL 6 dager siden
in the first round... I love how Tubbo completely ignores the body on cams when looking for Corpse XD
Sandmop 6 dager siden
Everyone’s talking about corpse betraying tubbo but corpse betraying minx in the second round was hella funny too
sadchild pleh
sadchild pleh 6 dager siden
Ikr I was laughing hard at both
Andi Ingram
Andi Ingram 6 dager siden
how do you do the talking instaid of the chat
S C Houston
S C Houston 6 dager siden
Just saying corpse i really really like your laugh and your voice too. P.S: If you like my comment then reply or like my comment that's all. From: Your supportive fan To: My favorite NOpostr corpse❤🧡💛💙💚
Torikul Islam
Torikul Islam 6 dager siden
The wealthy regret perioperatively thank because visitor decisively listen during a standing degree. unruly, overrated venezuela
Kieran Rodriguez
Kieran Rodriguez 6 dager siden
4:39 i'm sorry but him screaming "theres a body" while hes looking through the window is just too funny 🤣🤣🤣
Sumz&Bel Vlogs
Sumz&Bel Vlogs 6 dager siden
Everyone at meetings- guessing tho the imp is Anitas tics- 🖕 7:39
Rotate Throttle RBLX
Rotate Throttle RBLX 6 dager siden
7:40 - 7:50 look at Anita
Eclipse 6 dager siden
CORPSE's voice makes me feel ill. I can HEAR and FEEL the tumor in MY throat.
David Zuniga
David Zuniga 6 dager siden
David Zuniga
David Zuniga 6 dager siden
Corpse your voice got deep
Kyla Trussell
Kyla Trussell 6 dager siden
Wait is Tubbo an adult or not? Sorry but idk
Kyla Trussell
Kyla Trussell 6 dager siden
I almost screamed with happiness when I saw that Tubbo was playing with corpse
Kirstie Lawrence
Kirstie Lawrence 6 dager siden
Tubbo: So where we heading? Corpse: Straight to hell buddy.... DEFEAT (so good😂)
Karinelle Leroux
Karinelle Leroux 6 dager siden
4:47 that's laugh was so evil tho
ISimpForCoda 6 dager siden
He said "Straight to hell buddy" 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Crimson TricksterX *The imposter*
Crimson TricksterX *The imposter* 6 dager siden
19:10..................................someone sneaking around :')
Smokez 6 dager siden
Tubbo: Where're we headin big man. CORPSE: Straight to hell buddy. I swear Corpse always has the best lines when killing someone😂
Lucas Roncolato
Lucas Roncolato 6 dager siden
i love Minx’s accent
Diego Rios
Diego Rios 6 dager siden
Corpse's laugh is literally everything 💖🖤
samantha kingdom
samantha kingdom 6 dager siden
how are you all ways the imposter
KK309 74
KK309 74 6 dager siden
Yo is 5up dream
Luffur Fan
Luffur Fan 6 dager siden
Now he’s gone
Luffur Fan
Luffur Fan 6 dager siden
Wtf my dad is gone he was in the house
Luffur Fan
Luffur Fan 6 dager siden
It sick house bruh
Luffur Fan
Luffur Fan 6 dager siden
I’m in a new house
Jay Schumacher
Jay Schumacher 6 dager siden
Corpse I am extremely curious about something Does ur voice naturally sound like that or not?
shockerfn 7 dager siden
Lion King Playz
Lion King Playz 7 dager siden
Oml Corpses laugh is creepy
Emily Li
Emily Li 7 dager siden
Tubbo: sees Jesse and 5up dancing on a body on cams Also tubbo: “oh there’s corpse!” *leaves*
Miesha Lindsley
Miesha Lindsley 7 dager siden
The defeated okra legally improve because foxglove ultrastructually park regarding a shrill algeria. early, jealous whip
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