Film Theory: Why Your Favorite Movie Theater Won't Survive 2020!

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7 måneder siden

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With the state of the world at the moment, there is a lot of mystery surrounding what the world's new normal is going to look like. What businesses will make it, what ones won't. One that looks poised to go under and likely not survive is your local movie theater. You see, in a world of streaming, direct to home releases priced like a theater ticket, and the possibility of large scale gatherings being put off for longer yet - it's not looking good. Will movie theaters survive the pandemic? Well, let's talk about it.
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Writer: Matthew Patrick
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Koen Verhagen, and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Joshua Richmond
Joshua Richmond Dag siden
Good video 👍
Phoebe Miller
Phoebe Miller 2 dager siden
nooooooooooooooooo my theater has these giant popcorn buckets and you can season them til your mom is yelling at you to stop or you'll get diabetes I love popcorn
J Z 2 dager siden
Making out in the movie is a thing in the past for you, young man. Now you can make out anywhere. Asking it is like asking do people really do drugs in the back of an ally?
Bacon boy nate
Bacon boy nate 4 dager siden
Just go to a drive in movie theater
Bernard Marchand
Bernard Marchand 4 dager siden
Dive ins died, VHS/dvd died. Were reaching points where the media you can consume at home is the same quality and alot more adorable. Even if you considered the cost of a crazy tv and sound system let's call it 5k US for like a 80-100 something inch tv and a 7.1 surround system, 14 dollars a day if it only lasts a year but your probably going to get 5 out of it before you feel the need to upgrade
Ashley Ceral
Ashley Ceral 6 dager siden
Yes the back row is make-out/hand stuff central. Source: spent a lot of time in the back row
Jose Wanton
Jose Wanton 7 dager siden
So the answer is AMAZON need to open theaters. And we'll be straight
zachary deithorn
zachary deithorn 7 dager siden
I'm not gonna tell you what I've done in the back row but yes it's true
Suz G
Suz G 8 dager siden
I've sat in the back row at a movie theater before and no one was making out.
Darth Nihilus
Darth Nihilus 8 dager siden
Bruh we just got rickrolled
grerndayfan show
grerndayfan show 9 dager siden
Is this just more proof that streaming services created covid 19
OrbofShingeki 10 dager siden
This is now prime time for people to build home theaters
jg pliskin
jg pliskin 10 dager siden
First off Brooklyn 99 if absolutely terrible. Second why do you think netflix is free and hulu isnt? Did you mean ads? They definitely both cost money.
jg pliskin
jg pliskin 10 dager siden
The first time I was inside a woman was in a movie theater. Matinees are the best, theres a good chance you'll get the theater to yourself
jg pliskin
jg pliskin 10 dager siden
The hunt should in no way be considered a major release
jg pliskin
jg pliskin 10 dager siden
Those were all exclusively remakes and sequels. Why wouldn't sales go down if that's all the studio is pushing out?
jg pliskin
jg pliskin 10 dager siden
Dont watch grettle and hansel its awful
Theglitcher32 Plays
Theglitcher32 Plays 10 dager siden
It’s funny that I still don’t know how end game ended
worm 10 dager siden
No one gonna comment how this wasn’t true?
Travis McConnell
Travis McConnell 11 dager siden
I feel like big theaters are doomed and in the coming years theaters will be for more autere/art films (for at least a couple decades, anyway). Theaters are where film nerds(no insult implied) will go watch films, but the tickets are gonna be astronomically expensive
Asian sitting Duck -
Asian sitting Duck - 11 dager siden
I always sit in the middle back row...with the bois 😳
NICO VLOGS 11 dager siden
I live in México and here for 10 us dolars you can buy tikets, popcorn, and a candy, legit i took that in mexican pesos and got all of it, cinemas are not going anywhere here c:
Septicz Danlex617
Septicz Danlex617 12 dager siden
Wow matpat 13:15
Abdulaziz Bature
Abdulaziz Bature 12 dager siden
Do people make-out at the back rows of theaters ? Two people sexually matured individuals sitting close in darkness, while others are distracted. Hmmm !! telling you what would probably happen is like answering where do babies come from.
King Dashiell
King Dashiell 12 dager siden
That “Trolls” joke is pretty accurate
An Idiot Learns
An Idiot Learns 12 dager siden
not gonna lie if they die I'm happy will be able to pirate full copy movies day one xD
Christopher Lux
Christopher Lux 12 dager siden
Mines just closed down like 2 weeks ago.
Nicholas Grant
Nicholas Grant 13 dager siden
Yes, getting busy in the back of a theater is a thing MatPat ;) (several times)
pmgmsd 13 dager siden
I would be surprised if the stadium idea took off. MatPat knows his stuff, but personally the ORDEAL of the traffic, the undoubtedly higher cost of tickets and concessions, the general inconvenience is enough of a deterrence to keep me from going.
Maxter_Zap 13 dager siden
Yeah some people really make out in the movie theaters. Back of it, front row, middle of the theater, in the bathrooms, you name I know someone who has done it or I've done it myself
Iksaihj Kaur
Iksaihj Kaur 13 dager siden
12:20 2018 Last 2 digits of the number of movie theaters. Like if you get it.
Bulbasaur Productions
Bulbasaur Productions 15 dager siden
It’s kind of funny that movie theaters opened up
Binging With babish is amazing and I'm not creative
Binging With babish is amazing and I'm not creative 15 dager siden
This makes me cry, if this happens i will save up every cent i can and start a movie theater kickstarter to try and fund a movie theater to keep the tradition alive.
גפן להב
גפן להב 15 dager siden
My internet friend map pat has gone crazy!!!!!
Beatriz Cardoza
Beatriz Cardoza 15 dager siden
You yousd denis old intro i like it
SleepyArtist 15 dager siden
I've worked in a theatre for years They make money through concessions
Tabs Tactical Manager
Tabs Tactical Manager 16 dager siden
I only go to theaters for the epic popcorn
Aron Mundy
Aron Mundy 17 dager siden
My Internet Friend MatPat has gone crazy!!!!!
Andy Tsai
Andy Tsai 18 dager siden
Wow that NordVPN sponsorship does make US look terrible, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is available on Netflix Canada, only Hulu US has it there that is rock-bottom.
NekronataRaeven 20 dager siden
I used to love to go to the Cinema every week. But prices increased, amount of advertising before a movie increased. Checks for Outside Food increased and in the same time, prices for snacks increased by several 100%..... Also the cleaning and smell got worse over the time. So now instead of making some money from me, they make now 0. And that happened long before Covid.
Damien Bailey
Damien Bailey 21 dag siden
Here to confirm I’ve participated in some back row shenanigans at theaters!
Hotshot Ginger
Hotshot Ginger 21 dag siden
As a theatre employee 1, I can confirm the back makeout thing is more then a myth. And 2, the threat is very real. If theatres don't shut down all together, there is a significant chance lower revenue locations can and will be shut down, especially with big releases being delayed.
Bw&K animations
Bw&K animations 22 dager siden
We all got rick rolled thanks alot mat
David Bender
David Bender 22 dager siden
Dag nabbit they just closed the only movie theater in the city I live in. Why did you have to be right?
Ricardo Valencia
Ricardo Valencia 24 dager siden
Majik Messiah
Majik Messiah 25 dager siden
When I was in highschool I went to a movie with my girlfriend and spent nearly the whole time making out, looking back I feel silly because you can do that anywhere so I just wasted some money.
Mr wiggles 2006
Mr wiggles 2006 26 dager siden
my internet friend mat has gone crazy
Jackie Edgin
Jackie Edgin 26 dager siden
James A.Ismail
James A.Ismail 26 dager siden
I watch everything for free using, and
Jaden Marie
Jaden Marie 26 dager siden
Lol we all know pirating will look waaayyy better if the just put it online first ... No more coughing and people moving in front of the screen when pirating anymore now you get a 4K video for free because someone else paid for it and was so generous enough to screen record it
Jaden Marie
Jaden Marie 26 dager siden
Cinemagic is already reopened and amc is a chain so I think it’s ok
lexi lex
lexi lex 27 dager siden
I really do hope movie theaters survive!! The movie theaters must survive!! ✨🎥 🍿✨
DecimateTheWeak100 28 dager siden
I hope theaters survive. At home may be for convenient and cost effective but they cant replace the experience. You can stream/livestream movies/concerts/sporting events/etc but its not the same. It literally doesn't feel the same. I can watch a livestream concert for example. But actually being there in the pit/crowdsurfing/grabbing the vocalists' hand/etc. That's not something streaming can provide.
Mya G
Mya G 28 dager siden
if movie rental prices continue to stay as insane as they are now, then movie theaters still have a chance.. cuz i dunno how many people would choose to pay EVEN MORE to watch a movie _in their own home.._ that's bat poop crazy
Dhruv Seth�
Dhruv Seth� 28 dager siden
My fathers businesses is booming because he makes apps
Meredith Healey
Meredith Healey 29 dager siden
Theatres: shut down Avengers: go back in time-_=_-==-_ and make them live.
king johnny
king johnny Måned siden
Whenever theaters are open I still go to the movies. COVID is bullshite , it's the great reset , Agenda 21 2030, the only virus is FEAR . It's a shame people living in fear buying this COVID BS, if they stop watching mainstream news they would never know there was a Plandemic. Notice every zombie movie start with a vaccine. Predictive programing.
Ray Allaire
Ray Allaire Måned siden
I worked at a theater and weekday’s around 2pm those fucking teens are always in the back making out
Thomas Morrison
Thomas Morrison Måned siden
All those movies mentioned no one cared about.
Floppy Flo
Floppy Flo Måned siden
my local cinema (well one of them) is 90% sure to shut down.the saddest part is my nan would take me there every so often.i have a new baby brother.he won't get to go when he is no more playing xbox on the screens.(i didnt but my teacher likes to flex on us with that claim)
broham 2013
broham 2013 Måned siden
I'm a teenager but I like the movies just for the movies and 3D I love IMAX 3D
Purplecat 1926
Purplecat 1926 Måned siden
Let's take a moment to appreciate Film Theory citing their sources. I was going to write an essay similar to this topic and came here for some research, but was surprised and not surprised by the sources list in the description! Thank you for citing your sources! Not only are you using real evidence to be credible, but you're helping out students with their research!
THE REAPER Måned siden
Good think I have a theater in my house
MikeyonPC Måned siden
Also no one makes out in the back of the theater
Kaitlyn Calhoun
Kaitlyn Calhoun Måned siden
I just wanna say the only movie I saw and loved in 3D was Star Wars Rise of Skywalker it was awesome!
Sans The Skeleton
Sans The Skeleton Måned siden
Just flat-out gaming no marvel, no stars war, gaming movies
Sans The Skeleton
Sans The Skeleton Måned siden
No marvel
Jadan Toribio
Jadan Toribio Måned siden
Just watch NOpost
Little Nightmares 2
Little Nightmares 2 Måned siden
Make a film theory about the ring please I just saw it and I have a 1million questions and I am pretty sure your horror fans would love it
Zach2elite Måned siden
Naw we be getting head back there
Yss Yess
Yss Yess Måned siden
I have been rick rolled by this video I have truly fallen
Xandre Asman
Xandre Asman Måned siden
Well they still havnt died yet
BootycallGaming Måned siden
I worked at a movie theater through my highschool years, with literally every single one of my friends. It's was such a great job, and I look back on it with incredibly fond memories. I wish I'd known I was making memories back then. They have been closed for the virus, and I just found out from my old boss that everybody was let go, so I don't think it will ever open back up again. It went out very sadly. RIP Carmike Cinema 12
IcefisherTenacity Måned siden
I’m worried for theaters future. I can’t keep paying twenty dollar tickets but I need the sound and image to be incredible for it to be worth it. No stadium is a pinnacle of sound. I just want to have that immersive experience. Crisp image with surround sound.
CWE Måned siden
Why are they watching Sherlock in the theater
i've made out in a back row lol
Malia Ferry
Malia Ferry Måned siden
I actually just went to the movies last night. At the theatre
Shonono Yeetus
Shonono Yeetus Måned siden
What you genuinely think i can afford to go to the cinema
Tiny Dot
Tiny Dot Måned siden
Imagem having to drive 3 hours to just watch a movie in a stadium
Faye Bradshaw
Faye Bradshaw Måned siden
Lol the few times I went to the movies with my ex we were making out and doing other stuff
Brooke TheBook
Brooke TheBook Måned siden
So, I work at a small 4 screen movie theater in a small tourist beach town. During covid-19, I got a job at a coffee shop and with my local theater reopening, I'm going to be working two jobs. While I'm looking forward to two paychecks, I know the fun days of working at a small town theater with my friends are numbered and already gone in the way I knew it. It's a shame about how theaters are on the decline because I have so many great memories going to the movies and working at the movies but with the changes theaters are making and the strides streaming services are making, I truly think theaters will completely go extinct with the exception of a few for nostalgia purposes within my lifetime. Sad.
R. SNGS Måned siden
Personally, I love the authentic experience. My question is, why would a single person want to rent a movie for 19.99 to watch on their regular TV or phone...If I wanted to save money on food, I would just sneak in my snacks and spend $10-12 to watch it in a BIG screen and amazing sound system, and lean on those fancy chairs. On the other hand, if a group of friends wants to watch the same movie...we all pitch in on the food, snacks and movie cost...then...yeah...WE as a collective can rent it for 19.99.
mi z
mi z Måned siden
It's why I think it won't work. People are just willing to pay more for the cinema.
Bear Drinksbeer
Bear Drinksbeer Måned siden
It is fun making out in the back of the theater, though you do miss a lot of the movie plot
Blue65Tank Måned siden
9:26 clearly you never grew up with a family that smuggled in your own snacks
drudtdt 2.0
drudtdt 2.0 Måned siden
Do a theory on the peepee poopoo man
LittleAlii ASMR
LittleAlii ASMR Måned siden
I hate going to the movies people are loud and I always have someone trying to rest their feet on the back of my seat.
Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams Måned siden
me and my older sister loved watching Dr. Who
TeeJay Lewis
TeeJay Lewis Måned siden
Ive def made out with my fair share of women in the back row of the movie theatre, we've also done other things tht im not gonna say tho ;)
Evelina Polakova
Evelina Polakova Måned siden
I don't have Netflix 😪
Mackenzie Byrd
Mackenzie Byrd Måned siden
Let’s be honest, do people still pay for concessions?? I know people who sneak in full course meals in there bags or purses from a drive-thru. Or dollar store candy
c h u b b y p a n d a s
c h u b b y p a n d a s Måned siden
I want to show this to kids do you thing this is appropriate?
David Walker
David Walker Måned siden
You have 800000000000000 IQ
George Piggy
George Piggy Måned siden
Jack Pardoe
Jack Pardoe Måned siden
Matpat: Use nord to watch brooklyn 99 on Netflix uk! Me who already lives in the uk and watches brooklyn 99 on the daily: No, I dont think I will
Edmilson Lennon
Edmilson Lennon Måned siden
Your theory became reality, not even dune survived
cloudjumper fox
cloudjumper fox Måned siden
So sad live in a small town and we just found out we lost it they could not keep afloat :(
Swedenball517 Studio
Swedenball517 Studio Måned siden
ok, so one time my mom spend 80 bucks for the theatres because my grandma wanted a hotdog, she was fine with popcorn and soda, but from then on, we went to drive in
Burberry B
Burberry B Måned siden
14:37 What is that??!!
Potato Couch
Potato Couch Måned siden
Anyone notice Mat said 8 and a half CENTS? How does that work. Plz explain I am confusion 😐
Benjamin Margulies
Benjamin Margulies Måned siden
I finally got to see Trolls world tour at a Connecticut movie theater in late July (it was playing there for a limited time despite it largely skipping theaters)
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