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FIFA 21 Ultimate Team
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07Aron Máni Egilsson Heinesen
07Aron Máni Egilsson Heinesen 21 dag siden
can you open mine i am top 8 last squad battle and i did top 3 now can you plz open my
Plap Deplan
Plap Deplan 22 dager siden
What language is that
Plap Deplan
Plap Deplan 22 dager siden
At 2:05
Matt 28 dager siden
Can someone explain to me why he doesn’t like pogba ???
Flo Warrior
Flo Warrior 28 dager siden
Is anyone else annoyed that he got neymar at the end but didn't see in time /Just watched it again and nevermind
Jonatan Reyes
Jonatan Reyes 29 dager siden
Bro they need to send you that PlayStation ASAP ! review was on point lol
Ac!D 29 dager siden
You’re danish is actually good
The Gaming X
The Gaming X 29 dager siden
I got Gold 3 and packed Joe Gomes
Brage Hamnes
Brage Hamnes 29 dager siden
ø is pronounced kind of like "uh"
ZUBEER OMAR 29 dager siden
Got elite 3 and I got mbappe SUUUUUUUU
Calum Slesser
Calum Slesser 29 dager siden
someone tell me why people put cm's like Kante and Allan up top and strikers like gabriel jesus in cm? pls and thank you
Kliks WilliBoyen
Kliks WilliBoyen 29 dager siden
Bare meg som er fra Norge eller🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴
Stefan Prasad
Stefan Prasad 29 dager siden
Review was a dub, glad to be apart of this stream!
Marco Costabile
Marco Costabile 29 dager siden
I went 8-22 😂
Jacob Woodling
Jacob Woodling 29 dager siden
Kody Murphy
Kody Murphy 29 dager siden
I got gold 1 last week and choked elite with 21/8 then this week got elite 3 with 23/7
RapFan54 29 dager siden
17-13 this week started 10-3 and then just turned to shit
איתי בונן
איתי בונן 29 dager siden
Ma man
Dorian 29 dager siden
wish i could double like for that ps4 controller review
Rolfsen535 YT
Rolfsen535 YT Måned siden
R u danish?
JuanJo Garcia
JuanJo Garcia Måned siden
"Very loose" Rae: what!?
Karim Naguib
Karim Naguib Måned siden
BTGaming Måned siden
BTGaming Måned siden
I speak danish
BTGaming Måned siden
I got a good team with saint maximim totw
BTGaming Måned siden
Esbjerg is a youtuber
BTGaming Måned siden
I got mbappe from 53 in the world
BTGaming Måned siden
I’m from Denmark 🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰
Prince .D
Prince .D Måned siden glad mbape is used on the front cover
Dimitris Axiotis
Dimitris Axiotis Måned siden
Dami Babawande
Dami Babawande Måned siden
skills needs to watch more live football matches so he knows how to pronounce footballers names ;)
Shams 786
Shams 786 Måned siden
17W 12L Gold 2
Act ScopezZ
Act ScopezZ Måned siden
I stopped at gold 3, 14-7
nkx Xx
nkx Xx Måned siden
Are you norwegian or something?
Daniel Panecatl
Daniel Panecatl Måned siden
I play till elite 1 and I packed aubameyang this weekend
Orbast Måned siden
3:54 allan should swap with jesus cuz hes fast and a st
Joe Harrys
Joe Harrys Måned siden
Packed Robertson out of a single gold pack from getting bronze 1.
issamike Måned siden
You would probably be good asf at reviewing stuff ngl🤔 make a second channel just for reviews
David Garcia
David Garcia Måned siden
I got elite2 and got Paul Pogba
ShinyWaffle SpecialEdition
ShinyWaffle SpecialEdition Måned siden
U NEED TO DO THE GOLD UPGRADE PACKS!!!! I just packed ronaldo from it!!!!!!!!
Denzel Darlington
Denzel Darlington Måned siden
10-17 for 1 my controller broken 2 i got so many distractions no respects me playiny wl bro kmt cant play in peace but i really need a controller
Denzel Darlington
Denzel Darlington Måned siden
i quit so many matches n its not rage quit its bcz i had to get up from the game broo
Marcelo is the Best left back
Marcelo is the Best left back Måned siden
I was an elite player in FIFA 19 and now I’m a barely a gold 3 player I don’t get the game
J and H Gaming
J and H Gaming Måned siden
last week from preorders i packed valverde 55k in the bank
Martin Ondrejkovič
Martin Ondrejkovič Måned siden
I was 5:6 and ended 7 23 bruh
YSB davidYT
YSB davidYT Måned siden
Finished 20-10
Chelsea Hyde
Chelsea Hyde Måned siden
A poor craftsman blames his tools
Ribhu Singh
Ribhu Singh Måned siden
skillz was wholesome this epi
FRB Måned siden
it’s so hard to make coins and make a team when you’re working full time, still struggling making a team
Jonas Gertsen
Jonas Gertsen Måned siden
You say højre back hella good
Yehudi Jerm
Yehudi Jerm Måned siden
43-17 in my two weeks of Weekends league.
Ali Ibrahem
Ali Ibrahem Måned siden
Finished 20-9 :)
agustin barrionuevo
agustin barrionuevo Måned siden
Andrew Lineham
Andrew Lineham Måned siden
22-7 hope I can clutch
Julio Nieblas Perez
Julio Nieblas Perez Måned siden
im like 28-60 😂🤣🤣🤣
Michael Kamara
Michael Kamara Måned siden
I love how I got de Bryune from gold 1 rewards
EMPIRE G Måned siden
Probably the worst video you’ve made dawg. All luv
Dylan Sousa
Dylan Sousa Måned siden
Awesome video
Shayne Dos Santos
Shayne Dos Santos Måned siden
Got 27-3 let’s goo top 100
Stefan Shaw
Stefan Shaw Måned siden
No joke I packed mbappé this morning from my Sb packs
Cxrxy _
Cxrxy _ Måned siden
What’s up guys it’s your boy double a9skills and today I will be reviewing WALKOUTTTTTT!!!!!!!
Cxrxy _
Cxrxy _ Måned siden
Carlos Diaz
Carlos Diaz Måned siden
no fut champs for me yet, still gotta qualify lol
Trygve Joakimsen
Trygve Joakimsen Måned siden
Love the way he says «hojjabak»
Ioannis Petris
Ioannis Petris Måned siden
so far i got only crap packs
Archangel Måned siden
The ending was gold
Jack Abruzzoop
Jack Abruzzoop Måned siden
14 and 14, this game doesn’t cater to casuals
Iam_Ruben76 Måned siden
Any South Africans hearing him say Hou Jou Bek
Leon Mcgrath
Leon Mcgrath Måned siden
I finished 22-8
Gary Weller
Gary Weller Måned siden
Can you show your custom tactics skills
MaxKrisGaming Måned siden
packed joe gomez from gold 1 squad battles rewards
MyBro Måned siden😂😂
Jose Diaz
Jose Diaz Måned siden
Quick question if I were to choose between hazard and dembele who should I choose
Shadow Staz86
Shadow Staz86 Måned siden
My elite 1 rewards were trash too. You cracked me up with the reviews 😂 defo make that a series 🤣
Jake on Xbox
Jake on Xbox Måned siden
14 wins 14 loses
Nxity Måned siden
I stopped at 17- 3 so I still have rivals games
SWicha Måned siden
Whoever said Gabriel Jesus isn’t good is a twat I have him he’s mad
Pedro Ardila Galvez
Pedro Ardila Galvez Måned siden
Your vids are awesome even when nothing pops, keep up!
abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali Måned siden
Hey Skillz
Jesus Sanchez
Jesus Sanchez Måned siden
Microsoft about to send you an Xbox to review for them 😂
josh kampschnieder
josh kampschnieder Måned siden
Pulled VVD in a preorder pack
Cody Hanson
Cody Hanson Måned siden
LOL i'm dead. Great review of the controller haha
FatySimulator Måned siden
Skillz really be dissing playstation😂
RickyDaUncle Måned siden
Pogba is a w
FatySimulator Måned siden
Loving the content Skillz keep up the great work. Can’t wait for more Fifa content🙏
RickyDaUncle Måned siden
First guy has a similar squad to me but he got mbappe and I have rashford I also need dembele and sissoko cause I have to bring Bruno Fernandez off
Kareem Ahmed
Kareem Ahmed Måned siden
I got Moura from the squad battles
Matthew Benson
Matthew Benson Måned siden
Ahh my man likes the Xbox side
Brian Matenga
Brian Matenga Måned siden
Where's the draft to glory
Arduinizz Måned siden
I gotta de bryune from pre orders
MRocha198 Måned siden
ARFRx Måned siden
im 10-0 in weekend
Spyros Statiris
Spyros Statiris Måned siden
His shirt has snakes inside
Paul Turner
Paul Turner Måned siden
Today we will be reviewing...."WALKOUT"!
david stan
david stan Måned siden
m in the uk and have been banned for no reason and need a phone number to call cuz they don't reply to my email does anyone have one?
Foxyboy Måned siden
The controller review got me like... 🤣🤣
Fuze_ hungy
Fuze_ hungy Måned siden
I got 20 - 10
Danzku OP
Danzku OP Måned siden
btw ur videos are fire
Danzku OP
Danzku OP Måned siden
i hate the feeling when u dont have money to buy fifa 21 :(¨
RexHD Måned siden
Booooorrrring !!!!
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya Måned siden
Help a brother out whenever I get to gold 3 on champs I always start to play mbappes every game and lose to players who are like gold1 and go on a losing streak when I could easily get gold 2. Any tips?
kojo islit
kojo islit Måned siden
I just got enough money to upgrade my team. who should I buy demebele or harzard
Diego Maffia
Diego Maffia Måned siden
Finished 25-5
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