Cyberpunk 2077: 10 Things You NEED TO KNOW

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2 måneder siden

Cyberpunk 2077 (PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Series X) is releasing soon, so here's all of the information to be caught up on the ambitious new RPG.
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gameranx 2 måneder siden
CLARIFICATION: you cannot modify cars. You will be able to get already customized cars, but cannot do so yourself.
Daryl MC Death
Daryl MC Death Måned siden
2:58 A Pen&Paper Game is not a Table top Game! Cyberpunk was Pen&Paper. Ah just btw. would've been better if they made this Game into Shadowrun, which is the successor of Cyberpunk... But I think that is just my opinion. For those who don't know: For me and all my Friends that played Pen&Paper back in the 80s, Cyberpunk 2077 is "like Shadowrun without Magic and Metahumans like Elves, Trolls, Dwarfes and Orcs"
Mitski Miyawaki
Mitski Miyawaki Måned siden
Oh well go play grand turismo then
A Neal
A Neal Måned siden
FIZZY CHIP Måned siden
Missed opportunity
Norman Avery
Norman Avery Måned siden
J Scott 4 Reel
J Scott 4 Reel 2 dager siden
Number 11: We now know none of this was based on actual working gameplay
Mario Lambertz
Mario Lambertz 8 dager siden
Wow has a developer ever managed to make a 10 things Video age sooooo damn poorly? Almost every single point of the video now contains false information all the way to straight up lies (not blaming gameranx at all here!) thanks to them over promising soooooo much
foran43 17 dager siden
A lot of the buildings are explorable and have many activities ion each
Johnny R1co
Johnny R1co 23 dager siden
there is one thing you need to know the game is sucked!
fV_ 18 dager siden
@Chris Leyshon but for most people it’s a glitchy mess
Chris Leyshon
Chris Leyshon 18 dager siden
60 hours on PC and its been smooth for me at least
fV_ 19 dager siden
@Chris Leyshon it’s still a glitchy mess on my ps5 and I would imagine pc
Chris Leyshon
Chris Leyshon 22 dager siden
Sounds like someone is playing on a last-gen console.
Paul Merson Villa Legend
Paul Merson Villa Legend 26 dager siden
Brought this game, but watching this video I’m not sure I want to play it as there seem way to much customisation & it all seems a little mind blowing. I think I’ll stick to AC Valhalla....!
Johny G
Johny G 26 dager siden
Lee Kenney
Lee Kenney Måned siden
Tips before it came out???
Michael Måned siden
Am I stupid for playing on 1080P with Nvidia 2080 RTX? Getting 60 fps avg with ray tracing on High
Poushal Måned siden
Driving sucks
Tejas Ayyagari
Tejas Ayyagari Måned siden
porche 9/11
Adnan Burek
Adnan Burek Måned siden
Who is watching this after release?:)
Wyatt Braden
Wyatt Braden Måned siden
I started playing like a day after release. And there's too much. There's so much in this game. I don't know what I'm doing 90% of the time.
jarvskm Måned siden
wow this trailer looks incredible, especially #3
MicHaeL MonStaR
MicHaeL MonStaR Måned siden
I'll play it once it's done and AMD releases cards with ray-tracing... So probably later next year or something...
gking12116 Måned siden
How come the graphics that they have been advertising is not in the game at all, and even in this video? The graphics are awe full compared to the pre game play videos?
LinkofHyRul3 Måned siden
No.1: Don't buy it on base consoles.
Gilgamesh Price
Gilgamesh Price Måned siden
sean bouker
sean bouker Måned siden
Half-life meets gta5: But worse
chris ball hero
chris ball hero Måned siden
it be better if third person walking and fighting and talking
Yoda Måned siden
Literally laughing out loud at this video after having played the game
EinfachLeoHD Måned siden
Für XBOX und PS4 geht zu den Spieloptionen, Grafikeinstellungen und deaktiviert alle Filter. So kann man es wenigstens spielen...... :)
Andre Vernon
Andre Vernon Måned siden
Stadia you can play now.
The character creation I really detailed Bruh it’s really detailed it super super super super like super detailed like u can choose how big or small your penis is
Josh J
Josh J Måned siden
The first? Spending hours making just the right character
Louise Aguirre
Louise Aguirre Måned siden
The elegant operation surely time because half-brother empirically watch abaft a ashamed comma. momentous, annoyed forgery
Vito's Vids
Vito's Vids Måned siden
Gonna be honest no car customization is a shame. But damn the cars there are damn nice.
Vito's Vids
Vito's Vids Måned siden
Goooooooooood, just the graphics, the GRAPHICS. Am I Dreaming? Man Rockstar better watch out. Cuz this game is def candy for the eyes.
MR catalyst
MR catalyst Måned siden
what now ranx ??
SO MH Måned siden
This game is a joke
naipeu Måned siden
is this basically the "before you buy" lol
Caner Bayar
Caner Bayar Måned siden
Looks cool game and very interesting but I hate fuckin hit numbers its like playing a shit online game feeling on good graphics
Isaiah A
Isaiah A Måned siden
!sit thing I'm gonna do is to wait for a 3rd person view update!
Logan Flaathen
Logan Flaathen Måned siden
Looked it up and it may take 40-50 hrs to play through like leisurely, 30 quickly, or 70 varying
Jacob Fuller
Jacob Fuller 22 dager siden
No only 10 hours
Xenophon Måned siden
the badlands is so unoriginal. the game seems formulaic, very ubisoft. oh no.
Xenophon Måned siden
there are only 15 cars?
david stan
david stan Måned siden
Make witch 4 this is shit
Marty Måned siden
Cyberpunk 2077: 10 Things You NEED TO KNOW 1. you probably cant run it
Dylan Brooks
Dylan Brooks Måned siden
Absolutely amazing looking picking up my copy today
Pieter 741
Pieter 741 Måned siden
Well now it finally is released :D
Stones Northfield
Stones Northfield Måned siden
There is no style option, stats are tied to gear, so if you want the best stats you have to wear the clothes that have those stats, regardless of how they look. Big let down. Also sucks you cant modify your cars.
Alexier Måned siden
Even though it didn’t come out
Asanti Mandur
Asanti Mandur Måned siden
It just came out n I got it!!!!! It’s Super lit !! Anyway follow @louiie_maq for fire music btw but the game is so fire
Ish the Stomach
Ish the Stomach Måned siden
My favorite thing about this video is finding out that I'm closer to recommended specs than minimum.
Joshua's Productions
Joshua's Productions Måned siden
Is this game basically "If GTA was an RPG?" Because if so I want it lol. I haven't done much research on this game besides knowing that it's been hyped up a ton. if someone can give me more info that would be nice 💯
ToMaZZ-CS:GO, and more!
ToMaZZ-CS:GO, and more! Måned siden
10 seconds
Madison Carter
Madison Carter Måned siden
6 hours til i can play and i can’t wait
MirroxTV Måned siden
Sounds decent. Lets hope for success
Orion Dust
Orion Dust Måned siden
Let's gooo
loosey goosey
loosey goosey Måned siden
Question; I am pre-downloading the game right now to my HDD because I forgot to change it to my SSD. I already downloaded quite a bit and I don't want to start it again. After the downloading finished, if I move the game using steam's 'Move Install Folder...' feature, the game will work like it downloaded to SSD in first place right? I mean it's not going to work slow like it is still in HDD. I know it's a dumb question but I just want to be sure about it so I don't have to re-download it again. Thanks
Goenie Måned siden
So, major question here... What t-shirt brand is that dude wearing @1:43? 😌
Mystery Måned siden
Comes out tomorrow!!
John Johnson
John Johnson Måned siden
Batman look funny
Matej Dilber
Matej Dilber Måned siden
aged milk
PaSSioNs v.2
PaSSioNs v.2 Måned siden
Posted a month ago - “right around the corner” hahahaha joking aside I can’t wait to play this
Cpt_Vodka Måned siden
the classes of cars are H.E.H.E.S
Mister Goats
Mister Goats Måned siden
"Will release on November 19th" Me on December 8th: ...
Boost And Redline
Boost And Redline Måned siden
Watching this on the day before it releases 😍🙌🏼 I can’t wait !!!
Matthew Pohl
Matthew Pohl Måned siden
I am so pumped for this game
Kyoi Måned siden
“Whats the first thing your gonna do” benchmark it on my gt710
AreaMan Måned siden
CLARIFICATION: You don't need to know them
Msthieu Marin
Msthieu Marin Måned siden
I hope there is new game + infinite
Rusalvan Måned siden
Fun fact looks like 2077 comes tomorrow
ScottFpmg Måned siden
please learn about dark mode, holy blindness
Logan Emery
Logan Emery Måned siden
This was so hopeful
Patrick Christison
Patrick Christison Måned siden
I’m happy about the floors actually being used. Running around in warzone being followed isn’t fun when you go into a tall building with only a top floor and nothing in between
RoZaxTheGreat Måned siden
im a simple man. i see cyber boobs. i press cyber like.
Biały Wilk
Biały Wilk Måned siden
Earlier: at the moment we know nothing about the game. Later: we will avoid the spoilers. Spoilers. Nice excuse :D
Jim Aetos
Jim Aetos Måned siden
Just 1 thing. Its gonna S U C K .
Chris Overton
Chris Overton Måned siden
The ripe piano macroscopically remind because nose maternally grip near a thundering withdrawal. helpless, elfin glove
Jaehwa Jeong
Jaehwa Jeong Måned siden
I think the best thing about this game will be so many different replayability paths!
Cakestand Cornfield
Cakestand Cornfield Måned siden
Its almost here: delayed
Jonathan Turner
Jonathan Turner Måned siden
I’ve never played a cyberpunk game before, I know nothing about it relative to the rest of you. I want to start off as a a rather poor character and be able to work my way up to the very top of wealth, should I play street kid or just start as corpo, or does nobody know
Patty Martinez-Ince
Patty Martinez-Ince Måned siden
Cyberpunk 2077 will release in 2077
williams milton
williams milton Måned siden
Another gta.
Claude Oliver
Claude Oliver Måned siden
The only flaw of this game is, it's a fucking First Person Perspective.
James Chan
James Chan Måned siden
i preordered it, still will watch the before you buy
Alpeet 21
Alpeet 21 Måned siden
Is it like call of duty
James Petersen
James Petersen Måned siden
How are these things you need to know? History and build up is the stuff you would want to know. All this stuff you will find out as you play.
yasset the first
yasset the first Måned siden
So basically, it’s Saints Row 2077
Inukrieger Måned siden
3 more day finaly. And i hope they add with bigger dlc some features back they have cut especally for the Netrunner path and what you can hack and do. And that the gameworld is more dynamic and that npcs more reactive. There are some good articles where you can read what sadly was cut from the game and so on. And you can read how the gameworld reacts to you and the npcs if they do i this article they played aroudn 16 Hours and the npcs are not so reative as many of us think, i too have thought its way more dynamic and reactive then it actually is. But i still buy the game and hope they bring some stuff back with dlc and improve maybe the gameworld even more so its more dynamic and the npcs are more reactive
MoeE O
MoeE O Måned siden
After this game, other games seems very expensive
MoeE O
MoeE O Måned siden
are we getting multiplayer ?
OGWhistle Pig
OGWhistle Pig Måned siden
Is it just me or do the graphics look worse than GTA
Rene Måned siden
Jesus Christ, this game.
Chamin Kim
Chamin Kim Måned siden
3 more days!
Redrum Vision
Redrum Vision Måned siden
Does anyone know the picture he used at 3:19?
mark marrow
mark marrow Måned siden
12/10 release
Chris_redd24 Måned siden
I think you meant *right around the corners*
Sprint Wyvern
Sprint Wyvern Måned siden
My eyeballs are poppin' outta my head...I'm still waiting about 12-14 days til christmas...
Dee Peyton
Dee Peyton Måned siden
I hate that this isn’t third person game
T3M VIDEOS Måned siden
Whos here now laughing when he said comes out in November
Carlos Yabrudy
Carlos Yabrudy Måned siden
It’s not that funny. The video was made ages ago when they did announce November but delays hit it as has happened this pandemic round.
Joshua Endicott
Joshua Endicott Måned siden
@Ulfrik Stormcloak xoI S me a VZ
Ulfrik Stormcloak
Ulfrik Stormcloak Måned siden
OMG your right
Katleho Motake
Katleho Motake Måned siden
The map alone has the more lore than 85% games 🚶🏽‍♂️
Robert Hurtt
Robert Hurtt Måned siden
The coolest game,4 more days ,I have Hart problems plz. Don't cancel
Brandon Malone
Brandon Malone Måned siden
Am i only one that thinks this game will be. a 7/10?
Pancake Måned siden
alexander powell
alexander powell Måned siden
This has very watch dogs 1 feels
maerd Måned siden
bruh tay k gone be out of prison before we play cyberpunk 2077
Jay Leclerc
Jay Leclerc Måned siden
My only take away is that someone is getting beat up on every street corner
Eddie x12
Eddie x12 Måned siden
I like how they delayed it, maybe to fix something or because of COVID either way they seem to care not not Call of Duty
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