Film Theory: The Uncomfortable Truth about the Jedi Order (Star Wars: Jedi are Evil)

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11 måneder siden

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Watching back all the old Star Wars movies in preparation for episode 9, Rise of Skywalker, brought to my attention something VERY troubling. The Jedi are awful! Now, don't pull out your lightsabers just yet. There is SO MUCH evidence pointing to the Jedi having some shady practices, especially when it comes to the Padawans. Strap it tight, Theorists. I'm about to rip open all the troublesome truths about the Jedi Order.
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Writer: Stephanie Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Netties Kid2294
Netties Kid2294 11 timer siden
If only the Jedi offered surgical gender changes to those 9-year olds everyone would be okay with it.
IggytheIggy 13 timer siden
I think the prequels are a story of the grey zone that helps set-up Luke Skywalker's later statement which shows that the legacy of the Jedi is failure. The Jedi Order is an organization made to help protect the galaxy through diplomatic and militaristic means. You're right in saying that the child abduction is quite wrong. It is comparable to historic orders in which Star Wars derives its influence from. For starters, Samurai and martial art practitioners. During these times, young children were taken to begin their training in hopes to defend the Empire. Even the Ottoman Empire participated in this function with their own order, the Janissaries. Of course, this proves to stunt the development of the child and traumatizes them. However, I believe that this is a failure of execution rather than a failure of concept. The Jedi wanted new recruits to replenish their Holy order to defend the galaxy. However, by pushing children into it, they succumbed to fear, i.e. the dark side. Again, this is not a failure of their root ideology. They want to defend the galaxy, not create an army for nefarious means like the Sith. The Sith's wishes is for power and control, rather than the benefits of people in the galaxy. In the end, it is a terrible execution upon the Jedi Order's part. Arguably, you could admit that indentured servitude was of good reason. With "open doors", you could potentially create a situation where Sith members could recruit extremely well trained force users without having to coerce them or trick them. Imagine a world where Jedi could freely leave the order and then turn to use their powers for evil, and potentially turn to the dark side. Look what happens during the Empire's rule. Without the Order, the Sith were free to recruit Jedi to become Inquisitors and murder countless people. I don't think the Jedi are evil. At their roots, the Jedi are good. However, as the prequels show, the Jedi's failure is in fear and falling to the dark side as a result of poor execution and NOT poor intentions. So, what redeems the Jedi Order? Reform does. The Jedi Order must root out child recruitment as it is proven that an adult can be trained and take on even the most powerful of force users; such as Luke Skywalker confronting Darth Vader. The "Commitment for Life" may be a necessity for the Order. However, there could be a possibility where they can retire Jedi to a designated planet where they can watched. Of course, this is for the protection of the galaxy so that they cannot be exposed to the dark side and be turned to the Sith. Take Luke's attempt at reestablishing the Order. He fears Ben's powers and possibility to turn to the Dark Side. In those fears, he almost strikes him down. In an ironic twist of fate, Luke creates Kylo Ren. Without any reform, the Jedi Order falls to hubris, and its past mistakes. Had Luke involved Ben's parents or eliminated child training, we would have seen a very different modern Galaxy. So, in conclusion, no the Jedi are not evil. They became corrupted, and fell to the dark side. The ideology at its core is good, but their failure to reform and root out corruption, was their downfall. They are failed Knights.
ProjectEchoshadow Dag siden
The Jedi simply obey the force giving into its will while the Sith twist the Force to do their will. Neither is inherently good or evil, unless the force itself is evil then only the Sith can be good even if they’re usually not.
BACONS OOF Dag siden
This is not about it all but let’s go into another super hero universe.What do superheroes do to save the universe? Oh, wait they steal stuff and destroy items and stuff but why? To save their city, world, galaxy, or the universe. And anything to save the world right guys?
Yogi Demis
Yogi Demis Dag siden
I always thought the Jedi prefers kids around 1 years old so they don't remember their parents and have a bond with them and in the Star Wars universe most parents willingly gave their babies to the Jedi order because they thought it was good for the cause. However, there's so much Star Wars lore out there that I can't keep up with everything.
NOVOJ clothing line No one values our journey
NOVOJ clothing line No one values our journey Dag siden
Lol all true
Ham Sweet
Ham Sweet 2 dager siden
Any other parent tear up a bit when he talked about seperation??
Joshua Rombo
Joshua Rombo 2 dager siden
So Anakin finish the younglings suffering
Jackson Scala
Jackson Scala 2 dager siden
Well, the Jedi are good guys they just didn’t realize that they were acting poor.
Leon-brawl stars
Leon-brawl stars 3 dager siden
If you know mace windu is a force user which means he knows and uses both sides of the force also to prove this he has a purple lightsaber which is what it is a mix between blue and red,and while still choosing the lightside
Daily as Baily
Daily as Baily 3 dager siden
" I love democracy " - emperor palpatine
DragonRaiderKnight 4 dager siden
Agreed. Grey Order here I come which does not have younglings. Only people who know what their getting into and choose to join.
Bomb Pop's World of Illusion
Bomb Pop's World of Illusion 5 dager siden
I love Star Wars, don't get me wrong. But it's pretty messed up to train kids to ignore their emotions. Love is forbidden. Sadness is forbidden. Seems to me like they'd have less Jedi switching sides if they allowed them to have emotions. Also... Lets look at Luke. Luke wasn't trained to be a Jedi until he was a teen. He wasn't taught to ignore his emotions. Love wasn't forbidden. He was allowed to have friends, he was allowed to feel sad. Guess who never turned to the dark side? LUKE.
Kiki Lemon
Kiki Lemon 5 dager siden
I don’t like sand either
Cage Prevost
Cage Prevost 5 dager siden
it is 5 years old not 3 for recuts
CaptainPineapple 5 dager siden
So I know this video is a little old, but should we tell Matt about how Spartans in Halo are kind of the same way except the fact that they are literally genetically modified starting at prepubescent ages? Just a thought after seeing some of this lol
Jediwarriormike 5 dager siden
I prefer the balance between the light and dark sides of the force. I'll just be a Grey Jedi.
Pepper Davis
Pepper Davis 5 dager siden
I love your channel but I think your 50 50 on this theory PatPat
Christopher Ford
Christopher Ford 5 dager siden
Ricky Beckett
Ricky Beckett 5 dager siden
There's a law that children aren't "mentally ready" to sign a contract yet it's perfectly legal and acceptable that children are "mentally ready" to change their genders. 🙄 Also, it's not that hard to imagine mothers giving up their 3-year-olds to cults when we keep telling mothers it's okay to give up your unborn baby to the god of your ego.
Bryce Germain
Bryce Germain 5 dager siden
I have signed a contract when I was 7 saying I must comment on NOpost videos once there at least 10 months old
Stefan Prcic
Stefan Prcic 6 dager siden
What you are saying is mostly true,but wouldn't their jedi masters pose as their parental figures instead of their parents,thats why most of the jedi didn't stray to the dark side,and anakin did,because he spent much more time with his mother especially when he was older and more concious of the world,while yes their training may be too harsh,they still have to train the most pure,calm,logical people of the entire galaxy,meaning they have to start eary
Dilprit Khinda
Dilprit Khinda 6 dager siden
Red Sparks
Red Sparks 6 dager siden
This take down of the Jedi order has an elephant in the room. The children the Jedi take are force sensitive and therefore cannot be fully understood from the psychological studies of our regular non-force sensitive children. Sure they are still children but heck, if our regular human non-force sensitive societies had force sensitive children some of us humans would freak out and assume such children were possessed by the devil and then lock them up in the basement or give them shock therapy or some other type of pseudo-scientific therapy to "adjust" them to "normal". Remember the Jedi order had been around for thousands of years by the time they appear in the Star Wars movie saga and therefore their handling of force sensitive children most likely has come through years of experiences .... and even (sadly) the occasional failures. Also don't forget such children were also actively and eagerly sort by the Sith and who knows what sort of indoctrination the Sith would do since the Sith have little regards for ethics.
Will Rockwell
Will Rockwell 6 dager siden
The Jedi were slowly killing the galaxy. Yoda: "The force is strong in your family." This tells us that force sensitivity can be passed down genetically and since the Jedi aren't allowed to form attachments... Ever hear of selective breeding. The Jedi have been effectively culling the galaxy of force sensitives for thousands of years allowing non-sensitive people to continue to reproduce while removing force sensitives from the gene pool. We see this in the movies, Mase Windu says that their power is getting weaker but both Ray and Ben, both mere third generation force users, are more powerful then ever with far less training. Anakan was prophesied to bring balance to the force and he did, by removing the Jedi order the galaxy was finally allowed to heal and the force was able to bring itself back into balance. We see this at the end of the second movie in the new star wars trilogy, a completely untrained child is able to use telekinesis. When the Jedi received the prophecy they didn't realise that they were the ones causing the imbalance not the Sith.
Christopher Mason
Christopher Mason 6 dager siden
This is a stretch. Good and evil are relative. And most good “bad guys” aren’t mustache twirlers, they are the heroes of their stories. So the Jedi sometimes lie to get young force users, the dark side kills the families in order to harness the hatred. It’s all perspective. Also, NONE of these beings are human and you’re forcing human ideals on them. With the exception of Anakin none of the other younglings/ seem to have his detachment issues. You can’t say just because here we have to be with our parents until we are 12 to not have detachment issues that it means that’s how it is in a completely different section of the universe.
Jojo Kujo
Jojo Kujo 7 dager siden
That's not true
Scott Smith
Scott Smith 7 dager siden
Anything from Disney Star Wars really doesn't count considering it is not real Cannon considering anything from Kathleen Kennedy is not real Cannon
Andrew Antonio Stonecypher
Andrew Antonio Stonecypher 7 dager siden
Told my dad about what I heard in this video He said “ so the Jedi are basically space catholic priests” *later in the day* son, I would hug you, but I don’t want to get called a jedi
Richard Ford
Richard Ford 7 dager siden
Is it true The Sith Empire, and The Sith's indeed are the good guys and does it has something do with all the star wars videos, including this one that involves The Jedis being the bad guy?
Richard Ford
Richard Ford 7 dager siden
You Game Theorists NOpost Channel, and The Film Theorists NOpost Channel, and The GTS Live NOpost Channel, (Also Known As The Game Theorists Live NOpost Channel,) and The Food Theorists NOpost Channel and Your Brothers, And Your Sisters, and Your Familys, and Your Friends, And Everybody Else, sucks, and Your Videos Are Boring, But You Are Cool And I Am Not Racist.
Bron _
Bron _ 7 dager siden
Too bad Anakin didn't know about force healing, could have saved his mother and wife
Mystical Gamermom
Mystical Gamermom 7 dager siden
Why would you NOT be subscribed to Matpat's Channels? It's free! It helps insure two fold that you see everything he posts! He is THE theory Specialist! DO IT! No peer pressure, just a suggestion. A Strong Suggestion!
Acid gaming
Acid gaming 8 dager siden
911, hey I would like to report CHILD ABUSE
Elon Wilson
Elon Wilson 8 dager siden
We would call the jedi "terrorists" or "extremeists" in the real world
JuneTalon 7 dager siden
@Robert Allan The Galactic Empire is more akin to modern day US. A capitalist meritocracy mostly run by big private companies.
Robert Allan
Robert Allan 7 dager siden
And we would call the empire and the sith totalitarian nazis who need to die DIE DIE
Evan White
Evan White 9 dager siden
Revan watches with approval and pride...
Luke McLaughlin
Luke McLaughlin 9 dager siden
And the emperor is killing millions of them Who is worse
Marc Rizzo
Marc Rizzo 9 dager siden
The health privacy law is spelled HIPAA.
Creszentio Addeva Nugroho
Creszentio Addeva Nugroho 10 dager siden
Mat you are stupid if the jedi are evil than who is the real hero of star wars trilogy not the sith
kidflash 87 2.0
kidflash 87 2.0 10 dager siden
How can the Jedi say that killing isn't the way of the Jedi but still care around super dangerous laser swords
Robert Allan
Robert Allan 7 dager siden
Correction: unnecessary killing isn’t the way of the Jedi. Like they are still a peacekeeping force and also the laser swords are still more defensive than guns.
Jonathan Cervantes
Jonathan Cervantes 10 dager siden
This video is so third world country pov
Custerkiller76 10 dager siden
Mat Pat: can you imagine a world where a parent severs contact with a 3 year old and sends them off to fight? Meanwhile in Ancient Sparta
Sam Portadin
Sam Portadin 10 dager siden
You need to harness both the light and dark
HaloMaster BlackDeath
HaloMaster BlackDeath 10 dager siden
Ive always liked the dark side anyways
Francisco Lopez
Francisco Lopez 10 dager siden
The Jedi use young kids to remove their emotions before the develop which is why I Think Anakin was told he was to old because he was raised with emotions. Also like Mace Windu says our ability to use the force has diminished which is probably why Obi-Wan tells Anakin to ignore his nightmares because they are just that dreams. Obi-Wan was not powerful or knowledgeable enough to know that Anakin was not having nightmares but having future sight with the force. Just my thought.
Robert Allan
Robert Allan 7 dager siden
Yeah but it’s really obvious that order 66 is absurd. First off most Jedi obviously have emotions, and many don’t try to hide them (it’s not like say Ahsoka was stoicism personified so I don’t think it would take much deprogramming at all for the vast vast majority of the Jedi to be well rounded citizens)
wosm100 10 dager siden
I agree with you, but this analysis is too shallow
Pug Hermit
Pug Hermit 10 dager siden
Jedi Order done goof themselves
Spectral Spirit
Spectral Spirit 11 dager siden
Rebecca Washburn
Rebecca Washburn 11 dager siden
It's almost like allowing small children to be taught there is only one true way to think and believe while crushing their emotions leads to horrible things! In the book series most sith were escaped jedi initiates and if one of those kids wasnt chosen by a jedi as a padawan they would be sent to a farming planet to put their force abilities to work helping feed the galaxy. And most children from planets like the one the main jedi temple and senate resided on would be tested at birth and never have known their parents at all.
AuroraLalune 11 dager siden
You missed the part where the jedi often don't ask, that part of being a jedi is cutting off family and emotional attachments such as parents or siblings, and also you missed the genocides that have been outright committed...
ÅňöňýmøùŚö1ıđ 11 dager siden
"It's treason then.." "Wwaaaahhh!!"
Robert Sceles
Robert Sceles 11 dager siden
When people talk about what happened to the acter that plays child anikin
TheBaconBot 11 dager siden
I'm only just now realising how much Yoda sounds like Grover from Sesame Street
John Violette
John Violette 11 dager siden
I remember watching revenge of the sith as a kid and I kept asking my dad “where’s darth vader?”
The Goose Genre
The Goose Genre 11 dager siden
they take you away when you ae young so you dont establish a bond that clouds ur mind.
True_Knight 11 dager siden
NEWS FLASH children cant make memories until they are four it’s “scientifically proven” btw Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker did fulfill the prophecy because it was to bring balance not make one side powerful to the point of them being undefeatable and the other powerless but to make them even in power + the empire and sith and as we saw in episode 7 the first order are extremely CRUEL they would take you on suicide missions and gave you basically no rights so if you thought it was bad for Anakin and his mother try again you pathetic excuse for a theorist
The Amaranthine Man
The Amaranthine Man 11 dager siden
The Jedi are assholes. and Ra's al Ghul, Joker and Bane were right (in the Dark Knight movies).
Spinosarus 11 dager siden
I’m sorry just stay away Star Wars and Jurassic park ok
Nate Reynolds
Nate Reynolds 11 dager siden
All of this just goes to show that the only real good guy that Star Wars ever had was Darth Traya
Edgar Gonzalez
Edgar Gonzalez 11 dager siden
Asoka Tano left the jedi order so they can choose to leave
SidBitGid 11 dager siden
0:32 Well if that’s true *IAM A SITH LORD*
Luke linnell
Luke linnell 11 dager siden
No reality is cut and dry its just people's ability to perceive it correctly is what's uncertain
accelerator 12 dager siden
Johnny sins will become a Jedi instructor
permeus 12 dager siden
the jedi aren't necessarily evil but they are extremists and misguided, you take ANY idea to its extremes in one direction or the other and it is Bad. so we have the thing about taking kids from their families even if the family doesn't want this but they think there doing what is best and what is right, to be honest its a wonder more jedi didnt fall the the dark side. then we have the idea the Jedi have that you achieve balance by removing one side of the scale aka getting rid of the sith this is just outright silly, but the do manage to bring balance to the force (at least for a time) Anakin is the chosen one and by the end of the revenge of the sith he has balanced the force there is two main sith in sidious and vader and we have to main jedi in Yoda and kenobi, Balance achieved just not in the way the wanted or planned and considering Sidious wanted all the jedi dead he didnt get it his way iver.
Eric Scott
Eric Scott 12 dager siden
Good and evil are mostly subjective constructs. Whats "good" to someone can be "bad" to others. It all depends on your certain point of view!
Eric Scott
Eric Scott 12 dager siden
I think most of what you said is correct and even one of the points of the prequel series.
JennasHoover 12 dager siden
The Jedi literally stole a baby, did their mind tricks on it and then refused to give it back to the mother when they were done. Not the actions of good people. 🤷
Richard de Veas
Richard de Veas 12 dager siden
Right! Let's judge a culture with our value system! Shut up!
janice L’fell
janice L’fell 12 dager siden
This doesn’t truly justify how jedi are evil? Yes the jedi were quiet ignorant to the situation of the galaxy but how does that make them evil? They are like monks, conforming and selfless as a life choice. You simply can’t call them evil like this
some of gacha is cringey as fuck
some of gacha is cringey as fuck 9 dager siden
Both are bad but the jedi act good and the sith act out right evil so ya I might be wrong but ohwell
janice L’fell
janice L’fell 12 dager siden
Matthew Jones And the sith are different? Just know that the sith ALSO kidnapped children especially maul. Palpatine stole maul from mother talzin, and many sith had kidnapped many children. If you made a mistake in the sith order, you were tortured. If you made a mistake in the jedi order, you would be forgiven. So i’m confused, how does it still justify the jedi being evil? The families are there, they can voluntarily refuse to give children to the Jedi Order. So please, tell me how this is outright evil?
Matthew Jones
Matthew Jones 12 dager siden
Beacause like most religions they don't care about anyone but there own as long as there group can keep going . they kidnap children and brainwashing them
Kakashi Sensei
Kakashi Sensei 12 dager siden
2:32 this reasoning was pretty crap cuz it was a Separatist ship
reallue 12 dager siden
If you go by original trilogy rules, I'd still rather be a space wizard w/ a Lazer sword. Luke was about army recruitment age when he started. Once again, the prequels ruin everything. Also once again I feel the need to point out how the Darth Binks theory fixes the prequels. & Im surprised that has not been covered at length on this channel. Cone on Mattpatt, make it happen brother!
Daryl Cuquet
Daryl Cuquet 12 dager siden
The force is about balance... Oh so a light side and a dark side? No, not like that.
Penguin Brawl Stars and Minecraft
Penguin Brawl Stars and Minecraft 12 dager siden
I 100% agree with all of this, however you don’t really show any proof the Jedi are evil currently. Yes, the Jedi did many wrong things to Anakin and made him suffer. Yes, the Jedi started out with wrong ways. But Rey doesn’t seem evil, in fact she goes against her ancestry to enforce light and good.
some of gacha is cringey as fuck
some of gacha is cringey as fuck 9 dager siden
Looks at her war crimes looks away
rifter rifter
rifter rifter 12 dager siden
The "good" Jedi didn't give two shits about people being enslaved, either. They only cared about Anakin because he might be useful to their order. Otherwise, they were just going to abandon him as well as his mother.
Vash the Stampede
Vash the Stampede 12 dager siden
Anyone can be made out to appear evil from a certain point of view - even God
the_smug 12 dager siden
Yeah, but if the children are force sensitive, and the parents know, they might need them to save the galaxy
Killer Thief
Killer Thief 12 dager siden
George Lucas when he was making Star Wars George Lucas: red light sabers are bad guys and blue and green guys are good guys Me: so what is Mace Windu!?!?!
Killer Thief
Killer Thief 11 dager siden
Balance of The hill duh
Killer Thief
Killer Thief 11 dager siden
Balance of The hill No I meant is he a good guy or bad guy
Balance of The hill
Balance of The hill 11 dager siden
Duh Samuel L Jackson
Soba 12 dager siden
Me and EU Fan: Yep this is accurate... Jedi didn't even give parents a choice, parents only "willingly" gave up their kids because it was the literal law in the Republic.
Pelon 69
Pelon 69 12 dager siden
The only good thing the sequels did is bring badass film theories
Hardy Lion
Hardy Lion 12 dager siden
Revan had it right. Screw the Jedi and screw the sith
Quadruple H
Quadruple H 12 dager siden
Since when did NOpost get 25 second unskippable ads!
NovaReason 12 dager siden
At 9:57 it's HIPAA, the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act.
Frank Cervantes
Frank Cervantes 12 dager siden
Bruh! I’m dead by the beginning of the vid 😂
Matthew Kenobi
Matthew Kenobi 13 dager siden
I think he killed the younglings to prevent them from going what he went through
Unforgettable Foreigner
Unforgettable Foreigner 13 dager siden
Thanks for opening people's eyes. I've raised some of the concerns you mentioned here to my friends in the past, and was framed as idiot... Idiots!
some of gacha is cringey as fuck
some of gacha is cringey as fuck 9 dager siden
@Pkp Kaaotiq where u get that
Pkp Kaaotiq
Pkp Kaaotiq 11 dager siden
George Lucas didn't write the script for star wars, it was given to him to make a movie Basically, the movie is based on the war between Lucifer and Heaven, except they made the good guys, bad and vice versa In reality, the rebels are fallen angels, while the Empire represents Heaven There is a lot of truth in Hollywood movies, unfortunately, most think they are just movies:) Christ bless :)
Kasem jongwannasiri
Kasem jongwannasiri 13 dager siden
ed edd n eddy
ThatCamel 13 dager siden
Uhhh, yeah. This is just Sith propaganda.
some of gacha is cringey as fuck
some of gacha is cringey as fuck 9 dager siden
Yes propaganda like the war crimes I mean the... forget I said anything
BH`Midget 13 dager siden
my dad left when i was 3 but yall dont see me killing kids with a sharp glowstick
violet lavi
violet lavi 13 dager siden
Calling them the “bad guys,” is oversimplifying things a lot. They were doing what they believed was right in a world that was changing more than they anticipated. This is easier to see with Clone Wars-they’re keepers of the peace, not soldiers, nor are they politicians, and they have personal stakes in this war that they’re trying to protect (again, see the CW series). Taking down the Separatists in a full-blown war is already above their paygrade, but trying to outsmart Sidious, on top of that? That’s a lot to ask of people trained to keep the peace, and not taught diplomacy in the same way politicians are (in the way SIDIOUS was. Reminder that he was able to carry out an assassination, attempt another few assassinations, and still maintain a pleasant, trusting facade for YEARS, to the point where EVEN DRESSED AS A SITH, an ENTIRE ROOM of Senators trusted him. What chance did the Jedi, untrained in that specific kind of subtle diplomacy, stand against someone so cunning?). Plus...doesn’t sit right with me, calling the victims of a genocide “evil” :/
Dean Firnatine
Dean Firnatine 13 dager siden
No Jedi are not evil, Kathleen Kennedy and her followers are EVIL
better late than never
better late than never 13 dager siden
But what about the attack on the Wookies?
guardian of the toasters
guardian of the toasters 13 dager siden
Sith: THE JEDI ARE EVIL! Jedi: NO THE SITHS ARE! Space marines: What's all this racket?
Nathan West
Nathan West 13 dager siden
So the darkside is better i dont think so the lightside save people the darkside kills anyone they want
Jenna Perez
Jenna Perez 13 dager siden
Who's ready for MAYHEM?! We'll be living streaming #AdultSwimFestival starting at 7pm EST tonight, don't miss out!!
Alan Chavez
Alan Chavez 13 dager siden
What If their parents are dead
some of gacha is cringey as fuck
some of gacha is cringey as fuck 9 dager siden
We actually look at them taking the children in the clone Wars show from the parents
Lol Lol
Lol Lol 13 dager siden
The sith are pure evil, the jedi are bad heros
Leandro Roman
Leandro Roman 13 dager siden
Checking MatPat seeking for the truth of Star Wars. All "just" Star Wars theorists: We will watch your carrier with great interest.
Manya Kohli
Manya Kohli 13 dager siden
3:00 the jedi also took babies to train as future jedi like the dark side did to train as stormtroopers, obi wan wasn't even 3 years old when his training started
hsulabtpyaethu hsulabtpyaethu
hsulabtpyaethu hsulabtpyaethu 13 dager siden
Matt:childs aren't supposed to be art from their parents not until 10 Me: went to school since 2 years old Also me:•_• gotta be kidding me
Draedaja 13 dager siden
Did you just show a kid holding a _weapon_ as an example for... Karate?
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