Marvel's Avengers Has Now Lost 98% Of Players On PC/Steam

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YongYea Måned siden
There are more people playing Division 1 than there are people playing Avengers. SURPRISE MECHANICS (MERCH): PATREON: TWITTER: TOP PATRONS [CIPHER] - Brandon Hann [BIG BOSS] - Bancheis - Brin - Charlie Galvin - CommittedHall - DatadyneExecutive - Jonathan Ball [BOSS] - Devon B - Gerardo Andrade - Joe Hunt - Matthew Szalkiewicz - Michael Redmond - Peter Vrba - Shepard Gaming - Simon S - Time Dragonlord [LEGENDARY] - BattleBladeWar - JT - Mark Taylor - Theron Webb - Yue
Wabbajack Wabbajack
Wabbajack Wabbajack Måned siden
@stuartrockin division 2 supplied players with nothing but disappointment idk what the hell you're talking about. Lol. Div1 was cool for a while but ultimately too repetitive.
Dan Måned siden
There are more people playing return of reckoning
Ace Max
Ace Max Måned siden
I'm not surprised and most people shouldn't be it's time to tag it and bag it a done deal d.o.a⚰️🥀rip
Stubbydingo Måned siden
That’s because Div1 is awesome.
Crazy Freak
Crazy Freak Måned siden
Should've put the game on all platforms like the switch to get more player base doing things exclusive for a crappy game would just result to this
Fred Saramago Pires
Fred Saramago Pires Dag siden
In a Avenger game, you want to play as an Avenger, nota some generic chick.
Can o Keyblades
Can o Keyblades 10 dager siden
This future was predetermined the minute they made Spider-Man exclusive
aldemar 15 dager siden
Who’s tf are the 2% that are playing 😂
Christopher R
Christopher R 16 dager siden
Ah Yongyea, the guy who says terrible games "take his breath away" before they're released and then uses their failure to get views.
Joe 17 dager siden
when a game on roblox has higher player counts than a AAA game
Joseph Nissenson
Joseph Nissenson 17 dager siden
I'll have you know both of the remaining players say they're having a great time
Joshua Lord
Joshua Lord 17 dager siden
Knew this game was going to flop the second it was announced
Brandon Dimopoulos
Brandon Dimopoulos 20 dager siden
They had their chance when I paid full price and waited hours in que for mission groups. I got my refund and never going back. The fact that so much was botched at release says something about AAA games in 2020 as I continue to see fail released one after another
Egghead 23 dager siden
all these superhero games are boring as shiet, spiderman being an exception cause they somewhat put some passion into it.
M DGAF 23 dager siden
The good old days when this was the biggest gaming disaster of the year.
David 7
David 7 24 dager siden
players reject beta releases, what a surprise
The Pharoah/TheBigCheese/MC-Aids
The Pharoah/TheBigCheese/MC-Aids 24 dager siden
It's because of graphics. I'm so tired of exclusively bad games coming out because of the workload better graphics comes with. I would rather have a game that is fun and works with ps3 graphics than a game that releases unfinished attempting graphics in 2030.
Rob K
Rob K 24 dager siden
I can enjoy great game with bugs .... but not crap shallow game trying cashgrab only because of "marvel" , "superheroes" ... its good for 10yold... sorry
Hectic1 Tech
Hectic1 Tech 25 dager siden
I deliberately avoided anything related to this game, to not waste time cause I was sure it would suck.
Stan 26 dager siden
the only plus to this game is the combat potential
Cody Broberg
Cody Broberg 27 dager siden
Tell me anyone who plays it for console?!?! I feel no one bought this game but the ppl who were involved w the game. I dont believe their numbers at all. They wanted to push this shit game on us n we didnt budge even w their fake numbers
Guy Cam
Guy Cam 27 dager siden
It seems to me, that your channel is primarily correlated to issues. Do not get me wrong. I have heard you give compliments to games, but when the games that are generally liked you do not tend to make videos mentioning their minor issues, but on the contrary, if popular opinion sways or provides some issue to bring to light, you feel the need to create a 10+ min video repeating three words with a few variances between them to hammer down the narrative. Short and simple advice, become a positive / good game reviewer. Don’t review shitty games / complain / push narrative. Simple
channel5980 25 dager siden
Boba Cat
Boba Cat 27 dager siden
Just kill it already.
Jeebiz 27 dager siden
Marvel’s Generics
Krenzi Plays
Krenzi Plays 27 dager siden
I forgot this game was a thing
OuterRaine 28 dager siden
Obvious game red flag...Kamala Khan.
Angel Vargas
Angel Vargas 28 dager siden
I never thought I’d be so nerdy and bored that I’d watch videos talking about the lack of people playing a video game when there’s thousands of video games to play and thousands of different ways to play them 😐 lmao
Molino Eric
Molino Eric 28 dager siden
and pc/steam is a fraction of the gamer base, majority of gamers play on console.
Idgaf Bsmn
Idgaf Bsmn 28 dager siden
This is my confusion. If a game is so skippable, why is it getting so much attention
Frynker Murr
Frynker Murr 29 dager siden
I expected Marvel to bomb this game. Just like how they bombed Marvel vs Capcom: infinite
Million Dollar Maybe
Million Dollar Maybe 29 dager siden
People still care about marvel media? even the movies are played out. I'm surprised this game lasted that long.
TheBalisongWaltz 29 dager siden
Tf2 has 83,000 as of 12/17/2020. HOW DO YOU FAIL WITH THE AVENGERS SO HARD
Fernando Ramos
Fernando Ramos 29 dager siden
I actually had zero idea this game was being released at all until I saw this video 😂
Alex Krycek
Alex Krycek Måned siden
>marvel's avengers core issue lies at it's core Well, no shit.
Fahrenex Måned siden
They should have flat out paid the money for the actual actors to do the voices & use their likeness in the game ...
Xaracen Måned siden
Oh no Anyway
GetPaid BlackMan
GetPaid BlackMan Måned siden
2020 year of death, disappointment, divorce, and distrust.
EL RAFA Måned siden
I saw this coming when i heard the main character is named Kamala. Plus the game sucks. Kamala Khan=Kamala Harris.2+2=4 which equals to predictive programming which reduces to Kamala Harris becoming 46th and 1/2 president due to Blow Biden slipping on a banana peel eaten by Harry Kamaltoe in 2 years.
Rivero Kenshiro
Rivero Kenshiro Måned siden
Basically is call miss marvel the game nobody cares.
Joel Martinsson
Joel Martinsson Måned siden
I haven't seen any promo material but the Maestro storyline could be awesome and heartfelt if done right. That being said I don't really care about the game at all even though I'm a big Marvel fan.
Archerboy79 Måned siden
Its a dogshit game, what did they expect?
Scrufboy! Måned siden
Sales were bad because of the history behind movie games being so bad. That may deter people. Comics are close to dead as well. Spiderman games sell better because they are already a popular and successful IP.
Tatsuya Suou
Tatsuya Suou Måned siden
Thing is about games like this: Why should I care?
Moe jasi
Moe jasi Måned siden
There are triple the amount comments on this video than there are people playing that trash game
Federico Gómez
Federico Gómez Måned siden
You know if metacritic's critics rate it bad it's probably pretty bad, those dudes give a 90 to almost anything
C V Måned siden
My inner Young Avengers fan is still excited I could play like Kate Bishop. Are any of the other team members in the game?
Project Eternity
Project Eternity Måned siden
People get more players on their game in ROBLOX, think about that.
Tapshyon Måned siden
you know it's bad when nobody even bother to make a nude mod
Alfred Drewes
Alfred Drewes Måned siden
Bottom Line is this. I do not care all that much about this game. This and Godfall are two examples of games, that were revealed, and a couple of weeks later, people forgot about it. Out of curiosity, was anyone here actually looking forward to this game? Or not.
FooFoo ANIMATIONS Måned siden
I didn't know The Hulk was a discord mod!
srick 773
srick 773 Måned siden
They Ryan Johnsoned the Avengers.
Ricardo Mendes
Ricardo Mendes Måned siden
Endgame is the end ...hihihi for mcu for me
Evan Lumbers
Evan Lumbers Måned siden
I got it for free from purchasing another game, still don't want to waste space on it lol
bitelaserkhalif Måned siden
It seems like most of people that has this game is just bought Intel processor I guess
Prototype AI
Prototype AI Måned siden
Tug at those strings... Yong, you're rather sad lad.
D'Angelo English
D'Angelo English Måned siden
Games are getting so fucking lazy is sad. I’m more prone to play old shit then current market.
rey farce
rey farce Måned siden
This is a bethesda F76 level disaster.
werthy is my name
werthy is my name Måned siden
This game sucked. I immediately canceled my pre order after I played the beta.
plug 336
plug 336 Måned siden
People vanished, not playing....welp Thanos snapped his fingers again!! 😂
Kevlar Vrus 57
Kevlar Vrus 57 Måned siden
I thought it was "game of the year"
IX Måned siden
I hope this doesn’t get so bad that it influences the creation of other square titles. I’m going to be so angry if ff16 ends up being delayed as bad as ff15
I like stuff
I like stuff Måned siden
The way he pronounces maestro really irritates me. But good vid nonetheless.
DreScythe Boxing
DreScythe Boxing Måned siden
Gamers didn't design this game. Just business men looking milk the 🐄.
Robert Ireland
Robert Ireland Måned siden
An open world is essential in ANY game now a days. Division 1 is an OPEN WORLD game where you can run all around the city, and that is a huge part of what makes it great. The FPS mechanics are also interesting and similar to COD. If Marvel was able to let me chose which avenger I wanted to be throughout the game, and the team or just I could defend and avenge, (with an open world), the game would (and still could) be an EPIC game...but I think there was a bit of a leadership glitch in this one. The Star Wars games are basically having the same issue, as well as all other games based off movies...
as ter
as ter Måned siden
as ter
as ter Måned siden
Marvel Jhony
Marvel Jhony Måned siden
marvel avenger: **exist** spider man miles morales: *_H E Y_*
xXSketchXx 2 Fast
xXSketchXx 2 Fast Måned siden
Get stupid, go broke. Imagine... Thanos snapping yourself.
One Love
One Love Måned siden
This game was a waste .
ČovjekSirena Måned siden
I really don't fucking understand why someone would even buy a game like this. There are certain games which you can tell are going to be bad just by looking at the reveal trailer or gameplay. This was one of them. I knew it was going to be bad, you knew it, everyone knew it. It's just like EA games. The only reason why they still bother copy pasting fifa is because there are degenerates who still like wasting 60$ on the same copy pasted game. There are people who would choose to play fifa 21 over cyberpunk 2077 if given a choice to choose between the two. Truly fucking pathetic
ČovjekSirena Måned siden
@black That's cool. Most people who buy fifa year after year are addicted to ultimate team and opening packs. The last fifa I bought was fifa 15 because I wanted to play 1v1 with my cousin. We still do play it to this day. We don't care about pack opening or ultimate team. It's way more fun having 2 controllers and having a fun 1v1 with a friend
black Måned siden
i’m a passionate football fan and i love gaming too and i still have fifa 16 lol, fifa 21 is literally the same no point in getting it, the game is fun don’t get me wrong but i’m not wasting full price for the same game i already have. and i’d much rather play games like cyberpunk, rockstar games, rpgs, etc.
Roger Gregory
Roger Gregory Måned siden
The reception to this title is so tepid, even from launch that I haven’t bothered to buy it, and I still see no reason to buy it. The Lego games are fun though.
J-One Måned siden
Wasn't interested when I saw it was like Anthem... And Kamala was a focus... And the god awful models.
aslkjdflkadsjkgjhri Måned siden
"I take the hard work done by real journalists and read it to you!" - Every NOpostr
Webber Måned siden
not all people read articles, sometimes they use NOpost
Pavle Pavlovic
Pavle Pavlovic Måned siden
I would point out that there were a lot of ppl playing this shitty game before , this is normal now so there is nothing to talk about , but what a fak were they thinking . Nothing , they didnt think they had their brans turned off and just played what they told them to play . Witch is SAD SAD SAD , zombies playing games . And as you go in to other aspects of our world things get proportionally worse , bunch of ppl running around speaking , thinking and doing as they were told , and not by them selves but by someone else , and that someone else is no a supreme being , a cosmic conciseness , a higher level , no but the dirtiest capitalists pigs . And that is why ladies and gentleman we have a world without ART , because no one can tell you to make ART , nor do they have something from it so we get none . And that lack of imagination is exactly why games are as shit as they are these days .
VICTOR VON VIC Måned siden
they could have just made it a reskin DCUO game and it would have been more successful
Das Institut
Das Institut Måned siden
This game fails worse than AvP 2010.
Philip Fabian
Philip Fabian Måned siden
its about to hit zero when cyberpunk drops
Mahendren Vathanan
Mahendren Vathanan Måned siden
I liked playing Fantastic 4 part 1 and Xmen 2 game. How is Avengers game.I have not played it yet.
Cramaine Måned siden
I was totally uninterested and bored just watching trailers for this game.
Raf Måned siden
In the beta version people found what they thought where possible unlockable characters in the code, doctor strangr, black Panther.. but this was BIG lie from square enix.. appart from that the game is pure shit only nice the first hour.
VoidBG Måned siden
AAA Tittles need to stop focusing on graphics and start working on gameplay There's a reason why minecraft and terraria are one of the best games of all time
YouTube is trying To Censor me
YouTube is trying To Censor me Måned siden
Honestly even the walkthroughs looked boring
IronyIsGood Måned siden
Serves em right. They deserved to fail.
Jude The Dude
Jude The Dude Måned siden
Now THIS This is funny
GuyX2013 Måned siden
This game lost my interest when I saw the main character is some made up character with huge hands..."wtf is this" was my reaction...
SLUGFEST-TV Måned siden
If they would have added free roam, like the lego marvel games, and not force the whole ”buy loot” I probably would have brought it
Will Måned siden
It’s simple really, the game sucks and it was a cash grab
MovieWatchman Måned siden
This game was such a huge disappointment. I really hope they do something to fix this game.
Trunks Strife
Trunks Strife Måned siden
they thought it’ll be an easy cash grab
TooLazy Måned siden
Even Fallout 76 has more active players then this and I don't know how to feel about that.
Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious Måned siden
Since most major game companies are 100% completely incapable of learning from past mistakes, don't see surprised if they do the same thing several more times over.
AkaiYoru Måned siden
What is worse than being seen as a bad game is not being seen at all
LBM Måned siden
I play it dailey on PS4 but even on there I've had trouble matchmaking finding other people to play it
Gramder • 10 years ago
Gramder • 10 years ago Måned siden
Bruh Lego Avengers is better
Hatrick Swayze
Hatrick Swayze Måned siden
I like your content. Concise. No theatrics.
Constantino Måned siden
and you also have to consider... Cyberpunk is gonna make EVERY. SINGLE. GAME drop player base... so, yeah... well played, capitalism... greedy fucks...
Constantino Måned siden
i said it since the beta... this game looks like a phone game ported to PC...
FACEHUNTER504 DAT Måned siden
I can’t believe there’s still people that still have hopes for this game. No way in hell will we see SpiderMan in that game. They’ll see the numbers aren’t there for the Kate Bishop DLC and of course they won’t be there because you know she’ll be full of bugs and well nobody really cares about this game anymore
Avyan Shang
Avyan Shang Måned siden
Thanos snapped, escalated quickly.
Cheese Boi
Cheese Boi Måned siden
I still liked the game.
Paxton Wulgus
Paxton Wulgus Måned siden
Duck Fisney
The Boi
The Boi Måned siden
They should've just made an avengers story driven open world game that can also be played with a friend using online co op but not a looter oriented game
Nivet Fox
Nivet Fox Måned siden
I’m convinced you are the only proof this game exists because I never saw any advertising for it or any of my friends talking about it
Nousername Måned siden
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