Food Theory: Do NOT Grill A Burger Like This!

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3 måneder siden

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When the weather gets hot, it's time to bring out the grill and have a BBQ! There is nothing as delicious as a well grilled burger or hotdog on a hot summer day. Except, what makes a perfect grilled food? Food Theorists, I pose this question: Do you grill with charcoal or propane? Is there a difference in taste or quality grilling depending on which you use? That is what I aim to find out today! I take my food very seriously and I won't stop until we all know the RIGHT way to grill!
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#Grill #Grilling #FoodTheory #Burger #Chicken #HotDog #BBQ #Food #Charcoal #Propane #Recipe #Matpat #GameTheory #FilmTheory
Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Mostafa Sheikh
Mostafa Sheikh 17 minutter siden
Shut..Shut... just say charcoal pls make it more simple...
mekichu 4 timer siden
who cares about the humans choices, all we should care about is the cat. dUH
Genevieve Ram
Genevieve Ram 5 timer siden
Omgg I love King of the Hill
Charles Ehmke
Charles Ehmke 6 timer siden
I prefer charcoal grilled food, my wife prefers we have a gas grill.
rico 8 timer siden
My dad uses propane one day I tried charcoal and my life was different it rated amazing then I asked my dad why don’t we have a charcoal grill and he said “ they aren’t as good as propane” it’s sad I had to disown him as my dad he now lives in the streets with other propane dads
Zinglereamus 9 timer siden
0:20 anyone else notice how he messed up the dad joke? "Nice to meet you, I'm accustomed to it" is wrong the proper joke is "Nice to meet you, accustomed to it"
Klebs Santos
Klebs Santos 13 timer siden
Me: "Wow I love cultural diferences, and learning about other culinary stuff in other countries" Me: Watching this episode and discovering that in America there is gas grills and that people grill burgers and Hot Dogs. The Lord is Testing me
Red Hurricane
Red Hurricane 13 timer siden
*most Americans grill less than 16 times in a summer* My dad who cooks every other day all year and has 3 different grills: pathetic
rm5 14 timer siden
Joke's on them, I'm using electric.
Quartes 15 timer siden
To be honest >.> I go with the taste
Biggest LEGO fan ever
Biggest LEGO fan ever 16 timer siden
Which one wins gas or charcoal. It is wood that wins
Wander Filho
Wander Filho 17 timer siden
Luved ts vudep
Faken Name
Faken Name 22 timer siden
Charcoal > Propane
MissLilyputt Dag siden
MatPat, I mostly came here for Skip’s opinion on the matter. Why doesn’t skip have a CatTheory channel of his own? He’s clearly got the face, voice and charisma to have his own channel. He could test out toys and litter boxes and tell me which ones are worth buying and which ones are dirty lies.
leedogification Dag siden
8 meals from a propane tank? That seems awfully low.
NoxWyvern Dag siden
Charcoal. I won't grill enough to require Gas grills. Though I have a large gas grill for company. My gas grill though, actually has a compartment to burn smoking pellets, giving that smokey flavour in the food. It's old and broken though so we never use it.
NoxWyvern Dag siden
Me: *Stone Pizza oven* Edit: I don't own one, but I'd like to have one
Max Pole
Max Pole Dag siden
I actually already knew this because my dad uses charcoal but my uncle uses gas. The meats where almost always tied bit my uncles hot dogs always had more flavor but my dads vegies such as cactus and elotes (corn in englitch) always was more juicy
Jaden the OG Carter
Jaden the OG Carter Dag siden
Why not both
bradley morgan
bradley morgan Dag siden
I'd like to throw one extra variable into this mix. If you like to use charcoal, i would highly suggest you try lump charcoal. It is pure wood in chunks, rather than sawdust and binders. It burns hotter, meaning you don't need as much, and it leaves far less ash. Thank you for the video 👍
Georgina Robles
Georgina Robles Dag siden
There's three actually
Cian plays
Cian plays Dag siden
For the people that know what movie the meme was at the end you a real one lol
Michael Yater
Michael Yater Dag siden
There is so much more than just Charcoal vs Propane but smoker, Infrared, convection, wood chip, hybrid, etc.
'Resa Ann Gentile
'Resa Ann Gentile Dag siden
"My family loves their hotdogs so I'm going to get a charcoal grill even though hotdogs cook better on propane."
Bjarke Eldrup
Bjarke Eldrup Dag siden
"it comes whit dad jokes, nice" nice indeed
human 1792
human 1792 Dag siden
I prefer charcoal because I was raised cooking over a campfire, I also find it insane that someone would consider grilling to be an activity for summer weekends only
mattcrowing Dag siden
Weird science question: did you ensure that all of your subjects in your taste test have tasted the types of proteins you used before?
All the cameos for matpat's cat skip: 4:35 7:52 13:35-13:53
Timmy Nguyen
Timmy Nguyen Dag siden
The answer is a clear "Electrical grills are the best" Sayed no one ever
:D Dag siden
Weeb cult Leader
Weeb cult Leader 2 dager siden
I love ultra instinct dadpat
Andrew Wilkinson
Andrew Wilkinson 2 dager siden
"You didn't come here to watch cats eat burgers" Sir. I don't think you understand the Internet.
DSM Sky 2 dager siden
Only matpat could make buying a grill so nerdy lmao
Maritza Trigueros
Maritza Trigueros 2 dager siden
am I the only one who has both propane and charcoal
Elaine Jiang
Elaine Jiang 2 dager siden
Daniel Zeferino
Daniel Zeferino 2 dager siden
Man my parents have trees so i use wood, neither charcoal nor the other one
Budder Maniacz
Budder Maniacz 3 dager siden
I... I have both 😂. I also have had both for forever.
ashvin kumar
ashvin kumar 3 dager siden
i feel like the title is clickbait, u didnt talk about how to 'cook' a patty, you talked about 'what grill to use'. sorry
lucky ducky
lucky ducky 3 dager siden
Can't go wrong with Hickory and Oak
Englehart 3 dager siden
$91 on a charcoal grill.... :( we only spend max of 10 bucks for charcoal grill or sometimes a dollar only :)
Midston 3 dager siden
Are sub sandwiches hot dogs then?
? Annie
? Annie 3 dager siden
my dad hmm im going to use propan me REEEEEEEEEE
? Annie
? Annie 3 dager siden
my dad uses 1 grill it uses charcol AND PROPAN we have had it for 8 years
DukiDarkWolf Yu-Gi-Oh Serieses Production
DukiDarkWolf Yu-Gi-Oh Serieses Production 3 dager siden
In America:The average americans throw they're grils away after 3 years Mean while in serbia me and my family had the same charcoal grill for ever since i was born 😆😆😆😆😆 (i just find it funny dont judge me plz ;-;)
isso beesaw
isso beesaw 3 dager siden
Did anyone else realise that he said 64% and 44% which makes 110%
LawOut Yt
LawOut Yt 3 dager siden
What if the 10 percent have charcoal and propane
Ali Alkofi
Ali Alkofi 3 dager siden
Let’s all agree this guy is not a man
Bob Bob
Bob Bob 4 dager siden
Who eat veggie burger weirdo
PASINIO EIMIN 4 dager siden
Man... after seeing this ima just skip BBQ I'ma just go for Mcdonalds...
Taco Bot
Taco Bot 4 dager siden
or, get this, buy both
Grace FCC Finneyuhii in Redding a a q a
Grace FCC Finneyuhii in Redding a a q a 4 dager siden
As a vegan, thank you for including veggie patties
mr gold gaming
mr gold gaming 4 dager siden
TheRedPanda Gaming
TheRedPanda Gaming 4 dager siden
Just get a targer grill it uses wood
Dougthepugz4evr 4 dager siden
I legitimately think that “Fitness Theory” would be a channel I would watch indefinitely.
Charles Ferguson
Charles Ferguson 4 dager siden
No wood pellet grills??
idk idon'tknow
idk idon'tknow 4 dager siden
Happy _Angel
Happy _Angel 4 dager siden
Next grill, I recommend a gas grill. My dad almost set the house on fire with the ashes
Sheila Peterson
Sheila Peterson 4 dager siden
My dad has a gas grill and we have a little smoker box which we use for things like brisket and sometimes steak I highly suggest that so you can do both and get the flavor with the ease of use of a gas grill
bosshoss69lee 4 dager siden
propane is def more gooder, just because you turn it on, its hot in 5 minutes, you cook, you turn it off and youre DONE, in less time then charcoal takes to heat up charcoal isnt bad, but propane makes grilling way more attractive cooking option but its not a big process involved, its just turning knobs, granted being a dad, longer cook times = more beers drank and more time alone so.... LOL
ja nick!
ja nick! 4 dager siden
I never got why Americans prefer hot dogs. Good german Bratwürste are much better. Meininger and Bratmaxe are the best in my opinion. You should never eat Bruzzler.
YnnatheguardianChannel 4 dager siden
"americans throw their grills away every 3 years" well a grill i have is pretty much older than me
Horea Buftea
Horea Buftea 5 dager siden
I remember watching this video, on this same channel but with a diffrent name and thumbnail. To be honest this change is better.
JDXFrags 5 dager siden
How were the percentages 64 and 44? Is the overlap for households with both types?
TheeCK 5 dager siden
2:37 64+44=110? It doesn’t add up
Gamer for life 2000
Gamer for life 2000 5 dager siden
Charcoal for life
Anthony Moley
Anthony Moley 5 dager siden
Who uses that much charcoal per cook out
Javier Gonzalez
Javier Gonzalez 5 dager siden
100% his kid is going to be Sid the science kid
nerfgunscope64 5 dager siden
Theodore Cossitt
Theodore Cossitt 5 dager siden
Actually, you are going to pay $49 for your first propane tank. $20 thereafter when you return the empty tank for a full one.
Orin Anthony
Orin Anthony 5 dager siden
Cheap charcoal grills tend to... fall apart after being heated up so many times.
Mavisyper Écrivain
Mavisyper Écrivain 5 dager siden
I’ll tell you folks something here: Grilling Fish and Pork on a Charcoal Grill is an enjoyable experience. It was also enjoyable to eat them, especially when doing this as a family or a group. It was also fun waving a fan and trying to control the heat and listening to the stories that were told during that event. Overall, I love Charcoal Grills. Well, that’s because Charcoal Grills were my childhood, and that I remember my Grandpa and Dad smiling while they flipped the things being cooked. I also remembered my Mom and Aunt helping by preparing the things to be cooked. It was such a beautiful experience, and I recommend it!
Digital Toaster
Digital Toaster 5 dager siden
Clicked on this and i got an ad on how i should clean my grill and other cooking stuff to prevent fires
Aharan R
Aharan R 5 dager siden
Why does Mat's cat calling voice sound so much like the Nugget voice?
Kristina Payne
Kristina Payne 6 dager siden
Ok get a pellet smoker grill you get a nice smokey flavor and you can choose the smoke flavor (type of wood)
Aaron 6 dager siden
Why do you care what "most people like"? Get the grill that makes the flavor you like. Also, the reason the hotdogs are better on gas is that hotdogs are pre-smoked! On charcoal they get oversmoked. Cook raw sausage instead and charcoal will win over gas, like it did in the other tests.
Kaelynn Elmer
Kaelynn Elmer 6 dager siden
propane is better >:D
Tim B
Tim B 6 dager siden
Wood and charcoal in my opinion give more of a bonus for smoking not grilling. Smoking uses the smoke to cure the meat and any drippings fall to the ground not the separate burn chamber. This is if you want to make sausage or jerky.
James Haygreen
James Haygreen 6 dager siden
It's really funny, one of the big reasons why I watched both this video and channel was because I love both Game Theory and Film Theory and wanted to support you. They have both been long time favourites of mine because I'm absolutely a nerd that loves to theorise. But the more of this channel I've watched the more I simply enjoy it because its just wholesome and fun, at a time when I really have needed it. I want to thank you Matpat, and all of the wonderful people that work on these videos for fun and genuinely enjoyable videos to watch. Have a lovely day everyone, take care and be safe right now. =)
James Haygreen
James Haygreen 6 dager siden
P.S. Those vege burger patties look gorgeous! Would you mind sharing the recipe with me!
SuperBoss351 6 dager siden
You know that you can get the best of both worlds, right? You can go up to Lowe’s or Home Depot and buy a hybrid charcoal/gas grill for a similar price to a good-quality gas grill.
Adalie Glasel
Adalie Glasel 6 dager siden
Cody Garland
Cody Garland 6 dager siden
64% use gas and 44% use charcoal? You mean 56 %use gas?
Julia Bernard
Julia Bernard 6 dager siden
The ultimate dad; does research before buying a grill
marques alsopp
marques alsopp 7 dager siden
Veggie patties are a waste of charcoal
ᚱᛖᚪᛈᛖᚱ 7 dager siden
0:18 he didn’t do the joke right, his name would be “accustomed to it” not “I’m accustomed to it”
Mel 7 dager siden
Me, a norteño: *cracks knuckles* wdym dadpad?
Red Be Sus
Red Be Sus 7 dager siden
At 4:38 I feel like the eyes and mouth on that face are from a game I used to play called POU
Sams the bezt at stuff 888
Sams the bezt at stuff 888 7 dager siden
I’m going charcoal I eat wood a lot
Gareth Baus
Gareth Baus 7 dager siden
Both charcoal and propane grills have their pros and cons and I like both. Gas is convenient, fast and easy to clean but I like the taste food cooked over wood which you can't burn in a gas grill.
Krle Cool
Krle Cool 7 dager siden
2:30 There's a 110% Americans in America.
lazylark 7 dager siden
wait, 64 + 44=110%????
Djabooty Lebowski
Djabooty Lebowski 7 dager siden
Dad Joke! Why do dad's like to back into parking spots? It makes it easier to pull out!.... :( I should have pulled out.
Juan Manuel Penaloza
Juan Manuel Penaloza 7 dager siden
My family used to be a charcoal family until we got a propane grill and saw the light.
Ethan Kigundu
Ethan Kigundu 7 dager siden
catpat lol
misha plays
misha plays 7 dager siden
the neighbour is the mvp
Isaac Knight
Isaac Knight 7 dager siden
mat that equals 108%
Russian Doggo
Russian Doggo 7 dager siden
2:39 huh. I never new 108% of households have a grill. Wow! Seems my really good 200iq 2nd grader math is really coming in useful!
Matthew Knechtli
Matthew Knechtli 8 dager siden
As a world leading authority on barbecuing (what grilling is really called) I have had years of experience with this question, being raised with decades of barbecue culture (aka I’m an Australian) I can firmly say, gas is superior, and they’re called sausages, not hot dogs, once again leading authority on barbecuing, years of experience, raised with barbecues, tamed them and trained them to become the best possible, okay by.
TJ DarkRage
TJ DarkRage 8 dager siden
I prefer propane, mainly because I don't want to have to clean up after charcoal.
matt winward
matt winward 8 dager siden
16:29 The charcoal grilled briquettes taste like gas because they’re briquettes and often are infused with lighter fluid. Lump charcoal and Charcoal Briquettes are very different things.
honey b
honey b 8 dager siden
in my country we just build a box with bricks and set a fire at the bottom, lasts generations
Clayton S
Clayton S 8 dager siden
Natural gas is best for grilling, and charcoal is the best for smoking.
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