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With Harry Maguire out of Manchester United's trip to PSG, Bruno Fernandes has been named as captain for the game. How happy are you to see Bruno given the captaincy & could this be on a regular basis? Get the latest Man Utd News on The United Stand. 🔔 SUBSCRIBE here
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Abdulahi Mohamed
Abdulahi Mohamed Måned siden
AMR13 Måned siden
Orumwense Osazimn
Orumwense Osazimn Måned siden
Give ole the right prayer he can win more good team
Bruno Rodrigues
Bruno Rodrigues Måned siden
"dead greek god" fam...ahahaha
Free_Gold Måned siden
KG talking a lot of sense.
Banter United
Banter United Måned siden
Free_Gold Måned siden
Roy Keane did okay.
Vader Is Dead
Vader Is Dead Måned siden
Appreciate you Flex 💯
Isaac Andrew
Isaac Andrew Måned siden
kg, flex and goldbridge amazing combo tbh
Ayodeji fewa
Ayodeji fewa Måned siden
KG says the most random stuff. “Flex what’s the worst way you have approached a woman?” Big up my Naija brother. Love you guys duo. Come on United.
trinjaminternational Måned siden
13:57 Totally Agreed, Let's Go!
monso monson
monso monson Måned siden
Great sound this time KG! Love hearing you!
Nash Chi
Nash Chi Måned siden
How’d y’all not know Hades? Much love though
jordan newton
jordan newton Måned siden
Kg is so clueless 😂😭
Mike Marsh
Mike Marsh Måned siden
You both are so cool and funny hahaha but yeah Bruno as Captain should fix things. So lets see what later brings.
BIG BOSS Måned siden
I needed this positivity. After the Spurs game I think all united fans were mildly suicidal. How quick things can change. Hoping for a good performance in Paris tonight
Laurence Trengove
Laurence Trengove Måned siden
Yes a madness in PSG can’t be blamed on Maguire-Ole is at wheel
Laurence Trengove
Laurence Trengove Måned siden
Maguire doesn’t want to be captain. He wants to concentrate on CB
K Måned siden
Man united r not winning the league. Hell NO
Gideon Obeng
Gideon Obeng Måned siden
I see a five at the back in a 5-3-2 counter attacking formation. Both Matic and Fred will start. I see Matic, Lindeloff and shaw at the back flanked by AWB and Telles. Pogba and Bruno will support Fred in a deep midfield three. Martial and Rasford/ Mata complete the starting eleven. Tuanzebe hasn't started in almost a year so I don't see him starting this high octane game. Mctominay might be a surprise inclusion maybe for Fred.
andrew pearson
andrew pearson Måned siden
Ask a girl ør boy, as Goldy would say, to dance, when they say no just say ok i guess sex is out of the question? The sides of your face might be red from being slapped. However the one that days yes, no problem. How many can you ask in one night. There are good and bad nights you will always get laid.
Mr. 007
Mr. 007 Måned siden
KG is our Ty
DesPaul'sGastronomicalAdventurues Måned siden
KG's the man
Nishad Lad
Nishad Lad Måned siden
50:40 I died laughing here!! He said Ed Woodward!!
man utd football
man utd football Måned siden
Bruno is like a Rambo💪 in football He's deserve that arm band 👏👏👏
James Dennison
James Dennison Måned siden
What’s up with Flex he sounds proper deflated!
Kevin Johnson
Kevin Johnson Måned siden
KG.... yes yes yes
Apex_Pred4t0r Måned siden
KG is a madness 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Supreme TaaanXz
Supreme TaaanXz Måned siden
Flex defo don’t like KG 🤣🤣🤣 this channel is dying loooooool
Supreme TaaanXz
Supreme TaaanXz Måned siden
Arsenal are gonna finish very clear of UTD. If you’re speaking about UTD winning, your speaking about Arsenal winning. What a joke
andrew pearson
andrew pearson Måned siden
Greek God... that could be me, my nickname is Milo! Find out about Milo and you will know about me!
Naid3k Måned siden
"Madusa... That ain't no Greek god get out bruv" 😂😂😂 man I love this guy
Yanick Tam Otshudi
Yanick Tam Otshudi Måned siden
His given to bruno because he knows bruno would walk if the crap coaching countinues
Ash Cru
Ash Cru Måned siden
Oh you man have me in tears every time. Kg: "I was Ed Woodward in a rave". Killed me
beechy Måned siden
Big up kg inspired by tesco brilliant!
David James
David James Måned siden
Kg ur 💥💥🤣🤣
LeftFootSasquach Måned siden
How my NOpost advertisement is for Trojan Condoms 😂 big up KG with the sponsorships
Thabo Mahlagare
Thabo Mahlagare Måned siden
Ey big up yourself KG! Condom Hat Army! We on one!
Lewis Hill
Lewis Hill Måned siden
Shane Peter Cosgrove
Shane Peter Cosgrove Måned siden
Sarcasm, lowest form of wit, also the funniest :-)
Jay R
Jay R Måned siden
KG my man you are awesome and Flex is always cool ... hope can meet you guys in person one day ... cheers mate
Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown Måned siden
KG looking for name Hades has me cracking.
Ben Blandford
Ben Blandford Måned siden
Woodward in a rave haha
Rival Måned siden
Flex looks kinda down.
J WELSHEY Måned siden
6:10 - Medusa was a women turned beast due to Athena's jelousy. Dead god is a hard one in greek mythology but perhaps Iris? the goddess of rainbows lol
Joe Staples
Joe Staples Måned siden
KJ's optimism is infectious!!! The United fanbase need this sort of positivity at times like these
Yashil Morar
Yashil Morar Måned siden
the thing with the league now is that the whole "top 6" regime is fading away, I fancy any team to win the league at this point...we saw Leicester win the league, there's no reason why Everton, Aston Villa, even us with the Glazers and Ed Woodward don't have at least a small chance....just my opinion
Brains 247
Brains 247 Måned siden
Love KG man, so funny. “I was like Woodward in the rave trying to secure deals.” 😂😂😂
BIG BOSS Måned siden
I was cry laughing when he said that
Peter Marthinus
Peter Marthinus Måned siden
What is the name of KG'S NOpost channel?
RL10 Måned siden
Flex n KG show, let's gooo!!!
timw2007 Måned siden
Man looks like an acorn 🤣 My G 👌
Yam Nepali
Yam Nepali Måned siden
KG on a Rave as a Woodward Tryna pick up girls, too funny 😂
Marcelo83 Måned siden
Amazing what one result can do for peoples outlook... psg game will be interesting
Alistair Myton
Alistair Myton Måned siden
I luv this show guys... Luv it
Nandosz Måned siden
Haha damn Flex so dead for this video. Always a great show lads big up!
Jon Skywalker
Jon Skywalker Måned siden
Mctominay will play centerback defending and cdm attacking. We could play with all three star midfielders.
gareth naicker
gareth naicker Måned siden
If football continues to happen and we go on a run which we know we can.. We're in with a chance.. At the very least we can finish higher then most fans predicted..
Bazzzi Måned siden
United standards should always be wining the league end of.
penhaligano Måned siden
Man's wearin a condom on his head!
J Œ Måned siden
I had a dream that ole got sacked
Faakir Kalam
Faakir Kalam Måned siden
Prometheus. Gave fire to man n was punished by having his intestines eaten everyday by an Eagle n at night it grows back then the same thing happens
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson Måned siden
541-formation for 60-70minutes = De Gea,Telles,Shaw,Tuanzebe, Lindelof,WanBisaka,Pogba,Fred,Matic,Fernandez,Martial ; Then Switch to 532 thereafter with Van De Beek replacing Pogba and Rashford replacing Fred !
Anthony Måned siden
You can't play Van De Beek in midfield with Matic and Bruno. Matic will he overun in that midfield when VDB moves further forward.
Kartik Pandey
Kartik Pandey Måned siden
the showtime reds are back!!! keep our trophy clean klopp we don't want any stains on it
sam sabby
sam sabby Måned siden
Flex bro hope your well an just having one of them off days... take some time out bro come back fresh, you have a good show with Kg make the most of it as we all know by now sooner or later Mark will lock him off too when he's made use out of him.
Anthony Johnson
Anthony Johnson Måned siden
KG : We can do it if we win against Chelsea , Arsenal and Everton ! but can we ? Realistically we can easily win the league, even with Ole, by 3-4 key signings= Haarland(He has a release clause),CB(Pau Torres, Kounate,Varane,Upermecano)and a young Mobile CDM; assuming Diallo or Facundo step up for the missed out Sancho otherwise get Sancho too !
Chris Jackson
Chris Jackson Måned siden
Flex turning into mark ??? Chin up flex , hope ya gud bro , u look proper down , big love flex , kg cud be ur therapy , enjoy it before mark gives him the boot
andrew johnson
andrew johnson Måned siden
Should be captain anyway.
Strider Måned siden
Me reading all the Rick Riordan books on Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Norse mythology and then hearing this 😂
gaurav katara
gaurav katara Måned siden
kg is standup comedian
gaurav katara
gaurav katara Måned siden
should play shaw cb
Chris Jackson
Chris Jackson Måned siden
Wouldn’t it be a madness if in this crazy season Bruno and ole lead Utd to the maddest title win ever , big up kg for lifting spirits and being positive
Aldo Martinez
Aldo Martinez Måned siden
I think KG's spot on. Drop Maguire for such a huge match when he's played even when he was injured every game is an strategy to relief him of fault, because a lose will put more pressure on him by the media. On the other hand, i would try a 5-3-2 with Telles, Shaw, Lindelof, McTominay and Wan Bissaka at the back.
abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali Måned siden
Hey KG
abdulrahman alali
abdulrahman alali Måned siden
Hey Flex
ManLikeMourinho Måned siden
Martial Rashford Bruno VDB Pogba Fred Telles Shaw Lindelof Bissakka This is the team I'd go for, with mata coming in and mctominay later in the game. 💪🏾
rahul soni
rahul soni Måned siden
We have enough just need a good Cb and a good dmf who can play in pivot and as an anchor man
Ramkhalawon Shassil
Ramkhalawon Shassil Måned siden
Daega must b th captain of mnu
jegatheesh R
jegatheesh R Måned siden
Win against Newcastle utd win the league wow condom kit man on fire
Kim P
Kim P Måned siden
Van Dijk is out for the season. 8 months, thats the rest
Ramy Singh
Ramy Singh Måned siden
Since fergie left, utd have finished above arsenal twice, and these guys think they have a better chance of winning the league then arsenal. You guys got slapped by spuds and only beat Newcastle in the last 5 minutes. Completely deluded.
Brian Muindi
Brian Muindi Måned siden
this is like watching scholes and giggs play for united.....maaad!!
Aman Ray
Aman Ray Måned siden
Ayee flex my G you seem down man. You ok bruv? Chin up take a break if you need. Sad seeing you like this.
Eurasian Gunner
Eurasian Gunner Måned siden
Leeds have a better chance of winning the league than United
Chris Jackson
Chris Jackson Måned siden
Djibouti Today tv
Djibouti Today tv Måned siden
Yea But Ole is Not Claudio Ranieri...
everyday is the same
everyday is the same Måned siden
Come on guys fix up one you don't learn about Greek mythology in re the God that you're looking for is called Dionysus...
Eurasian Gunner
Eurasian Gunner Måned siden
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali Måned siden
The way KG speaks. It's like he's trynna be more of a part of utd stand to boost his fame lol.
Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali Måned siden
@Chris Jackson i agree with that
Walter Wanami
Walter Wanami Måned siden
@Chris Jackson Spot on!
Chris Jackson
Chris Jackson Måned siden
I think he’s passionate and sick of being downbeat about Utd and is chucking positive vibes
Prahlāda Prem Das
Prahlāda Prem Das Måned siden
KG i am with you... Lets loose some weight
WarrenG Regulate
WarrenG Regulate Måned siden
Man like KG is the GOAT 🙌🙌 big up boys, great show
danj hamzah
danj hamzah Måned siden
Maguire may be on his way to Greece to serve his prison sentence
Simon Dixon
Simon Dixon Måned siden
Bruno for captain full stop!
Simon Dixon
Simon Dixon Måned siden
Love the way KG talks about his image first every week. Yes you look cool KG lol.
Vcnt Omondi
Vcnt Omondi Måned siden
Bruno has made me realize that to be captain, you don't necessarily have to wear the arm band. You can be captain simply by influencing the team the way you play. Leadership is an inherent thing.
Huss E
Huss E Måned siden
Flex looks depressed, needs a break.
John Gordillo
John Gordillo Måned siden
Man said he was Ed Woodward in a rave 🤣😂 KG madd love bro you’re too hilarious!
Ronin 1977
Ronin 1977 Måned siden
Flex looks different, is he gonna leave TUS soon ?
charles ogbolu
charles ogbolu Måned siden
KG is a happy human
stavvy stavvy
stavvy stavvy Måned siden
80-85 points will win you the title this year now Liverpool are very weak in defense and city have lost some good players so its up for grabs
JIBBZ Måned siden
I love this show
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