Which Ganondorf is strongest? (Ranking the Ganons from Legend of Zelda)

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Which Ganon/Ganondorf from the Zelda series is the strongest?
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Zeltik År siden
Which Ganon do you think is the strongest? Also, I didn't rank Demise - though he's sort of the father of all Ganons, he's not a Ganon if we're being strict :P AND YEAH I'LL USE A BETTER COLOUR FOR THE STATS BARS NEXT TIME MY BAD 😅
Greg Brassfield
Greg Brassfield 2 dager siden
Wind Waker Ganondorf
Matthew Jones
Matthew Jones 3 dager siden
Twilight ganondorth
Brenjie Animations and Art
Brenjie Animations and Art 7 dager siden
Which Bowser is the strongest?
Sparky clean YouTube channel 2009
Sparky clean YouTube channel 2009 8 dager siden
Ganondorf. Twilight princess
Sid Renshaw
Sid Renshaw 14 dager siden
It’s windwaker
Andrewo Mennah 🐉
Andrewo Mennah 🐉 7 timer siden
Apparently Calamity Ganon is still Ocarina's Ganondorf, since his mummy in BotW 2 trailer seems to be after his death in Twilight Princess. OoT very based once again
Harder Oneechan
Harder Oneechan Dag siden
Windwaker ganon cause he will still beat your ass even without the superpowers from the triforce of power
Nicholas Miles
Nicholas Miles Dag siden
Nicholas Miles
Nicholas Miles Dag siden
whoops. I meant Bruh, Age of calamity is so much better than any of these.
GrizzlySlasher Dag siden
You should make one for zelda
lukoscreyden Dag siden
Will we get a Zelda ranking sometime? That would be awesome.
Cat gamer
Cat gamer Dag siden
Where are the Zeldas?
Weeaboo _OwO
Weeaboo _OwO Dag siden
After hearing that the strongest ganon only does 8 hearts while a golden lynel’s explosion in botw does 52 hearts which makes ganon seem really weak.
2red2black 2 dager siden
Can we get a theory on the origin of Gannons trident? It’s never been explained what it is wher it’s from or how Gannon acquired/made it
Ganondorf 2 dager siden
Have y'all seen Link? *I need emotional support*
Gabe Risley
Gabe Risley 2 dager siden
ganondorf loses cuz you play as link
Lonely Loner
Lonely Loner 3 dager siden
Why don’t they just kill all gerudo to get rid of Ganon? I haven’t seen anyone talk about this.
Desmond Carrigan
Desmond Carrigan 3 dager siden
link to the past, to easy
Toby George
Toby George 3 dager siden
Imagine getting killed, coming back to life, and everytime it happens, it's by the same guy, but reincarnated. Needless to say, I can understand Ganon's grudge🤷🏾‍♂️
BC 3 dager siden
These explanations of each ganon's strengths are lackluster. Doesn't really seem like much thought was put into comparing each ganon to each other.
HelWarriorPL 4 dager siden
not the sharpest tool in a shed is it a shrek refference?
Elliot V
Elliot V 4 dager siden
Hei Darkfire
Hei Darkfire 4 dager siden
Either you're using different information or there's another updated timeline I don't know about. I looked up the official timeline, and the Four Swords Adventures Ganon is supposedly before the timeline split, so it's not part of any particular timeline. That version of Ganon is the first one that becomes the King of Darkness. I'm not sure I agree with some of the power ranks given in this, but it's a good analysis nonetheless. I like that you analyzed things most people wouldn't have thought about, like the fact that Calamity Ganon had the knowledge to corrupt the Sheikah tech that was used against him, showing that he did have some intelligence, and analyzing certain things most people don't think about much.
Clone Commander Rex CT-7567
Clone Commander Rex CT-7567 2 dager siden
Four swords adventure take place after twilight princess and always has been you are thinking about the prequel to four sword adventure which is just called four sword .The ganondorf in twilight died and reincarnated into a different ganondorf in four sword adventure and that ganondorf became ganon with trident of power not the triforce
MD 5 dager siden
CD-i Ganon is easily the strongest because he can make your face the greatest
rattyeely 5 dager siden
9:44 like if you heard it
hankatron3000 5 dager siden
Wait, so if Link to the Past Ganon was the strongest version of ganon, and Link defeated him, then how strong is Link?
Nintendo Sage The Great
Nintendo Sage The Great 6 dager siden
The one from Windwakee isn't even a real Ganondorf, it's a puppet
Sebastian Diaz
Sebastian Diaz 7 dager siden
The intro to this vid ALWAYS gives me chills. Makes me wanna hop on Smash and DORIYAH even more.
Amiel Reginaldo
Amiel Reginaldo 7 dager siden
Now that the Age of Calamity is done. Do a Which Zelda is the strongest/useful.
Kelly Hannon
Kelly Hannon 7 dager siden
We actually now know from the botw 2 trailer that calamity ganon was probably just a puppet of some sorts making botw's ganon all the more horrifingly powerful
Bronson2099 7 dager siden
There should only be 2 categories: 1) How good does he monologue his backstory? and 2) how good is his kimono?
Wyatt Hartness
Wyatt Hartness 7 dager siden
I see no green tuniced man in the description
Milher The Phoenix Mendez
Milher The Phoenix Mendez 7 dager siden
And the winner is... Demise 😜
Secondchances123 7 dager siden
It's yuga ganon not yuganon
The Jedi Guy
The Jedi Guy 8 dager siden
Kind of a tricky one but a ranking that may be based around Zelda.
Josh May
Josh May 8 dager siden
now botw link gonna have three games? jeez
J Mations
J Mations 8 dager siden
Hey, can I still enter the giveaway?
F Minus
F Minus 8 dager siden
bold of you to post a zelda video on mario day
lizard 8 dager siden
This might be updated.
Itsmeharoldsbc111 the gueat 2
Itsmeharoldsbc111 the gueat 2 9 dager siden
Link to the past ganon:strongest Me still playing and havent finished link to the past yet:sh*t
Itsmeharoldsbc111 the gueat 2
Itsmeharoldsbc111 the gueat 2 5 dager siden
@Isacho 06 thz
Itsmeharoldsbc111 the gueat 2
Itsmeharoldsbc111 the gueat 2 5 dager siden
Oh ok thx
Isacho 06
Isacho 06 5 dager siden
@Itsmeharoldsbc111 the gueat 2 you can get the red tunic in ganons tower, and u can the golden sword by first upgrading the master sword through black smiths, then upgrading again by throwing it in the great fairy's fountain in the dark world
Itsmeharoldsbc111 the gueat 2
Itsmeharoldsbc111 the gueat 2 5 dager siden
@Isacho 06 BTW where is the red tunic and gold sword?
Itsmeharoldsbc111 the gueat 2
Itsmeharoldsbc111 the gueat 2 5 dager siden
@Isacho 06 thx bro 👌👌👌
Bitchbackoff Hoe
Bitchbackoff Hoe 11 dager siden
You guys shut up Ganon can beat Ganon idiots and Ganon would wipe the floor with Ganon and Ganon could smack them all with one flick.
Bitchbackoff Hoe
Bitchbackoff Hoe 11 dager siden
DachKing 13 dager siden
Wha if Ganon resurrects one of these days and just kinda gives up and tries to live on in peace by everyone makes such a big deal about it that he gets killed by Link anyway
twilight ganons my favorite. link to the past ganon is OP AS HELL
WHY DID WIND WAKER HAVE TO BE A CARTOON!!?? Zelda should've kept with dark theme throughout. And not I'm talking about the lore I'm talking art style. if you haven't seen the beta trailer then there's no point with leaving an argumentative reply for me.
Pedro Yuuhi
Pedro Yuuhi 14 dager siden
Laranjo Louco
Laranjo Louco 14 dager siden
Now do "Which Beedle is strongest?", representing the tetraforce of rupees
peter montgomery
peter montgomery 15 dager siden
He'd rank pretty low, but Ganon from the Faces of Evil and Wand of Gamelon might've put up a decent argument
AirierBow 15 dager siden
It is pernounced SNES not SNEZ
Haerl 44
Haerl 44 16 dager siden
A Link to the Past Ganon is the most strong he killed the Hero of Time and have the complete Triforce
Marco Ramirez-Vega
Marco Ramirez-Vega 16 dager siden
The beginning gives me chills! I have to keep reminding it haha
Dragon Chicken
Dragon Chicken 17 dager siden
Calamity ganon isn’t a reincarnation, it’s just a stronger blight
remarkable dude
remarkable dude 17 dager siden
Zeltik can you do this with bowser if you want?
Jamison Hingle
Jamison Hingle 17 dager siden
You didn't put malodus on this list
Elite 4 Champion Josh
Elite 4 Champion Josh 17 dager siden
Strongest ganon ever? Melee ganon doing a down smash
The Dude
The Dude 17 dager siden
What about the sequel, there's body under the castle, maybe its ganondorf?
Who Shockyy
Who Shockyy 17 dager siden
what’s the song?
Max Walker
Max Walker 18 dager siden
What about skyward sword?
[ peanut ]
[ peanut ] 18 dager siden
So everyone's just gonna ignore the fact that the gods drowned every single person in Hyrule except the people on very tall landmasses? edit: grammar fix
FoxtY LeRenardVagabond
FoxtY LeRenardVagabond 18 dager siden
So where is Wisdom ranking :D ? Spoiler it's Tetra :3
Acrylic 18 dager siden
Are we just not gonna talk about the joke at 9:40 😂😭
Salt 18 dager siden
Wheres the Zelda episode
Master Bust Cloud
Master Bust Cloud 19 dager siden
I lose the giveway
E Insinga
E Insinga 19 dager siden
Why "which Ganondorf is strongest" but not "which Ganondorf is the baldest"?
Lane Skinner
Lane Skinner 19 dager siden
If you put him in there, then Demise would have won! =)
Daruk 20 dager siden
Ganondorf is all the same person.
Butter Popcorn
Butter Popcorn 21 dag siden
Calamity by a long shot
jasonknowlez 22 dager siden
There's a link in the description!! lol Get it ? A "Link," in the description? Har Har Har
Lex Jastin Baltazar
Lex Jastin Baltazar 22 dager siden
Its cool that the most powerful ganon is fighting against the most powerful link
hamster chick
hamster chick 22 dager siden
My.only minor gripe with this is that OoT Gannon is that the castle fell down due to his powers dieing therefore the castle crumbles.too, which he made....not his magic made it fall.... he falls- His magic fades. The end. Thats how I see it 🤷‍♀️🤣 luv u!! Zelda life 4 life
AmlostAnything 23 dager siden
Well Gannon Dorf is technically dead but he’s coming back to life in breath of the wild too so who knows he might be the most powerful(me who can’t even beat a guardian🥲)
Maleeka Abbas
Maleeka Abbas 25 dager siden
It’s obviously Demise.
Kurt langenfeld
Kurt langenfeld 26 dager siden
well age of calamity says botw ganon also reached the korok forest zelda has the whole tri force and had to get him when he was weakened
DeadmanDave 27 dager siden
The strongest is definitely the one from Breath Of The Wild.
Aarya Shingare
Aarya Shingare 27 dager siden
ganon is actually not so bad he just wants some part of hyrule because he thinks its better for his people to live in open fields of nature and etc. than living in the harsh desert
Jason Bell
Jason Bell 28 dager siden
Ganon: what a worthless creation Me on my first OoT playthrough: the next two bosses are so much easier and THATS the worthless one?!? Bad logic, man Bongo Bongo: I’m about to end this man’s whole career
Jason Bell
Jason Bell 28 dager siden
“This Ganon has the power of a god.” Me, an intellectual: “There’s three, actually”
Khalid Springfield
Khalid Springfield 9 dager siden
4 at least. Counting the Goddess Hylia.
Jason Bell
Jason Bell 28 dager siden
Do a Zelda one
Hypenos_YT 29 dager siden
I feel like the botw Ganon would easily win.
Greg's Retro Video Games & More
Greg's Retro Video Games & More 29 dager siden
Personally, I Think a Ganondorf that could take over Hyrule. WITHOUT the triforce would be stronger. Than one who couldn't until he got his steroid power....if you will
Rachel Isba
Rachel Isba Måned siden
obviously ocarina of time is the best ganon because i beat calamity ganon 1000 times in my whole life
SkylanderHero Måned siden
Do you have any plans to make a "Which Princess Zelda is strongest video"?
Alex Davi
Alex Davi Måned siden
Still waiting for Which Zelda is strongest (Ranking the Ganons from Legend of Zelda)
Emberson 9000
Emberson 9000 Måned siden
"Ganondorf's beast form makes him a godlike behemoth." Beeg Goron Sword: I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that.
omagafox123 Måned siden
Will we ever get a "strongest Zelda" ?
Shadow Måned siden
can i just say i wish the starting theme for calamity ganon was for that entire fight its so dang intense and i love it
klaus hammer
klaus hammer Måned siden
The way this guy describes botw ganon, I can't help but anticipate the sequel with ganon having an actual body and how insanely powerful and difficult he'll be. Because let's face it that final boss was a let down. The camel boss was more difficult
the Face of Death Productions
the Face of Death Productions Måned siden
Can you do Zelda, it might be a very interesting idea, thanks, if you see this
Xerazal Måned siden
One thing you left out about Wind Waker G-Dorf, he's MUCH wiser. Throughout the game, whenever you do get to speak with him, he basically admits that his prior methods (hint hint ocarina of time) were childish, brash, and single-minded. He even explains his reasoning for doing what he did (whether he's telling the truth or not, who knows). He comes off as somewhat sympathetic when explaining how he and the Gerudo had to live in the harsh desert while close by the Hylians lived in peace and were prosperous. Again, he could be lying, but he kind of comes off as noble in a way in that what he did he was doing because he wanted better for the Gerudo. WW G-Dorf is best G-Dorf IMHO. He has the most character development, comes off as far more cunning than any other incarnation of G-Dorf, and if he is lying and was just trying to pull sympathy from Link, shows he's more manipulative.
Impa Måned siden
I still think that calamity Ganon could beat Ocarina of time ganondorf. Mainly because he fricken massive
Ty 7689
Ty 7689 Måned siden
Would you update this when we eventually get more information on calamity ganon.
Pi ChessMaster
Pi ChessMaster Måned siden
The opening at 1:37 is AMAZING!
Eeveelover133 •
Eeveelover133 • Måned siden
Zelda next
Alexander Shah
Alexander Shah Måned siden
Which ganondorf is strongest is the tittle but they are Ganon in zeltiks eyes I’m confused
Nathan Whiting
Nathan Whiting Måned siden
No demise?
Moon Hart
Moon Hart Måned siden
Hyrule Warriors Ganondorf: Hey guys, what about me? :( Everyone: Who are you??
Noogidoo22 Måned siden
tbh i think a bit to much focus was put on the triforce of power there. dark beast gannon was ranked bellow a lot of them because they didn't have it but was just as if not more durable and, potentially, powerful
mark burke
mark burke Måned siden
Stop calling it SNESS. It's a fucking super nintendo
EnderalPhantom Måned siden
Idk man, huge dragon ganon seems pretty weak idk
Master Link
Master Link Måned siden
Demise is the strongest one he's litterally a Demon compared to the other Ganondorfs
David Lara
David Lara Måned siden
You forgot smash
Keagan Songhurst
Keagan Songhurst Måned siden
This makes me so excited for BOTW 2
nick lira
nick lira Måned siden
imagine if we shortened ganondorf to just dorf lol. calamity dorf
ALink T10
ALink T10 Måned siden
Yes, A Link to the past Ganon is the strongest
Sid Renshaw
Sid Renshaw Måned siden
“A link in the description” Lapras and Wailord: EYYYY
Gabriel Krows
Gabriel Krows Måned siden
I'm the first to understand and I love it.
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