We Played AMONG US But IN REAL LIFE!! (Imposter IQ 999)

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FaZe Rug

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We played Among Us in real life with 8 people. If you're the imposter, just try not to get caught... This was INSANE!
• PART 2 ► nopost.info/throw/36_IeZi5mKp3p5o/video
• Try my G FUEL Flavor!! ► gfuel.ly/use-code-rug
Piper: @Piper Rockelle
Sherman: @ShermanTheVerman
Donlad: @DONLAD
Kaelyn: baeeeeelyn
Clint: clintgorou
Justin: justin_goro
Junior: jaywadis_
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FaZe Rug
FaZe Rug Måned siden
300,000 LIKES FOR PART 2!
Daniel Harris
Daniel Harris 3 dager siden
Priya H
Priya H 20 dager siden
My suggestion is that don't expose imposter at the starting please
mr_fishypants12345 22 dager siden
Bro this is stupid funny
wing lee
wing lee 25 dager siden
You forgot the Kill Cooldowwnnnn
ÊXXØTÎK Måned siden
If u make a part 2 atleast add a kill cooldown cause in among us junior would easily report as he saw the dead body but sherman killed him a second after he killed the other dude soooo add kill cooldown
jay jay
jay jay 57 minutter siden
The most boring among us in real life i’ve seen
Denis Time siden
120,000 Likes For part 2,3!
Ayesha Ariyappadi
Ayesha Ariyappadi 5 timer siden
Audrina and Sophia
Audrina and Sophia 8 timer siden
Wait piper was in it and I love this vid !😉
kurt shlobain
kurt shlobain 16 timer siden
Do they not have a kill cool down or what
Imre Splamming
Imre Splamming 16 timer siden
YOOOOOOOOO lets Collab 🔥
Zayden And Ziaire Tv
Zayden And Ziaire Tv 19 timer siden
I love your videos
Fave immanuel Ch
Fave immanuel Ch 19 timer siden
Hi fave rug I love all your videos
David Pakai
David Pakai 20 timer siden
Hello my name is supergamerboy subscribe 2 my channel now!
David Pakai
David Pakai 20 timer siden
Louvik Vuillemin
Louvik Vuillemin Dag siden
make more of those video they are cool
amy cruz
amy cruz Dag siden
20 year olds with a 12 year old no
Routines With hailey
Routines With hailey Dag siden
Why did they piper in the game she is just 13 and most of those people are in there. 20,s
0715 Dag siden
isnt that yellow not lime lmao
Josiah Lewis pierre
Josiah Lewis pierre Dag siden
BellasWorld Dag siden
piper relizing this squad is better than hers
Lola Moreno
Lola Moreno Dag siden
Whats a Mexican standoff lol I'm Mexican and I've never heard of that lol.
Crazy Z & Brisy Bri
Crazy Z & Brisy Bri Dag siden
I like these videos. My son had go my benge watching all types of different among us videos
Adolfo Iniguez
Adolfo Iniguez Dag siden
I saw Piper and Donlap playing with FaZe Rug
Jamila Hakimullah Amiri
Jamila Hakimullah Amiri Dag siden
wait u spelt impostor wrong
Matt Simpson
Matt Simpson 2 dager siden
Part 2: -kill cool down -security cameras -all lights turned off and everyone must have flashlights -buzzer button in the emergency table - also the viewers don’t want to know who the imposter is we have to be surprised like everyone else Like so rug can see
J.A.V 2 dager siden
Hey Faze rug If you ever do another among us vid you should let the imposter be able to turn off lights and have night vision goggles and and crewmates have weak flashlights That would be lit🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jelly Fox
Jelly Fox 2 dager siden
What happened to the homeless man he used to support? He seemed so lovely.
Sahro Ahmed
Sahro Ahmed 2 dager siden
FaZe Rug:”1 Imposter,7 Crewmembers”
Brithany Rodriguez
Brithany Rodriguez 2 dager siden
"Crine of the scene" BEST QUOTE IN 2020 SHERMAN (the verman)
Hyper Syn
Hyper Syn 3 dager siden
Challenge - Play as imposter without venting
Kev. v
Kev. v 3 dager siden
Rug be like "let's see if the imposter can take the win there" even tho Anthony and rug was the imposter😂
Jayden Zimmerman
Jayden Zimmerman 3 dager siden
In real life
Jayden Zimmerman
Jayden Zimmerman 3 dager siden
I really want you to play with caylus
Patricia Acuna
Patricia Acuna 3 dager siden
you'r cool faze rug
James Baldwin
James Baldwin 3 dager siden
FaZe rug joining me on Among Us I'm playing right now I just had to get on NOpost and tell you that I'm pulling
Chato Sandoval
Chato Sandoval 3 dager siden
It's because you don't have no kill cooldown
PlayRoblox 3 dager siden
i am confused, no kill cooldown😄
Mason Balser
Mason Balser 3 dager siden
i liked those are cool videos dude
xxxttvyt husein
xxxttvyt husein 3 dager siden
Whas up faze rug im a big fan my name. nasr
Sara Shiwani
Sara Shiwani 3 dager siden
blue bxrry
blue bxrry 3 dager siden
Am I going crazy or you actually don’t have merch?🧍‍♀️😭
Lana Hi
Lana Hi 4 dager siden
Piper is hear nah i’m clocking off lmao😭😭
Mea Smith
Mea Smith 4 dager siden
So no kill cool down??
Bunny Tux
Bunny Tux 4 dager siden
Intro: *explains how to play the actual game* Me: I KNOW HOW TO PLAY AMONG US. Only useful part in that is the airhorn thing. Lol
Ahmed Farah
Ahmed Farah 4 dager siden
Ricardo Duarte
Ricardo Duarte 4 dager siden
Love the vid🔥
Fadel Matar
Fadel Matar 5 dager siden
I swear these shordys nowadays are wildinnnn
Fadel Matar
Fadel Matar 5 dager siden
Who the fuck says “I tapped him cause he’s my friend”
Mashar Yussuf
Mashar Yussuf 5 dager siden
When u reach 20 mil can i just win the iphone 12 please I literally watch your videos everyday
Alyssa Tuttle
Alyssa Tuttle 5 dager siden
Part 2??
Lee4Seahawk 5 dager siden
Piper mad cute though
Aubree L
Aubree L 5 dager siden
Piper you are my favorite person
Tiny Secrets
Tiny Secrets 5 dager siden
Is ur camera man Noah if it is you are in danger cuz the board said it’s name is Noah then he said he will follow u to the new house
Anja Riis
Anja Riis 5 dager siden
WHO is Piper. It is Anthonys Girl/girlfriend
ziyanna millet
ziyanna millet 5 dager siden
I did not know piper was there
Jason Manuel Liao
Jason Manuel Liao 5 dager siden
CeijJian Tarroza
CeijJian Tarroza 6 dager siden
11:57 😂
xX_BigBunnyHDGameplayXL_Xx 6 dager siden
kill cooldown was on point
jen-ny 6 dager siden
anyone here from norris nuts?
juliann gaydos
juliann gaydos 6 dager siden
How Faze Rug spells the imp. Imposter. How to actually spell imp. Impostor
Among Us Boi
Among Us Boi 6 dager siden
Everybody spells Impostor wrong
Joaquin Cerezo
Joaquin Cerezo 6 dager siden
I was is piper even in the vid
Aa Aa
Aa Aa 6 dager siden
...........⁰⁰ ⁿ⁰
AROLDO Type in the wolf stories
AROLDO Type in the wolf stories 6 dager siden
Hush boy hush boy don’t say a word throw on your dress you know it’s occurred hush girl hush girl just bagged your eyes General symbols welcome to the land of the world game my
Among gus....... Ehhhhhhh
wizarddemon 5000
wizarddemon 5000 7 dager siden
God Piper was the wors imposter
المصمم الأمير -Designer
المصمم الأمير -Designer 7 dager siden
Are you a clown
IAN FOR GOD 7 dager siden
You should do 15 sec. cool down
ATR Golden
ATR Golden 7 dager siden
It was like a no kill cool down
Taha Khan
Taha Khan 7 dager siden
Can you make another video like this but with kill cool down
Ari :D
Ari :D 7 dager siden
XD omg I laughed so hard when I saw Donald killer in front of Brian xD
Jazlyn Tanner kerns
Jazlyn Tanner kerns 7 dager siden
Wait...is that piper Rockell?
Jazlyn Tanner kerns
Jazlyn Tanner kerns 7 dager siden
And Donald???
no one
no one 7 dager siden
Who Piper I never seen her before
CHARLIX RAE 7 dager siden
Can we take a moment and talk about how gorgeous and big the house is:)
CHARLIX RAE 7 dager siden
Piper omg.
CHARLIX RAE 7 dager siden
Aian King Carandang
Aian King Carandang 8 dager siden
Piper is there he is there
Олександр Ковальчук
Олександр Ковальчук 8 dager siden
Your video copied Russian blogger A4
Spanch Bob
Spanch Bob 8 dager siden
A4 hmmmmmmmmmmm
Awais Afridi YT
Awais Afridi YT 8 dager siden
7:09 that lambo is dope!
X andy
X andy 9 dager siden
Diar Flan
Diar Flan 9 dager siden
Hello, visit our channelwaw
Mutasem Ali
Mutasem Ali 9 dager siden
NIna Shevchuk
NIna Shevchuk 9 dager siden
You should do a lot more among us Vida there awesome
logi0.9nD plzexplain
logi0.9nD plzexplain 9 dager siden
This guy is still alive???
DYING LIGHT 9 dager siden
Among us is a game that literally teaches people(and mainly children) it's cool to lie. Smh.
Carlitos Junior
Carlitos Junior 9 dager siden
Wow Wow2. 3ooo
Joshua Cano
Joshua Cano 9 dager siden
Happy birthday dudu
Robin Crawley
Robin Crawley 9 dager siden
🎈👑Happy 24th. Birthday Faze Rug “Brian”🎂. “For this is the day that the Lord hath made, we will Rejoice and be Glad in it”! Enjoy your Very Special Day! God Bless You For Always!🎈🙏🏼
Shmalex 9 dager siden
Trash video
Kitty Kid
Kitty Kid 9 dager siden
@FaZe Rug since i saw ur vid i played in real life with my friends as well ;) and i played it the same way u did
Fahmi Aziz
Fahmi Aziz 10 dager siden
when I play at my house, the game is only 1 minute because my house is only 60m2 one floor without aisle.
DFaw 10 dager siden
not excatly 100% .there is no camera room like in the game
Cesar Pérez
Cesar Pérez 10 dager siden
Zombies in my room for a long time
Claudia Gough
Claudia Gough 10 dager siden
Sherman acts sooo sus
Xssicee 10 dager siden
Sup rug congrats on 17 mil just to let you know I’ve been there from the begging and you’ve just make my days and just wanted to say thx
Vivid Gamer
Vivid Gamer 10 dager siden
Red sus
a youtube channel
a youtube channel 10 dager siden
what was that 8:45
Brock Hite
Brock Hite 10 dager siden
Why are are you in faze you make content for 7 year olds. Pretty muck all of faze does that except jev. All the rest of you make content do little kids who like fortnite
Adam Oakes
Adam Oakes 10 dager siden
Fuck bigger than the other one is a little bit of a few things
Adam Oakes
Adam Oakes 10 dager siden
Joey Ruiz
Joey Ruiz 10 dager siden
Cool down probably disabled thats cool
Elena Esmail
Elena Esmail 10 dager siden
Elena Esmail
Elena Esmail 10 dager siden
! 88🔶🔶
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