GEN vs G2 - Game 1 | Quarter Finals S10 LoL Worlds 2020 PlayOffs | Gen.G vs G2 eSports G1 full

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full game G2 vs GEN G1 lol worlds 2020 Quarter Finals PlayOffs - G2 eSports vs Gen.G Game 1. Season 10 lol eSports World Championship 2020 in China.
LoL eSports S10 WORLDS 2020 PlayOffs - Gen.G vs G2 eSports Game 1 Quarter Finals | League of Legends Worlds 2020 G2 vs GEN G1 VOD 1080p Full HD.
First match of the day - G2 eSports vs Gen.G best of 5 Game 1.
GEN vs G2 G1 full game in HD 1080p.
Gen.G Line-up:
Rascal - top Volibear
Clid - jungle Lillia
BDD - mid Azir
Ruler - ADC Kalista
life - Support Taric
G2 eSports Line-up:
Wunder - top Camille
Jankos - jungle Nidalee
Caps - mid Twisted Fate
PerkZ - ADC Jhin
Mykix - support Pantheon
Patch: 10.19 - Season 10
Game date: 18.10.2020 | 10/18/2020 | October 18th 2020
Game place: Shanghai, China
Casters: Vedius and Medic
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EpicSkillshot - LoL VOD Library
EpicSkillshot - LoL VOD Library 3 måneder siden
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Yi Xu
Yi Xu Måned siden
The whole game is the announcers on GenG's nuts as G2 slowly pulls the game away. Like were they watching a different game??
BRUT Måned siden
First song name please.
단결 2 måneder siden
젠레기가 감당하기엔 너무 큰 팀이었누 ㅋㅋ
Ivan Capuz
Ivan Capuz 2 måneder siden
Expected from Koreans, they play like an AI
Catsun Corp
Catsun Corp 2 måneder siden
No entendí nada de lo que dijeron, pero estoy satisfecha.
Megha Rupa
Megha Rupa 2 måneder siden
Thanks for another set of quick uploads - much appreciated!
Lorenzo Ordóñez
Lorenzo Ordóñez 2 måneder siden
what I watched was against a kids vs the pros nice play G2
ᄋᄋ 2 måneder siden
LCK is back
Brendon De Villiers
Brendon De Villiers 2 måneder siden
This is my second time watching this series; my god G2 have some incredible cohesion.
Phoenix 2 måneder siden
Name of song in champ select pls
Robin GreenTV
Robin GreenTV 2 måneder siden
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Monkey Ace
Monkey Ace 2 måneder siden
Does anyone remember and older channel that used to upload games aswell but each upload was 1h long and they would upload blanks so if a game went 3-0 you didn’t know by uploads cause they always upload 5 videos?
Joseph Ohkar
Joseph Ohkar 2 måneder siden
I love the girls who are standing behind players
Austin McCully
Austin McCully 2 måneder siden
i have a real problem with games like this that use a ton of acronyms during a broadcast. Someone knew like me getting into the game having to google every acronym is frustrating as hell. MTG does this a lot too. Starcraft as well. No wonder Esports is hard to watch unless you're super into it.
rolando jr benavides
rolando jr benavides 2 måneder siden
Damn even mobile legends player can't play XD
Gainster 2 måneder siden
What's with the water
MyK3 Gaming
MyK3 Gaming 2 måneder siden
this is gonna be biggest MOBA Game .!! even gonna surpass Mobile legends !! i have no doubts about it.
3g0’s Pr1d3
3g0’s Pr1d3 2 måneder siden
Honestly I’m glad you do this. U do a lot for the community chief thx for everything.
刘波 2 måneder siden
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My Couch Smells Like Soda
My Couch Smells Like Soda 2 måneder siden
not fair. gen's whole table was facing the sun.
꼬마타이탄 2 måneder siden
what the fuck is clid doing from 24:14 ? He literally saw mikyx walk into his jungle with the control ward and he should know tf is close since tf and nidalee pushed bdd out of the first bot turret
Dikkebal 3 måneder siden
Drink every time jankos misses a spear
Betty Johnson
Betty Johnson 3 måneder siden
I dont know his name but the caster that can't speak words is anoyying af he's always talking about the scores of other games and who won them like bruh not everyone watching this live fucking ruins all the other games before we even get to watch them.
Betty Johnson
Betty Johnson 3 måneder siden
He just needs to stfu sometimes talk about the game your casting not the game before.
李天爱 3 måneder siden
LPL万古长存,sn tes加油
Drummer Tomato
Drummer Tomato 3 måneder siden
Hello, can anyone explain to me what happened between 17:42 and 18:12 (ingame time), it feels like G2 gained a gold lead out of nowhere
Protein_Deficient 2 måneder siden
GenG grouped for dragon. In the mean time, G2 were farming top lane and jungle minions, plus top tower. That's where the gold lead came from.
Thomas van Iersel
Thomas van Iersel 3 måneder siden
Thanks for another set of quick uploads - much appreciated!
Android 21
Android 21 3 måneder siden
Gen would have won that all in with Taric engage. All they had to do was have Kallista ult just behind raptor wall so it was out of vision and have Volli Insta jump in with Taric. He would have stunned any dps and Taric ult would have popped as he just barely died. Gen had WAY more dps in Kallista and Azir and they also would have had very high aoe on the Lillia because she would have had a chance to flash in after the Taric ult hit her off of Kallista and they were quite grouped up. You have to accept TF will die last and he will just spam Wild Cards and a stun card on CD but it's no where near the damage of Azir and Kallista so just face tank it and accept it. Also the whole team would have been Taric ultied anyway. Slap down the Azir wall next to raptor and gg no one on the G2 can get to Azir as it stops Camille and Nids.
ali kamali
ali kamali 3 måneder siden
its like WWE completely scripted .... they give g2 easy groups then put them against korean team and say the reason they defeated the korean team is because their play style counter korean teams style ( complete nonsense ) and then they lose to chinese team because if u guys dont know a chinese company (tencent ) Bought riot games
Selling Soul 5 Bucks
Selling Soul 5 Bucks 3 måneder siden
31:57 you don't say
Jrogs4 3 måneder siden
Dude with speech impediment casting.............still better than LS
JC Gaming
JC Gaming 3 måneder siden
Jay 3 måneder siden
Actually winning lck you just winn the second place of lck, below g2.
Batang Jareid Makulit
Batang Jareid Makulit 3 måneder siden
I hope LOL will be available here in Philippines
Johatsu 3 måneder siden
Congrats G2 the beast is waiting on the semifinal
LEAGUE OFFICIAL 3 måneder siden
The One Truth
The One Truth 3 måneder siden
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Monkey Business
Monkey Business 3 måneder siden
"Support" pantheon btw
Wla lng
Wla lng 3 måneder siden
Sadd to those didn't Watch live.. And read comments while not fineshing the game.. Spoilers alert!
Todd Metzger
Todd Metzger 3 måneder siden
Now you have all the derps in LoL, "tp Is DuH mEtA cUz DuH wOrLdZ" tp'ing to your lane and ultra feeding.
Jan Iedema
Jan Iedema 2 måneder siden
@Jake Dont use the tactics pros use in normal league
Jake 3 måneder siden
what are you trying to say?
João Rebocho OaW
João Rebocho OaW 3 måneder siden
God damn how good is this caster
kiralex chang
kiralex chang 3 måneder siden
Gratz G2!!
David Le
David Le 3 måneder siden
Why is Life engaging the entire G2 line up by himself in the river-mid?! In what universe does he survive?!
Jones 3 måneder siden
that fight at minute 29 is jawdropping. perkz got FUCKED. Jankos got FUCKED. and then they just roll Gen G over anyway. whaaaaaaaaaaaat. what was that goldcard on ruler. that blew him up
Jones 3 måneder siden
bro they give up herald and 3 dragons!!! it could have beend a 23 minutes soul. and then they just get some picks with pantheon support get a baron and the game swings right back into g2s favour. this is crazy. so against the rules. cadreal would say illegal gameplay. but some how it works. somehow they can pull it off
Lwx 3 måneder siden
Ruler top1 adc btw, my ass xDDD where are theese delusional LCK fanboys now? disappeared quickly xdd
13radley I
13radley I 3 måneder siden
G2 is the only team that can ignore the games built in win conditions that was fun
Blade Master
Blade Master 3 måneder siden
Nik w
Nik w 3 måneder siden
"G2 showing signs of life" - G2 winning in every metric except dragons
Soul Reaper
Soul Reaper 13 timer siden
@CY AT double edged sword strat
CY AT 13 timer siden
@Soul Reaper its because they trade objectives for towers its their strategy like against skt in msi
alejandro vasquez
alejandro vasquez 2 måneder siden
@Filip Gasic to be fair on iPhone u can see the top comment without trying to see the comments
Soul Reaper
Soul Reaper 2 måneder siden
Maybe that is the reason why they lose last year at finals because of the drakes. Drakes are also kind of OP especially this season
i am gamsiz
i am gamsiz 3 måneder siden
Spoiler alert?
Kraken 3 måneder siden
Adrian Lima
Adrian Lima 3 måneder siden
My absolute respect to G2 for using those extremely small windows to get picks off in the side lanes. This was very enjoyable to watch. The play making was extremely smooth and seemed effortlessly throughout the entire game. There was definitely a rhythm that GenG couldn’t keep up with. GG WP, my pickems are saved!
gage boudreau
gage boudreau 3 måneder siden
Honestly g2 comp is insane
Kai Hamasaki
Kai Hamasaki 3 måneder siden
Did anyone even think that Gen G was gonna win a game? Cmon guys... if any team can beat DWG it’s gonna be G2. They just clap LCK teams
Zhe Cheng
Zhe Cheng 3 måneder siden
Go final G2!
FrenchProdigy 3 måneder siden
What was this song in early during the champ select ?
euT ERRR 3 måneder siden
if only fnc didnt troll game 3
Brechum 3 måneder siden
I like how the pre-game and during the first game, the casters were only talking about GenG. xD They changed their opinion pretty fast.
Troll Noobs
Troll Noobs 2 måneder siden
G2 showed up hard
Remains123 3 måneder siden
@opiumate what has that to do with anything. I am saying LEC casters, because of their biased, got personally attacked on the internet and that is why they changed their attitude. They got it all wrong, yes, but that is not my point.
opiumate 3 måneder siden
@Remains123 but everyone knew that G2 gonna win, they are better team then Fnatic and had a much easier opponent to beat, it was obvious G2 gonna win today, nobody doubted that, at least in Europe. Same as Europe knew yesterday that Fnatic will lose (even commentators in my country were talking about it even though for my country both teams are equally important, we were pleasantly surprised they won these 2 games, it was surprising), same as we knew today G2 gonna win.
DEEDSHOT R 3 måneder siden
@Remains123 yeah, don't jinx it for eu :D
Remains123 3 måneder siden
They probably did that because of what happened yesterday.
Riccardo centimeri
Riccardo centimeri 3 måneder siden
It s incredible how g2 adapt their game to the opponent. Always finding Tmyhe winning conditions
Michael Naaden
Michael Naaden 3 måneder siden
The casters seem to be watching a different game than the one posted...saying the Electric bear is doing fine when he's 2 kills behind, saying the Lilia is protecting him when he's been dove twice, that Gen G is ahead at 15, when they are seriously running out of time...I'm a silver scrub, but these casters are iron in analysis. They don't seem to understand the first thing about the pick comp G2 is running. Garbage level casting for people who get paid for this.
Saberwaisen 1995
Saberwaisen 1995 3 måneder siden
The volibear was the only one doing something
Lal Mawi
Lal Mawi 3 måneder siden
Bro stay silver the caster was right about the volibear
Sena R
Sena R 3 måneder siden
Thanks for the upload again! Got a morning shift that's why couldn't watch it live.
黃彥家 3 måneder siden
The representative of Euros, G2 is likely to win the following series after defeating GEN...
GG Glenn
GG Glenn 2 måneder siden
AtAt45 3 måneder siden
That's the g2 I like. Focused, not underestimating, waiting for the baron buff to do the work etc
PHILLIP Chang 3 måneder siden
Quarter final for gen g was too much.
Jerry Wu
Jerry Wu 3 måneder siden
Faker lost to this.....
Coconut Mango
Coconut Mango 3 måneder siden
As an NA viewer I have to say G2 is ridiculously good and extremely entertaining to watch, unlike Throw Six Matches who sit around and do nothing for 40 minutes then roll over and die after a 9 man sleep
GG Glenn
GG Glenn 2 måneder siden
@Em Dee happy reading your comment and not those trashtalking toxic people
Nineblessednineadoredninedestined Soshi
Nineblessednineadoredninedestined Soshi 2 måneder siden
Throw Six Matches is the hot new team on the block.
Em Dee
Em Dee 2 måneder siden
as an EU viewer i miss the old times when NA and EU teams were head on head and we did stay together and cheer each other on to beat the asian teams. Good nostalgia S3 times...
Arch Stanton
Arch Stanton 3 måneder siden
damn how have i not heard Throw Six Matches yet?
Wesley 3 måneder siden
um...Caps literally one-shot Ruler with a gold card in that last fight. Not even the blue card...the GOLD card.
Sarubotai 2 måneder siden
@Filip Gasic completely unrelated and random comment lmao. if you want attention there are better ways to go about it😂😂😂
Gopher Lee
Gopher Lee 2 måneder siden
@AtAt45 Krazy Fed
Sarubotai 3 måneder siden
@LNLonelyness No not really... its a dcap lichbane tf with 3 levels up vs 0 extra mr.
LNLonelyness 3 måneder siden
@Sarubotai that's still a lotta damage for one gold card tbh
Sarubotai 3 måneder siden
he was at 50% hp calm your titties mate
Darkhan345 3 måneder siden
If only FNC Had a caps or Larson
99 bits
99 bits 3 måneder siden
honestly GenG ban TF if BDD don't know how to play him
GG Glenn
GG Glenn 2 måneder siden
yeah. i dunno why they keep competing on G2 style and losing their own style. they should have just banned those roaming champs and stayedon these laning champs where they are good.
EmeqPL 3 måneder siden
Agreed, he was literally invisible on TF
Hyerrr Vawesome
Hyerrr Vawesome 3 måneder siden
300 ahead at 8 mins is not a lead why does stupid things come out of your mouth. Don't speak to speak
JT 3 måneder siden
G2, 3-0
Beeps 3 måneder siden
Louis Robitaille
Louis Robitaille 2 måneder siden
NA pro teams are one-man carry teams (there's a reason why TSM is Team Solo Mid xD) while EUW pro teams are 5-men teams. NA Solo Queue players can easily climb to Challenger in other regions and TF Blade made it to rank 1 in both NA and EUW at the same time. Basically: Solo Queue NA > EUW | Worlds/tournaments: EUW > NA.
Alexander Vu
Alexander Vu 3 måneder siden
@Kokkelikirva using your own words against you, you must be ignorant that most NA fans dont give a duck. The only ones you mention are the extraordinary salty ones. Most NA fans imo just dont want to see LPL and LCK win again for like 7 years in a row
Kokkelikirva 3 måneder siden
@Alexander Vu I honbestly dont think anyone takes the west vs east thing seriously because NA would just rather see EU lose and vice versa than to root for the other region. That's the nature of this rivalry. It's just EU vs east like it always has been and NA doesn't want to see EU win because it makes them feel worse than they already do..
Alexander Vu
Alexander Vu 3 måneder siden
@Kokkelikirva those NA fans were delusional to begin with if they thought NA was gonna do something at worlds. Also the original comment said NA why so mad when G2 won, which NA should be supporting anyways bc west vs east. I was just saying how his comment was dumb af
Kokkelikirva 3 måneder siden
@Alexander Vu You might not be but you have to be willfully ignorant to claim there aren't a lot of mad NA fans out there right now. They would be a lot more visible if G2 had lost.
SwtorRo Gaming
SwtorRo Gaming 3 måneder siden
LCK SLAYER UNFUCKINLEASHEDDDDDDDDD ....always said that G2 in bo5s are a totally different monster
dan theman
dan theman 3 måneder siden
Claps is back !!!
Legendary lolz Limon
Legendary lolz Limon 3 måneder siden
Arko Mondal
Arko Mondal 3 måneder siden
arigatou senpai😍😍
EpicSkillshot - LoL VOD Library
EpicSkillshot - LoL VOD Library 3 måneder siden
welcome :)
Wilfredo Figueroa
Wilfredo Figueroa 3 måneder siden
So no one noticed the TSM logo at the end? Lol
octoslut 3 måneder siden
Nobody notices garbage
Michael Keating
Michael Keating 3 måneder siden
@Chiel Nijssen Made quarters in 2014 and one of two teams to beat SSW (admittedly due to a terrible lvl 1 by SSW)
Saberwaisen 1995
Saberwaisen 1995 3 måneder siden
One team flashed the fpx emote in a groups game they won against g2, hilarious
Miguel Meza
Miguel Meza 3 måneder siden
@Chiel Nijssen 😱😂😂😂😂
Chiel Nijssen
Chiel Nijssen 3 måneder siden
That's probably the only way they will ever be in the quarter finals...
Edens 3 måneder siden
Ruler : 3:0 G2. : yes
Robert Villafuerte Jr.
Robert Villafuerte Jr. 3 måneder siden
I knew it was a sweep geng was rough and unstable since lck
saj daj
saj daj 3 måneder siden
such a useful Taric :)))
G2 worst team In the world
G2 worst team In the world 3 måneder siden
hahaha again geng decided not to win worlds and lose bo5 ok , every time g2 is "winning" they "win" bcs enemy team decided to throw a game, it's disgusting how bad wunder jankos caps perkz and mikix play but they might go to semi bcs geng the weakest team decited to give free bo5, g2 should not be even qualificated to worlds bcs all lec teams are better than them, fnc should be in semi and win vs sunning and win vs damwon. G2 is a team of totall losers and their fans have the same behavioral tendency.
LEC 18:57 0-6 in Finals Got Reverse Swept
LEC 18:57 0-6 in Finals Got Reverse Swept 3 måneder siden
are you headhunterx in disguise?
Rodrigo Ledesma
Rodrigo Ledesma 3 måneder siden
How pathetic can a person be lol
homster luder
homster luder 3 måneder siden
@Robert.D Marius the fact that i know who you're talking about makes me fucking laugh xD
That Male Nurse
That Male Nurse 3 måneder siden
Sir this is a Wendy’s
Nagato iNho
Nagato iNho 3 måneder siden
Thanksssss :D
EpicSkillshot - LoL VOD Library
EpicSkillshot - LoL VOD Library 3 måneder siden
You're welcome!
Elyams ;-;
Elyams ;-; 3 måneder siden
Reverse sweep would really feel good
TheRealFrodoBaggins 3 måneder siden
yves le metayer
yves le metayer 3 måneder siden
33:00 : pure murder
worthless 3 måneder siden
"G2 the kryptonite of Korean"
Gon Ros
Gon Ros 2 måneder siden
@GG Glenn G2 cant lose 3-0 against a chinese team in finals if they dont make it to finals
GG Glenn
GG Glenn 2 måneder siden
@Ricky He nope
GG Glenn
GG Glenn 2 måneder siden
not anymore
Ricky He
Ricky He 3 måneder siden
EU teams knock KR teams out then lose to CHN teams in final - history repeats
Gon Ros
Gon Ros 3 måneder siden
@nick More like the kryptonite of EU
yves le metayer
yves le metayer 3 måneder siden
Gen G going like "let's play conservative, win lanes, takes objectives" G2 like "Let's assassinate this m*therf*ckers"
tim broeckhuysen
tim broeckhuysen 3 måneder siden
Thnx man fo the fast uploads
EpicSkillshot - LoL VOD Library
EpicSkillshot - LoL VOD Library 3 måneder siden
Any time
Jihn 3 måneder siden
G2 for win💕
dimong hay
dimong hay 3 måneder siden
cccbbbaaa110 3 måneder siden
Let's hope they don't end up like fnc
yu jie
yu jie 3 måneder siden
Essentially Klay
Essentially Klay 3 måneder siden
I hope we meet in the finals it will be the most fun series
yu jie
yu jie 3 måneder siden
@S-Cut why?
S-Cut 3 måneder siden
Wrong game, even wrong side of the bracket
Cypress Hill
Cypress Hill 3 måneder siden
I am watching it live ofc, just here to support your chan.
Marcellus de Senna Vasques
Marcellus de Senna Vasques 3 måneder siden
Man, this chan is doing a very good job for so long...
Christian Nenov
Christian Nenov 3 måneder siden
EpicSkillshot - LoL VOD Library
EpicSkillshot - LoL VOD Library 3 måneder siden
thank you very much
Koji Manuel
Koji Manuel 3 måneder siden
That style of g2 play don't work on me ..that pick and ban of GENG is so poor..try ban Tf,thamkench,galio,ryze,Shen and Jhin when ur playing G2.and always check ur jungle camps for possible TP plank as always G2 did on worlds..
Electrohin 3 måneder siden
excatly. g2 struggles without having to take outnumber fights. cant believe gen g was trash in both games drafts. last game they lost mental lol. also bdd lost mental before games it seems
Ntoni0 3 måneder siden
"it was a close game" well, not really
Lwx 3 måneder siden
Ez clap
Arch Stanton
Arch Stanton 3 måneder siden
@T M. yeah they are a team that know how to draft and then actually play around their comp. Once they stopped inting and fucking around they were in control basically the entire game
T M.
T M. 3 måneder siden
@Zankro since the draft showed that exactly what wanted g2 it wasn't close at all, it was just the gameplan
Zankro 3 måneder siden
It was, until 26:55. After that G2 was in the Driver Seat
Chan Malichan
Chan Malichan 3 måneder siden
I've been through this yesterday, won't get my hopes up again. At least G2 is guaranteed not 3-0 by Geng like Ruler commented. (ruler didn't comment they'd 3-0 btw they say it'll be embarrassing for G2 if they did)
Lwx 3 måneder siden
@Ichigo hahahahahha ruler top1 adc. My ass. Ez clap trash lck outdated
Christopher Duyverman
Christopher Duyverman 3 måneder siden
Look who would be embarrassed now :)
Chan Malichan
Chan Malichan 3 måneder siden
@Ichigo we done boiz
Ichigo 3 måneder siden
Geng reverse sweep even better :)
عبدالرحمن القرني
عبدالرحمن القرني 3 måneder siden
because tsm st1 , we see gen g in quarter finals .
sam wartington
sam wartington 3 måneder siden
Caps is the best player in the world. His sylas and tf amazing
Louis Robitaille
Louis Robitaille 2 måneder siden
The 2 best league players in the world are Faker and Dopa. Faker for his mechanics and Dopa for his perfect wave control. The other players fight for 3rd position and below.
c. Lo
c. Lo 3 måneder siden
He's got good team around him. He's ok
Ryan Rivard
Ryan Rivard 3 måneder siden
Chovy showmaker knight yagao???
tOkYo vIBeZ
tOkYo vIBeZ 3 måneder siden
@Gene Martinez true
Gene Martinez
Gene Martinez 3 måneder siden
Lol, he's not even the best mid laner in the world let alone the best player in the world. Might want to watch Showmaker and Chovy from the LCK before making such a bold statement.
David Helbig
David Helbig 3 måneder siden
Caps 1v9 second Game Gj Europe
El mehdi t1997
El mehdi t1997 3 måneder siden
Ok that wasn't even close
SEIJO 2 måneder siden
@Cypress Hill they want to make it exciting and build a narrative its their job
MR. Hentai
MR. Hentai 3 måneder siden
Would imagine you wanted to say "G2 got a perfect pick and snowballed" instead of not being close but okay.
Jay Si
Jay Si 3 måneder siden
Well, it was for like the first half of the game lol.
Cypress Hill
Cypress Hill 3 måneder siden
@Gaber casters were terribly biased against G2. If i did not watch, and only heard them speak...i would probably think G2 is about to lose every game of this bo5 all until the nexus of gen.g is blown up. Yeah, hyped Miky and Caps occasionaly, but the games were all completly clear stomp. From the begining to the end.
Gaber 3 måneder siden
@Cypress Hill Okay not because you have watched G2 for years means that the casts were terrible. They only said it was close in the early game because GenG had like 3 drakes and 2 rifts and the score was 2-4 so yeah its close. And they said it was close in the end because yeah, one good teamfight from GenG and G2 could have lost.
Cedomir Cvetic
Cedomir Cvetic 3 måneder siden
Why did g2 banned gragas in the second phase of bans when geng picked their jungler?
PanFaworek 2 måneder siden
@Moni Ka i didn't know that. How? I guess he can interrupt TK devour with his ult? But what about Panth?
Moni Ka
Moni Ka 2 måneder siden
It counters Pantheon and TK
Jon Reman Cabalfin
Jon Reman Cabalfin 3 måneder siden
I was going to comment that too. Welp. I was wondering why
homster luder
homster luder 3 måneder siden
could be something from scrims
PanFaworek 3 måneder siden
Life is good on gragas and it synergizes well with Kalista
Dante Blake
Dante Blake 3 måneder siden
Gen G will reverse sweep G2
Jak 3 måneder siden
Dante Blake
Dante Blake 3 måneder siden
Im not serious guys.. I actually want G2 to win xD
TheRealFrodoBaggins 3 måneder siden
G2 have never been reverse swept.. but there is also a first time for everything xD. Let us find out!
Joel Birmann
Joel Birmann 3 måneder siden
Nope hahahahahahahahahaha
I made him the perfect 3rd impostor
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