The Insane Dutch Plan to Dam the North Sea

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12 dager siden

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Dan Kirk DACULAN Time siden
dam that is insane
Tetramorium caespitum
Tetramorium caespitum 5 timer siden
Dutch: I have a plan Arthur
K 8 timer siden
Easy solution - you want to solve the rising sea level issue, nuke the ocean until the water evaporates. We'll deal with an inhabitable hellscape after we solve the sea level issue.
Bev bee
Bev bee 8 timer siden
Imagine how many wars would happen over the lands
Kyne Turn
Kyne Turn 11 timer siden
The highest peak of the Netherlands is a person
Shiori Nakamoto
Shiori Nakamoto 14 timer siden
Paolo 15 timer siden
Imagine someone sabotage it
Gabbin 18 timer siden
I don't remember this part in Red Dead Redemption 2
Tony Tony
Tony Tony 20 timer siden
easier option? Flood the worlds deserts with ocean waters
Carlos F Barajas
Carlos F Barajas Dag siden
Congratulation you just created a salt evaporation bed, wreaked the environment, and a desert
Magatism Dag siden
Neanderthals for Neatherlands.
El inodoro que habla
El inodoro que habla Dag siden
The word dutch and plan always end bad
Aj Hinojosa
Aj Hinojosa Dag siden
I wanna see a video where we Dam the Gulf of Mexico from Florida to Cuba to the Yucatan 🙃 what kind of apocalypse would happen lol
Fluidacid Dag siden
That's gonna fuck over trade lmao
LeRoy Buchanan
LeRoy Buchanan Dag siden
Places like Florida, Louisiana, The Netherlands and Japan are all destined to disappear.
Karthik Reji
Karthik Reji Dag siden
Europe: Yes drain all the water out so that sea levels everywhere outside the dam would rise
Chandan Bhowal
Chandan Bhowal Dag siden
$500 billion dollars is weirdly cheap. Even if it goes overbudger, a 1 trillion $ is not that much tbh.
Damien McAvoy
Damien McAvoy Dag siden
What about Ireland and ni
momo rama
momo rama Dag siden
Don't worry, way before the need to build this dam the European Union will have collapse, like the Soviet Union
duckface Dag siden
*nothing's insane here*
Donna McCarthy
Donna McCarthy Dag siden
Meanwhile, Ireland is flooded. Oops
M 1
M 1 Dag siden
Good luck with that, soon they wont have access to 90% of it baaahahhaha cry me a river europe British waters are exactly that BRITISH
Danny Pope
Danny Pope 2 dager siden
In 12,000 BC, the water level was 50 feet lower... I’d bet it wasn’t fossil fuels caused that either
under_score 2 dager siden
"The radical solutions the world might one day require" Like inverting the entropy of time itself?
riptorn 2 dager siden
That would never work.
Jerry McJerryface
Jerry McJerryface 2 dager siden
Alantropa sounds like a piece of cake contrary to that.
coloursmoke 2 dager siden
DèiVertrauteNuecht 2 dager siden
ja, nederland verovert de hele zee! stop ook met het gebruik van google translate en ga een boek lezen.
Dillon Richard
Dillon Richard 2 dager siden
Dutch: I have a plan!
El inodoro que habla
El inodoro que habla Dag siden
Have some goddamn faith
XYZ AERO 2 dager siden
Lethes build these dams. Europe has not done anything fantastic for a long long time .... It is time to be awesome again !!!
Shelk 2 dager siden
Have some goddamn faith
Aviation LAX
Aviation LAX 2 dager siden
BadLandChugs: "Enough talk".
Sauroņ Ndg
Sauroņ Ndg 2 dager siden
Great and interesting videos!
Elijah MacDonald
Elijah MacDonald 2 dager siden
Would actually be really cool if they did this but people suck and argue sooo probably not.
Choco Milk
Choco Milk 2 dager siden
I don’t like the name “doggerland” how about “poggerland ?
viorellaleo 2 dager siden
what brazen lying look the piers of st petersburg the sea level is exactly at same level as 3 centuries back when they were built
SquidderWard 2 dager siden
Its just Atlantropa but with extra steps
mr bottlespuller
mr bottlespuller 2 dager siden
...I live in holland ...I visited university and love to follow the news +scientific developments ... but I never heard of a plan like this dutch government will be so insane to discuss these nonsense .....where did you find this humbug nonsense?.....
mr bottlespuller
mr bottlespuller 2 dager siden
.. bytheway , this impossible to realize with science of today .. we already dammed a pretty big part of the north sea and we learned there is moreinvolved than constructing a dam and pumping the water out .. we did this with the first project , but the plans had to be adapted .. this a ridicilous suggestion , buillding dams to gsin land on this scale politician or engineer will take these plans seriously .... where did you find this information?.....
Bill Li
Bill Li 2 dager siden
Soooo... are we not going to talk about the environmental impact it will have for the native marine animals?
dragon ball torture
dragon ball torture 2 dager siden
Thousands of years of battling the sea and the dutch still haven't evolved to breathe underwater? Weak!
J A P R 2 dager siden
Yeah I live 5 meters (16 feet) below sea level lol...
Jank 909
Jank 909 2 dager siden
There’s a solution we need to construct them like the Scheldedam we need to make huge gates for fish and Ships to travel thrue the dams and they can tax the passage for more economic benefits
Aidan 3 dager siden
How about instead of shipping goods via ships (by the time Doggerland is excavated and possibly filled in again as said in the video), they should use aeroplanes and air vehicles. By the time the land is made feasible for people to live on, we may be way more advanced by that time and will be able to possibly transport even more goods and in a much faster fashion than ships travelling by water. Ships could become obsolete in the future.
Sadia Azhar
Sadia Azhar 3 dager siden
Any one from red dead redemption 2.dutchs stupid plans remember heheheh
Audiocronic 3 dager siden
Lol. “Climate refugees”
Dapperfield 3 dager siden
Get up Hans, now’s ze chance. To London we go.
lp2317 3 dager siden
"We have this rising sea level problem..." "Damn." "Great idea!"
Baaxt 3 dager siden
8:12 Me: *You know how dams work?*
Aidan Brooks
Aidan Brooks 3 dager siden
Why not as an alternative just blast/mine a few jumbo holes in the ocean floor in the middle of the Pacific or Atlantic Ocean? A solution for everyone and everywhere
Bradley Greenwood
Bradley Greenwood 3 dager siden
2100: my wife and I will be cozy, in the mountains, sharing an urn. Good luck to the rest who will be around in 80 years.
FPS SERBIA 3 dager siden
That amount of water that they could stop from flooding their land will just add bigger problem for the rest of the countries around the world ?????????????
jayfulf 3 dager siden
The water has to go somewhere. It effectively increases sea level more. By reducing the area of the x-y plane it only leaves the z plane to increase
Folk 3 dager siden
Ok. I get it. Troll video. Unsubbed.
Folk 3 dager siden
This THE most stupid idea ever. By a margin.
TheOwneroftheIC 3 dager siden
This is just Atlantropa with bigger dams and without destroying Africa. Doggerland was also smashed by a tsunami, it wasn't just "rising sea levels", and that land would be nearly uninhabitable for centuries, just like what Atlantropa would have done to the Adriatic. It would take CENTURIES to become freshwater as well. 500 billion Euros sounds far too low, it has to be at least 3 trillion.
kent tegneskog
kent tegneskog 3 dager siden
This is just bull
Rock girl
Rock girl 4 dager siden
The dutch be like: Well Britannia can't rule the waves if there aren't any.
DUNDER THUNDER 4 dager siden
Drain the pool to reveal the shire.
Pyro 4 dager siden
So how will ships get through? Locks? So the Netherlands’ plans will threaten Russia’s Navy. Welp, WW3 is on the horizon.
Akherver Ulunjuk
Akherver Ulunjuk 4 dager siden
It wouldn't work. Obviously whoever thought of this was not very bright. Instead, you'll end up creating a freshwater north sea, because there is enough rainfall for the north sea to consistently be overflowing, along with all the rivers that flow into the north sea. So, unless you constantly drain the sea, it will fill up with water. Worse, the lands in england that are blocking the atlantic from going straight to mainland europe are actually very low. The atlantic will simply overflow across flat england, and the sea will suddenly rise. Atleast the Mediterranean idea had some possibility of working. Even worse, the dover straits are wider and more susceptible to erosion than those of gibraltar. After dover straits went underwater, they began to be eroded very much more. Worse, it would ruin the conditions for which europeans adapted their particular traits. Europe is the native land of the european people, such a large extended racial group, so altering it in such a way would change the very conditions of the only native land for many people. It would be better to simply try to preserve the coastlines, or perhaps stop building important things on lowland. Also, breaking down barriers for people's movement is a bad idea as it ruins localized genetics that were adapted to fit the area, and thus people are not as well fit for the land they live in. So, this plan should be abandoned no matter what. Now, on the otherhand, perhaps building a dam on the black sea to generate freshwater would be an interesting idea, given the black sea may have been a freshwater lake in the past. The black sea would also not shrink very much, if at all, due to being in a relatively rainy area, and would probably be easier to manage given that it is almost entirely surrounded by high enough land. But, even that is not a good idea as it messes with europe, and there is only one europe.
Rock girl
Rock girl 4 dager siden
tough to believe due to the brexit
Mark DeFelice
Mark DeFelice 4 dager siden
If the oceans are rising so much, why do the Millionaires & Billionaires still buy sea front mansions ? And why do Insurance companies cover them for flooding and banks finance them ? You know very little !
Mark DeFelice
Mark DeFelice 4 dager siden
Liar, Lair ! You are using fake news stats !
Carlos Cobos
Carlos Cobos 4 dager siden
As Marcostyle would say zee a later
Pedro Iván Espinola
Pedro Iván Espinola 4 dager siden
Imagine WW3 begins because of disputes between Germany, UK, France and Netherlands for those new territories
Leon Braganza
Leon Braganza 4 dager siden
6:47 dude we brits don't care, it's not a big deal, no one really thinks that much about being an island. this is not a factor to be considered in the draining at all. we will still be the same country even if we aren't an island ( which doesn't matter to us)
J C 4 dager siden
Climate change will not be remedied. Only a fraction is anthropomorphic. The remainder is the well established result of exiting the ice age. Earth climate is cooler now than 95% of the time since the beginning of the Paleozoic.
J C 4 dager siden
This will not ever occur.
luc Baartmans
luc Baartmans 4 dager siden
Dutch residrnt here and dont wanna complain but ehm where do we leave al the water ?
m Vn
m Vn 4 dager siden
This dam definetly will never be build. Drain all that water and the sea level across the globe will probably rise by 10 meter or so. It is a thought experiment which noone actually plans to build.
Aniwazoa 4 dager siden
Fascinating video. The music in this is heavenly! What is it called?
Jackson Tharin Music
Jackson Tharin Music 4 dager siden
that would suck to work on
Jackson Tharin Music
Jackson Tharin Music 4 dager siden
thats the most dutch thing ive ever heard
Talidin 1337
Talidin 1337 4 dager siden
What if the dam breaks 200 years from now? It sounds like a this would just postpone disaster. Best let the sea rise slowly and force people to move away from the coast. If you keep the costal cities where they are and the dam breaks, the results will be worse than if you never built the dam.
JMT 97400
JMT 97400 Dag siden
@Talidin 1337 Better dying underwater than in a direct nuclear fire!
Talidin 1337
Talidin 1337 Dag siden
@JMT 97400 I just thought of this, but wouldn't any coastal dam be a giant target in the case that war breaks out? Imagine trying to defend it's whole length from long range ballistics...
JMT 97400
JMT 97400 Dag siden
First of all no real need to drop the level of the North Sea or only 10 meters to make Dogger Bank become again an Island.... But it is also possible to do it without building the big dam, only building a ring wall around around the Bank and going to search sand or stones e In reality, the height of the dam that will decided how thick it will need to be, will be the difference of Level between Atlantic Ocean and North Sea. So save Netherlands you need 3 meters. To have the Dogger Bank you need 10 meters. But how many years will you need to pump (and destroy in part all the harbours around the sea) to make the level of the sea go down....Because in this place the evaporation is less than the rains (in the Mediterranean Sea, evaporation is at least 5 times the rains, so level could goes down around 1.5 m each year:-). So even if we make canals to block all rivers at a height over the top of the big dam, it will be quite impossible to pump such a big surface against the rain on it! SOo the big dam will have to support only the tempest in northern Atlantic plus 3m of difference of level between the two sides. A dam like that can be built for millenia! Then OK for the dam to maintain the North Sea around his lower natural level, and the second dam will be only done at Calais Detroit. After that every country around the north sea could bring back materials for their mountains to create polders on the long of their coasts. Due to its side, the North Sea will ever have storms and big waves so coastal defences will be always needed
ottoro 4 dager siden
There's more water flowing from the Baltic Sea than into it so those dams might just rise the sea level instead of lowering it. Why isn't this addressed in the video?
bobelaviador 4 dager siden
tough to believe due to the brexit
Joe Bidén
Joe Bidén 4 dager siden
so the netherlands just going to leave the rest of us to deal with the ocean?
mirola73 4 dager siden
The Dutch have the technology, the only issue as always is cash. If they can't do it, no one can.
Nthooze Astic
Nthooze Astic 4 dager siden
Another issues with this not mentioned in the video... Draining the NEED would only exasperate sea level for the same reason as melting ice. It would move more of the worlds water into the oceans.
Free MGTOW 4 dager siden
Just move away from the coasts. Stop living in an area that is unsafe.
Colors 4 dager siden
everyone gangsta till the dam breaks
ebulating 4 dager siden
This would cost $1 trillion US
RandomNooby 4 dager siden
Insane? you mean expensive.
imperialZorn TheFinal
imperialZorn TheFinal 4 dager siden
I live in the Brazilian Guyana and we would be hit much harder than the netherlands because our entire state would be covered by the water
Chestie The Molestie
Chestie The Molestie 4 dager siden
Cant wait to go dogging in Doggerland
Kevin the idiot
Kevin the idiot 4 dager siden
Wait imagine a canal... I know that canals exist but what if we just put it on a Dam You’re a fucking genius
w0cKy 123
w0cKy 123 4 dager siden
Ville 4 dager siden
Yes! Let us live under a dam that prevents Atlantic ocean to mince us
Bảo Anh Vũ
Bảo Anh Vũ 4 dager siden
Imagine the war to claim that land, if it has oil or important materials. Damn WW3 surely would be lit!
Roy Bane
Roy Bane 4 dager siden
Reminds me of New Orleans, a big disaster waiting to happen.
warhawkjah 4 dager siden
So this entire idea is just scare propaganda.
Joey DR14
Joey DR14 4 dager siden
How typically, Dutch
Empire Mapping
Empire Mapping 4 dager siden
We could also spend 200-500 billion dollars for stopping climate change, just saying
Nick Kuiper
Nick Kuiper 4 dager siden
The good thing about this idea.... we can build road on it!
YNG Haux
YNG Haux 4 dager siden
Sidaksu YT
Sidaksu YT 4 dager siden
The UK ist Part of the dam
Dynamac mc
Dynamac mc 4 dager siden
Do what would happen if Biden becomes president
Arjan Z
Arjan Z 4 dager siden
Diego A. YosBen
Diego A. YosBen 4 dager siden
How about just moving a create an Amsterdan V. 0.2?
Toader C.
Toader C. 4 dager siden
casinodelonge 4 dager siden
Yes, but the melting polar ice would mean Archangel and Murmansk would become year round ports so there goes that argument,.
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