Exploring Dubai’s Empty $13 Billion Man-Made Islands

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The World Islands. A collection of 300 man-made islands built off the coast of Dubai to resemble an outline of the EARTH FROM THE SKY… Yet, after $13 billion was spent to complete them they’ve mostly been sitting there empty... I couldn’t believe this place actually existed.
So as a first stop on my trip I flew to Dubai to understand what happened and what their future holds… What are your thoughts? Amazing or too crazy of an idea?
Thank you to @MyDubai and @VisitDubai for helping us get in touch with the creators of these islands and for letting us go out to see the restricted areas.
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Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt Dajer and Thomas Dajer
Editors: Thomas Dajer, Cam Peddle, Bryce Perry, Tristan Kevitch and Thomas Brag
Produced by Alex Sandstedt
Thank you to our amazing videographers that helped me shoot over the 2 separate trips we took!
Cory Martin on videography and drone: cory.s.martin
Bishoy on Drone: bikooig
Ali Amar on videography: r1se
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Yes Theory
Yes Theory 15 dager siden
Hey there, thank you for watching :) I've really missed making videos consistently so I'm very happy to be back. I'm sure this year has had so many ups and downs for all of you as well so I hope to share some positivity through these stories I've captured. This is the first one out of my trip and I've got plenty more coming your way. Let me know what you think in the comments and I'll see you again soon
William Mironov
William Mironov Dag siden
I don't wanna dissapoint you buth your not the first guest. One of my stepmoms family members from Kyrgyzstan was in "country Sweden" if I remember it right, it was a long time ago.
Tanvi shah
Tanvi shah 2 dager siden
Tanvi shah
Tanvi shah 2 dager siden
darthgufus 4 dager siden
I'm a big fan but I don't like how you guys are not wearing a mask. You should be the example of how's going to be traveling for the upcoming months and how we should take care of the countries we visit.
Benny Bennazi
Benny Bennazi 4 dager siden
Song at the end?
J J Time siden
godss de guzman
godss de guzman Time siden
how much would it cost to buy an island there? i think i am going to buy 2 islands. charaught!
phil mccrakin
phil mccrakin 2 timer siden
Whats the party life in Dubai? is there good drugs? Can i buy some top notch escorts
Matthew Rozycki
Matthew Rozycki 4 timer siden
How many times can you say what?! in a program. If it was a drinking game I'd be drunk.
Steven Yellow
Steven Yellow 4 timer siden
First they think oils the main source energy will last forever ....but now the advanced alternative energy replace oils...and they think all riches people will move to live there...and reality abandon and empty
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 3 timer siden
Yoo at 13:03 onwards it looks like he’s animated or in gta😂
Mr. Fish
Mr. Fish 4 timer siden
I guarantee you those islands are used to hide the exhaust that the Arabians are creating in their tests to take Dubai to the moon
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 3 timer siden
i love his laugh
Ramen Cat
Ramen Cat 8 timer siden
eleven seven
eleven seven 8 timer siden
👌Seek Discomfort - environment conscious? Are you traveling by bikes, steam trains and sail boats? 😄
محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم
محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم 10 timer siden
بكرا اهم حلقه ماتفهمها الا اذا شفت هذا المقطع ... انشره بطريقك ❤️ nopost.info/throw/y6-wnX_ar4-kZKM/video nopost.info/throw/y6-wnX_ar4-kZKM/video nopost.info/throw/y6-wnX_ar4-kZKM/video
Dan Garrity
Dan Garrity 10 timer siden
Yo Thomas's new hair doo be kinda fire
JoyRis Channel
JoyRis Channel 10 timer siden
Love watching your videos, Lucky to see where I work before (THOE), keep safe and God bless always!
hardino0311 10 timer siden
Great ambition
František Vávra
František Vávra 11 timer siden
can you please be polite and wear a fucking mask like those other people do?
sipam440 12 timer siden
This is so cool
Gleison 13 timer siden
Kindly wear your face mask at all times. Please promote wearing of masks even outside.
Khaled a
Khaled a 13 timer siden
Very beautiful
Mohammad Bekdash
Mohammad Bekdash 14 timer siden
Eyyy lebanon island🇱🇧🇱🇧
Kobe Mayberry
Kobe Mayberry 14 timer siden
You know your the shit when a TSA officer breaks character😂
Pegge Merking
Pegge Merking 14 timer siden
Well, this looks like this just might turn out to be the brand new next greatest destination place all will want to visit. Well all the the money to visit!!!!
mehrdad rastgaran
mehrdad rastgaran 15 timer siden
Emiratis are happy to build because it makes em feel important as they were just a sleepy fishing village till recent past. Whether there ll be enough return on investment or how much demand there is is besides the point.
ISellTurbos 16 timer siden
I learned this in school a rich guy owns them
Bing Bong
Bing Bong 16 timer siden
Yoo at 13:03 onwards it looks like he’s animated or in gta😂
robert bond
robert bond 17 timer siden
This is not exactly what I would call this time " ... seeking discomfort ... " LOL
MhK _i
MhK _i 17 timer siden
Bro I live in dubai. Did you liked the place ?
Jordy oost
Jordy oost 17 timer siden
in the netherlands they did the same thing, build a manmade island in 1986 called vlevoland. they aint the first onces.
jacke benson
jacke benson 18 timer siden
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Joel Alm
Joel Alm 18 timer siden
Always amazed at what Dubi does. Solar panels on buildings. Using the most modern tecknowledgy available to make life better. Its a shame the rest of the world still clings onto the current way of life not advancing to reduce climate change. Lowering the carbon foot print we leave living on this planet. Money wasted burning fossil fuels drilling taking away this planet on a daily basis. They utilize trash by making methane gas. Little is discarded not recycled. A lot to learn and follow doing what they have done. Joel
kingsamoflange 19 timer siden
Seeked discomfort. Found comfort.
SELMAN KORGAN 19 timer siden
I like this channel so much value !!! THANKS A LOT ... I also try to create content just like this, please check out and support me :) show some love for beginners :D (SELMAN KORGAN
Mahdi Chavoushi
Mahdi Chavoushi 20 timer siden
Thanks IRAN to keep the Persian Gulf secure, yet .
Tech world
Tech world 20 timer siden
Hey there my name is David from Kenya would you love to help me make a software I really want to have that positive impact in our community thank you for reading this
Lamar Thomas
Lamar Thomas 20 timer siden
Thank you so much for this video it was truly amazing I just describe to your Channel looking forward to Great content keep up the good work...
AlphaLVD !?
AlphaLVD !? 20 timer siden
I live in Dubai
Jason Salt
Jason Salt 22 timer siden
Wow! Amazing!
Monkey Media
Monkey Media 23 timer siden
Really good video and looking good video for researching
Roffe ros
Roffe ros 23 timer siden
Environmental the American way, airplane , mini helicopter, powerboat. Yeah!
Sonya Stephens
Sonya Stephens 23 timer siden
Very cool
Sanish Maharjan
Sanish Maharjan Dag siden
Agartha lartey
Agartha lartey Dag siden
Please Add Ricky to the yes theory team.
Ed Dag siden
Dredging the ocean to create a "man made" island seems like a environmental nightmare. But I guess if you have the money and influence, nobody will care.
Anand Prakash
Anand Prakash Dag siden
Happy to see the Asian guys😃
Sharon Sims
Sharon Sims Dag siden
Wow , it's beautiful
TheGreatWent1 Dag siden
dubai is bankrupt
AccidentalBroadcast Dag siden
You wanna truly "seek discomfort"?, Google 'Fall Cabal'. you're welcome
AccidentalBroadcast Dag siden
To all you looney lefties that subscribe to this being a utopia... its just capitalism. Good ol, healthy capitalism. Any idea what these islands would look like in a socialist world? Nothing.. They wouldn't exist. Wake up sheeple
adam otf sechler
adam otf sechler Dag siden
But airtravel is one of the worst things a human can do, while saying they care about positivity and sustainability. Your schwag is also not Eco-conscious at all. I know all this because I'm a leader of sustainability. Your kind are a main part of the problem, you don't understand reality. Boy howdy what you could do for humanity and planet if you really wanted to
Canadian film and entertainment
Canadian film and entertainment Dag siden
Dubai looks awesome paradise
SlotBabe Dag siden
So gorgeous! Love your videos Yes Theory!
Roger Patterson
Roger Patterson Dag siden
Got a bit sick of seeing your face.
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Dag siden
Thomas: “I have the whole villa to myself, with no supervision.” Also Thomas: Filming everything he is does.
Bryan Rose
Bryan Rose Dag siden
Is there cell service out there?
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni Dag siden
level. Total geniuses.
Joe R
Joe R Dag siden
So how can I get to go to the world islands the way he went there for the night?
Open your eyes
Open your eyes Dag siden
Don’t wear so much bling jewellery. Collectively the mining for that metal is destroying the earth. Please don’t be a hypocrite.
TehTheFace Minutt siden
Should he wear a plastic necklace to make you happy?
Doom Guy
Doom Guy Dag siden
They should make a couple of the islands airport milsim so people can do some iwo jima type games
ZFrog Dag siden
Why aren't you wearing a mask?
Leo Santiago
Leo Santiago Dag siden
Been there several times. Dubai is a modern and open city in the Arab world. Very nice place and diverse people. Great for your "bucket list". May Allah bless UAE always!
jorj 69
jorj 69 Dag siden
I wish luck for the owner
Team A
Team A Dag siden
love the douchbag!
Young banana Gavin
Young banana Gavin Dag siden
One tsunami
Simon Jones
Simon Jones Dag siden
pyrolocys recycling is the way forward to finally dealing with plastic forever
SnakeVenom05 Dag siden
When NOpost comments on the video you know its good
David Guzman Ramos
David Guzman Ramos Dag siden
Your videos and the message in them are so inspiring, I watch one or two videos every Sunday for inspiring my week. In this one for example, you show the great life you created for yourselves, with amazing contacts in amazing places and also amazing people, as the chairman in this video, that for me is a genius. I love the way that you (all of you Yes Theory crew) are so humble besides the fact that you have an amazing life (that you created by yourselves and in the way you dreamt). Its so inspiring, as soon as I get some success on my businesses I´ll create a Yes Theory channel, also to inspire others, for reconnecting people and make them do things out of their confort zone. Love you Yes Theory!
Freda Martin
Freda Martin Dag siden
how did they bring all building materials to the island, by boat? no they tied them on the back of the workers... avoiding asking stup!d questions might be a good start.
TendedTadpole2 Paparazzi
TendedTadpole2 Paparazzi Dag siden
Nobody: Minecraft earth servers with a scale of 1:1000: (Like if you understand)
yusef hammoud
yusef hammoud Dag siden
What happens when the sand decays ?
The Asian Beast
The Asian Beast Dag siden
D Andre
D Andre Dag siden
Creator of the Islands: "Nobody ever tried to build such islands" Yeah... because it is a total waste of time, money, resources and the islands will be gone with the rising ocean level. Total geniuses.
TheGreatDula 17 timer siden
@Sebastian MARCIANO people like him will never amount to anything in life with that kind of outlook and attitude lol
Sebastian MARCIANO
Sebastian MARCIANO Dag siden
Do you think the sea will rise tomorrow ?! 63 islands are already sold. I see this as a win.
Bee Vocal Choir
Bee Vocal Choir Dag siden
Thomas does the most amazing videos 👌
Misty Rivers
Misty Rivers Dag siden
Its beautiful but its a fake island and it may affect the natural environment of the SEA
Pepins Spot
Pepins Spot Dag siden
The use of mask is patchy at best. That's how the virus infections is accelerating.
Gerhard Nagl
Gerhard Nagl Dag siden
So what is the name of the chairman you met?
Mud Gaming
Mud Gaming Dag siden
Question 1. How do they get electric. Question 2. How did they get the sand to stay
Naamy19X9 Dag siden
This was way cooler than I anticipated. Second video i've watched about these islands but the 1st one was very impersonal and not as detailed. Quite cool.
Your Mother’s Lover
Your Mother’s Lover Dag siden
You look like Joey graceffa’s straight bro
Big Street Food
Big Street Food Dag siden
♥️Thank you so much this is awesome 👏 👍 Anyone readings this comment please support us, thank you♥️✊
joel kodjoua
joel kodjoua Dag siden
you can watch my vlog in Egypt by using the link below nopost.info/throw/0rO6gpi21YuGpa8/video
Emil Drtikul
Emil Drtikul Dag siden
Ads are getting smarter.
Itz Witz
Itz Witz Dag siden
Bishop Comeau
Bishop Comeau Dag siden
Ahhhh buddy throw over Toronto
Fabian Kaczmarczyk
Fabian Kaczmarczyk Dag siden
Its like a hunger games map so by the end of the pandemic 1 person from each country gets a Island and they fight eachothet
YannickFilms Dag siden
What an awesome project! I'm so interested to see it evolve now that I know about it! :D
Zam Adventure
Zam Adventure Dag siden
nopost.info/throw/mtzJmHrVmYOcopo/video Amazing videos from Australia - subscribe for more 👌
XtinaLucia Dag siden
Hana uwu
Hana uwu Dag siden
as a person who lived in dubai for my entire life, yalls comments and assumptions are hilarious BYE
Stone Cold Crazy
Stone Cold Crazy Dag siden
Why don't you spit some facts on the reality of Dubai?
Bots Nots
Bots Nots Dag siden
Manatees RCool
Manatees RCool Dag siden
I remember finding these randomly scrolling around google earth and i didnt believe it at first, i want to go on vacation there once covid is done
Rowdy vlogs #SPEAK UP. STANDUP RISEUP Dag siden
please come o india hyderabad ciy
ZAAP ZAAP Dag siden
Brandon Dag siden
cause america stopped funding this bullshit....
Stone Cold Crazy
Stone Cold Crazy Dag siden
That's just flat out ignorant.
Glenn Hertel
Glenn Hertel Dag siden
Well it seems like maybe some knowledge and resources on Island Building and ReNourishing.
Malik 007
Malik 007 Dag siden
Best spot for honeymoon 😜
Immortal Eternal
Immortal Eternal Dag siden
Wouldn't it be great if they created a miniature-world-village represented by a small community of few families from each country, around 10. 220 or so countries, 2000 or so families, 8000 or so people living together in peace and harmony in a united nations of utopian sustainable co-existence... wait a minute. Oops, forgive me, i got carried away. Star wars is more realistic than this fiction.
TheMan79187 2 dager siden
Hey Thomas, Love your hair and beard 😍
Roni 2 dager siden
When he said hes the first person to stay at the islands overnight, only to go there and find a bunch of workers, the chairman, and the hundreds of builders probably residing there until the build is finished with! Very impressive project indeed, the environmental aspect of recycling and use of materials is great, although seen lots of concrete at the next door island.. still a great effort... probably will turn to become places for the rich/famous
Moritz Fussball
Moritz Fussball 2 dager siden
I love your Positivity
blueburaq 2 dager siden
This channel is so underrated
Lisa Love
Lisa Love 2 dager siden
Textiles are the leading cause of landfills in 3rd world countries where they are produced
Valerie Mac Fair
Valerie Mac Fair 2 dager siden
Too superficial! Look again. Petrodollars PAID for these expensive experiments, but WHO does the ACTUAL work, and under what conditions? The Arab tradition of slave ownership never moved much out of the sands of time, the outrageous workforce records in these places are SHOCKING beyond belief, the concepts of "workers' rights", minimum wage" etc. a far distant mirage in the desert of hopelessness, broken bodies and dreams of a better life!
Toby Clark
Toby Clark 2 dager siden
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