2b2t's History of Man-made Glitches

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Today we discuss the history of glitches caused by either human error or faulty plugins on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft!
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Additional Footage/Images/Information:
IronException (Information/Renders)
Light Supression Explanation - vktec - nopost.info/throw/r9rQh3bQzqWleKM/video

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Jessica Mae
Jessica Mae 11 dager siden
tbh had been meaning to check out dashlane, and also honey sounds like it might be good too
Herobrine 17 dager siden
Minecraft bedrock thinks this is pathetic.
VAE Skate Group
VAE Skate Group 28 dager siden
1.69million subs, 799 videos. do you still stream every sunday morning? i would have to wake up at 5;30 am i think in my time (mountain)
Mazbiri gaming
Mazbiri gaming 29 dager siden
I once made a base in 2b2t with my friends, it was a fort based of Medieval forts I finished the out side walls and started working on a small house, then came griefs The for walls were 2x2 chunk, and the house was the center. I forgot were it is because I made it back in 2014 Its just a hole from what I remember.
Dijon Mustard
Dijon Mustard 29 dager siden
What hack client does he use
{GalaxyGlitcher696} 12 timer siden
"oh the turntables"
Xeno Smoke
Xeno Smoke 2 dager siden
PLEASE! How do I stop that damn rock glow! The moment you said it I was like “Yes!! The light source I can never explain that continues to ruin the top of my spaceship!”
itzSteady 3 dager siden
Dream really changed how you tubers operate. Now just by putting the percentages of subscriptions people gain wayyyy more
harry ward
harry ward 3 dager siden
Imagine if command blocks came into the server
MADE IN AUSTRALIA 3 dager siden
Pretty sure its all man made bro...
Wolfsurge 3 dager siden
1:12 why is that 9 year old doing java in intelliJ?
Timothy Torres
Timothy Torres 4 dager siden
Me: *Creates a safe base* Hause: *Inadvertently causes a glitch that makes it disappear* Me: HAUSE!
Astral Haze
Astral Haze 5 dager siden
im pretty sure ive seen frozen lava in the nether in vanilla in beta before
Dreamiiq 5 dager siden
dat mad boi
dat mad boi 5 dager siden
The most common glitch I ever came against with was floating water
Kayak Fan
Kayak Fan 6 dager siden
1:14 Visual Studio? Nice
TDS Gecko Gaming
TDS Gecko Gaming 6 dager siden
I swear one day Hausemaster will reset 2b2t or the server will reset its self from its age
Awsomedude plays
Awsomedude plays 6 dager siden
Big_Joe_84 7 dager siden
every glitch is technically a man made glitch
Mcnugget Cult
Mcnugget Cult 7 dager siden
Me:seeing you talk about a app Also me: skip skip skiiiiip
Martin Embeh
Martin Embeh 7 dager siden
Video starts at 2:00
derty 7 dager siden
1:13 he actually codes roblox
Family Insanity
Family Insanity 7 dager siden
Plot twist: it was made by a hack client and they never got patched
NullBlade 8 dager siden
1:12 I swear that person is using an IDE made by jetbrains.
DJ Alexander
DJ Alexander 8 dager siden
"when is 2b2t not upset about something" im upset that youd say such a thing! XD
Dakey 8 dager siden
2B2T is just a test subject with different colonies of ants inside
Ricardo Milos
Ricardo Milos 9 dager siden
I am confused. I the other video you said no end portals are generated and now you have this bedrock in the end?
Adithyan Adithyan p
Adithyan Adithyan p 9 dager siden
Cloudless 5 dager siden
what's a wither storm
Cute Cat
Cute Cat 10 dager siden
1:25 you exposed ur credit card
Cloudless 5 dager siden
no lol
GamingForDayz 10 dager siden
5:34 Technoblade spawners
Mr.Charisma2 2
Mr.Charisma2 2 10 dager siden
Is 2b2t dangerous to play on?
NoobyTHICC 11 dager siden
I dont play on 2b2t but i would like if Housemaster fixes the glitches or exploits BUT let the players have their items or blocks they got from it
Arseni Leon
Arseni Leon 11 dager siden
Stay alive. Okay. I got you on this one. :)
Lance 11 dager siden
My pronunciation: HouseMaster The ACTUAL pronunciation: Hausemaster Me: U serious?
Zaikareee8 12 dager siden
MrFlyLow 12 dager siden
wow i was the 999,999 view i got a screenshot ima reload get 1 mill now
MrFlyLow 5 dager siden
@Cloudless found out myself
Cloudless 5 dager siden
you can't register your view twice lmaoooooooooooooo
João Gomes
João Gomes 12 dager siden
999 001 views Yes its all
Limmer :3
Limmer :3 12 dager siden
Light supresion is not actually a plugin, when testing the sculk sensor with redstone lamps in a server with friends and the lamps lagged and even though they were unlit light was still there. And as I said, we were testing the scuk sensor in a snapshot so no spigot or bukkit
Raffaele Bianco
Raffaele Bianco 13 dager siden
And here is a man once again speaking about THE OLDEST AnArChy SeRvEr of minecraft😂
TikiBear97 E
TikiBear97 E 13 dager siden
Ruby Lancaster
Ruby Lancaster 14 dager siden
All bugs are manmade, i mean someone wrote the code wrong
Honey Bear
Honey Bear 15 dager siden
This History Telling Type of Videos are really awesome! 👍 I think i have to See 2b2t myself.
HUNT3R H2012
HUNT3R H2012 16 dager siden
Bedrock in 2b2t's End: exists Me: wait that’s illegal
Daedric Lord
Daedric Lord 17 dager siden
The last one with the light issue I’ve had that happen on just a normal world before
bearbro 123
bearbro 123 17 dager siden
0:39 sus
IchBin NichDa
IchBin NichDa 17 dager siden
wellll technically all bugs existing (exept the irl bugs) are man/woman-made
LocalSide Scripter
LocalSide Scripter 17 dager siden
1:14 lol he's scripting
Herobrine 17 dager siden
Minecraft bedrock thinks this is pathetic.
purple aura
purple aura 18 dager siden
Drlgamer12 18 dager siden
Hi Lol
Free 2 Play
Free 2 Play 18 dager siden
The 3rd glitch is in the dream smp
Liam Taylor
Liam Taylor 19 dager siden
Even though some viewers aren't subscribed, he has the highest subscription rate I've seen
Amelia Quarto
Amelia Quarto 19 dager siden
Everytime you hear 2b2t oldest anarchy server drink a wine bottle everytime its fun and very easy for you to sleep
foxxteeth 19 dager siden
he could talk about bricks for half an hour and it’d be entertained
Mr Potato
Mr Potato 20 dager siden
I’ve been playing Minecraft since 2015 and o haven’t heard of 2b2t? Gosh YT should of recommended me more Minecraft vids in 2015 cause I barely got any
Imogen Farthing
Imogen Farthing 20 dager siden
Yin04 20 dager siden
Y'all know where i can get fits client?
Logan Andresen
Logan Andresen 20 dager siden
TetrisTBlock 21 dag siden
I'm late but part 2 please?
Darwin Watterson
Darwin Watterson 21 dag siden
Oh no, Sharpless V axe! Bazaar!!
Adam Mazin
Adam Mazin 21 dag siden
Who was the creator of 2b2t its not hausematser
User 21 dag siden
Me who sees the floating lava all the time since I play on switch, the most broken version of minecraft. Mist times I need to open and close the game 3 times before I can enter a world.
MESYETI 22 dager siden
0:20 talks about breaking game code while putting a video of someone typing stuff in a markup language
IAmSeamonkey 22 dager siden
this video was uploaded on my birthday
CYRUSISHERE 22 dager siden
I got a glitch that the cow and pig switched heads
Rehan Malik
Rehan Malik 23 dager siden
The lava glitch: ima just ingore gravity
JohnJan Gallardo
JohnJan Gallardo 23 dager siden
Hey fit your skin looks like the angry commander in aot :)
DARKFokZ 23 dager siden
We’re no strangers to bugs You know it’s broken And so do I
Tzer 24 dager siden
named pigs in the nether
Riley Howell
Riley Howell 24 dager siden
Glad to see you still. Making content. Been watching for a several years now.
finnrissa 24 dager siden
*The Server's Admin, Hausemaster*
little bigdragon
little bigdragon 24 dager siden
I love how bored his minecraft skin looked stareing into the floating lava
Damian Qualshy
Damian Qualshy 25 dager siden
Watch people fix some of these (like lava)
Soimat 25 dager siden
But why did that lava glitch happen in my normal survival world
Erekle the human potato
Erekle the human potato 25 dager siden
How do ppl get items om 2b2t can someone tell me?
rin amari.
rin amari. 25 dager siden
"Haus-Master" is better than HouseMaster.
Original Playz
Original Playz 25 dager siden
1:13 are they in Roblox studio?? Lol
ClichedSpoon913 25 dager siden
“The oldest glitch in Minecraft”
Warm Ice
Warm Ice 26 dager siden
the closest thing I've gotten to one is floating sand :(
SyahHD 26 dager siden
When I was little, I remember there was a farland in my flat world. The most craziest glitch I've ever encountered.
Kasper Haxen
Kasper Haxen 26 dager siden
how do i get cheats cause i wanna play on the server but im scared of downloading viruses
Cykopath Cyan
Cykopath Cyan 26 dager siden
hause: *accidentally enables a faulty plugin* hause: oh no! anyway,
John Wick
John Wick 26 dager siden
Imagine using RTX on 2b2t
_ImKing 26 dager siden
No One: Fit: *The oldest anarchy server in minecraft*
Court ZN
Court ZN 27 dager siden
Any and all glitches in a man-made game are man-made whether unintentional or on purpose 🤣
Kendrick Lyon
Kendrick Lyon 27 dager siden
On my bedrock realm, tbt doesn't work, creepers don't explode, and elytra stop working for me sometimes
BERWIN ONG SHENG FENG Moe 27 dager siden
Minecraft Pocket Edition may have these glitch too!
Nathan Bros.
Nathan Bros. 27 dager siden
I’m just wandering wats TB2T’s server IP
VAE Skate Group
VAE Skate Group 27 dager siden
ill watch th live strem tommorow , eat smores cereal ill have to wake up at 600am here in utah today is january saturday 30th 9;30am so 11;30am estern florida i hear a fire truck police car or ambluance
Gabriel Sparkz
Gabriel Sparkz 27 dager siden
Even though I'm not his student, this guy is my favorite history teacher.
Diray 28 dager siden
Wow, it took him a whole 8 seconds to mention the oldest anarchy server in minecraft 👊😔
universal 28 dager siden
man i liked the video until i saw he made it just at 10 minutes for the ad revenue
LUVKILLS 28 dager siden
How can someone join the server?
Real Joke
Real Joke 28 dager siden
C Scot POST E 28 dager siden
Zig Zag John
Zig Zag John 28 dager siden
0:47 HOW??????1
Ryan Gabriel PH
Ryan Gabriel PH 28 dager siden
Hey fit mc there's a 2b2e for bedrock edition can u make survival on that
Camelia Scripet
Camelia Scripet 28 dager siden
Oh my, this is rare. Fit went 9 seconds without saying "The oldest anarchy server in minecraft"!
Gamer Guy
Gamer Guy 28 dager siden
Fit can you make a Fort at spawn or around it and protect it and help players
Branles 28 dager siden
I'm currently loading in I started at 8 a.m. and it's now 5 p.m. and I'm at position 70
vTuned garage
vTuned garage 28 dager siden
I don’t even play Minecraft but these videos are awesome
OMG DOOD 7 dager siden
I do
Roberto Perez
Roberto Perez 24 dager siden
Guess I will witness history soon
A4 28 dager siden
You should try it sometime, it’s the goat of sandbox games and arguably the best game of all time, but you’re right these videos are awesome (I’ll see you again when your comment gets 300 likes cuz you’re verified)
Mavric 28 dager siden
kingoros is back
Matter Gamer
Matter Gamer 29 dager siden
What hacker client you have?
the scuffed channel
the scuffed channel 29 dager siden
bruh im logging into 2b for the first time, gonna take a few hours
Douma 23 dager siden
@the scuffed channel damn
the scuffed channel
the scuffed channel 23 dager siden
@Douma couldn't get on queue was too long
Douma 28 dager siden
did you do it
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