Film Theory: The Look See is Č͍͉͈̀͘om̯͂in̼̙̊̚g͉͙͐̎ F̖͂͟͡or͔̭̋̀ ̉̂͢͢Y̖̘͑̚ou̳̮̎̌ (Crypt TV Look-See)

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The Film Theorists

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We all know the big baddies of horror but, Loyal Theorists, that is just the beginning. Welcome to the world of Crypt TV, an original horror channel full of terrifying monsters and unimaginable horrors. Today I want to focus on one of their more iconic monsters, the Look-See. This creature has popped up all over the Crypt TV connected universe and I have so many questions! Let's see if we can crack the terrifying mystery of the Look-See's origins!
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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Koen Verhagen and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

Kid Calamity
Kid Calamity 22 timer siden
There is no tome of puppies and friendship, but there is one of just frindship and it si in Yu-Gi-Oh
Leigh Phoenix
Leigh Phoenix Dag siden
Heres the thing with me. I refuse to watch any horror movies, videos, ect. But I love scary stories and legends and freaking myself out. I love doing this to myself but I also will watch the scary stuff if I get something out of it.
The One in the green shirt
The One in the green shirt 2 dager siden
Nobody: Look-see when he realises that he forced a person to throw away a cake:I regret this Also Look-see:confused shotgun-muffled screaming
P3D maxwell
P3D maxwell 2 dager siden
TheZapper 3 dager siden
You should do more crypt tv theory’s
Belle 4 dager siden
Why are evil character protagonist always dark-haired? Like, Voldemort before he turned into snake boy, I don't know any others but I t s t r u e
Belle 4 dager siden
Hey Matpat! I'm working on a horror/action/fantasy novel! All original people, all original creautures. I'll come back and edit this comment to tell you the name when I'm done :)
William Fabiano
William Fabiano 4 dager siden
Hey that's me!
game fever
game fever 4 dager siden
A mini looksee theory that is not a theory but more a idea. Is what if the looksee was created by a sort of god of the crypt tv universe. Because we don't just have the look see. We have a monster that does the exact opposite. The sinster spider woman known as miss annity. She kills people who Don't adhire to her outdated social norms from the mid 1900s. The only way to beat her is to embrace something that goes directly against anything she would advise. So look see kills people who stay fixated on something. She kills people for the opposite reason. It is a way of balance.
Faze Nee-Chan
Faze Nee-Chan 4 dager siden
I thought the blue gloved one had eyes and no mouth because 1 speaks the other sees
Dragon 5 dager siden
The look see is in the new mutants movie!!!
thunderie gacha
thunderie gacha 5 dager siden
Me who just played Sally face: woah! Cultists? Good! Darkness spreads! (just kidding me.....)
Weston Perry
Weston Perry 5 dager siden
Me: regrets cheating on my math test. Look-see: sorry bro I sorta want you’re leg
Calvin Missick
Calvin Missick 5 dager siden
Theres Man bear pig lol
Bryson Gamer
Bryson Gamer 5 dager siden
oh crap i hope that look see thing isnt connected to john wick
Marjorie Lynch
Marjorie Lynch 5 dager siden
iF yOu DoN't MaKe PeAcE tHe LoOk SeE gEtS a PeIcE
Melanie Gafken
Melanie Gafken 5 dager siden
What dose he mean by to release
gwarranty !
gwarranty ! 7 dager siden
Matthew 7 dager siden
Hello everyone welcome to game theory, wait I mean film theory
Saiyan Guardian
Saiyan Guardian 8 dager siden
The look-see tries to get someone to let go of their past If they can't he helps removes it from them What a nice guy
chillfilms 9 dager siden
Woop-see shouldn’t have founded a bank before the Great Depression! 3:35
Dezarray Perez Enriquez
Dezarray Perez Enriquez 9 dager siden
The look-see got ahold of the time stone
MR PRO 10 dager siden
i watched this then crypt tv and i realized the whole thing is spoiled thx to mathpat
zak yandell
zak yandell 11 dager siden
Phasama Jipped! Big time.
TemporQ 11 dager siden
Susan Ljungvall-Sharrard
Susan Ljungvall-Sharrard 11 dager siden
Me in the middle of the night:AHHHHHHHHH
Omar 11 dager siden
Where do I begin watching these?
Luka i Boki Boskovski
Luka i Boki Boskovski 12 dager siden
look-see is a creature, it isnt human, like bears theres not just one bear in the word theres more.
Xice game
Xice game 12 dager siden
Me: i see somebody Friend: where? Me: look Friend: oh Me: *SEE*
Cory McD
Cory McD 12 dager siden
The look see would definitely come after me
Alexander Diaz
Alexander Diaz 12 dager siden
Me: watches this video because I'm a fan of MatPat *Later that night* My brain: It's nightmare o'clock
TheGuyBehindTheAnimation 12 dager siden
The music is more scary then the story
Ryu-Ryu 13 dager siden
Nobody: Kids:SCP
Maclain Trepanier
Maclain Trepanier 13 dager siden
Me: Regrets saying “your welcome” when I get my McDonald’s Look-See: *This ones perfect*
Funtime Crew
Funtime Crew 13 dager siden
The look-see looks a lot like All for one 😶🤨
Ajip RNK
Ajip RNK 15 dager siden
Hey matpat could make a theory of platform about what food should you tell them to put into the the platform
AntyCo 16 dager siden
Unkn0wn939 A
Unkn0wn939 A 17 dager siden
Don’t look unless you see it
xXCatvøid GalaxyXx
xXCatvøid GalaxyXx 17 dager siden
4:08 comptions misspelled
Cat Gamer
Cat Gamer 18 dager siden
My oh my i like to watch some horror series I don't know how they make these things But ok
Cat Gamer
Cat Gamer 18 dager siden
Me:regrets my regrets of my regrets of the old regrets Look see:Bruh i am sorry what
calvin bearbear
calvin bearbear 18 dager siden
It’s called a double page spread
Michaela Daniel
Michaela Daniel 19 dager siden
Oh dear! I've had to stop this video three times to scurry over to Crypt TV and watch lol
Harry Nguyen
Harry Nguyen 19 dager siden
Look see 10.0 the 10th look see
Maverick Johnson
Maverick Johnson 19 dager siden
He found Other Careers
Maverick Johnson
Maverick Johnson 19 dager siden
Other carriers
Ruth Coley
Ruth Coley 20 dager siden
Me: **regrets dieing** The look-see: I-
jean ruth tomaquin bangcong
jean ruth tomaquin bangcong 20 dager siden
My theory:the look see monster is slenderman
Cas DJ
Cas DJ 20 dager siden
The Angel: She always loved to sing, well, until the Obsession took over her. Now a fallen angel with her face covered by a mask, The Angel searches to find "those who will make her beautiful" and when she does, she brutally mutilades them, taking their hearts in the process. Yet she's beginning to remember her lost love, her sanity has nearly vanished. When she is alone, she takes off the mask and begins weeping, before putting it back on again.
Cas DJ
Cas DJ 20 dager siden
The Wolf: Once a loyal sidekick, The Wolf is a half protagonist, and half eldritch abomination who strangles those who are near him, his hands curve around them. However, he flees when The Angel comes through. Although he spares those who are helpless, he wants to use them to "fill the hole in his heart" made by his best friend who chose Revenge instead of Friendship.
Cas DJ
Cas DJ 20 dager siden
The Demon: The Demon seeks those who are "Traitors". Those who are too afraid to admit the truth. The Demon kills humans by stabbing them in the heart. Not all get the stabby stabby. Some who are in between get "A smile on their face". (By forcefully carving a smile on their face) However, it is unknown what happens when the Demon encounters a " truthful one", but we do know one thing. All he knows is Loneliness.
ッCometTheSpongeHere 20 dager siden
Look See
malbert1213 22 dager siden
No that’s not all some monsters are created Crystal from a magical portal and they are either create monsters or help humans turn into them...
Summer Siko
Summer Siko 22 dager siden
The look-see is basically a crazy therapist
• Blxe Hope •
• Blxe Hope • 23 dager siden
owo *ghost boo*
man his videos are the best I love dead meat
Chancellor West
Chancellor West 24 dager siden
I love dead meat
Ana Galan
Ana Galan 25 dager siden
i regret regretting my regrets cuz they get in the way of my regrets regretting my regrets try saying that one 10 times edit: without errors >:)
sho-chan 25 dager siden
looking at the comments, regret doesn't even look like a word anymore
Xlohen Footage
Xlohen Footage 26 dager siden
What if a girl with dark hair and dark eyes turns into a look see, wouldn’t that work for the ritual if technically the look see is the key to the ritual?👀👀👀
Scarlett Koh
Scarlett Koh 27 dager siden
Please do the platform!!!! My brain hurt from it :(
Alaric Brann
Alaric Brann 27 dager siden
The spoopvengers infinity war. I’d watch that
Alaric Brann
Alaric Brann 27 dager siden
I unfortunately cannot stand jump scares. Throw all the Stephen king you want at me, but the moment you turn on FNAF I am crying under the bed like a little girl.
Man Nila
Man Nila 27 dager siden
Am i the only one hearing him calling those creatures " The Oopsie " ?
Paulina Rasti TwT
Paulina Rasti TwT 27 dager siden
Wanna see something realy scary? Boo!
Eli Ray
Eli Ray 27 dager siden
Is it just me or does the pocket watch remind anyone of doctor stranges Eye of Agamotto
Paulina Rasti TwT
Paulina Rasti TwT 27 dager siden
What dat? Pls no bully
i Rvc
i Rvc 28 dager siden
im still waiting for that monster in cryptv where there is a single monter hellbent for vengeance where a plot twist will make that monster go against every vryptv monster
prodigy101 legend
prodigy101 legend 28 dager siden
It’s not good to use #
SassySoldier102 Xbox
SassySoldier102 Xbox 28 dager siden
we are going to put my dog down and now im scared to be sad
Paulina Rasti TwT
Paulina Rasti TwT 27 dager siden
If i were u i would adopt another one and call it *ur dog name * jr so u can remember it :)
Paulina Rasti TwT
Paulina Rasti TwT 27 dager siden
Alessia Maria Trupita
Alessia Maria Trupita 29 dager siden
I looked back
Joe MAMA 29 dager siden
0:29 F to matpat being attacked
Paulina Rasti TwT
Paulina Rasti TwT 27 dager siden
By matpat
gray Jay57
gray Jay57 Måned siden
The looksy reminds me of the crooked man
Julia Pagdanganan
Julia Pagdanganan Måned siden
My theory: looks see is just the lost cousin of the slenderman lol
DJACOBxk113 Hustawan
DJACOBxk113 Hustawan 28 dager siden
The cousin of slenderman is trenderman
Family Account
Family Account Måned siden
Paulina Rasti TwT
Paulina Rasti TwT 27 dager siden
With blod on his face
Queen malkia
Queen malkia Måned siden
Anyone still watch this video?
Paulina Rasti TwT
Paulina Rasti TwT 27 dager siden
J Hanes
J Hanes Måned siden
In 6 months film theory will have 10 million subscribers 😀
That1person Måned siden
can we get a part 2?
Kelly Bryant
Kelly Bryant Måned siden
@That1person just kidding
Kelly Bryant
Kelly Bryant Måned siden
@That1person idk
That1person Måned siden
@Kelly Bryant y?
Kelly Bryant
Kelly Bryant Måned siden
kyaw lwin
kyaw lwin Måned siden
rip headphone user
Kelly Bryant
Kelly Bryant Måned siden
Haha lol
kyaw lwin
kyaw lwin Måned siden
and also rip pc user bc they have flat screen of terror yikes
The First Salty
The First Salty Måned siden
1:43 dead meat, is that you? tis you!
Cyber penguin 3030
Cyber penguin 3030 Måned siden
The font is zalgo
deathsyth8888 Måned siden
"Let it go. Let it go!" - The Look-See
Talloran 2
Talloran 2 Måned siden
The coolest is that it already starts with F
Crunkyy Måned siden
watchin thiss a year later and i just had the theory that the looksee itself has a regret and that second looksee is there to punish it cause face it, wtf is gonna punish the looksee, besides another looksee.
chemssii _.
chemssii _. Måned siden
@ 11:32 I can't be the only one simping for looksees fashion sense, right?
Del Stewart
Del Stewart Måned siden
You have to make some crazy leaps to make these theories even come close to working. You honestly just start changing things to fit what you want. Not your best work.
Joshua Edwards
Joshua Edwards Måned siden
I am scared of no man. But that thing... It scares me.
chloenator_exe Måned siden
matt: HELLO INTERNET WELCOME TO me: GAME THEORY matt: FILM THEORY me: my life is a lie
False Autumn
False Autumn Måned siden
look back
Zion Cochran
Zion Cochran Måned siden
Do a little nightmares theory pls
Gaming with guinea pigs
Gaming with guinea pigs Måned siden
Plot twist: teddy was secretly a girl
VortX Måned siden
7:57 *i'm dying* (as in laughing, not dead lol)
VortX Måned siden
Ay James is in a movie!
TheBendalorianBricks Måned siden
Please make more of these. Crypt Tv needs more theories about it.
Casually vibeing in 2020
Casually vibeing in 2020 Måned siden
Me: *regrets becoming the look-see* My look-see friend: you became the very thing u swore to destroy
T. R.
T. R. Måned siden
The requirements for the dark hair and eyes are written differently from the requirements for the girl to finish the ritual. Both of the final victims had dark hair and eyes. Maybe we misunderstood who needs to meet the requirements.
Potato Måned siden
"Regret comes with a price"
Vali_BG Måned siden
I will challenge Look-See to a duel of yugioh and if I beat him he will have to go away from this world and if not I will gladly let him do what he wants.
Alphenhous plays games!
Alphenhous plays games! Måned siden
Can I just say the look-see looks like a hunk to me? Like photoshop that face with a good face then he would look real fine.
Sedartnwolc Lol
Sedartnwolc Lol Måned siden
Thibo Meurkens
Thibo Meurkens Måned siden
I still can’t believe two of my favorite youtubers are friends!
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