Shepherd's Pie Makes Gordon THROW UP | Kitchen Nightmares Full Episode

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Kitchen Nightmares

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Gordon visits Finn McCool's, where things don't go well at all.
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Avinash Vasudev
Avinash Vasudev 40 minutter siden
17:29 look at his face🤣
No Luck Pure Skillz
No Luck Pure Skillz 58 minutter siden
Only ass hole who had a reason to be asshole. And can we appreciate how good the background music is, when Gordon reviled the sign
kpopvibez Time siden
I feel like I shouldn't watch Kitchen Nightmares while drinking my coffee
P Rich
P Rich Time siden
I dont want to come off cocky but im very good at what I do
WCringen 2 timer siden
"I'm a very confident person" no, you're a drunke person
Sofielvehaug 3 timer siden
"I don't even think he likes the water" Lmao
GuiltyVan 3 timer siden
Yeah. When the firefighters don't want to go dinner as Ramsey's guests, there's a serious problem
Daniel Chen
Daniel Chen 3 timer siden
If you want to see the thumbnail picture there it is -------------------> 12:30
Jaiden Maseko
Jaiden Maseko 3 timer siden
The critic says she’s been waiting for an hour like calm down the place is full of people
Hashpotato 3 timer siden
Gordons a social worker not a chef lol
run4walk 4 timer siden
"was taught to me by somebody who learned it from somebody who went to Ireland". So, basically there's fuck all Irish about it. Just another plastic Paddy.
LoovlehCuppaTea 5 timer siden
That bastard with the chin strap...
Monica Singh
Monica Singh 5 timer siden
The food critic was such a bitch lmao
Casual Gaming
Casual Gaming 5 timer siden
I firstly thought the bathtub in the thumbnail was a bathtub full off shit-
Joeyy1k 5 timer siden
Is anyone gonna comment on why this man chugged that in 0.5 seconds 6:23
Helena Mallaci-Mercurio
Helena Mallaci-Mercurio 6 timer siden
i was mad at brian i think we all are/were but damn he impressed me on that last night. Braught tears to my eyes
adiado 8 timer siden
sorry but if the dining room is packet and has no place anymore you maybe should have come earlier. doesnt matter if you are a fireman or a (really unfriendly, & arrogant) food critic. bitches
ticci toby
ticci toby 9 timer siden
I almost fucking puked
Limit Breaker
Limit Breaker 10 timer siden
Bloody hell, doing what they do would get me fired and/or arrested, and I work in a freaking McDonald's!
Tsuki 11 timer siden
8:34 that's why you're here
SANS KUJO 11 timer siden
Brian straight up looks like an elf in a cartoon show.
Finn Mactaggart
Finn Mactaggart 12 timer siden
does he realize his bar has the same name as a cars character
Kenz_1011 12 timer siden
Thats one last loose end
geminishyne 13 timer siden
This was a life changing episode! Buddy's son went through a real transformation.
KinzDarell 14 timer siden
lmao this restaurant closed eventually in 2012 what a waste. hope the tv royalty is enough to cover his saving wasted for that run down
KinzDarell 14 timer siden
35:43 this chick stacked bruh
drafthard65 14 timer siden
17:22 His facial expression here is pure gold
Francess Jean
Francess Jean 16 timer siden
Drop the food on the floor , put it back in the dryer , don't worry it'll sterilize it. #chilloutcookingtips🤮
talentless cult member
talentless cult member 17 timer siden
10:33 "he has no idea what he's talking about" Did this bitch just say GORDON RAMSAY dosent know how to run a kitchen!?
cyruz d Vyruz
cyruz d Vyruz 17 timer siden
The lady critic was so pretty. :)
Aresus 18 timer siden
Error 404 neck not found in the family
Zak Knight
Zak Knight 19 timer siden
The woman at 33:30 was harsh I think because it’s a new revamped menu, and it isn’t the chefs own menu and it’s always harder to cook someone else’s menu
Dopey Tripod
Dopey Tripod 19 timer siden
Elijah wood leprechaun cook
Gfdb 20 timer siden
Holy moses
Lauren E
Lauren E 20 timer siden
Why is this guy every Irish stereotype despite not sounding remotely Irish lmao
Poladroid 20 timer siden
man gordon freeman sure looks different
Dang Diggity
Dang Diggity 20 timer siden
parts of me feel kinda bad for him man, but he was kinda asking for it. one of the food critics mustve never entered a crowded resturant ever in their life tho "waa waa me critic me first, food less than 3 minutes or me cry" somehow managed to look worse than brian in the beginning. (both of the mat first to be clear)
24k Lyric
24k Lyric 21 time siden
So youre telling me that those newbie critiques dared to critique gordons food💀
Michelle Howard
Michelle Howard 21 time siden
Food critic my ass.
Elijah Carr
Elijah Carr 22 timer siden
The end part reminds me of when I used to be a waiter for a big party and conference venue. Shit's stressful
Elijah Carr
Elijah Carr 23 timer siden
Only Gordon can make a flipin kitchen seem like a bloody murder scene
Harry connor
Harry connor Dag siden
Not gnl that food critic was abit of a bitch Does she see how many people are there
Emma Nash
Emma Nash Dag siden
Why is absolutely no one talking abouthow Brian was drinking while cooking
Alex Dalton
Alex Dalton Time siden
In Ireland
Alex Dalton
Alex Dalton Time siden
That’s normal
Jamz Mines
Jamz Mines Dag siden
Youll hve to gve love and patience when yourcooking just like considered yourself as the first one to eat as the customer. Coz we had saying the customers is always right even if your under pressures keep smiling the customerswould rather appreciated it than getting mad of waiting they knew it if its lots of custoners and thefood they re waiting😍
Emma Nash
Emma Nash Dag siden
The firemen looked absolutely horrified to eat at Fin mccools
Laerra Marie
Laerra Marie Dag siden
I like how everybody says Brian's face is punchable but forget about the foodcritical's face
uppala kranthi
uppala kranthi Dag siden
This the first ever family to listen to what Gordon ramsay said
ToneyTurtle Dag siden
If you make Gordon Ramsay puke from eating your food and then you say it's good, i'm sorry, but it's time to stop cooking and get another profession.
Smelly PeePee
Smelly PeePee Dag siden
The chef looks like he is always high on drugs. Like coccain or something.
Andrew Bergeron
Andrew Bergeron Dag siden
2 chefs for all those people , jesus fk
Michael Pátek
Michael Pátek Dag siden
To be honest, i feel like they could use a few more chefs.. A big restaurant and 2 chefs.
R Y Z 3 N
R Y Z 3 N Dag siden
I like how gordon doesnt look back when leaving a restaurent
Raxon Dag siden
Bryan has a talent tho
Smit Miras
Smit Miras Dag siden
Is that Frodo cooking Gordons food??? xD
FortunateRiRi Dag siden
The fear in brian’s eyes when melisa said he was arrogant was so funny
Iz44n H
Iz44n H Dag siden
Any more ads?
SCT Dag siden
Karen the food critic
T C Dag siden
Buddy’s face when the chef told him he put the wing back in the fryer killed me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Damn, that customer in blue is cute af
Dan the man
Dan the man Dag siden
10:04 the bloody cheek on that fella. shepherd's pie is an English dish.
Niko Dag siden
Gordon should go to Miami to one place where they serve only food from Balkan, I think he would love it! It's called Rakija Grill.
blondecat666 Dag siden
Why would anyone wear a uniform in the evening outside of work? My dad was a military pilot and couldn't wait to get out of his uniform. They might have very low self esteem if they think they are nobodies without uniforms.
Solothkar of Trinsic
Solothkar of Trinsic Dag siden
Yeah, Gordon does not know what he is talking about. He has no idea about cooking or running restaurants. Sure.
James Potgieter
James Potgieter Dag siden
I’m dead. Look at how the owners smile disappears after he tells him about the chicken wing 17:24
iTAMi Dag siden
Kitchen nightmare is "pimp my ride" of food. Change my mind
Panic Tank
Panic Tank Dag siden
Dale Benton
Dale Benton Dag siden
He can not cook a shepherds Pie,So easy to do,I could do that in School in cookery,He dont know nothing,Tell that stupid chef to piss of
Akhira Dag siden
*idk why but, i wanted to slap The Chef* *Also, Stan the daughter in law*
Stoned Batman
Stoned Batman Dag siden
Liam Reid
Liam Reid Dag siden
Brian: I’m come out here looking like the ass hole Buddy you are the ass hole you snob
Judy Park
Judy Park Dag siden
This is possibly my favorite family on this show
Asteri Dag siden
"he has no idea what he's talking about, so I don't really care" An expert will never call themselves an expert, a novice will call themselves a genius
Leon M
Leon M Dag siden
This episode was definetly a delight for the heart. So wholesome I love to see it.
BReady MarVin
BReady MarVin Dag siden
The reviewer was cute😁
Emily Dag siden
He has no idea what he was talking about- Bro.. do u know who this guy is?! Some people are SO thick like how tf 😭✋
Sap Dag siden
And a disrespectful and narcissistic food critic she was really a terrible human being
Sap Dag siden
That Brian is a real ass hole i dont take criticism from a volunteer firefighter volunteer firefighters in Norway need to take the same education as a full time firefighter and we need to do all the same physical tests i guess it's the same in America because your a volunteer dosent means you're not dedicated to your work i absolutely hate that rude and disgusting behaviour of a disrespectful person go try be a firefighter or emt
Sadaf Kazemkhani
Sadaf Kazemkhani Dag siden
I feel bad for buddy! He was doing his best in the kitchen and it still wasn’t enough.... he got so stressed and frustrated 😩
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin Dag siden
the food critic looked high as a kite, she looks and talks like she's about to sneeze
Mihail Emanuel
Mihail Emanuel Dag siden
imagine watching this episode and being the guy that enjoys the fallen fried wing
Mystical Misty
Mystical Misty Dag siden
I’m sorry son or know son he would be out that door!
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Anton Prokk
Anton Prokk 2 dager siden
Check out Gordon flexing the TechArt Magnum Cayenne
a guy. What else?
a guy. What else? 2 dager siden
I thought it was a bath filled with crap
Aiden Gracey
Aiden Gracey 2 dager siden
Just shows you got to love the food you make to be a good chef. Its about passion. Gordon has loads of passion but it turns to the passion of murder over bad food and lack of respect
MotionMix 2 dager siden
What Happened Next at Finn McCools? Lee Stranahan spoke to the owners days after the show had aired on his blog post here and they revealed they were picked after Brian auditioned for Hell's Kitchen. They also revealed that Francis wasn't an employee and Brian didn't drive off, leaving some believing the Finn McCools Kitchen Nightmares episode was faked. Gordon revisits the restaurant and the family relationships are better. He is told that business is good with an increase of 37% but Buddy had a heart attack and was taking a break from the restaurant. Brian won a local competition for Best Chowder in a Chilli and Chowder Competition. He told a local paper that the regulars wanted to revert to the old menu and he threatened to quit. Yelp reviews were mostly positive after filming with compliments to the food and the service. In 2009, Buddy sold the restaurant to Michael Mancuso and the family still worked there. Finn McCool's closed in March 2012 after an issue with the lease and was boarded up in June 2012. Since the Finn McCool's closed, Brian opened Shuckers with a childhood friend in 2011 and has worked at Oakland's Restaurant Marina. He currently works at Sundays on the Bay and had expanded into catering. Jason has been working as a courier, at various restaurants and bars including Shuckers, Joe's American Grill and Buoy One. Buddy works as a Private Investigator at his own firm, A.Mazzio Professional Investigations. Finn McCool's aired on November 14 2007, the episode was filmed in March 2007 and is Kitchen Nightmares season 1 episode 7.
Aidan Manzano
Aidan Manzano 2 dager siden
*family argues* Gordon: “I’m hungry”
MotionMix 2 dager siden
17:25 Love how his smile turned into frown.
Matyáš Zahradník
Matyáš Zahradník 2 dager siden
The music is killing me
zettaexa 2 dager siden
Finn Peters
Finn Peters 2 dager siden
That's why he is so insane in the membrane
Finn Peters
Finn Peters 2 dager siden
Teeth of the boy in the kitchen looks like they belong to a shark Took lots of drugs I feel
Not Amethyst
Not Amethyst 2 dager siden
No one: Brian: 👁👄👁
Daniel Teacher
Daniel Teacher 2 dager siden
Shepherd's with beef? Cottage pie is beef.
Daniel Bateman
Daniel Bateman 17 timer siden
The shepherd stole the farmers cow
Elizabeth 19 timer siden
Yes! Though over here it’s ground beef instead of the lamb. If you think about it, the shepherds used what they had & as lambs aren’t common but cows are, therefore we could say shepherd’s pie can be made with beef.
Allyannahh 2 dager siden
raw food against cooked food is literally Gordon's worst fear
Allyannahh 2 dager siden
Gordon Ramsay: *chokes and vomits the food* Me: CODE RED CODE RED CODE RED
Blooface 2 dager siden
Ok be honest who looks at these and your mouth just starts watering
El Scourou
El Scourou 2 dager siden
Brian is proof that you don't need a parent to spoil you to act like a spoilt brat
It's Arjun
It's Arjun 2 dager siden
21:19 ohh poor guy 😂
It's Arjun
It's Arjun 2 dager siden
17:28 just look at that expression 😂😂😂
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