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THE FINAL GRIND for Shiny Meltan in Pokémon GO! Today we’re on the BIG grind looking for some Home Event shiny Pokémon.
#PokémonGO #ShinyPokémon #Meltan
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Nek Firdaus
Nek Firdaus 24 dager siden
How i want to know is that pokemon is shoundo or not before capture it
Fady Daniel
Fady Daniel Måned siden
Let's be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 0267 7423 2198!
Retro Gamer
Retro Gamer Måned siden
OMG 😱 why do I only get Pokémon go ads when I’m watching mystic7
The Barda
The Barda Måned siden
הוו win
Phsycic Duck
Phsycic Duck Måned siden
I managed to get two shiny meltan in my first box then nothing else after that did get a hundo tho
Camila Britto
Camila Britto Måned siden
Add um Pokémon go 133588747051. from Brazil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Hugo Giner
Hugo Giner Måned siden
My código the entrenador is: 665867077662
ッRemix Måned siden
I have a Hundo terakion
Brad Rose
Brad Rose Måned siden
I got a shiny feroseed today
AYA Teppanyaki
AYA Teppanyaki Måned siden
Jacob Drinnan
Jacob Drinnan Måned siden
Got a shiny Meltan which is a blessing but still have no decent iv meltan haven’t even grabbed one above 87%
Reuben Devin
Reuben Devin Måned siden
Is that a real fire in the car
Kevin Gaming
Kevin Gaming 2 måneder siden
12:19 Haha Tokyo, i almost thought that you spoofing haha
Gabry 06
Gabry 06 2 måneder siden
8356 3332 8822
The Viktor
The Viktor 2 måneder siden
I got 3 shiny Meltan out of 2 mystery boxes
合田凌斗 2 måneder siden
4672 3559 9201JAPAN
RNG-Wolf -Gamer
RNG-Wolf -Gamer 2 måneder siden
You have good luck
Jake 2 måneder siden
What does hundo mean
KxrbloxTheif Måned siden
means hundred
Exo _NfExodus
Exo _NfExodus 2 måneder siden
I got shiny meltan
puff thedragon
puff thedragon 2 måneder siden
Add me need friends -dallasmannyhdz
Wolfs Willwinn101
Wolfs Willwinn101 2 måneder siden
How do you know if a raid Pokemon is a hundo
Toad 2 måneder siden
NotThe Imposter
NotThe Imposter 2 måneder siden
Me who got 3 shiny meltans during the event: *pathetic*
MARIOEJR 2 måneder siden
My mom have 2 shiny zubats and I have 0 😂😂
Thomas Jacob
Thomas Jacob 2 måneder siden
I got shiny Mythical
Anderson Jordan
Anderson Jordan 2 måneder siden
I'm gonna be honest I got 2 shiny melt and on my first mystery box I didn't even think they were rare...
Mahir 2 måneder siden
Who invites me to Selfe or Tobutz raid Gets invited from me to Vespirit raid! 2363 4398 9704
Texock 2 måneder siden
I got a shoundo melmeltan
Trey Cass
Trey Cass 2 måneder siden
So I guess I'm not the only one who opened two hours worth of Meltan and didn't get the shiny 😞
Rafael Torkkeli
Rafael Torkkeli 2 måneder siden
My friend catched at tuesday an shiny virizion before School. Its so damn cool.
Heidi Farano
Heidi Farano 2 måneder siden
Axel Giromès
Axel Giromès 2 måneder siden
Bonjour à tous je vous présente un serveur pokémon go avec plus de 100membresqui pourra t'aider à aimer encore plus pokémon go que ce soit pour faire des raid, discuter... Le serveur :
Caden Walton
Caden Walton 2 måneder siden
I have a four-star Rhyhorn to
Easton Shaw
Easton Shaw 2 måneder siden
All the kids on here that cant spell vintage 😂😂😂
coldmirror117 2 måneder siden
When someone wants always working spoofer, only use They are the real deal when it comes to this! ଏସ୍ତଙ୍କସ୍ତଙ୍କହା ସମସ୍ତଙ୍କ ପାଇଁ ଉପଯୁକ୍ତ
Frankie McDermott
Frankie McDermott 2 måneder siden
@Landon McMaster don't
Landon McMaster
Landon McMaster 2 måneder siden
I don't know if I trust you
Add a friend with this codeᅳ
Add a friend with this codeᅳ 2 måneder siden
4584 0910 4866
아무생각없다 2 måneder siden
4584 0910 4866
아무생각없다 2 måneder siden
4584 0910 4866
아무생각없다 2 måneder siden
4584 0910 4866
Erick Bernal
Erick Bernal 2 måneder siden
I got 3 shiny meltan which I’m super happy about and that I ended up with a shiny slowpoke and zubat before they are gone :)
A pitts
A pitts 2 måneder siden
4822 2737 5585
UnderThinK Pokémon
UnderThinK Pokémon 2 måneder siden
Jordan Lewis
Jordan Lewis 2 måneder siden
Me : likening all his videos does he get money from me
Jordan Lewis
Jordan Lewis 2 måneder siden
AEBRON DUNGCA 2 måneder siden
Its so hard getting legendary pokemon even i cant get one lol
Silvio Santiago
Silvio Santiago 2 måneder siden
tell me how when she was talking to Alexa on 12:50 it activated mine too
Verzuz 2 måneder siden
I have two shiny meltans. I just wanted to flex in the comments
Twisted firestarter
Twisted firestarter 2 måneder siden
Mega abomasnow confirmed next number 460 in dex
Dyland Sleighs
Dyland Sleighs 2 måneder siden
I wish I had a shiny meltan
fortnite man
fortnite man 2 måneder siden
i got 2 mesprits when im watching :D
Rhys Game
Rhys Game 2 måneder siden
Hey Mystic try getting a nice throw it is glitching when you get a excellent
Bean Boozle
Bean Boozle 2 måneder siden
How do you screen record on Samsung I dont know how he does it ?
DJYonder King
DJYonder King 2 måneder siden
I cought a shiny goldeeen
Vanja Barbosa
Vanja Barbosa 2 måneder siden
🇪🇸 RAIDS uxie código 019270391123
Kamil Barnak
Kamil Barnak 2 måneder siden
I cought it and I couldn't believe
Kamil Barnak
Kamil Barnak 2 måneder siden
The hundo for terrakion weather boosted is 2641
Aaron Of Doom
Aaron Of Doom 2 måneder siden
I got clapped on Meltan too. I wish Niantic would bring it back more often.
Ash Marie13
Ash Marie13 2 måneder siden
Looking for people who are doing uxie rsids I'm from America. If anyone could help me out I'd appreciate it.
Hybrid Cal
Hybrid Cal 2 måneder siden
anybody know any way to spoof on Android?
SSSkizz 2 måneder siden
I got two shiny meltans in a row
Kaco 2 måneder siden
1771 2667 6929
Bret Bennett
Bret Bennett 2 måneder siden
I sent you a friend request
Ty Kai92
Ty Kai92 2 måneder siden
8630 7063 4845 19P2C2E92
Tajwar Chowdhury
Tajwar Chowdhury 2 måneder siden
I legit got 2 shiny meltan when I was watching mystic7 so watch this channel its legit shiny luck
Matthew 0
Matthew 0 2 måneder siden
Did y'all realize that the Kalos region is coming.
Kamil 2 måneder siden
4481 2615 5251
Bret Bennett
Bret Bennett 2 måneder siden
I added you on Pokémon go
Landan Lim
Landan Lim 2 måneder siden
Me who got my shiny meltan on my very first box in all my entire time playing pokemon go the day before the event ended
Mister Pajula
Mister Pajula 2 måneder siden
I gaught 2 shiny meltan from 1 mystery box, almost in a row
Jerrell Taylor
Jerrell Taylor 2 måneder siden
Bro my b-day is tomorrow and I’m getting Pokémon coins
Getfired_YT 2 måneder siden
Mystic love your vids keep up the good work!! Hope you see this comment😄
Peter Meyer
Peter Meyer 2 måneder siden
1852 9966 3623 - tägliche Geschenke
Kieran-Lee Gascoigne
Kieran-Lee Gascoigne 2 måneder siden
I also got a hundo Virizion! Not weather boosted at 1727 cp
Lewayne Hardeman
Lewayne Hardeman 2 måneder siden
I got the shundo magmar too and 3 shiny meltan
Rowan Wicken
Rowan Wicken 2 måneder siden
Come visit my NOpost channel
Josh Random
Josh Random 2 måneder siden
Dear MYSTIC7, I love your videos and I would love to do a video with you, I am the owner of a very small channel and if me and you do a video together I think I could go from level 28 to 40 in one day! if you want to make a video with me go to 4800 Valleydale Rd Birmingham, AL 35242 United States 11/28/2020 at 2pm North America East.
Josh Random
Josh Random 2 måneder siden
Pls accept
Simply Jah
Simply Jah 2 måneder siden
I caught my shiny Zubat yesterday at a 5 pokestop grind spot very thankful
ViBeZシNead 2 måneder siden
Im from Europe Can i get an friendrequest from American Players for Vesprit and Selfe
allison alvarado
allison alvarado 2 måneder siden
9392 8374 0373
Bret Bennett
Bret Bennett 2 måneder siden
I sent you a friend request on Pokémon go
kevin guarachi
kevin guarachi 2 måneder siden
Eyezo 2 måneder siden
I got 2 shiny meltans and 1 96%
jevin Szafryk
jevin Szafryk 2 måneder siden
hey mystic nobody checks out my strem so can you plz check out my strems thank you
CSFMasterXD 2 måneder siden
I GOT 2 Shiny Meltan in my first box ever opent
_ Kilianstor
_ Kilianstor 2 måneder siden
We are from Germany and we are searching ingame friends for Uxie and Azelf raids. chaotenkili (397905302039) and Kilianstor (6899 4210 2433)
Bret Bennett
Bret Bennett 2 måneder siden
I sent you both friend requests
James Pearson
James Pearson 2 måneder siden
How does he hatch eggs and get so many Pokémon just sat at home?
Lz Pedritoo
Lz Pedritoo 2 måneder siden
Why cant i use my 1400 cp pokemon in battle league? Im only able to use super weak pokemons like 1k and 800 while my opponents get to use 1300 and 1200 and sometimes 1400
Noah Conner
Noah Conner 2 måneder siden
I walked around my whole town today for hours and did not see a single shiny do you have any tips to easily find some in the wild
TheyCallMeEnd_Playz Actual usennamw: realerplayz
TheyCallMeEnd_Playz Actual usennamw: realerplayz 2 måneder siden
Yo i just cought i wild ampharodos ö :)
conza ninja
conza ninja 2 måneder siden
I got 3 shinies
Christian Ebert
Christian Ebert 2 måneder siden
LF friends to inv for Uxie or Azelf raids ;P Will in return invite for mesprit
Lyle Chu
Lyle Chu 2 måneder siden
I got a Hundoo Meltan
Max Thompson
Max Thompson 2 måneder siden
Joe Maka
Joe Maka 2 måneder siden
Im not kidding but i got 3 shiny meltans out of 2 boxes(all out the last one)
Noah Cook
Noah Cook 2 måneder siden
I had a weather boosted perfect terrakion run from me, hit 11 excellent and 4 great throws on it too lol
I4N PI4N 2 måneder siden
I think I just lost a hundo Virizion.
Kenneth Gondwe
Kenneth Gondwe 2 måneder siden
im a flippin fan of urs mystic. I love ur videos and watch them everyday, u even give me tips on the game. Dude every pokemon u wish u have or hatched i always get them for some reason. Pls can we be friends
Laura Boyd
Laura Boyd 2 måneder siden
what if ETERNATUS was in Pokemon go!!!
robilinkol 2 måneder siden
5802 5308 2457
KarateAngel 2 måneder siden
my dad got hundo lugia but he did not notece
FlamingFlame_22 2 måneder siden
i had used all of my poke-balls on a meltan box and got a shiny meltan with my last 2 poke-balls. now i have a meltan but no poke-balls to catch other Pokemon. RIP
Kenneth Rosales
Kenneth Rosales 2 måneder siden
i got my first ever 2 shiny pokemon in pokemon go it was a chicorita and a geodude found one and hacteced one lets go still excited
robilinkol 2 måneder siden
7323 1492 3776
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