MAJOR CHANGES! Asmongold Reacts to "Shadowlands Just Got Flipped Upside Down" | By Preach

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Asmongold watches a video by Preach, who breaks down the drastic changes Blizzard just had for Shadowlands, after reinventing the SOULBINDS talent system: one of the most important features coming with the next WoW expansion along with the new Covenants and Torghast. After the expansion release delay this seems to be shaping up fairly good....
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Hooch 27 dager siden
Stopped watching the man-child Preach years ago, his constant whining and crying is embarrassing.
Hero4fun Måned siden
The problem is why was the ridiculously bad/useless talent even exist in the first place? Clearly some idiot is hiding in the company and keep coming up with these dumb ideas and needs to be fired with the people who agrees with it.
Yashi Måned siden
How the fuck blizzard went from legion (amazing expansion tbh) to this shit in just 2 cycles? Idk anymore, give me pandaria like expansion, its better
Oliver Måned siden
I never understand how people can dislike any part of WoW. I liked every single expansion. BfA was my favorite
Ace Palomino
Ace Palomino Måned siden
If i gotta go through everything i had too with the legendary cloak in 8.3, im going to play eso lmfao. No bs though please just scrap these systems, make the game skill based and not biased on time spent alone. I wanna play with people who are good because THEYRE gameplay is good. Not cause they have a few hours more then me and got lucky on a few drops. I only have one geared char from the entire bfa expac, and thats soley because every alt didnt have luck with drops.
Haakonson Måned siden
After coming off playing a very good MoP server with great scripting for the past year, playing the pre patch felt like absolute shit. Game is dead. The GCD changes was probably one of the worst changes they've ever made to the game
Mochi Mochi
Mochi Mochi Måned siden
Wtf is wrong with Asmon’s eyebrows? Why does he move them up and down while widening his eyes constantly? Is it a nervous tick or just a “quirky” part of the character he plays?
༺Boy Red༻ [LockSport]
༺Boy Red༻ [LockSport] 13 dager siden
I don't really follow asmon anymore as I have zero interest In wow, but I think I red somewhere that it may be stress related, not sure tho. I hope it's nothing serious and just a bad habit.
Sam Måned siden
He has the same eyebrow problem as Ethan from H3
Kristian Pusti
Kristian Pusti Måned siden
I mean, back in the day we had a lot more abilities and a cooler talent system, which was enhanced by glyphs. Gear was gear and had tiers, and was empowered by gems and enchantments. Can't we just have that back? I mean is that a hard thing to do?
Jocke Åman
Jocke Åman Måned siden
Battle pass coming soon in wow, trust me.
Zemas Måned siden
Now this is a story, all about how The shadowlands got flipped, turned upside down. And I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there I'll tell you how the jailer became the prince of a town called Bel Air
Jay Fedder
Jay Fedder Måned siden
I love how asmongold watches preach
Broken Måned siden
GODLESS101 Måned siden
How about instead of making giant, convoluted systems meant to keep us on that busy work treadmill and . . . Oh, I don't know . . . Make the game fun?
Xoj_ Måned siden
Zack and Ethan's eyebrows should have a cage match fight for youtube clout.
GODLESS101 Måned siden
Wow is shit. It's been shit for years. This might be my last expansion and I've been there since day one.
Stéphane Mocan
Stéphane Mocan Måned siden
There are no words for how bad i dont care about this game anymore. Makes me sad tho
Y.E Måned siden
just go on private servers...
Joshua Lee
Joshua Lee Måned siden
Honestly this sounds like a worse version of artifact power.
Mish Seyoiph
Mish Seyoiph Måned siden
I like battlepass/seasonal progress systems, as long as I dont have to pay for them, they are fun
Diego Fernandez
Diego Fernandez Måned siden
AchDerOnAir Måned siden
Wtf is wrong with asmongs eyebrows.. ?
Tenivir Måned siden
Every week that I see their changes they just nerf another thing into the ground. The class I like to play has totally uninteresting covenant abilities that 3 of them are basically the same (shaman), legendaries that have been nerfed into the ground or been changed to be boring af. Without these systems being interesting or impactful for my class wtf do I have in SL? They put it all into these systems in last 3 expacs and then just don't make em good/work. I have lost pretty much all motivation and interest in SL after being really hyped earlier.
Demarki Måned siden
Just scrap the whole system and bring back Legion Artifacts - Rename them and change icons to spice things up and ship it as it is.
TheAlexown Måned siden
what if mythic + worked like old arena point mechanic. you get point for doing mythic +x and spend them on gear you need. No more getting boots 3 times in a row.
Sebastian Patter
Sebastian Patter Måned siden
did he just fart at 4:47? :D
Mads Måned siden
This feels like a Blizzard without direction. This is beginning not to feel like wow anymore. A fairy costume?
Gwynbleidd 28 dager siden
Because its Activision. Granted they've had Mounts you can buy, Transmog is the same thing. They've also given transmog items through collectors editions. Most purchasable in game items were usually for charities though. However this one is tied to a sub, which im not too keen on.
The Hardcore Casual
The Hardcore Casual Måned siden
I really don t get how everyone love Bastion. For me it is the worst leveling experience ever created in WOW. I gave up leveling at 53, can t spend one more second in Bastion. It is a click show with a story that I don' care for and painfull to follow, in a washep up zone that looks like a korean browser mmo. The worst introduction to the "unnderworld/afterlife" thingy, the drakest expansion .... da fk is this shit?
Douglas VanWormer
Douglas VanWormer Måned siden
let’s take all WoW content creators, and just move em into Guild Wars 2. because WoW is just a whale carcass with a new skin every couple years.
Sunwaves On Mars
Sunwaves On Mars Måned siden
Good . Too many wannabes practicing beta like its live . We will see when SH will be live how they will be so confused and fail at the game
Electro.on3 Måned siden
speaking of legendaries from legion I just got one from a rare on Argus then another about 5 minutes later
Artist Måned siden
12:56 "Wow is the wow killer" you got it there chat guy! Honestly I´am happy right now I didn´t buy SL yet, it´s kinda calming me.^^
Florian Haffner
Florian Haffner Måned siden
First expension I feel 0 hype. Back then expensions where all about new zones, new classes, new races, new dungeons, new TIER SETS. Now everything is just a mess of convoluted currencies, timesinks and dailies. All the good people already left Blizzard. This is not the good old Blizzard; this is ACTIVISION blizzard. RIP WoW
MostLuckyDan Måned siden
Asmond ty for making decent videos compared to ur other friends
karl alexander
karl alexander Måned siden
They should scrap most of the conduit shit and just put out paragon lvls
ojvdosagjodjga Måned siden
As a player that hasnt played wow since WOLTK i have no desire to come back to play this shit.
Jonah Måned siden
Get rid of all of these systems and just have cool interesting gear locked behind content that actually challenges you. That's all we need lmao
Haakonson Måned siden
This expansion will be trash. Classes and specs are trash. Systems. Only thing that will be good will be the art design and maybe raid/dungeons. WoW is dead
Trey Taylor
Trey Taylor Måned siden
Asmon is a simp lol what a beta
Kent Pengelly
Kent Pengelly Måned siden
Boycott Shadowlands!!
DaveKraft400 Måned siden
Chat loses their minds when they hear an English accent. I think I only find the gachi emote funny now because of how outrageous people can twist the context.
Daytona Chalifoux
Daytona Chalifoux Måned siden
Just get rid of covenants..
V01D Måned siden
content thief
Heather Michelle
Heather Michelle Måned siden
I am not sure what the intent is but you two talking over each other is very distracting. I have enjoyed past videos but this was was hard. I hope you go back to just one person talking at a time for the next video.
Malonze Productions
Malonze Productions Måned siden
This is the first expac im not going to buy.. and if i do, it wont be for a good long ass while.
Epicscore Eu
Epicscore Eu Måned siden
HS reduction, paladins are happy now.
Charles Winters
Charles Winters Måned siden
The expansion hasn't even been released yet and I'm already tired of it.
Mahnitov Måned siden
I dont know why , but for some1 who stopped playing WoW back in the days of WOTLK and then came back to LEgion to see how it looks and got confused by sooo much crap they have in the game , and now this ..... my god guys what did you go thru in BFA ? like wow seeeems sooo complicated now days its over the top tbh. Everything is bordered around 1 word : GRIND Spend as much time ingame as possible for what ? ..... its blizz idea to make money on you. Back in the days you had a goal ... and it was simple trip to it. But now you have like freaking 1 000 000 steps to do before you can even see that goal in the end. Dunno but game looks soo confusing , even in Legion was confusing with that stupid artifact tbh. Even tho Artifact was kinda cool but thats all i can say about it.
Alec Jacobs
Alec Jacobs Måned siden
Blizzard, doesn't need to make anything account-wide. These dumbasses don't know what they want, if you want to have a character other than your main, you're going to have to play the game again, sorry that's just how it goes. People didn't quit classic because of alts, if anything that's what most players that still play are doing right now, and classic still has a huge community. You build a connection to a character by playing through the game/levels/struggles with said character, not by getting the title you got because your main has it, or your mount, or your shoulders/helm/legs/cloak. This shit has become a joke. Play through the game with a new class or don't, nobody needs to hold your hand in this game if you decide to.
Troy Måned siden
Hey Asmond, how about you Fuk up while watching? Ta know, so we can all listen?
Rafael Ruiz
Rafael Ruiz Måned siden
i want to watch those videos without this fkn chat
Dave Johnson
Dave Johnson Måned siden
Wow sounds more and more like a gacha game every patch
Adrian Brave
Adrian Brave Måned siden
I'm so tired of the reinventing the wheel. You know your design philosophy is fucked when people just want a new expansion to the 15-year old version of the game.
Varian Tan
Varian Tan Måned siden
" WOW is just like your 45 years old wife, doesn't matter how many 19 year-olds you've been with, you always go back to her."
Alejandro Arrieta
Alejandro Arrieta Måned siden
duckzor Måned siden
I was rolling at "twice as worse" LUL
Gurney Måned siden
The 3Head spam in chat is so old now. Fucking hell, how many Preach videos has he reacted to at this point?
Vlad Dracul
Vlad Dracul Måned siden
I haven't been able to truly understand all of these new systems yet. Are these conduits and covenants going to require you leveling them all independently or will you level one and be able to switch to another and be in the same place? If you need to level all of these things independently, this expansion is going to suck donkey balls.
Benjamin Figueroa Ureta
Benjamin Figueroa Ureta Måned siden
ff14 :D
Artemis Exile
Artemis Exile Måned siden
Thats the first time ive seen him real smile in such a long time.
Ash912 T
Ash912 T Måned siden
Quit wow long time ago now wow for me is just another reality show where two entities are in abusive relationship but still love each other 😁...
K.O. Beast!
K.O. Beast! Måned siden
I don’t think they’ll be changing their view when it comes to expansions. As long as people play, they will keep on doing what they’re doing.
Raiden Måned siden
We are lucky we are getting cyberpunk 2077 this year..cos who s gonna play this shitty expansion..!!
Kovács Benjamin
Kovács Benjamin Måned siden
Asmon: "...does wow have battle pass now, I was so fucking confused by you guys" Blizzard: write that down, WRITE THAT DOWN!
andrejoss475 Måned siden
I don't really have anything against borrowed powers, but doing them all over again on every single alt is so goddamn tedious and boring that i've never even considered actively playing an alt all my alts do is sit at medium ilvls with no borrowed powers and do daily quests for mounts
Dmitry Shikunov
Dmitry Shikunov Måned siden
The problem with making every system account-wide is that you need to be REALLY careful to not force people into playing 10 alts just to get the maximum progression of that system. You can look at last year's new raid release in Destiny for an example of getting that thing wrong - to get maximum light (ilvl basically) in a week you needed to grind out all your activities on all 3 characters.
Peak Nuisance
Peak Nuisance Måned siden
I feel like asmon knows the game is shit and dying but he has built his community on wow and can't stop playing it otherwise he will lose a lot of his community.
StOnEMoVe420 Måned siden
@ssoproni 14:03 a Manual Transmission is what you probably know as Standard Transmission. Manual Trans. means a Cluth and Shifter lever. You gotta be a man as we know it around here to drive a Manual Trans with a sticky cluthc.
imhard 2please
imhard 2please Måned siden
6:33 spot on man - The game was based on the mechanics and skill not just point dumping. The game back then required a brain not just mashing keys
The Dirk Diggler
The Dirk Diggler Måned siden
Retail players are some of the lowest iq beings on the planet. Imagine playing a game after like 6 consecutive trash expansions and then expect the next one to be good.
York Hunt
York Hunt Måned siden
Legion was good.
Triangle Squared
Triangle Squared Måned siden
I can swear I watched this video before..
RDKRL Måned siden
I honestly can believe someone is surprised that there will be a BiS covenant. Like what the fuck did you expect? :D I was telling this since day one and everyone wasl ike "naaaah Blizzard is a cool company, they will get it right this time, yaaay".
Johnson McBig
Johnson McBig Måned siden
I fucking knew it, I knew this shit wasn't going to be ALT friendly, everybody talking about how you can skip the story, but nobody talking about the power grind... Shit... These conduits are literally essences that cannot be made account wide!!
Yu Se
Yu Se Måned siden
Blizzard: Flipping the tree Everyone: Pog This shows how bad they want any small good change
CrazyAjvar Måned siden
If next expension doesn't have one of the following: new class, new profession, 4th spec for all classes, blizzard would prove they are just money grabbers and have no love for the game or want to make a good game.
Juraj Vlcek
Juraj Vlcek Måned siden
I was on and off wow throught the years so feel free to correct me but renown is the biggest timegate i ever seen in wow, being able to get only 2 levels per week with a max of 40.... jesus its not AP or Azerite grind cause renown actually links to everything else from what i read so i am pretty sure 'until renown X reached you cannot do Y' is gonna be everywhere
Dallum Brown
Dallum Brown Måned siden
The more I see of these systems, the less I want to play. Not sure I'm going to see much of the Shadowlands :(
Valentin Vasilev
Valentin Vasilev Måned siden
Activision killed Heroes of the Storm. After that Warcraft rework didn't goes as planned. Then they killed the epic Starcraft game. Now they are going for Wow ?
HappyMeal Zed
HappyMeal Zed Måned siden
The population of convenants gonna be like Kyrion:5% Fae: the female population Maldraxas: 30% Venthyr: 100%
Viridian Måned siden
Ngl im tired of borrowed power
Robert Colo'n
Robert Colo'n Måned siden
Imagine after this massive delay the game ends up sucking ass. That would be very sad.
ZzMR_STRETCHzZ Måned siden
just remove the legos for fucks sake
Dave Fitzgerald
Dave Fitzgerald Måned siden
I pre ordered Shadowlands..Big mistake.
Shlompski Måned siden
Check if you can still refund it. When the delay was announced refunds were given with no questions asked
VandaKai i
VandaKai i Måned siden
Had to unsub and get my refund from blizz last week cause they just dont seem to know wtf they are doing... Things sound good then they keep turning to shit and everyone gets pissed and it loops over and over and over just reached the point where I didnt feel I could trust them with the pre order no more.. GG WoW was fun... Not to mention the racists ppl hating on ppl that work for them or just in general..
Kasperi Mesimäki
Kasperi Mesimäki Måned siden
And we talked about it
King Santana
King Santana Måned siden
wow am actually shock people co sign off on these nobodies boosting there ego's up like there actually somebody important in life when there not doing anything important in life but feeding there fake ego's from fake fantasy games lmao this world is truely lost.... if you really want to sound smart then actually sound smart at solving real life's problems instead of siting in a room all day acting like your solving real problems lmao fcking losers of real life you get no real respect from me for acting like your smart at something
MrRez Måned siden
I know people aren’t gonna like this opinion. They have to make it that you can’t change Covenants once you did the final pick. Doing this would make you feel more attached to that covenant and more invested in the overall story and theme of the expansion. Give
TheNamesJT Måned siden
Wounder what asmongold thinks of Project Ascension
alex jacobs
alex jacobs Måned siden
if it isnt retail wow he will shit on it some how
Adykai Måned siden
im not watching because of the documentary, im intrigue with asmond's eyebrows
TheManadeath Måned siden
Blizzard added the requirement to get the apex talent before going into another branch to nerf duel wield DKs. We were so far ahead of everyone else, except hunter in which we were only slightly ahead. You would go into frost to get the increase speed and howling blast. Then you would go into Plague to get bloodcake bite or shadowbite, something like that. If memory serves, we had 0.7 second attack speed before buffs. Also we would roll on KTs tanking axe for our bis weapons. It sucks they added that just to nerf one class. I had to get me a basic 2hander before going into Ulduar
Tactrix Måned siden
This has turned into the saddest game ever made. And it's really pathetic to watch who they call blizzard but is actually just activision work on this game and fail so completely at it. I literally read an article today entitled "WoW now a lone wolf experience." And that's a good example of how fucking retarded they made this game. I'm watching these videos and all I can see is like lone wolf shit that they used to put into old first person RPG games where you would have to solo bosses, or just basically get the right combo. And nothing about this game says WoW anymore. I'll put it simply, the only chance you ever have of playing WoW the way it used to be when it didn't suck is if Dreamhaven puts out a version that's based on the original concept that WoW was made under. Because Activision sure as shit haven't done it, they failed at this xpac already and the classic WoW is just not anywhere near the same.
James Willmott
James Willmott Måned siden
I don't understand his point of view on alts, I wouldn't wanna play a game where it takes less than 100 hours for an alt to reach the same lvl as a main
Ramez Hachicho
Ramez Hachicho Måned siden
Urgh this comment section. People be wanting to bitch about WoW even though they WILL play it because it's still the best game of it's type despite the problems. I agree that the systems should really be scrapped though. But it is truly too late for that.
Ramez Hachicho
Ramez Hachicho Måned siden
@alex jacobs Nothing I said contradicted itself merely contradicting your interpretation of my words. What I said was to validate my words not invite you to an I'm more hardcore than you competition. You're really pathetic lol. If "real" wow players are like you then I'm really glad I'm not one. I'll be over here with a guild full of great guys who love the game and have lots of fun raiding while y'all spend your days collecting world buffs to trivialise content and play raids that could be finished by a 3 year old chimpanzee with learning difficulties. Golden days of wow my ass. Even Naxx isn't really hard. Or interesting. You shitheads are the boomers of wow. It was only good back then because you sucked.
alex jacobs
alex jacobs Måned siden
@Ramez Hachicho lol way to contradict yourself, your mad ive been playing longer and came away with the perspective its a shit game
Ramez Hachicho
Ramez Hachicho Måned siden
@alex jacobs Yes yes express your opinions as facts more. The angrier you get the dumber you look. Also lol at the "I've played since." dick measuring context. I only told mine to say that I have experienced much of wows life but I guess you're opinion is absolute cos you played a few months longer in a mode of the game that hasn't been relevant for over a decade. gg.
alex jacobs
alex jacobs Måned siden
@Ramez Hachicho ive played and raided since vanilla beta, retail sucked ass since cata, even wotlk was starting to get shitty, also bfa didnt just suck it was an all time low for mmos in general regardless of how many people are addicted. theres more people addicted to meth and heroin IRL but it doesnt mean its a better thing to do with ur time
Ramez Hachicho
Ramez Hachicho Måned siden
@alex jacobs Played and raided since classic, Retail is better. BFA just sucked. Your grossly stupid generalisation and assumed knowledge of everyone's preference is invalid. Have a nice day.
You'll See My Name EveryWhere
You'll See My Name EveryWhere Måned siden
Need a quick answer before I buy Are ferals good again?
chaz32 Måned siden
No, not actually good even with 5 point rips on several targets. Dragging people down in PVP is the sole reason to play it, it's a tanky rogue.
Alex Måned siden
in what reguard. in pve they are terrible as of the current build, pvp there still pretty good.
Justin Måned siden
Game died back in 2010
RedPanda Måned siden
Preheet's Twitter got deleted because the Limit Preheat cried
Patrick Måned siden
This won't kill alts because there is a weekly progress cap. You just need to start all your alts early, heh.
Patrick Måned siden
Not all the best builds got capstones. My wotlk DK spec was immortal and had no capstones.
Yzix ™
Yzix ™ Måned siden
and we talk about it and we talk about it and we talk about it and we talk about it
Ivan Savovski
Ivan Savovski Måned siden
Why Asmon didnt eat in McDonalds? Everytime when he see logo M remind him - BALD !!
Aaron Vdubz
Aaron Vdubz Måned siden
they try way to hard with their expansions and upgrades thats the problem
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