7 Days on the North Shore | My New Morning Routine

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Mahalo my Dude

Måned siden

Andrew Fights the winter blues with a daily shred on the North Shore 🚲
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Andrew Santos ( andrewcsantos)
Dan Gaud ( dan_gaud)
Matt Dennison ( mattdennisontv)
Instagram: ifhtfilms
Facebook: ifhtfilms
Digilogue - Oton
Fountains - Red Licorice
Glory - Josh Gorrels
Watermark high - Ann Road
Midnight - Square Peg Round Hole
Ecstacy - Milano
Tic Tac - Memba
Happiness Overload - Galosky
𝙈 𝘼 𝙃 𝘼 𝙇 𝙊 𝙈 𝙔 𝘿 𝙐 𝘿 𝙀 🤙🏻

Toastey 15 dager siden
This is the most underrated channel.
Richard* 25 dager siden
lovin your vlogs....
nooranik21 28 dager siden
I just finished my own 7 day challenge. Everything you said was true. It wasn't about Strava and PRs nor was it even about really progressing. It was just about riding my damn bike and being outside. I rode somewhere new each day and rode by myself a few days and with a group on others. It was just what I needed to get really stoked about mountain biking in the winter months.
William Bogg
William Bogg Måned siden
moss gang
Knutt Laarsen
Knutt Laarsen Måned siden
Can't know how I stopmed onto this. Anyway Damn good content 🤩🤩🤩. I also have been watching those similar from mStarTutorials and kinda wonder how you guys make these stuff. MStar Tutorials also had amazing info about similiar things on his channel.
bob dagv
bob dagv Måned siden
How do you afford to live such a lifestyle?
Pete Sahad
Pete Sahad Måned siden
Damn man, to have these trails basically in your backyard. That's the dream🤤
Mikkel Storm Hansen
Mikkel Storm Hansen Måned siden
Sometimes I forget how good these guys actually are at mountain biking, Matt's track stand was impressive
Phillip Maughan
Phillip Maughan Måned siden
Is it just me or did the brake squeaking sound in key with the song at around 8 1/2 minutes or so.
Sam Simpson
Sam Simpson Måned siden
this is uk weather 90 percent of the time
Flynn Cordell
Flynn Cordell Måned siden
We’re do these guys get there music!! Anyone know?
Jack Spicer
Jack Spicer Måned siden
what ams frame guard is that?
Jack Spicer
Jack Spicer Måned siden
It would be awesome if you showed your bike setup!
Irishman Måned siden
Question for all MTB'ers, I'm getting a pinched nerve in my upper shoulder blade, could this be caused by to wide of handle bars, and is anyone else experiencing this? tia
Island Aerial
Island Aerial Måned siden
I ride solo all the time. Tunes keep me occupied. Try an eMTB. WAY more enjoyable up hilling
Noah Lane
Noah Lane Måned siden
I live in one of the rainiest towns in California (avg 60" precipitation per year) and since Summer, we've only had maybe four days of measurable rain. In fact, they're talking of wildfire threat in December! This is *not* normal! Please appreciate all of the rain you're getting up North!
Derek Langerud
Derek Langerud Måned siden
So good. I want to ride my damn bike, dammit!
Paul de Larzac
Paul de Larzac Måned siden
Tom Leach
Tom Leach Måned siden
Ecstacy has to be put on the Mahalo My Dude playlist
MTB Ville
MTB Ville Måned siden
Sick video 🤙😀
Harry Rowden
Harry Rowden Måned siden
Giant all the way boys subscribe yeeeeew
H3LLSLORD Måned siden
wish I could ride with you man!
Teej Lassiter
Teej Lassiter Måned siden
dude your videos are on point man - the editing and shots are just amazing. Keep it up. :)
Jacob Penick
Jacob Penick Måned siden
I’m graduating college next week. I’m a journalist. And I desperately, desperately want to move to the shore.
pablo sdgege
pablo sdgege Måned siden
heyy really good video!!! How much time dose it take you to go to your local trail park by car?
Ivan’s Dirt Diaries
Ivan’s Dirt Diaries Måned siden
I wish i had the editing skills this channel does. That would be my super power of choice! 💪🏼
Rufus Thomas
Rufus Thomas Måned siden
When you already get up at 5:30
Nil Ramos
Nil Ramos Måned siden
"Ride your damn bike." It's a simple enough advice. But between work, a small kid and general household management, i find myself with very little free time to go out and ride (and I can ride from my house, I don't even need to drive somewhere first). These days, I ride about once a week if I'm lucky. Then, all I can think about is when the next ride will be ....
Kenny Fetsurka
Kenny Fetsurka Måned siden
Wish I had the ability to ride more, between having twi kids and full time work and sometimes a second bike shop job(part time) its hard to get out more than 2-4 times a month, though if i had trails I could ride to it'd be easier. Either way, good on you Andrew!
HarryLS Måned siden
Cool challenge dude. Glad you were able to accomplish it. 👍
Drogos79 Måned siden
where is it?
Blue theguy
Blue theguy Måned siden
He ask where I am, I'm stuck in the flattest place on earth with only farm fields and nowhere trails can be built. My morning routine is depressing.
The Cutest Puppy
The Cutest Puppy Måned siden
Dude, I really needed this ay
gustavo trigo
gustavo trigo Måned siden
Where is this? awsome place mate!
Steve Threndyle
Steve Threndyle Måned siden
First visit to your site. Hit 'subscribe' immediately. Immensely pleasing to watch and great stoke share for the rest of us!
Gnarly MTB
Gnarly MTB Måned siden
Straight outta Bisingen
Straight outta Bisingen Måned siden
Day 4 was definitely the best one. There is only one thing better than riding mtb --> Riding MTB with bike buddies. Nice Video, had fun watching it. :)
KevBob Swayze
KevBob Swayze Måned siden
got a smile 10 miles wide now. Thanks for the stoke!
TimFromWales Måned siden
How far are you driving two these trails each day?
PJ Sinohin
PJ Sinohin Måned siden
They say, you need to make 21 days straight to make it a habit
owen stiever
owen stiever Måned siden
Andrew really made the add entertaining
Austin Måned siden
And why don't you roast a video like fabio wibmer or danny macaskill
D K Måned siden
Days 2 and 3 of new routines (exercise) are always the days I drag myself out...Way to go, as driving to a park to ride early morning must have been though when pulling yourself out of bed.
Liam W
Liam W Måned siden
where abouts is this place
Tom Barbee
Tom Barbee Måned siden
But... I have to be at work before the sun comes up. :(
Lucas Huss
Lucas Huss Måned siden
Wait this is a challenge for you? I ride almost every day very week lol
Declan Priddy
Declan Priddy Måned siden
Megan Schrooten
Megan Schrooten Måned siden
@Unitforce same
Unitforce Måned siden
I watched over 1 hour of vids for all answers
Declan Priddy
Declan Priddy Måned siden
@Megan Schrooten helpin the cause
Megan Schrooten
Megan Schrooten Måned siden
thanks bro
Forest In Focus
Forest In Focus Måned siden
BC's riding looks awesome! My dream place to ride.
James Måned siden
Must be nice having trek as a sponsor
Brett Perchaluk
Brett Perchaluk Måned siden
I live in Calgary, I'm jealous of your winter conditions.
Mahalo my Dude
Mahalo my Dude Måned siden
Here for the scavenger hunt? The secret code is... Steamy Logs
Morgan Reche
Morgan Reche 3 dager siden
Megan Schrooten
Megan Schrooten Måned siden
Found IT YES!!!!
Ananth Kutuva
Ananth Kutuva Måned siden
Adam Adam
Adam Adam Måned siden
you sneaky bastards used "show more" to make it harder to ctrl F >:(
SappharY Måned siden
Ron's World
Ron's World Måned siden
Motivating! Thanks!!
Dan Dobi
Dan Dobi Måned siden
Damn! What lens or filter was used for the corner blurs at the top of the video? Looks rad!
PGH_FREERIDE Måned siden
Put my bike away around Halloween and been thinking about it since... maybe it's time to give her some love! 🤙
Max Hanser
Max Hanser Måned siden
2:30 Who remembers this passage from "My first time riding the Northshore
Geoff Murray
Geoff Murray Måned siden
Ok, this is inspiring. Between Covid and the weather, it's been a long time off the bike. I'm going for a ride after work today, and getting up early this week to ride before work. Thanks for the kick in the pants.
Dovah FPV
Dovah FPV Måned siden
I wish I didn't live an hour and a half from the nearest decent trail system. This would be the dream!
mattfreund Måned siden
cool video, what kind of effects did you use there at the beginning :D?
Jaap Hoefman
Jaap Hoefman Måned siden
Dude this feeling is so relatable! Sometimes you just gotta drag yourself out of bed, have three mental breakdowns before exiting the car in the pissing rain. But the feeling at the end is it all worth!! On another note you don't know how incredibly blessed you are to have these quality trails available from home!!
Mr. Scotty Steak
Mr. Scotty Steak Måned siden
Dan Gerritsen
Dan Gerritsen Måned siden
Ad frequency too high. Woulda been fun to watch it all but too many interruptions.
Bentley Woods
Bentley Woods Måned siden
Best paid partnership video ever
WOONG TV Måned siden
Your video raises my heart rate.Thank you.
Shakur Yotiiv
Shakur Yotiiv Måned siden
Never before have I appreciated the sound of squeaky brakes. Nice mixing.
NE Adventures
NE Adventures Måned siden
Andrew what camera are you using for those 3rd person shots?
J Sal
J Sal Måned siden
Jesus, that Jeopardy music at the sponsor segment hit different...
Ceebs02 Måned siden
OutOfThisVan Måned siden
Awesome job! Bridges looked slick
Herbert Zielinski
Herbert Zielinski Måned siden
8:12 brake squeals were in tune with the music
badorx Måned siden
Super nice video! Can I ask you how many kilometers and vertical meters did you do in this epic week?
badorx Måned siden
@Mahalo my Dude Thank you for your answer!👍💪 I love BC😍and maybe one day... Greetings from Italy!!!
Mahalo my Dude
Mahalo my Dude Måned siden
Didn't do any crazy long rides. I did about 50km distance and 1800m Elev Gain during the week.
Archer Totzke
Archer Totzke Måned siden
how do you guys feel about trek stop making mountain bikes?
John Barron
John Barron Måned siden
*Where are ya!? Because this parking lots empty.* Love that 😂😂😂
John Barron
John Barron Måned siden
*Fuckkk that alarm clock sound!!!!*
Shred the trail 123
Shred the trail 123 Måned siden
Yo i have to build them first but no excuses
Jidoe Blaster
Jidoe Blaster Måned siden
Awesome video. It has legit motivated me to ride more during the “bad” weather. Question for you BC boys, are the trails on the north shore rideable throughout the winter? I’m guessing the conditions would be similar to what’s depicted in this video, but colder and maybe more snow? Just curious because I never bring my bike with me to Vancouver in the winter months but am thinking it might be worth it.
Mahalo my Dude
Mahalo my Dude Måned siden
Unless there's snow in the city, there's always something to ride. If it's super wet, I would stay off the more fragile trails and ride something with more rock/proper drainage. Definitely worth it. 🤙
Schnüffler Unerwünscht
Schnüffler Unerwünscht Måned siden
Well, I'm gonna go ride my bike right now. Like seriously.
Oliver T.
Oliver T. Måned siden
14:59 wow you guys have a frekin maserati?!?!?
Pedro Alarco
Pedro Alarco Måned siden
i thot the timer was from my phone lol
jack walsh
jack walsh Måned siden
That videographer needs a pay rise that shit is incredible
aSuspiciousPete Måned siden
For some reason it's very hard to listen to
MTB Lachlan
MTB Lachlan Måned siden
pubfixture Måned siden
Your best air is in the end credits.. and, "one of the best parts was riding my bike each day." No shit! Fucking millennials... great vid, thanks!
lukas dh
lukas dh Måned siden
Thanks for this vid
Holden Young
Holden Young Måned siden
I disliked solely because you put the alarm sound in. I dislike that sound
Snoop Måned siden
The dirt is so dusty where I live the whole trailhead is packed with people
CGL Måned siden
8:28-👌🏻. Enough said.
James Bailey
James Bailey Måned siden
The sound of the iPhone alarm brings bad thoughts
Matt Bogosian - REALTOR
Matt Bogosian - REALTOR Måned siden
Brayden Bishop
Brayden Bishop Måned siden
What if we aren’t old enough drive, and we can’t get our lazy mom and dad out of bed
Forest_Biker Måned siden
Great reminder and video! Terrific mix of shots and motion, kept my eyes glued to it the whole time! I'm 53 with a like minded group of friends who get out there 3 times a week, rain or shine. Some of my best rides have been the ones with the worst weather. I've found if you want an excuse not to ride, there is always one available, and I always have to keep that in mind. Cheers!
Clout Lord
Clout Lord Måned siden
No more alarms at the beginning of a video like please god
Lightbath Måned siden
Tuning the key of the music to the brakes at 08:25 is chef's kiss
Maxwell Sauerbrey
Maxwell Sauerbrey Måned siden
yeaaa andrew
Boochie Måned siden
I rarely comment in MTB videos but this was absolutely excellent. Subscribed!
Dirt Surfer NZ
Dirt Surfer NZ Måned siden
Top vid. Brains are weird. A lot of us have that same 'excuses voice', but if you go ride anyway you 100% feel better for it and just wanna go ride again! Then the next day brain steps in again 'but it's cold/wet/etc!'. Shudduppbrain I'm going anyway 😂
Ollie Fourie
Ollie Fourie Måned siden
Ah so it’s normal English conditions
TheFrank23456 Måned siden
I did something similar. Rode once before and after work each day of the week (although each ride is only max 1 hour. Very short trails here) but it was a great feeling to know I pushed it before getting into work. And yea it rained some days and some days it was primo, it was still fun though and a great way to focus on basic skills over and over
Backyard Shredder
Backyard Shredder Måned siden
ride your damn bike!!!
xWood4000 Måned siden
Imagine riding your first time ever on the North Shore, that would be the dream
xWood4000 Måned siden
The 12K Blackmagic camera is probably not very good in the morning before proper sunlight. The shadows are noisy even in sunlight
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