CHAOTIC 3600 IQ impostor duo, Sykkuno and Toast

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Disguised Toast

Måned siden

Watch Disguised Toast and Sykkuno partner up to create the iconic wildcard impostor duo we all love.
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Editing & Animation by: Frosturne

rei ami
rei ami 19 timer siden
little sykunno is best
MultiFandom COCONUThead
MultiFandom COCONUThead 21 time siden
Wowww the Animation is Amazing and Cute!! Sykkuno!♥️🖤💚
jungan lee
jungan lee Dag siden
I love how literally every game someone says „We have to stop listening to toast“ xD
Gaz Metanin
Gaz Metanin 2 dager siden
What a cool video
Muhammad Rafi Aziz
Muhammad Rafi Aziz 2 dager siden
down with toast! xD
Dianna Brooks
Dianna Brooks 3 dager siden
In Charlie Imposteur's tier list, he says this: "Valkyrae is extremely scary as a crewmate. She identifies impostors a lot, and quickly. Her instincts are something to behold. Then the lobby ignores her and she starts doubting herself." A perfect example is at 8:27.
yook zalddow
yook zalddow 4 dager siden
"but what if you're so sure with all your heart?" Tina best girl indeed
Quakerson III
Quakerson III 4 dager siden
I’m physically pained when they do the British accent but it’s so funny 💀💀
MATOK DELK 5 dager siden
Yeah Yeah Yeah I just got home and I saw that I saw a picture on my Facebook page and I got kicked out in my room so I’m going on in a few
țheCoõkiêqueeñ OwO
țheCoõkiêqueeñ OwO 6 dager siden
Me wondering why toast haves a flower headband in the first game
Felina Marie Sabisaje
Felina Marie Sabisaje 6 dager siden
baby sykkuno 🥺 these animations are so PURE
Naomi Mathiesen
Naomi Mathiesen 6 dager siden
Toast trying to get the attention but failing. :)
Tim Hossain
Tim Hossain 7 dager siden
Slyder Ace
Slyder Ace 8 dager siden
10:57 I was SO HAPPY when Rae came back outside LOL! I clapped so hard when Toast finally got to kill her that my hands stung! lol...I fucking hate when she susses Toast w/o any proof.
InfernaLuck156 8 dager siden
MrMoustacheNinja 8 dager siden
Beginning of game toast called it. Wendy was doing tasks to fast. This man is too good I love it lol
TTS Bodyshot
TTS Bodyshot 9 dager siden
Funny how toast knows its Wendy but just likes to throw a wrench in things once in a while
oscar myles
oscar myles 9 dager siden
I love his British accent even tho it doesn’t sound like us British
istilldontfuckingcare 10 dager siden
what video is the perspective of valkyrae from 8:36?
Anon Commenter
Anon Commenter 10 dager siden
Fuck Rae cracks me up, "Walking all weird" there needs to be an animation for that, Rae's character like a whacky inflatable tube man saying "Walking all weird"
Liam James Lomangaya
Liam James Lomangaya 10 dager siden
This video is now clickbait.... -_-
Demuno 11 dager siden
I like how toast complained that he got sused for a kill he did when they didn’t know full info, when he gets both impostors without any info
Shirley Harris
Shirley Harris 11 dager siden
When your IQ plays are so high that it runs off on your partner making them equally as high IQ
Emily Ann
Emily Ann 11 dager siden
“Okay, so about the animation, hear me out. Let’s do the cartoon animation for the bodies.” “Right, okay-“ “But when Toast goes Detective, we’ll give him a weirdly realistic hand.” *”Sounds good, bro.”*
Underrated_Fishy 12 dager siden
Sykkuno is no friendly👍❤😯
Underrated_Fishy 12 dager siden
I mean so not no
James Jordan
James Jordan 12 dager siden
5:17 You have a 20% or higher chance of randomly guessing the correct person and your suspicious of one particular person every single round.... They have a decent chance of susing you out. But yes she failed to get alibis from everyone and she also jumped to conclusions not asking how long box box had been there.
Underrated_Fishy 12 dager siden
Hansen Lin
Hansen Lin 12 dager siden
When Toast uses his British accent for evil
Fightik 13 dager siden
24:00 lmfao
Kenny McCormick
Kenny McCormick 14 dager siden
who else thinks TINA is annoying af?
Aghyad Awwad
Aghyad Awwad 14 dager siden
Aghyad Awwad
Aghyad Awwad 14 dager siden
Aghyad Awwad
Aghyad Awwad 14 dager siden
Toni Toni Chopper
Aghyad Awwad
Aghyad Awwad 14 dager siden
Nico Robin
Aghyad Awwad
Aghyad Awwad 14 dager siden
Monkey D Luffy
Aghyad Awwad
Aghyad Awwad 14 dager siden
Roronoa Zoro
Aghyad Awwad
Aghyad Awwad 14 dager siden
Vensmoke Sanji
ALPHAMORPHISM 777 14 dager siden
Toast saying I gonna pick my nose lmao while me do that 🤣
Siyona Rathore
Siyona Rathore 14 dager siden
everybody gangster till toast pulls out his british accent
Reverend Glitch
Reverend Glitch 14 dager siden
Manali Tour
Manali Tour 15 dager siden
I love love love the initial BG music before "disguised toast"
TariX 16 dager siden
21:21 I may have done that multiple times during a zoom meeting
Phyliss Ang
Phyliss Ang 16 dager siden
Toast u should have told them it is neytiri because it is only 5 people lf the imposer vote for someoen who is not imposter means they win
shaiii 16 dager siden
awww the editor does draw Rae smaller and skinnier compared to the other dudes 🥺 bc she’s small in real life toooo cuteee
Phil James Descartin
Phil James Descartin 17 dager siden
Abe said wheres the body and he's the one who reported it and he is a crewmate 🤣
Josh Cabal
Josh Cabal 17 dager siden
didn’t expect that ending haha
juniper & spice
juniper & spice 17 dager siden
Tiny Sykkuno in the animations is so adorable
Shwethang Tilak
Shwethang Tilak 18 dager siden
poki is big brain but toast is such a good manipulator
Ljam Rivada
Ljam Rivada 18 dager siden
Rae: "Sykkuno walks in walking all weird.." Sykkuno: "I'm sorry I have a hobble." 😂😂😂
Matibag Cyrus
Matibag Cyrus 18 dager siden
What is the name of the song at the intro?
Ella Bartolome
Ella Bartolome 18 dager siden
I love how Sykkuno is always a baby in the animation ❤️😂
Catipay A
Catipay A 18 dager siden
Rae has an impressive instinct she always got toast every time he's the impostor but the only thing is that they(the others) don't follow rae's assumptions 😂
Catipay A
Catipay A 17 dager siden
@Violletta Ulf ooooohh okay.. I'm just new and I watched a few yet of the vids that's why I came up with that opinion😅
Violletta Ulf
Violletta Ulf 17 dager siden
Not really. I watch toast's livestream daily, and it's not true at all. Rae,poki,jodi are always sus of toast and a lot of time tunneling on him without good reason. This video is just one where Rae was correct but she did it almost every game which means mostly she is wrong. Hence why her sus on toast wasn't taken seriously by others in this video because it happened every game.
Zara Hoffman
Zara Hoffman 18 dager siden
I LOVE the animations of all of you around the table during discussions.
Shank bag
Shank bag 18 dager siden
0:00 music?
Aybüke TR
Aybüke TR 18 dager siden
13:33 everyone who skipped is kind a weird Meanwhile toast : S K I P
Zarina M
Zarina M 19 dager siden
I feel like it was a noob move for Sykkuno to not do keys and like Sydney she double backed the keys, it’s a noob move bc this squad is SMART. Who already new the imposters round one. Hit the like button. ;)
츄ParkYuna 19 dager siden
Zoe Huang
Zoe Huang 19 dager siden
When toast came back from picking his nose, his nose was so red 😂😂😂
Marga Vidz
Marga Vidz 19 dager siden
I love how sykunno is always smaller
Visy 19 dager siden
When toasts iq is higher than u 🤔
MrTingles 20 dager siden
sometimes Toast's facial expressions look like they're straight out of a Worthikids cartoon...
Carlito lol
Carlito lol 20 dager siden
I love when Rae says "Button"
KitKat 20 dager siden
You know toast is imposter when he gets that worked up, he’s generally pretty calm as crew
AnonymoUs 20 dager siden
Whats the name of the music in the background that plays right at the very start of the video ..??
KitKat 20 dager siden
@AnonymoUs thanks
AnonymoUs 20 dager siden
@KitKat It is "Fabian Del Priore (Rapture) "
KitKat 20 dager siden
I was wondering that too!
Fangs Blood
Fangs Blood 20 dager siden
Ray- "sykkuno came in walking all weird" 🤣😂🤣👌
Henderella Henry
Henderella Henry 21 dag siden
Unpopular opinion edition: toast is more galaxy brain than corpse
R Shadows
R Shadows 21 dag siden
I'm so confused how in the last game he sussed out Wendy at the beginning for the timing on her faking tasks being off to being the only one left alive to not think it was her.
KitKat 20 dager siden
He probably forgot
Andrea C.
Andrea C. 21 dag siden
the ending lmao
fnaf titans
fnaf titans 22 dager siden
Thats not how British people talk 🙄 😒 😑 I am 1 my self
A Voice
A Voice 22 dager siden
Yo toast is so good at among us poki and Rae are just mean
Lapis Mage
Lapis Mage 22 dager siden
this guy looks like he is trying to sell me shady insurance
Fernando Holman
Fernando Holman 23 dager siden
Thurston Bibian
Thurston Bibian 23 dager siden
Always love the editing, especially the little animations thrown in there. WE APPRECIATE IT
emer son
emer son 23 dager siden
fvckin love toast+rae+sykkuno
Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs 23 dager siden
KWT Khaos
KWT Khaos 23 dager siden
Toast for president
Zahaire A Christmas Pichu
Zahaire A Christmas Pichu 24 dager siden
Sykunno in the animated edits looks like a cute plush toy XD
Nicole 24 dager siden
Toast and Sykkunos bromance is unreal
Yo Man
Yo Man 24 dager siden
In Charlie Imposteur's tier list, he says this: "Valkyrae is extremely scary as a crewmate. She identifies impostors a lot, and quickly. Her instincts are something to behold. Then the lobby ignores her and she starts doubting herself." A perfect example is at 8:27.
EliteGhostN -
EliteGhostN - 22 dager siden
stinky copied comment
Harriette Lei Bonsato
Harriette Lei Bonsato 24 dager siden
(29:16) What ive heard:abraham, wahs da boun ye
Sneakybucket978 _
Sneakybucket978 _ 24 dager siden
Skip sus
DarkAssassinPlays 25 dager siden
The thumbnail is so funny looking at sykkuno’s character mad
Caitlin 25 dager siden
Abe sounds like Julien (Jenna Marbles BF)
Brasmak 25 dager siden
I would have vote for the same one as toast did in the end. also pretty weird that the two the two most susp people died the last round.
Bert peer
Bert peer 25 dager siden
Michael Suh
Michael Suh 25 dager siden
His “accent” sounds like an extremely Australian German dude who is choking on water
an accident
an accident 24 dager siden
bruh did you just steal a comment that's 2 weeks old with 1.5k likes
Thorsten Babish
Thorsten Babish 25 dager siden
I like how they are progressively getting more and more anti-toast as time goes by. Give it 5 more vids and they are going to give him the Royal treatment. The French royal treatment.
EliteGhostN -
EliteGhostN - 22 dager siden
copied much?
rustydemon 25 dager siden
the interesting part was that by the same vote and pressure logic he used in the first round, he could figure out it was both sykkuno and sydney after the 2nd round. smart play leaving him alive, made it very easy.
Leeroy Graycat
Leeroy Graycat 26 dager siden
The way Rae says "button" is cute.
Taxable_ Trophy
Taxable_ Trophy 26 dager siden
Taxable_ Trophy
Taxable_ Trophy 26 dager siden
Taxable_ Trophy
Taxable_ Trophy 26 dager siden
Nialy Jamics
Nialy Jamics 26 dager siden
Sykunno is always ready to skip on seven when he's the imposter 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lindsey Silva
Lindsey Silva 27 dager siden
So, why do you think he's the impostor? Rae: He's walking weird
ItzUngodly 27 dager siden
Hearing poki complain because toast says something and people listen and he is right 90% or the time but she complains because it doesnt make sense to her it's so damn annoying
Imtheyoungtfueyt 27 dager siden
Aubrey Shawcroft
Aubrey Shawcroft 27 dager siden
Quin Decim
Quin Decim 27 dager siden
"Sherrlok Toast"
Dandelion Club
Dandelion Club 27 dager siden
Omg nooo that British accent is tragic. 😂😂
PlumBerry 27 dager siden
Poki:Its Toas- Toast:Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?!?!?!?!
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