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Giving you the best quick gameplay tips to become a better attacking player in FIFA 21.
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D K 11 timer siden
The numberless tank concordantly touch because peru prudently suggest off a low vacation. stormy, blue-eyed puffin
Miguel Clunas
Miguel Clunas 14 timer siden
It was helpfull to know the comands
Kanny Yt
Kanny Yt Dag siden
Thanks for the tips
Michael Ikupa
Michael Ikupa Dag siden
Composed finishing is my biggest problem
Michael Ikupa
Michael Ikupa Dag siden
R1/RB crosses have been in the game since FIFA 19😅😅😅. It's even underpowered in FIFA 21. Not as good as it used to be. Sadly
Rico Bos
Rico Bos 3 dager siden
Great tutorial, made my game a lot better
kye nufc
kye nufc 4 dager siden
if anyone is wondering, it doesn't work in squad battles cuz it wrecked my team 5-2
Harris Naseer
Harris Naseer 5 dager siden
bro i just realize i didnt know any of this and you can pass with x wtf wow
noel JOHN
noel JOHN 5 dager siden
I know I am late But this helped me get to gold 2 THANK YOU SOO MUCH
Ali Ahmed
Ali Ahmed 5 dager siden
guys whats more successful for you balanced full back or stay back
Luis Castillo
Luis Castillo 6 dager siden
I’m currently 5-0-9 so I need this 😂
Yxng Play
Yxng Play 8 dager siden
i have been passionate about youtube for some time, i appreciate what you do, if you don't mind seeing one of my videos and tell me how can i improve!
LocoJ10 8 dager siden
So this why all these sweaty players on ultimate team play exactly the same lol
Joe Ince
Joe Ince 9 dager siden
It seems like my wingers are always offside compare to earlier FIFA’s
Daniel Varney
Daniel Varney 10 dager siden
Good job mate, I like how you break down and explain the gameplay 👍
Story Teller
Story Teller 11 dager siden
You got a thumbs down for just giving me bs add on 9.95
ogah becky
ogah becky 12 dager siden
ogah becky
ogah becky 12 dager siden
Kalle Kiri
Kalle Kiri 12 dager siden
watching him play fifa like a pro when i cant even get the ball from my cb's to my midfielders
Haroun Mahamud
Haroun Mahamud 12 dager siden
He’s impossible to beat
P. Norbi
P. Norbi 14 dager siden
I really need this because I stuck in div 8 with 70+% possesion and 15+ shots per game and always play draws or lose by 1 goal in the 90th minute
Alexander Reyes
Alexander Reyes 15 dager siden
That was so hard to understand
Juan Montoya
Juan Montoya 15 dager siden
Yoo this guy is a g
Malik Mureskic
Malik Mureskic 16 dager siden
Tutorial are shit. I have tried milions and milions team and tactics with them but there is no way that I can win any game with world class or legendary. Specially online
Hunter Johnson
Hunter Johnson 18 dager siden
I watched 3 minutes through, stopped the video and won 3 games
Annie J
Annie J 18 dager siden
What are ur camera settings
Zablack ZAB
Zablack ZAB 18 dager siden
very helpful
Ironmad1969 W
Ironmad1969 W 18 dager siden
New to Fifa and this is just a perfect tutorial. Thanks for taking the time to help out 👍
Twan VM
Twan VM 19 dager siden
What camera angle are u using in these games?
Ivanyi Attila
Ivanyi Attila 19 dager siden
John Snow
John Snow 19 dager siden
I’m struggling hard to win during squad battles. I am hoping this improves my gameplay.
Ja1r0cK 19 dager siden
Thank you
DM Designs
DM Designs 20 dager siden
Yo thanks these tips are so helpful I've gone from Divison 8 to division 5 in rivals with these tips and I am also about to qualify for my first fut champs in a while so cant wait
Jonathan Morales
Jonathan Morales 21 dag siden
Bullshit. None of this works. Slow ass gameplay, u send players with L1 and they never get behind the defense
Mister Sean
Mister Sean 22 dager siden
Använd xbox kontroller också eller åtminstone visa den med...
David Nike
David Nike 22 dager siden
*_net_mactool on íñstágrám who got mine unbanned he's a genius_*
David Nike
David Nike 22 dager siden
*_net_mactool on íñstágrám who got mine unbanned he's a genius_*
Aiman Darwisy
Aiman Darwisy 22 dager siden
when you use that team ofc anything you can get through! all this fifa tutorial so bullshit! yall using Ney, Mbappe, cr7! just stfu
Joopie S
Joopie S 23 dager siden
Don’t listen to this guy I’m literally sitting in fifa 21 trying to learn how to do a couple things and none of it is working
Abrar Arif
Abrar Arif 23 dager siden
uhm you're clearly doing something wrong
Jack March
Jack March 24 dager siden
I still cant win I have a negative win rate😔
Daniel Marin
Daniel Marin 24 dager siden
All fifa players do is through pass to mane, Salah, neymar, mbappe and score. They do the same shit all game and once you shut those fast players down they have nothing because they suck.
John Some
John Some 24 dager siden
Nothing against you but it’s pathetic how year after year this game doesn’t look anything like real football. EA just must have the most incompetent team out there.
Archie Price
Archie Price 24 dager siden
Thank you 🙏
Dynamo Insider
Dynamo Insider 24 dager siden
Do you guys help with Pro Clubs or In General Gameplay improvement ?
Dave Lewismee
Dave Lewismee 25 dager siden
I am poor please can give a ps4 for free I am ghana please
Hossain Md Athar
Hossain Md Athar 25 dager siden
R1 cross is not new😑
Jose Galdamez
Jose Galdamez 26 dager siden
please please if yall can make a change..tell ea to put time played minutes played in fifa stats .not just appearances.
slavonico 26 dager siden
Bcs this shitty moves, we have score 8-7, 7-4, 5-6 etc. Man give me real game this is unreal. Who make so many tricks in real life football?
Nonso Okwuenu group 33
Nonso Okwuenu group 33 26 dager siden
I'm the best FIFA player on Earth. If you don't believe me I'm open to any challengers HMU on IG @_casmo I'm ready anytime
G2 Gaming
G2 Gaming 27 dager siden
Manager Messi: nopost.info/throw/r7TNd6ab1JqKqqs/video&ab_channel=G2Gaming
Mark 27 dager siden
I’ve been awful online since 19. Wasn’t a big fan of the changes made. Didn’t play 20 and decided to try this. I’m terrible. I’ve been playing FIFA since 98 on the 64. I think I finally hit a point where I can’t adapt anymore 😭
Aaron Alberto
Aaron Alberto 27 dager siden
Respect though
Snipez _Dream
Snipez _Dream 28 dager siden
Marcin Zbytniewski
Marcin Zbytniewski 29 dager siden
May I ask one question? What formation do you play on FIFA?
Kelvin Yeung
Kelvin Yeung 29 dager siden
i can't play like this but really enjoy watching!!!
Kelvin Yeung
Kelvin Yeung 29 dager siden
thank you!!
West Vlamsn Gamer
West Vlamsn Gamer Måned siden
Ik ben gay
Naweed Jugoo
Naweed Jugoo Måned siden
Watch his f videos and u will go from div 7 to five in a day. I played for 2 hours and won all games because of him
Murshid Daniels
Murshid Daniels Måned siden
Watching this bc I'm dog shit at fifa and it's kinda boring always losing
ahmmed hammid
ahmmed hammid Måned siden
Please how to do this in 6:59????!!!
Reece Murphy
Reece Murphy Måned siden
When you do all this but you’re still useless hahahaha
Zak Hicham
Zak Hicham 26 dager siden
Mohamed Elokda
Mohamed Elokda Måned siden
you are the Best Boras, real Legend. Keep it up man
Zach Holloway
Zach Holloway Måned siden
I am so freaking bad at this game
Dean W
Dean W Måned siden
This hasn’t helped me unfortunately ist way to complicated.
Roj Zana
Roj Zana Måned siden
thanksssssss man ❤️🌹
Libor Rostyak
Libor Rostyak Måned siden
Zdar,nevíš jak se zbavím červené karty co dostal hráč???
Rummenigge Bayern Legend
Rummenigge Bayern Legend Måned siden
Arcade ping pong trash FAKE gameplay without substance ... This game is nothing except the skills...Fifa is an insult for mature players
Callme kz
Callme kz Måned siden
Bro can you help me gain some points 😥?
Gash Zan
Gash Zan Måned siden
𝑻𝒉𝒂𝒏𝒌𝒔 𝒎𝒂𝒏 𝒔𝒐 𝒉𝒆𝒍𝒑𝒇𝒖𝒍
luke wilson
luke wilson Måned siden
I need to get better, laugh at me but I’m 5-15. This video saved my weekend. Just finished and I finished 12-18 This vid helped alot
Infamous one
Infamous one Måned siden
Needs subtitles
Lucas Nicolletti
Lucas Nicolletti Måned siden
before this video: 5x0 lost after this video: 6x2 win thank you haha
John Kidder
John Kidder Måned siden
All thanks to *kleiocode* on Ìñstàgrám who got my account unbanned and now my transfer market place is working now
John Kidder
John Kidder Måned siden
All thanks to *kleiocode* on Ìñstàgrám who got my account unbanned and now my transfer market place is working now
Frzad 77
Frzad 77 Måned siden
oscar torres
oscar torres Måned siden
I have a hard time beating players who use contain. Any tips for that ?
Akhil Alex
Akhil Alex Måned siden
Is this l1 and rb for moving the next player towards goal or you in fifa 19 ?
Sherman Måned siden
Sound like they nerfed the fake shot speed boost.
otse robert
otse robert Måned siden
Was unbelievable just got my transfer market unban with the service of zachacks0 on Instagram
otse robert
otse robert Måned siden
Was unbelievable just got my transfer market unban with the service of zachacks0 on Instagram
Muhamad Hussein
Muhamad Hussein Måned siden
Analog sprint is a killer
Rek_GenZyx Måned siden
easy win
Bilan Matange
Bilan Matange Måned siden
To me you are doing incredible
Bilan Matange
Bilan Matange Måned siden
To me you are doing incredible
Yasin Parti
Yasin Parti Måned siden
In 1:46 you make a mistake, you have to press R3 + L3 not the triggers.
xSamR1 Måned siden
What camera setting do you use?
Magic Mushroom
Magic Mushroom Måned siden
Which button is L1 ? Many of us may have configured the buttons differently. Is its sprint ? Player change ? Ball protect ?
Harold Kim
Harold Kim Måned siden
Fifa is shit. Everyone just sprints with their fastest player through the entire defense and they score. defenders just stand there and do nothing. Games end in scorelines of 8-4
Curling Måned siden
M&M Måned siden
Nond of my opponents allow me to do a ball roll or any other skills, as soon as they’re near or slightly far they’re sliding tackles.. tell me how to avoid sliding tackles.
Fayssal Plâtre
Fayssal Plâtre Måned siden
A very beautiful site that makes a lot of the quarter through the games FIFA 21, register on the site and start winning @t
Curtis Rose
Curtis Rose Måned siden
Did they nerf the ball roll verus keeper? I used to ball roll keepers all the time but they keep getting me since last update.
FixTechGaming Måned siden
I have nothing but respect for hard working people
Don King
Don King Måned siden
Great video
Jarifurrr Måned siden
Bruh my players feel mad lazy asf lmaoaoa
Pedro Muniz
Pedro Muniz Måned siden
Felipe Måned siden
Fantastic video. But this game is shitted, full of bullshit and scripted. Bye EA, forever
wag 1
wag 1 Måned siden
yoo i did not know about most of this stuff so respect for that
xBradderzz Måned siden
Doing everything your doing but still can't attack constantly getting out paced by varane when I have neymar inform rashford and mbappe getting so unlucky don't know what to do
xBradderzz Måned siden
Can't do fuck all varane just catches up to all my players
Ranak Ghosh
Ranak Ghosh Måned siden
Check this simulation.. nopost.info/throw/1dKYiqOnzWmopqc/video
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