Hermitcraft 7 | Ep 073: MY FARMS ARE OP!

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In this episode, we find out our storage system isn't going to work out and devise a new plan. Then we build two new farms under the base including an iron farm and a hostile mob farm!
RaysWorks Iron Farm:
Gnembon's Hostile Mob Farm:
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impulseSV Måned siden
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Elijah Ramos
Elijah Ramos 3 dager siden
28/55 farms complete
Elijah Ramos
Elijah Ramos 3 dager siden
Core is not the solution... Minecraft is!
Adam 27 dager siden
How I know we're the same age: You said "keep them separated" and I started singing the song, which you then spliced into your episode. Nice!
Dillon l
Dillon l Måned siden
Agree and took like 16 diamond ore blocks from your base
Larrythe Cheata
Larrythe Cheata Måned siden
@Austin Carter why do you care
Dathan Durbin
Dathan Durbin Dag siden
27/55 squares completed
Kaleb Knister
Kaleb Knister 2 dager siden
Out of the 55 farms to do list, 27 completed and 28 more to go so yea half way
Owen Montalto
Owen Montalto 4 dager siden
28 farms down, 27 more to go! (I think) 11:27
Ahmad_alahmad 9 dager siden
28 lights off
Important 08
Important 08 10 dager siden
You have 27/55 farms light
Illuminati police
Illuminati police 14 dager siden
28 farms?
Alex Hogg
Alex Hogg 15 dager siden
I think the thing in the shopping district will just be one of the hermits selling something and by putting your name in it you agree to buy whatever they are selling. Such as Hermit craft barge big sale
Ali Gujjar
Ali Gujjar 15 dager siden
LX737 16 dager siden
12:40 what’s the music?
LX737 16 dager siden
27 out of 55 farms complete 28 left
TeamManticore 16 dager siden
30/55 farms your welcome ;)
liroy gaming
liroy gaming 16 dager siden
What ur texture pack
Lily Dailey
Lily Dailey 17 dager siden
I count 27/55 farms, pretty much halfway!
Po Op
Po Op 19 dager siden
I enjoyed the offspring reference
MammaLama 0215
MammaLama 0215 21 dag siden
27 out of 55 farms complete
Kendal Newman
Kendal Newman 22 dager siden
My respect for you has grown even more.. I love The Offspring
Ruth Annie Blain
Ruth Annie Blain 23 dager siden
27/55 that’s how many farms you’ve made impulse..
naren85 23 dager siden
"You gotta keep em separated" *bum
Jack Adam
Jack Adam 24 dager siden
28 farms
Chaoshero5567 24 dager siden
At you mobfarm more creeper spawend then in my creeper farm :(
Uversal Gamer
Uversal Gamer 24 dager siden
hey Impulse, what Texture Pack do u use?>?
Jessie Griffin
Jessie Griffin 24 dager siden
27 farms done 28 not done
Apollo Gingy
Apollo Gingy 24 dager siden
No one in perticular
No one in perticular 24 dager siden
You’ve got 27 farms completed. 28 are missing
Blake Milner
Blake Milner 25 dager siden
25 you di
Aude 26 dager siden
Pretty sure Keralis and xB bought the totems, they have a pack that makes the totems “xB plushes of undying” *they are SO CUTE*
TeeTeeNet 26 dager siden
Lowering the villagers would do the trick. Tango explains it in an early season 7 episode.
Driver Doug
Driver Doug 26 dager siden
28 out of 55
Only minecraft content
Only minecraft content 26 dager siden
Use lava
Comic Guy
Comic Guy 27 dager siden
12:16 i bet Skizz told him to put that there lol!
Robin Bachmann
Robin Bachmann 27 dager siden
Maby the thing means "Hermit Craft Bumbo Bagin Store" because these words would fit in the empty spaces of H C B B S
Aries Fire Tiger
Aries Fire Tiger 27 dager siden
@3:30 you ok, dude?
Benjamin Janzen
Benjamin Janzen 27 dager siden
It makes me nervous that at least two hermits have mentioned the countdown being the end of the season.
BrownR87 27 dager siden
"Lamps plus isn't doing great, I wonder what else we can do to sell more light sources" *Impulse Buys selling piles of sea lanterns*
Anne Gabrielle Malsi
Anne Gabrielle Malsi 27 dager siden
28 farms to go :D
Andrew 27 dager siden
Hermit craft barge break society someone wants to over throw the barge
Ashley Martin
Ashley Martin 28 dager siden
11:39 27 out of 55 farms done. About halfway! :D
Nohblee Gottani
Nohblee Gottani 28 dager siden
I love the whole green theme you've got going down in your lair of farms.
niffler boi
niffler boi 28 dager siden
Tomjohan Bezuidenhout
Tomjohan Bezuidenhout 28 dager siden
You have 26 left
Lasér Creator
Lasér Creator 26 dager siden
At Which point? 11:14 it was 28 Left. Caphice?
oJxstine 28 dager siden
What resourcepack do u use?
Aidan Paulsen
Aidan Paulsen 28 dager siden
I like how during the time-lapse he just covered the diamond ore up with the beacon and left it there
Jude Smith
Jude Smith 28 dager siden
I just realized that the HCBBS has symbols that show how long each word is
blitzkreigist 28 dager siden
Hey impulse! I’ve heard rumors that “HCBBS” stands for “Hermit Craft Bumbo Baggins Society” but it could just be hearsay.......?
Hayden I
Hayden I 28 dager siden
Impulse should join Bumbo Baggins Society
Sten Suijten
Sten Suijten 28 dager siden
Hermit craft big button soon/ hermit craft button back soon
Kate Whyte
Kate Whyte 28 dager siden
impulse grian built a base in ur base this is information from grian hc ep 64
Reaper Dalton
Reaper Dalton 29 dager siden
27 out of 55 farms done
Lasér Creator
Lasér Creator 26 dager siden
@Reaper Dalton Caphice It's 49.1% Completed :)
Reaper Dalton
Reaper Dalton 29 dager siden
For 11:08
noel Pnacek
noel Pnacek 29 dager siden
Lasér Creator
Lasér Creator 26 dager siden
At Which Point? It's 27/55 at 11:14. Capiche?
impulsedj 29 dager siden
hcbbs- hermit craft big boom service
Pranav Biju
Pranav Biju 29 dager siden
tango has just made a secret base on your base
Jonathan Metcalf
Jonathan Metcalf 29 dager siden
Why does he not collect the diamond ores in his base ??? 🤣🤣🤣
misagh qaeidi
misagh qaeidi 29 dager siden
27/55 farms
T Jones
T Jones 29 dager siden
make a full netherite beacon
T Jones
T Jones 29 dager siden
you will be a first and everyone will respect you and bow down to you
Team Profile
Team Profile 29 dager siden
27/55 Farms.
ApacheStoryteller 29 dager siden
I'm still under the impression that that "button" looking machine, is an RSVP system to one of the hermit's birthdays or some such lol
Nick Miller
Nick Miller 27 dager siden
Ahh yes, the Hermitcraft Big Birthday System
Francesca Ricciardi
Francesca Ricciardi 29 dager siden
Hermit Craft Brings Baffling Skizzleman
Jessica Anne
Jessica Anne 29 dager siden
Free diamonds in the shopping district!
Daisy Hudson
Daisy Hudson 29 dager siden
I counted 27 farms lit up out of 55, which is about 49%. Correct me if I'm wrong please
craftygirl slime
craftygirl slime 29 dager siden
28 farms done 55 farms in total so 27 left so a little over half way. :) 😃 😃 😃 😃
craftygirl slime
craftygirl slime 29 dager siden
The one buff he doesn't have he thinks he has.:)
Random User
Random User 29 dager siden
Hermit craft bulletin board system? Hermitcraft big beautiful S?
Patrick Flanagan
Patrick Flanagan 29 dager siden
27 lit up 28 not
Random User
Random User 29 dager siden
28/55 done. 1 over halfway.
Random User
Random User 29 dager siden
Have you considered making those double chest fillable with shulker boxes so you can get nearly 10k in each chest?
Aubriana Ivie-Esparza
Aubriana Ivie-Esparza 29 dager siden
Encryptor Jr
Encryptor Jr 29 dager siden
Nice farms
Thomas Rodgers
Thomas Rodgers 29 dager siden
19:50 it reminds me of SUPERHOT anyone else?
Nate Morris
Nate Morris 29 dager siden
Liked the video for The Offspring reference
Felicitous Opeaque
Felicitous Opeaque 29 dager siden
HCBBS hermit craft bumbo baggins society
lom117 29 dager siden
The Offspring. Nice.
BadKarma08 29 dager siden
There is a secret base in your base
Flamebattle21 29 dager siden
I KNOW THE MEANING Hermitcraft Season 8 When It Ends It Begins
Pyrothemaniac 17
Pyrothemaniac 17 29 dager siden
H.C.B.B.S. is what some of the cyan concrete powder in item frames say. I wonder if it stands for HurmitCraft Beginning Bedrock Series.
2ndP 29 dager siden
27 out of 55 of the farm lights are lit up
the picklinator2004
the picklinator2004 29 dager siden
5:27 is so wholesome
rutger wubs
rutger wubs 29 dager siden
Hermit craft big bang system
Iola Ní Choimín
Iola Ní Choimín Måned siden
You might think that Grian is building a secret base in Keralis’s base but he is actually building another one in your’s
DaroMC Måned siden
Its funny how Grian and Impulse both thought of the hermitcraft big brain society
Lucca Massotti
Lucca Massotti Måned siden
Theres a secret base in ur name
Otto Annerud
Otto Annerud Måned siden
24 of 55 farms done
Vecks Trickshots
Vecks Trickshots Måned siden
Hey imp. Are you Chapman? Meeemesss lolll!!!!
Puti N
Puti N Måned siden
Robin Rosenvold
Robin Rosenvold Måned siden
You have made 27 farms and the board holds 50 different farms so you have 28 left to make. :))
Gretta Harrelson
Gretta Harrelson Måned siden
vu son
vu son Måned siden
please!!! can ya mind the dimonz under the beacon???
Galgamos Måned siden
Grian: Oh yeah, I messed up. You found my secret base. Also Grian: -Doesn't tell about the other secret base-
Mohamed Hasif K H
Mohamed Hasif K H Måned siden
HCBBS Hermicraft Bumbo Bagins society
thcottie Måned siden
Viewers of the hermits' are TERRIBLE at secrets LUL
Nikolaj Lund-Volkmann
Nikolaj Lund-Volkmann Måned siden
There's a secret base in your base...
Inine Måned siden
HHHeeeEEEEeeyy!! comeoutand PLAY!!!!
Casey Budge
Casey Budge Måned siden
There is a secret base in your base😉
Bryant Ortiz
Bryant Ortiz Måned siden
You need 26 more to go
Nate Krause
Nate Krause Måned siden
27 lights on the phineas machine and 28 more to make
Rick Johnson
Rick Johnson Måned siden
Shop idea: The Iron Bank. Services include: storage and exchange of diamonds and iron, and metal reclamation. You could also offer better than fortune rates on ore blocks, instant double ore "processing" where you save the ores and resell them at cost, ect. Resell the "recycled" hoppers, pistons, jukeboxes ect for single ingot or gem profit. Aside from diamonds, all the resources are infinite on the HC server, yall should work to preserve the non infinite resources!
Otis Måned siden
deathstar Måned siden
27 out 55 farms are done impulse
deathstar Måned siden
oh if u do three more farms 30 out of 55 are down
Angel Villanueva
Angel Villanueva Måned siden
28 off 27 on as off when he first said to pause
Isa Tettero
Isa Tettero Måned siden
I am a button for everyone who wanted to tell ImpulseSV, Grian has made a base in impulse's base :D lol
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