Film Theory: Don't Trust A RAT! (Ratatouille)

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2 måneder siden

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I'm ready to ruin your childhood once again! Today, I've set my eyes on Ratatouille - or more specifically our little rat chef Remy. Such a good guy right? WRONG! Remy is a JERK! Throughout the entire movie, he's only out for himself with no concern about his so-called "friends". What evidence do I have to back this up? Who is the REAL person (or rat) you should be rooting for? Time to find out!
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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editor: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi, Koen Verhagen, and Lee
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

SevenOfBillie 6 timer siden
Skinner is partially a villain because after Gusteau dies, Linguini was supposed to be in charge of the restaurant because he is his son and Skinner knows it... but Skinner hides it since he wants to take over the business for himself.
Couch potato Gaming
Couch potato Gaming 7 timer siden
Mat pat:fortnite is the best game out. Real life:LoL among us is the best
DeadBoned Gamer
DeadBoned Gamer 7 timer siden
I thought Fortnite died.
May08 :D
May08 :D 12 timer siden
Ratatouille the musical fans button | | V
pixar lover276
pixar lover276 13 timer siden
*SPOILERS You know..Remy's personality and how much he wants to reach his dream "NO MATTER WHAT"..looks a lot like ERNESTO(villain from Coco).. # BOTH Ernesto and Remy really tried hard no matter what to reach their ERNESTO KILLS HECTOR (SPOILERS)Or Remy,LEAVING HIS FAMILY BEHIND TO,MAYBE DEAD OF FOOD POISONING,to only Reach their dream..they didn't care about others,they only care about theirself, no matter how many people or rats are forced to go on their way,or heck being killed by them..DARK..😎😎😎
Wania Shahbaz
Wania Shahbaz 18 timer siden
I really enjoy watching theories that ruin my childhood while in my childhood I reeeaaaly found this videos hilarious and cool
Diva K
Diva K 21 time siden
It feels good knowing this all. And matpats eye effecta and face effects are hilarious!
Luiza Aveiro
Luiza Aveiro Dag siden
oh yes... my favorite seasoning... leptospirosis
Milo Dag siden
Why you like Ratatouille
Cerberus Dag siden almost as if Remmy is some kind of...uhmmm...rat?
Çøøķįę Bęąř
Çøøķįę Bęąř Dag siden
The fact that people would give Remy, a infectiones sewer eat that carries 35 different diseases who only cares for himself and will stop at nothing to get what he wants all the love and attention is just ultimate stupidity. Meanwhile an antogonistic looking chef who everyone shows countless and undying hate too, all because he just wanted to follow health conditions and keep his customers and employee's safe is also absolute stupidity.
Spaghetti guy
Spaghetti guy Dag siden
I tried to do that in real life and now my hair line....
Waternoose Dag siden
Remy! the ratatouille! The rat of all my dreams. I praise you! Oh ratatouille!
Kirsten Boyer
Kirsten Boyer Dag siden
Jason Bell
Jason Bell Dag siden
Remy: “I will seize my moment no matter what” Ernesto de la Cruz: *yes*
{ Shy Peeps }
{ Shy Peeps } 2 dager siden
Fun fact! Flees spread the bubonic plague! Another fun fact! After watching this video Remy is now my favorite character! Weird! :D
{ Shy Peeps }
{ Shy Peeps } 2 dager siden
You can say some people just like to watch the world burn! :D
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith 2 dager siden
Go mat pat
Why Not
Why Not 2 dager siden
Theory Idea: Does Iron Man harm society ? If this makes no sense sorry. I just feel like watching the three movies it seems like he might be indirectly causing harm.
Littleman 2 dager siden
I came here from that hour-long dissertation, youtube recommendations are great.
iggy from jojo
iggy from jojo 2 dager siden
*hoo oh ho*
Tonya O'Neal
Tonya O'Neal 2 dager siden
I feel like film Theory doesn't even like Ratatouille Never mind
jpandtami 2 dager siden
Dude your awesome you could be a detective
Emily M
Emily M 2 dager siden
Me just waiting for matoat to make meme theory
THE CHAT SECTION 2 dager siden
Reh-mee Or Ree-my?
Bo Gaming
Bo Gaming 2 dager siden
*and move back to Ohio* Me : *an Ohioan* I mean , we have weird weather and Kings Island, so I guess we have something, but MatPat? Any other Ohioans?
Franklin Falco
Franklin Falco 3 dager siden
Remy can still work at taco bell.
stillmary 3 dager siden
Too bad it has it's own musical made by the newest generation :)
stillmary 3 dager siden
PJSlays722 3 dager siden
Anyone here to take notes for the musical🥴🥴🥴
Raya Sushi
Raya Sushi 3 dager siden
I just realized how manipulative remy is
Raya Sushi
Raya Sushi 3 dager siden
Litterally film theory Movie antagonists: Good guy/protag Movie Protaginist: actual bad guy Btw it kinda does make sense so I wont complain
DALILA SANTIAGO 3 dager siden
i went to search all this and its true
Remy Ratatouille
Remy Ratatouille 3 dager siden
i- this hurts
Rabbita3 3 dager siden
Okay, yes, skinner did a lot of good things but wasn’t one of the main things that made him a villain was that he was trying to hide Gusteau’s will so that he could maintain control on the restaurant?? Someone back me up bc I haven’t watched the movie in ages but I’m pretty sure Skinner was literally trying to silence the last wishes of his dead friend and keep the restaurant to himself.
Robert Blinov
Robert Blinov 3 dager siden
There are so many similarities of Remy to the radical left.
Avramidou Natalia
Avramidou Natalia 3 dager siden
Ruining children's cartoons requires hard work and talent,well done.
E Dee
E Dee 3 dager siden
“Oh Remy, the ratatouille, the rat of all my dreams I praise you, oh ratatouille May the world remember your naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame”
Ana Goljovic
Ana Goljovic 3 dager siden
Bruh you made a whole video explaining how fortnite is stealing dances yet they sponsor you who the frick know what horrible mistake fortnite will make
Ana Goljovic
Ana Goljovic 3 dager siden
Can i say something that is not contraversial fortnite is trash and so is 7,8,9 episode of starwars
Naman Mishra
Naman Mishra 4 dager siden
Don’t wanna be that guy, but I just wanna clarify that an “antagonist” and a “bad guy” are very different things. A bad guy is what it sounds like: a bad person, character, whatever. An antagonist, however is someone who runs counter to the main character’s (the protagonist) goals. The key difference here is that a protagonist could be a bad guy, and the antagonist could end up being a good guy trying to stop them.
Naman Mishra
Naman Mishra 4 dager siden
Don’t wanna be that guy, but I just wanna clarify that an “antagonist” and a “bad guy” are very different things. A bad guy is what it sounds like: a bad person, character, whatever. An antagonist, however is someone who runs counter to the main character’s (the protagonist) goals. The key difference here is that a protagonist could be a bad guy, and the antagonist could end up being a good guy trying to stop them.
KAYork0317 4 dager siden
Franklin Falco
Franklin Falco 4 dager siden
Wipe out a third of europe's population in the middle ages and suddenly rats are the bad guy.
Franklin Falco
Franklin Falco 4 dager siden
Matpat is just a garbage boy who doesn't know anything about pop culture, food, or anything else. But he has a rat under his hat that grew up watching netflix and playing video games every night when he was asleep.
Brian Provost
Brian Provost 4 dager siden
i dont care i love remy
Jason Carino
Jason Carino 4 dager siden
Ummmm....he's a 🐀 that's what he does you can't hate on him for being himself
Let’s go Gaming
Let’s go Gaming 4 dager siden
Mat pat : I mean who Didnt Force two adults to kiss Movie creators : I CAN EXPIALAIN
Let’s go Gaming
Let’s go Gaming 4 dager siden
i HATE YOU RAMY IS GOOD NOT BAD you have no proof of him being a thief
Let’s go Gaming
Let’s go Gaming 4 dager siden
Let’s go Gaming
Let’s go Gaming 4 dager siden
Sul Eatr
Sul Eatr 4 dager siden
Let's see what he does to Cars
Animated Demon
Animated Demon 4 dager siden
Um he never said he was going to leave the colony to be it he never wanted to leave it he was just going to cook in the house with stuff he finds out side he did not know about the storm and did not know it was so close he made them kiss because linguine was going to show that he had a rat he wanted the the health inspect to go and not know anything because it will close it down and they will all lose there jobs and get killed from the locked doors and it being spared with rat poison and he wanted them to steal because he thought he wanted him to leave him alone so he raids and the grandma found them and then showing the colony he did not want to do that he is still not the villain. And this is NOT hate by the way it just came to my head as I watched the movie after.
Joel Villa Huerta
Joel Villa Huerta 4 dager siden
Ravinaashetty 4 dager siden
I feel like this should be in food theory
DahDaniel Dude HQ
DahDaniel Dude HQ 4 dager siden
Theory idea: how much money do phineas and Ferb have. This includes all the same day shipping and other delivery fees.
Minaminas CTFTLKHTTYDFan99 2.0
Minaminas CTFTLKHTTYDFan99 2.0 4 dager siden
6:13 Matpat: That doesn’t mean he’s the antagonist necessarily right? Me: No, Remy is still the protagonist good or bad.
Isaiah tube163
Isaiah tube163 4 dager siden
the movie has every thing! and a dude that makes me hate everything and a 10 year old emo kid thanks Matt!
Mateo Rios
Mateo Rios 4 dager siden
So remy failed at trying to not being a Rat?
Sojourner Higgins
Sojourner Higgins 4 dager siden
MatPat: Who cares about Ratatouille? Schaffrillas Productions and TikTok: Our day has come
Jon-Harold Garrett
Jon-Harold Garrett 4 dager siden
which comes first the egg or the chicken
Ondine Didier
Ondine Didier 4 dager siden
... wow... O.O
Hadi Mezher
Hadi Mezher 4 dager siden
I always felt that way 😂😂😂😂👍👍👍 nice theory
Eggward milk
Eggward milk 4 dager siden
y did i watch this video
Shreddy Ruger
Shreddy Ruger 4 dager siden
Of course he’s evil he’s of the earth and nobody likes a mouse in the kitchen
Shreddy Ruger
Shreddy Ruger 4 dager siden
Itchy and scratchy I have yet to see and I think it’s needed
Shreddy Ruger
Shreddy Ruger 4 dager siden
Please I think we could use it itchy and scratchy
Shreddy Ruger
Shreddy Ruger 4 dager siden
And scratchy
Shreddy Ruger
Shreddy Ruger 4 dager siden
Shreddy Ruger
Shreddy Ruger 4 dager siden
The itchy and scratchy show please
Shreddy Ruger
Shreddy Ruger 4 dager siden
Can you do itchy and scratchy?
E Fulmer
E Fulmer 5 dager siden
@MatPat Only criticism I would give to you about Skinner is you missed that Skinner intentionally got Linguini drunk and pressed him under influence for anything about rats. Other than that, yeah I completely agree.
Doodliver 5 dager siden
14:00 😂😂😂
Alexandra Spina
Alexandra Spina 5 dager siden
I love remy im scared to watch this
Willow’s Lake
Willow’s Lake 5 dager siden
Welp time to get my childhood killed for the 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000 th time. I never even watched this movie but it was still ruined.
Ranasia Miles
Ranasia Miles 5 dager siden
They made Skinner seem so delusional , he probably went on to delete life
Ranasia Miles
Ranasia Miles 5 dager siden
Remy is really so selfish
Eeveton 64
Eeveton 64 5 dager siden
Grumpy old matpat is here to ruin another animated family film from my child hood as usual!!
Im Bad at Videogames
Im Bad at Videogames 5 dager siden
Skinner was profiting off of a dead man's image.
Holly Brousseau
Holly Brousseau 5 dager siden
For 5 minutes I looked at food theory to find this
Vigilant Villain
Vigilant Villain 5 dager siden
Please reply with moans;
fillinggaps1975 5 dager siden
I will never look at this movie the same way again. Thank you, Matpat. Also, yeah, Fortnite is a lot of fun but lol yeah, it's hard. I remember just starting out. XD I'd hid all the time!
Isla Engelhard
Isla Engelhard 5 dager siden
Me, watching this in November 2020: Reeeeemy the raaaaatatouille, the rat of all my dreeeeaaaams. I praaaise you, oh ratatouille, may the world reeeeeemember your naaaaaame!
Ducklord8608 5 dager siden
MatPat: no one cares about ratatouille Gen z tik tok and a crab boy: you ain’t seen nothing yet
millie *
millie * 5 dager siden
Am I the only one who always hated Remy, he was soo selfish in the movie but what rlly annoyed me is that he broke linguini's trust and let the other rats into the fridge.
Janus Initiative
Janus Initiative 5 dager siden
Would you do a theory for a 3below episode,or individual episodes
Bread Ninja
Bread Ninja 5 dager siden
This episode was hilarious for me to watch because my name is Remy
idcwhatcoloritis 5 dager siden
Your forgetting that he did everything he could to make sure Linguini doesn’t know the company belongs to him. If he was such a good guy, he would have given Linguini the letter without a second thought. In fact, he rides out the clock hoping that the time table will run out before Linguini finds out and he gets to keep the brand and the company regardless of Linguini being The son of Gustaeu. Not to mention he only gave Linguini a job cause he wanted to keep an eye on him until the time table ran out. He probably wouldn’t have if Linguini didn’t give him that letter. He is still the villain but u did have some good points Mat Pat. I will agree Remy is a bit of a villain if u squint ur eyes. I think u pushed the envelope a bit but over all I do agree.
Jörmun Gandr
Jörmun Gandr 6 dager siden
When you’re gonna watch ratatouille next French lesson.
Crystalclaws 6 dager siden
Grumpy old mat pat is here to ruin another animated family film from my childhood as usual!!
Dreaming Koi
Dreaming Koi 6 dager siden
i *can’t* be the only one who got scared by the Pixar intro when the lamp looked directly at me it sucked the soul out of me
Ashton Mcgill
Ashton Mcgill 6 dager siden
Hi I love your videos
Anna Smith
Anna Smith 6 dager siden
Love from my heart
kemma noya
kemma noya 6 dager siden
i need more ainme theroys !!!
Adrianna Fitzgerald
Adrianna Fitzgerald 6 dager siden
So do we take this into consideration for the musical?
C Dizzle Swizzle
C Dizzle Swizzle 6 dager siden
Remyyy the ratatouille the rat of alllll my dreammmsss
ContentMan69 6 dager siden
ok so he “abandoned” his colony by not sniffing for poison? but he let his entire colony into the food pantry
kaylie Lopez
kaylie Lopez 6 dager siden
i’d say remy is just schizophrenic
SHI 6 dager siden
My name is Shi. I’ve been born today! And so was my brother. I got to meet my brother today. Though I miss my mother. I’m so excited to meet everyone. My brother doesn’t feel the same tho. Today I was born. And I’m so excited to meet everyone.
Lucky Dove
Lucky Dove 5 dager siden
Hol' Up-
Chatty P
Chatty P 6 dager siden
"NO one talks about ratatouille" Ratatouille Musical becoming hugely popular and pixar even quotes it and posts remy on their Instagram and remys voice actor tweets about it tagging ratatouilles director. 😂 well now that statement is kinda irrelevant only 2 months later 😂😂
rainbow unicorn w
rainbow unicorn w 6 dager siden
Exceptions Skinner's the good guy and why does he can nap if he knows the dangers of rats and why does he kidnapped Remy to make food and sell it to people he is no better than Remy
Iron wolf15 w
Iron wolf15 w 6 dager siden
I mean tbf he is a rat and doesn't know right from wrong well except the thief thing
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