Thanksgiving, but cursed (Eat It Or Yeet It #19)

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14 dager siden

We’re having a thanksgiving dinner on today’s episode of Eat It or Yeet It, but Garrett cooked it so you know it’s gonna be cursed…
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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Ian Hecox: ianhecox
Courtney Miller: co_mill
Damien Haas: damienhaas
Keith Leak: keithleakjr
Jacklyn Uweh: jacklyn_uweh
Kimmy Jimenez: kimmydoesstuff
Garrett Palm: gpalm79
Executive Producer: Sarah Whittle
Producer: Garrett Palm
Production Manager: Garrett Palm
Director: Sarah Whittle
Editor: Rock Coleman
Production Coordinator: Nancy Azcona
Art: Cassie Vance
Art: Yasmeen Mughal
DP: Brennan Iketani
Cam Op: Kevin Rygg
Cam Op / G&E: Jacqi Jones
DIT: Matt Duran
Sound Op: Greg Jones
Cam Op / G&E: Dustin Bloodgood
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AdeptHelix -
AdeptHelix - 9 timer siden
You should do one where he bakes stuff but instead of putting random stuff in it he just puts random amounts of ingredients
SpacedOutBricks Dag siden
Ngl, but I think I liked the older rules better, cuz then it wasn't just s random chance and everyone had to feel Garrett's wrath
Rafael Codicheira
Rafael Codicheira Dag siden
anyone prefer the old style of eat it or yeet it or is it just me
D. Alice Den
D. Alice Den Dag siden
So what was in the juice?
Thomas Key
Thomas Key Dag siden
Poor Kimmy is just looking around like “I thought we were doing funny stuff we’re thankful for, but y’all got all serious.” 🤣
Horror Movie Scream Queen
Horror Movie Scream Queen Dag siden
I've missed this game! Happy thanksgiving!
Sean Benagua
Sean Benagua 2 dager siden
Yall should try to spin the wheel first before you reveal the food that gives a lot more intense
Kathy H
Kathy H 2 dager siden
Thank you Damien for appreciating healthcare workers. That got me all choked up.
Patrick B
Patrick B 2 dager siden
Damien is a national treasure and should be protected at all costs... 😭
Lucas Yargo
Lucas Yargo 2 dager siden
They really did forget the people serving here and across seas and cops
pida siouy
pida siouy 2 dager siden
Damien taking that long to get Jackie’s joke was actually adorable
Lazerman 2 dager siden
There should be a participation dish for whoever doesn't eat in the episode. (Damien)
Megan Pack
Megan Pack 3 dager siden
They should just call this show garret poisoning his co-workers
yuoop noke
yuoop noke 3 dager siden
4:52 Damien and Jackie's face when Keith said "Taste some more" was like "WHAT"🤣🤣
Saint X
Saint X 3 dager siden
13:36 I’m thankful for Jackie looking into my soul 😏
pida siouy
pida siouy 2 dager siden
Jesus Christ! I've heard that em verse before, its from Legacy, and it sounds nowhere near as hard as it does on this beat! Mental
Wayne Hampton
Wayne Hampton 3 dager siden
Try raw squid with wasabi. I had it in Japan and almost instantly threw up.
Erdouzi Linnada
Erdouzi Linnada 3 dager siden
Wear a mask!! The virus is not something you can mess around with.And go to get a NHS test, please, for your own health.
SweenyTodd98 4 dager siden
"This has been tampered with." On this show? You don't say?
yuoop noke
yuoop noke 3 dager siden
I think you should use some stinky tofu at some point. Maybe in a twinkie
OnOIssy 4 dager siden
Im Just Thankful For My Soon To Be Death ;w;
Yousef TV
Yousef TV 4 dager siden
2:26 SPACE CREW among us Easter egg?
Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel 4 dager siden
Garrett's concern for Kimmy was really sweet.
Ferry van Herk
Ferry van Herk 4 dager siden
Has courtney been working out?
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 4 dager siden
"Nobody is safe" accept for Damien of course.
alphar william
alphar william 4 dager siden
Wow Shan wasn't in this episode 😂
April Klein
April Klein 4 dager siden
You should make the garret spot on the wheel slightly bigger each time you do eat it or yeet it
Definitely a human
Definitely a human 4 dager siden
Something about seeing shane lifting an entire christmas tree while screaming makes me feel an emotion i didn't even knew existed
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 4 dager siden
some AWESOME teacher vibes from her. I actually think she would make a wonderful teacher. She has the discipline for it.
Raelynn O'Connor
Raelynn O'Connor 4 dager siden
Make Garrett play for Christmas
Soupy Squirrel
Soupy Squirrel 5 dager siden
As a firefighter myself, I give thanks to Ian for giving me hours of timeless entertaining content
TREVOR SINNI 5 dager siden
Jesus Christ! I've heard that em verse before, its from Legacy, and it sounds nowhere near as hard as it does on this beat! Mental
SirIronD 5 dager siden
ok im done, theres is just a limit on how much i can simp for Courtney, and now with that killer outfit i... i just cant no more, sorry but i have to stop for my own sake... ill.... ill just go
john asshat
john asshat 5 dager siden
“No one is safe” except for Courtney who has literally never participated in any of these. Even Garrett has done it before.
phzoink 5 dager siden
I think you should use some stinky tofu at some point. Maybe in a twinkie
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 5 dager siden
We agree with Damien: MORE GARRETT SLIVERS
Atomic Dolphin
Atomic Dolphin 5 dager siden
For a future Christmas episode, you could do it where you have foods from around the world that are traditionally eaten on Christmas.
ice0shay 6 dager siden
An episode where instead of the person it lands on having to eat it, they pick who else eats it.
oiuet souiu
oiuet souiu 5 dager siden
Hey Damian thanks no one has really said that I matter or that I'm one of essential to them your the first one since the virus even though I work at a pharmacy
Adam Campbell
Adam Campbell 6 dager siden
smosh has gone soft
Zach McNall
Zach McNall 6 dager siden
When you’re Canadian so you forget that everyone else celebrates thanksgiving in November😅
pug life
pug life 6 dager siden
I feel stupid right now...what does Jackie's joke mean?
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 6 dager siden
NGL, a little jealous of Courtney’s core strength
Mikael 6 dager siden
I watched 2.15 minutes of this video and Only Ian and Jamian was thankful of important and smart things. Rest of them were basic americans. "i'm so thankful of cheers burgers"
Macnatty 6 dager siden
So I gotta say something: I remember a few times Courtney mentioning how the would like to teach film at one point her life. Ive noticed QUITE a few times on Eat It or Yeet It some AWESOME teacher vibes from her. I actually think she would make a wonderful teacher. She has the discipline for it.
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 6 dager siden
Its the yeAHHHHHHHHHH for me
Teny 6 dager siden
Supper wholesome in the beginning and Courtney with the cheeky plug then all hell breaks loose🤣
Jay Mag
Jay Mag 6 dager siden
We’re the only country that celebrates thanksgiving??
Nikolai508 6 dager siden
I think Canada has a similar one but yes. Its a national holiday not an international holiday.
Adam Valmeo
Adam Valmeo 6 dager siden
We need Gordon Ramsay as a guest😂😂😂
CandyRhaeSpeaks 7 dager siden
I would love to see Courtney Freakin Miller be the food creator, but have Garret and some of the Smosh Games people along with the Smosh Pit cast in it too!
FrogLover 7 dager siden
I'd love to see a Good Mythical Morning edition where they use various foods made by Mythical Chef Josh (good and bad)
The Great Amida
The Great Amida 7 dager siden
"We're in that country that celebrates that one holiday" Um, Courtney, Canada celebrates Thanksgiving too...a month earlier than we do
CandyRhaeSpeaks 7 dager siden
Ya, us Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October!
222 is everywhere
222 is everywhere 7 dager siden
Do they have made eat or yeet it blindfolded ????
ifun morerice
ifun morerice 7 dager siden
umm can we have a moment of appreciation for courtney's abs?
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 7 dager siden
The Mac and cheese wasn’t even macaroni, it was penne
kaycee Tokarsky
kaycee Tokarsky 7 dager siden
Hey Damian thanks no one has really said that I matter or that I'm one of essential to them your the first one since the virus even though I work at a pharmacy
Psi Fly
Psi Fly 7 dager siden
Keith sounds like Chris Rock sometimes
Very unusual Comments
Very unusual Comments 7 dager siden
Also fuck the people at planned pregnancy
Very unusual Comments
Very unusual Comments 7 dager siden
Or whatever it’s called
T.L.S. 7 dager siden
An eat it or yeet it challenge. Each participant brings a dish. Edible yummy or totally gross. Person can eat the dish the they brought or spin again.
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 7 dager siden
What happened to Shane
Michelle 7 dager siden
Do an episode with food from other countries that you would find weird but its normal in that country
neoavatarofweo 8 dager siden
I’m thankful for smosh
Sakuta Uchiha
Sakuta Uchiha 8 dager siden
Its the yeAHHHHHHHHHH for me
Brookimedes 8 dager siden
Hahaha! Sounds like Damian needs to sit in another spot!!!
Jonathan Zimmer
Jonathan Zimmer 8 dager siden
Im thankful the world hasnt imploded yet
Monika 8 dager siden
Eat it or Yeet it episode with all the worst foods from Put it in My Mouth and Noah has a bigger slice on the wheel than anyone else.
poltergeistx 8 dager siden
Intro alone was enough XD
Tamsin Brazier
Tamsin Brazier 8 dager siden
Everyone: *saying what they’re thankful for* Courtney in the background: *flips hair*
Amy Coombs
Amy Coombs 8 dager siden
Y do i feel weird now cause I put ice cream on my pies no matter what kind ;-;
Elliott Kane
Elliott Kane 8 dager siden
What happened to some of the other episodes, did they get deleted?🥺
Brian Carpenter
Brian Carpenter 8 dager siden
You should put the garret sliver on each on black line in the board. That way Garret has five chances to eat the food instead of just one.
jet animations
jet animations 8 dager siden
More like school edition
Book Player
Book Player 8 dager siden
What happened to Shane
Megan Stuart
Megan Stuart 8 dager siden
I wasn’t expecting the thank you’s for health care workers & it was just great to hear after getting off my shift this morning 🥺
Ashley Paolozzi
Ashley Paolozzi 8 dager siden
Lol at Damien being so low key upset he didn’t get one
TCG-MasterNub 9 dager siden
.... ahahahahhhh just came came back from months of simping i followed smosh on twitch and ended up discovering... vtubers they took all my money so politely
Aiden Day
Aiden Day 9 dager siden
oh wow these people are fucking annoying
Anna Love
Anna Love 9 dager siden
Shayne is thankful for the fact he got of this episode
Moira Lindner
Moira Lindner 9 dager siden
6th episode asking for the bell back...
Sectr Reptile
Sectr Reptile 9 dager siden
I like Eat it r yeet it 🥰🥰🥰
Jordan Steeves
Jordan Steeves 9 dager siden
Do a round where it is only shown after its spun
Syphus 9 dager siden
ian looks like he has a shiner
Ally Chevalier
Ally Chevalier 9 dager siden
I miss the bell :(
CorruptedSiren 9 dager siden
Okay but hear me out guys. Eat it or Yeet it: Harry Potter edition.
klynnw81 9 dager siden
Bring the bell back! Or spin until everyone’s had to eat something.
Deep Squad
Deep Squad 9 dager siden
Why didn’t they thank the police officers who are good risking there lives for the greater good
Alison Mae
Alison Mae 9 dager siden
Thank you, Damien for bringing us healthcare workers laughter during this! After a long day watching Smosh is one way I can relax!
Laney Sharp
Laney Sharp 9 dager siden
Tommy really has made the merch commercials way better
Leah Fitzpatrick
Leah Fitzpatrick 9 dager siden
You should do an episode where everything is equally bad but if you eat it you’re safe for the next round. If you yeet it you have to take a bite of whatever it is the next round with the person who gets spun
Martynas Autukas
Martynas Autukas 9 dager siden
Yep from day one baby, seen all videos, and bring back food fight, with all of you in it, and make it like a war :DD
Lord Plague
Lord Plague 9 dager siden
No Shane =(
Allison Harper
Allison Harper 9 dager siden
Were Anthony
Hannah F
Hannah F 9 dager siden
Always love Eat it or Yeet it, but really loved the pharmacist shout out! :D Smosh videos have given me a lot of laughs while working through the pandemic. Thanks guys!
Alijah Cox
Alijah Cox 9 dager siden
You should do an episode of this called Twinkie Terror. The Twinkie is first shown to the players. Then, like hot potato, each person passes the Twinkie around until some form of timer stops. Whoever it lands on has to eat it.
Jon Simpson
Jon Simpson 10 dager siden
There is a universe where Ian died bc if COVID
Savanna Brown
Savanna Brown 10 dager siden
Thank you Damien! I’m a CNA
Fallen Victory9
Fallen Victory9 10 dager siden
DAMIEN THE PANTS. is this a inside joke? like, help me please!
Nicholas Rajcany
Nicholas Rajcany 10 dager siden
I'm thankful for Courtney Damian and Ian for being awesome
Kourtney 10 dager siden
I came back after 7 years and now all i see are overgrown babies.WHERES ANTHONY😭😭😭
Vxillophe ‘
Vxillophe ‘ 10 dager siden
Stubby 122
Stubby 122 10 dager siden
I’ve always wondered why Courtney never eats in this game? Can somebody tell me
Michael Stoyles
Michael Stoyles 10 dager siden
Love the merch god
Ruri Rotaru
Ruri Rotaru 10 dager siden
I'm glad she yeeted the horseRadish. In large doses it is very toxic to humans can make people sick and even cause a person to die. that amount i don't think would have killed her i think it takes about 3 to 5 times that amount. but she would not have been feeling well if she swallowed that much.
Sophie Jackson
Sophie Jackson 10 dager siden
This is like a kids show set up but still adult content?
Wonky Beans
Wonky Beans 10 dager siden
So you sould make a rule that if someone has eaten twice then that piece of wheel turns into a Garret round
Macaroni and Cliches
Macaroni and Cliches 10 dager siden
how is any of this food still edible temperature by the time they get it
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