Fnatic vs G2 Esports (BEST GAME EVER!) - LEC Spring 2019 Week 9 Day 1 - FNC vs G2

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Fnatic vs G2 Esports (BEST GAME EVER!) - LEC Spring 2019 Week 9 Day 1 - FNC vs G2
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Ian Claudio
Ian Claudio 17 timer siden
Perks Cs at 10 minutes in game = my cs at 13 minutes of the game.
Edfgb Vcfg
Edfgb Vcfg Dag siden
Rıdvan Kahveci
Rıdvan Kahveci 3 dager siden
Best game ever? What a joke
jarzadon05 13 dager siden
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john lavvas
john lavvas 15 dager siden
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فهد الشمري
فهد الشمري 22 dager siden
Caps could pick yas much better than zed in this game he has ali supp and its ez mutch up yas v ire
fadi koubaa
fadi koubaa 27 dager siden
insane plays nopost.info/throw/rN2mYIupp3ikYbM/video help me with subs pls
Cia Laisvis
Cia Laisvis 27 dager siden
Fnc back-backdoored
Ozan Aliibryamov
Ozan Aliibryamov 28 dager siden
Hey guys check out my twitch stream
Kyle Turner
Kyle Turner Måned siden
The necessary kenneth electronmicroscopically excite because swiss encouragingly employ notwithstanding a hospitable hawk. spiteful, encouraging bulb
Aravind Venugopal
Aravind Venugopal Måned siden
Matt Bernacki
Matt Bernacki Måned siden
Promisqs locket saved two G2 members from Karthus ultimate right before they got their first baron. That was huge.
Alvise Bertolotto
Alvise Bertolotto Måned siden
I love fnatic but i think the G2 is much stronger
Mario Gomez
Mario Gomez Måned siden
what a game
Andreas Vannfält
Andreas Vannfält Måned siden
Karthus pick was big brain move
Kostas Kostopoulos
Kostas Kostopoulos Måned siden
32 min rekkles walks from the down side of the wall instead of going for ryze and cassio. he hadn`t used his abilities yet only r so in my opinion he could have aced them with his team right there. but he just did nothing...
アポンテアルマンド Måned siden
of course fanatic would end it the cuck way and take a win they dont deserve because they are all a bunch of pussies. worst team in pro league they should all kill themselves
Ten Armurk
Ten Armurk 7 dager siden
Tracie Spencer
Tracie Spencer Måned siden
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Tracie Spencer
Tracie Spencer Måned siden
The onerous account covalently fire because apparatus potentially spot aside a violet pint. eager, clean dog
LorenHS Måned siden
Haha ryze was crazy
haithem ferchichi
haithem ferchichi Måned siden
I’m surprised the title wasn’t clickbait for once
Maikel Måned siden
55:57 spreading Covid like:
Jeff Lim
Jeff Lim Måned siden
bwipo is such a burden fnatic should remove him from the starting five
Paul Kim
Paul Kim Måned siden
I kept claped after finished game. what a game!
Richard Sec
Richard Sec 2 måneder siden
I've never played this game but just from watching this I cant tell this would be an amazing game.
vita 2 måneder siden
IDK...fNatic were just winning and did not throw it...the best game would be if G2 won...this was just a good game
Edmund 2 måneder siden
Goosebumps on the floor!!!!
Danny S
Danny S 2 måneder siden
honestly, honestly tho... honestly tho... im sad af about the end. shit got me hype XD
Krzysztof Bosak To nawet nie jest on
Krzysztof Bosak To nawet nie jest on 2 måneder siden
pierdolić fntaic pizdy
G2 WhiteDemon
G2 WhiteDemon 2 måneder siden
close to 999 999 view
Akash Rangari
Akash Rangari 2 måneder siden
Albo 3 måneder siden
Without a doubt, Wunders Zhonyas is MVP. Imagine him not having it at 40:44, the game would be instantly lost for G2. Delete Stopwatch Rito pls
OssiArtZ / Desertical
OssiArtZ / Desertical 3 måneder siden
the triple time commentator :D
Kingtoyou 7
Kingtoyou 7 3 måneder siden
Holy crap the commentary is amazing
whitehairz 4 måneder siden
Deja Vu again #FNC vs #G2 for the Finale 2020. Whos here after G2 wins from Rouge?! LoL 🤣
Nicolas Varingot
Nicolas Varingot 4 måneder siden
And now we have the game 5 of the recent G2/FNC to replace this one :) those two teams deliver !
Harm Verheij
Harm Verheij 4 måneder siden
I think there is a new best game g2 vs fnatic 2020 summer playofs game 5
fer262 4 måneder siden
They had a similar game last weekend, FNC vs G2 are such bangers
Hom Tolland
Hom Tolland 4 måneder siden
Wunder 1v9
Fuckmothers 4 måneder siden
who came back after that amazing bo5?
Evan Chen
Evan Chen 4 måneder siden
these games happen in LCK/LPL all the time lmbo, NA and EU so weak hahahahaha
Leoh music
Leoh music 4 måneder siden
FNC vs OMG worlds 2014 group stage is the best game ever, change my mind Ok that was pretty crazy
Elia Guerra
Elia Guerra 4 måneder siden
Honor Wunder zonhyas 20 sec cd
LowLife Inc.
LowLife Inc. 4 måneder siden
cant wait for the next games between these 2 giants
Atm.mahfuz Bhuiyan
Atm.mahfuz Bhuiyan 4 måneder siden
6:01 if you wanna see cassiopeia's boobies
Noor Labib
Noor Labib 5 måneder siden
i saw a traitor 56:02
Random Task
Random Task 5 måneder siden
7:35 game start
Poprosim Š jako Škrrr
Poprosim Š jako Škrrr 5 måneder siden
Nvm Fnatic sucks
šimonko zajačik
šimonko zajačik 5 måneder siden
ryze op
17arisps 5 måneder siden
showing both nexuses as if it s even close...The game was over when rekless and nemesis took the jump at 56:15. Nice game though bad picks for G2 but we can thank them for the good game and innovation. This game shows why you can t win without a ranged ADC
T_EM 5 måneder siden
Wow such an intense game!
SanityOfWar 5 måneder siden
34:50 did someone realize that wunder dodge karthus ult with his ult? And did someone realize that the Cow got 2 big shutdowns? :D
xxx xxx
xxx xxx 5 måneder siden
To be honest it is totally click bait to me
xxx xxx
xxx xxx 5 måneder siden
For now 16:00 it os worst game ever...
Son Gokū孫 悟空
Son Gokū孫 悟空 5 måneder siden
how is it best game ever when it's so one sided?
Moonlion28 5 måneder siden
Fanatic still not better then G2 they might lost but bruh they man a ginormous come back
Manuel Oyharzabal
Manuel Oyharzabal 5 måneder siden
missing this...
Basic Ways
Basic Ways 5 måneder siden
man, i missed this kind of fnatic
EworetyX 5 måneder siden
I miss old FNC but now HYLINT have 10deaths in 20min, bwipo is 50cs behind enemy top, nemesis is afk on lane and rekkles with selfmade dying in dive gg
Jacob Barnes
Jacob Barnes 5 måneder siden
inhib respwawn in 3 seconds omfg
Thuan Phan
Thuan Phan 5 måneder siden
6-1 games in the last 6 games. Me : um what...?
The Derpy Unicorn
The Derpy Unicorn 5 måneder siden
I've watched several games of Fnatic, and Bwipo sucks compared to his teammates...
Islam Muhamethzarov
Islam Muhamethzarov 5 måneder siden
Ever ? Lol
benxicek 5 måneder siden
Zep Vibe
Zep Vibe 6 måneder siden
29:30 would it be bad play for them to go get the drag or something?
Frankie Arenas
Frankie Arenas Måned siden
The dragon is free p much either way but with the other you just get more value out of the time bc it’s free once your baron push has pushed to their inhib
Frankie Arenas
Frankie Arenas Måned siden
Why? They don’t need to it’s theirs anyway. Enemy has timers down and they’re not gna double TP to react if they did. But that doesn’t even matter, they just ate + have pushed through a couple waves, tower gold, & are all or 3-5 inches probably sitting on sum power spike $. Dragon would be a dwaste of time. They reset, push out lanes with baron, vision control/set up for dragon take. Every second is important even if it’s just 10-15s you can do a lot w that.
The Dark Soul
The Dark Soul 6 måneder siden
Karthus is fuckin busted
Miraj Ahmed
Miraj Ahmed 6 måneder siden
Karthus is basically a Zed that puts deathmark on everyone on the opposing team
Isa DanceHero
Isa DanceHero 6 måneder siden
Hylli is very good :D I hope fnatic will be playing better this summer after their weird loses
Alex COSSIN 6 måneder siden
It is crazy how a Zed pick is hyping everyone in pro plays ^^ i can't see another champ that bring as much reactions ^^
ScribeXz 6 måneder siden
Hmmmm that girl on the back
Blaise N'kufo
Blaise N'kufo 6 måneder siden
37:15 broxxah loses 80% of his hp to ryze q, cassters: "wunder did not put down alot of damage"
Blaise N'kufo
Blaise N'kufo 19 dager siden
@Adrian Rybarczyk clearly says 969 ryze magical crit.
Adrian Rybarczyk
Adrian Rybarczyk 21 dag siden
lol. do you have eyes? that was 5 different attack. not a single q. and this is late game. 5 attack schuld kill 2 people and he did not even kill one.
Nine Orchid
Nine Orchid 6 måneder siden
Cædus Drei
Cædus Drei 6 måneder siden
If only Fnatic played like this now.
Sarii hover
Sarii hover 6 måneder siden
I thought NA have the best games
Chalo mc
Chalo mc 6 måneder siden
Les falto el xpeke
Stef Mouri
Stef Mouri 6 måneder siden
fnc bwipo lost this match he is useless 250 farm in 50 min ok jajaajajajahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Helene 6 måneder siden
rakan carry
No Thankyou
No Thankyou 6 måneder siden
The girl in pink hair is peng
paolo josh clanor
paolo josh clanor 6 måneder siden
Woah that is an amazing game
J 7 måneder siden
Mickey out with a hurt wrist 🤣
Alireza Talei Asl
Alireza Talei Asl 7 måneder siden
wow in 34' look at ryze escaping the ult.
Junior_alob8 5 måneder siden
@Atwros yea u right i didnt know that karthus ultimate can be cancelled like that
Atwros 5 måneder siden
@Junior_alob8 nope look at zed HP
Junior_alob8 5 måneder siden
Alistar canceld his ulty man
Abdishakur Adan
Abdishakur Adan 7 måneder siden
If zed went for Lucian, things would've changed, instead he goes for Karthus. At this point it was a base race after the baron, no point going for the karthus, since there are enough banshees. FNC botlane carried the end hard, with their decision making.
No Name impotant live
No Name impotant live 7 måneder siden
i magine zed was a good champion lmao hasnt been since s4
Kuys mj
Kuys mj 7 måneder siden
42:40 hahaha jankos laughing theyre enjoying the game! thats why this js one of the best match
trong nguyen
trong nguyen 7 måneder siden
very good,... !!
Cloven Gonzales
Cloven Gonzales 7 måneder siden
28:13 flash talk
Cloven Gonzales
Cloven Gonzales 7 måneder siden
wtf :< no marksman and ZEd?
Pinnacle Express
Pinnacle Express 7 måneder siden
The fight ending at 31:20 was a great example of the type of casters LoL needs. When there's 5 players on each team, and most of them having at least one ability with huge impact, the fights (especially from pros) happen very fast. That casting wasnt perfect but it was damn good and it's the type I want more of. I love how in the final moment, Alistar shouldve backed to defend, but G2 repeated themselves in putting in too much resource to keep Bwipo down. If Ali backed, he couldve peeled Lucian for the 3 seconds needed for the inhib respawn, easily, and Ryze wouldve won the 2v2 for G2 to win.
Female Dude
Female Dude 7 måneder siden
ew g2
BMholy74 7 måneder siden
игра в один ворота, неинтересно даж
RetroDec 7 måneder siden
No inhi no problem
makrem mrabet
makrem mrabet 7 måneder siden
what an insane ending ,, damn for that game i love it
Janik Padilla
Janik Padilla 7 måneder siden
min 34:51 Rize put his di*k outttt, he didnt die kartus ulty
Can Aral
Can Aral 7 måneder siden
Best game ever so far
LaFlame Phoenix
LaFlame Phoenix 7 måneder siden
This is not the best game ever... it’s the most stressful
Sameer Khan
Sameer Khan 8 måneder siden
When dota 2 player watching lol for the first time and thinking wth is going on here y the building is respawning again n again lol and when the commentator said "it is the longest game" i was like wtf. My practice matches are 60 mins + 😂😂. Seriously i understand nothing but it was fun watching the game. Congratulations to team FNT.
Vincenzo Capasso
Vincenzo Capasso 7 måneder siden
60+ minutes wtf? I mean if you want to do relatively quicker games play league, the averege game duration is between 30 and 40 minutes
T Bone
T Bone 8 måneder siden
For nemesis to smile takes a lot
Muhamad Rizal
Muhamad Rizal 8 måneder siden
Is this the best lol game? It is good. But, for the best? I expect more
Versus Fate
Versus Fate 8 måneder siden
Wonder is so fucking good
Philippe Andrei Malvar
Philippe Andrei Malvar 8 måneder siden
The girl behind Fnatic is 😍😍
Nutskpil 8 måneder siden
Lan bu nasıl maçtı nutkum tutuldu aw
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