Minecraft Moments That WIll Give You HARD ANXIETY #1

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Minecraft Moments That WIll Give You HARD ANXIETY #1
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Minecraft Royale
Minecraft Royale Måned siden
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oofy doofy
oofy doofy 18 dager siden
Exellux 23 dager siden
1 vid where u don't beg for likes and I'll sub
Ahmed Lujain
Ahmed Lujain 24 dager siden
Tyler Nester
Tyler Nester 27 dager siden
@Chris Marais 00!] Tutu
Furious Hugger
Furious Hugger 28 dager siden
fork- 33 minutter siden
5:40 ale ze ewronka
A random channel
A random channel 7 timer siden
It took fundy 16 seconds to get in that hole.
helikopter szturmowy
helikopter szturmowy 13 timer siden
Ewron PoG
Darian Maldoando
Darian Maldoando 22 timer siden
They guy who kept dying and having to reset his runs is the worst speed runner I’ve ever seen
Gamer DudeTM
Gamer DudeTM 22 timer siden
Oh my gosh that guy with the beard is such a noob
Siren Head
Siren Head Dag siden
Fun fact: your reading this
Krzaczkowski Dag siden
Agnieszka Chojnacka
Agnieszka Chojnacka Dag siden
Dzienki że ewron
PESTEK Dag siden
tsam był ewron
Chase Williams
Chase Williams Dag siden
Does anybody here believe in god looking for believers
Forty Games
Forty Games Dag siden
Forsen is nooob
PatRoleQ Dag siden
5:39 polska gurom
Tef Morada
Tef Morada Dag siden
u know you can jump repeatly so the fire damage can clear faster
Tef Morada
Tef Morada Dag siden
cus its like rolling in the ground with a fire in you but u jump up and down
Osman Baran Özdemir
Osman Baran Özdemir Dag siden
2:59 does anyone knows the name of the song?
Przemek boroń
Przemek boroń 2 dager siden
5:37 ale że Polska
Kompi 2 dager siden
Dan is the luckiest man on earth.
Lemn 2 dager siden
how are some people so bad at minecraft?
Burkzer 2 dager siden
1:10 how do you play hardcore minecraft IN MULTIPLAYER
Rebecca May
Rebecca May 2 dager siden
The guy at about 0:55 was just being obnoxious. If he was actually trying to get onto the ladder he wouldn’t be jumping
Louie Delatorriente
Louie Delatorriente 2 dager siden
The second one was annoying who the hell uses auto jump.......a fucking noob
Kidney Sticker
Kidney Sticker 2 dager siden
Who is this forsen guy, and is he just bad, unlucky, or honest?
Zachary Bailey
Zachary Bailey 3 dager siden
The dude with the beard needs to find something else in life to fail at.
AJS WORLD 3 dager siden
I remember some piglins were MAD and they trick shoted me and killed me and I fell in lava and 😭😭
Phoebe c
Phoebe c 3 dager siden
that forsen dude is so dumb
_-Glitchii-_ 3 dager siden
Me: Sees DanTDM Also Me: I’ve never heard that name in 6 years
S SIRRAINC 3 dager siden
How to get views: Philza Minecraft in the thumbnail
S SIRRAINC 3 dager siden
It worked because i clicked it
Zycie mnie
Zycie mnie 3 dager siden
PLGurom 5.37
MaropSKi 4 dager siden
Does the second clip have autojump?
Janico 2077
Janico 2077 4 dager siden
In 5:48 he says with old man on lama
Tomasz Tarnowski
Tomasz Tarnowski 4 dager siden
Kaczor Donald
Kaczor Donald 4 dager siden
Rumi 4 dager siden
O kurwa! Ewron! Pozdrawiam z polski :D
Tomasz Sawicki
Tomasz Sawicki 5 dager siden
Kto z polski oglondam eworna?
Arbitso 5 dager siden
0:35 T H I C K chat
Pixn 5 dager siden
I love this forsen guy does NOT know how to nether
Pixn 5 dager siden
In the first clip I'd he wasn't wearing gold boot he would have been just fine bc he wouldn't have taken any dmg lol
Duvan Carvajal
Duvan Carvajal 5 dager siden
-son, can you come here? -mom not now, im giving me anxiety -
dafre 5 dager siden
2:42 I love how he plays the Doom Eternal soundtrack in the "hell" of Minecraft...
Xeon_ PL
Xeon_ PL 5 dager siden
I remember u i watch your films when u have maybe 20k idk
Kᴀɪ ᴛᴏ?
Kᴀɪ ᴛᴏ? 5 dager siden
5:18 poor xqc 🤣🤣🤣
Crispy Dounut
Crispy Dounut 5 dager siden
Who else got super mad while watching this 0:40
Virgilio Ababa
Virgilio Ababa 5 dager siden
Dantdm almost died in a lot of times in his minecraft hardcore mode 😂😂
Bartek Felek
Bartek Felek 6 dager siden
5:46 with the old one, normally on the llama no
CrediitZ 6 dager siden
5:52 this guy kinda looks like tommyinnit
your normal youtuber
your normal youtuber 6 dager siden
I didn't know this guy has a minecraft channel
Aisha Gaming
Aisha Gaming 6 dager siden
I can tell what Ewroon said : Ze starym na lamie normalnie Yes i know Poland langue
Aisha Gaming
Aisha Gaming 6 dager siden
0:40 can i die ?
Wolf 6 dager siden
5:48 im from Poland and they say with dad in lawa
Wil Car
Wil Car 6 dager siden
JulesGames 6 dager siden
5:53 he speak in polish as me ;)
rohit anand
rohit anand 6 dager siden
Well well well I never expected to see DanTDM And that also in the beginning of the video 😂😂😎
poolak 122
poolak 122 6 dager siden
5:37 polska gurom!!!
Teh LiShen
Teh LiShen 6 dager siden
3:39 happy sans noises*
Flynn Masterton
Flynn Masterton 6 dager siden
6:13 the lights in the background match her "helps"
Arkadiusz Kalinowski
Arkadiusz Kalinowski 7 dager siden
5:47 polish xd - polski xd
truckjumperdude 7 dager siden
0:41 DOES FUNDY HAVE AUTO-JUMP ON *we must get our revenge*
Daribha Swer
Daribha Swer 7 dager siden
Theres another Dantdn intense moment
Trung Kien Dang
Trung Kien Dang 7 dager siden
6:14 yaMetE KUdaSai
Bansi Pangkatan
Bansi Pangkatan 7 dager siden
:v :D
Isabel C
Isabel C 7 dager siden
DanTDM is so lucky, if he died that mincraft series ends
Niksweatzツ 7 dager siden
When xqc about to die, he's so calm
Jordanlovesstuff 3D
Jordanlovesstuff 3D 8 dager siden
I heard game menu over ten times lol
Jordanlovesstuff 3D
Jordanlovesstuff 3D 8 dager siden
Lol the first fundy seen
Yumiko 8 dager siden
5:38 OMG YEES EWRON Zgłasza się polska XD
Blue Jay
Blue Jay 8 dager siden
Fundy struggling with that ladder is me though
Yumiko 8 dager siden
2:37 Why tf aren't they just destroying this fckn plate I DONT UNDERSTAND WHY ;--;
BED DESTROYED_1 8 dager siden
Forsen is the worst player in the world
Marium Sajjad
Marium Sajjad 8 dager siden
may have my week of goodluck?
Marium Sajjad
Marium Sajjad 8 dager siden
wow starting with one of my fav YTers
Aariz the Noob
Aariz the Noob 9 dager siden
0:41 I feel his pain 😔
ghss456 9 dager siden
i like that he said elitra instead of elytra
Pookie 9 dager siden
0:44 imagine having auto jump on
Aryan Tyagi
Aryan Tyagi 9 dager siden
This has my fave ones
ElmoK _92
ElmoK _92 9 dager siden
5:51 Andy I swear to God!!! 🤦‍♂️
pepe to pepe
pepe to pepe 9 dager siden
Tenshied 9 dager siden
SmartBar 10 dager siden
8:25 that bed damage sound .. Lmao XD
Rebecca Anderson
Rebecca Anderson 10 dager siden
Forsen may want to never go to the nether ever again. It's really not liking him.
IzEr _
IzEr _ 10 dager siden
5:47 ze starym normalnie na plecach
Matthew Ormsby
Matthew Ormsby 10 dager siden
like all of these are jujst from the worst mc players
Pekka888 10 dager siden
5:51 AH! Ah.
minecraft gamer
minecraft gamer 10 dager siden
0:40 I've never experienced something more painful ouch
Szczurek XXL
Szczurek XXL 10 dager siden
5:43 with dad normaly on lama
Arthur Martins
Arthur Martins 10 dager siden
KATUS 1102g
KATUS 1102g 11 dager siden
Laurentius8 11 dager siden
8:05 this is also everytime he gets hit he gets electrocuted
Yuju noa
Yuju noa 11 dager siden
why did forsen go for the gold when he was being chased. oh my god this guy
Lord Britannia
Lord Britannia 11 dager siden
how can one be so bad at minecraft
Filip Látal
Filip Látal 11 dager siden
Does anyone know what modpack was Destiny using? 7:00
hsnsbs hshab
hsnsbs hshab 11 dager siden
5:48 he said "ze starym na lamie,POG!?
Mateusz Cygan
Mateusz Cygan 11 dager siden
Ze starym na lamie pog? Ewron na minecraft royale
Thayden Davis
Thayden Davis 11 dager siden
I don’t like the commentary
Mr Boi0
Mr Boi0 11 dager siden
Bro has forsen even played the game or did he just go to speedrunning
Insane Buddy
Insane Buddy 12 dager siden
Hornet Gamer
Hornet Gamer 12 dager siden
5:08 I raided a bastion only with 3 bread and a iron pic and 10 cobble
Hornet Gamer
Hornet Gamer 12 dager siden
2:05 don't damn jump
KrisIsWeird 12 dager siden
That gaved me A LOT 1:00
Molly Malenock
Molly Malenock 12 dager siden
Mazur 12 dager siden
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