Vader: Complete Canon Comic Series 1-25 in Chronological Order (2 hour Movie)

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11 måneder siden

Covering and reviewing issues 1-25 (2017-2018) of the awesome Vader comics by Lucasfilm, Marvel, Charles Soule and Disney. I hope my breakdowns and reviews of each will bring you entertainment and a more clear understanding of Vader's journey after Star Wars Revenge of the Sith. I can't wait for Marvel and Lucasfilm to make the next batch of canon Vader comics coming in 2020 after Episode 9 The Rise of Skywalker. It's gonna be a blast! Make sure to go out and support Marvel by grabbing their comics. I have the complete collection myself.
Each video is in chronological order with the cover of each issue to the episode. Enjoy and may the force be with you!
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Young Ramen
Young Ramen 4 timer siden
This really helped me expand my knowledge on Star Wars. Thank you.
Alfred Mena
Alfred Mena 6 timer siden
Finished clone wars today, watched your episode breakdown and ended up here. Thanks for taking the time to do this man! Very well done, even better i found it on May the 4th
Scotty The Wanderer
Scotty The Wanderer 12 timer siden
Can I ask who said these comics are Star Wars canon?
Ardis Hobart
Ardis Hobart Dag siden
“Slicing each clone like a hot knife through butter” or like a lightsaber through a couple of clones
Mario Staline
Mario Staline Dag siden
can you put on the substituables
Noah Ware
Noah Ware Dag siden
Jocastas voice so fucking ugly
Paolo Melendez
Paolo Melendez Dag siden
Dude, you made a masterpiece. The voices, the music.. everything. Thanks!
Shane Skinner
Shane Skinner 2 dager siden
mountain jedi dude: i have the highest ground vader: ight imma head out
Allen 2 dager siden
no offense but in this video you dress like a teddy bear drug dealer
Jonathan McKay
Jonathan McKay 2 dager siden
I did..
Darth Hasbro
Darth Hasbro 2 dager siden
I stayed on MY bk porch you know the only habitable place the crazy MF that everybody was terrified of lol I'm not so bad
Sunset Rider
Sunset Rider 2 dager siden
@0:59:30 “Corps” is pronounced “core.”
Nemo 2 dager siden
Thank you for this
TheTripleJJJ 017
TheTripleJJJ 017 3 dager siden
46:14 there must be some mistake for anakin never became a master WHAAAAAT
Jean Kitten
Jean Kitten 3 dager siden
Best two hours wasted of my life but worth it all of it .
El Grando Smokio
El Grando Smokio Dag siden
Time you enjoy wasting isn't wasted times :)
Marcus Hall
Marcus Hall 3 dager siden
He look like the actor for the winter soldier
C 3 dager siden
I really like this but I prefer if you just read the dialogue!
Kieran Neal
Kieran Neal 3 dager siden
I got so confused when Vader has his dream sick vid
From the Mind of Harlan
From the Mind of Harlan 3 dager siden
An "I am your father" twist in Revenge of the Sith might have been a good change for that movie
Jesse Harrington
Jesse Harrington 3 dager siden
good job but its really frustrating that you dont read out every speech bubble and often just sum things up i keep having to pause it. hopefully you can do another revised video with ALL DIALOGUE INCLUDED. but thats probably as likely as you continuing the vader fan film...
Hannes minnich
Hannes minnich 3 dager siden
U know I just noticed the security Droid in the archives called Vader "Master Skywalker". Pretty interesting because he never got the Title
Ryan Robinson
Ryan Robinson 3 dager siden
I'm not far in but I am looking back at your other videos and this one and have to give you mad credit for the Palpatine voice. It's really well done. If this is you then take all the credit you need but if it isn't then I need to know who it is. I remember you saying a year or so ago it was you before your Windu live action episode. Keep up the good work, know we are all here to keep you going. I will continue with this vid and probably say more later
The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian 3 dager siden
Baby *Crys* Vader "*QUIET*
Kevin Carolan
Kevin Carolan 4 dager siden
Thank you so much for this work I have shared it with other friends and we all are amazed at what you've done thanks again
Sky Roper
Sky Roper 4 dager siden
Only for me 53:03
Marjorie Morrison
Marjorie Morrison 4 dager siden
Can I just say I’ve never been a fan of the Palpatine is Vader’s “Father” idea. I prefer the being born of the force not wrinkled ballsack manipulation
Popovici Paul Adrian
Popovici Paul Adrian 5 dager siden
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marc sibony
marc sibony 5 dager siden
I watched the whole thing. "Jocaster the activist" ha ha.
Carl Jordan
Carl Jordan 5 dager siden
Bro you need to go back
Thai Jackson
Thai Jackson 5 dager siden
Renol 5 dager siden
Watched the whole thing. Incredible job. The explanations, the voices, the visuals, even the sound effects were are awesome. The effort put in shines with the superb quality of video. Thank you for sharing.
Alfred Mena
Alfred Mena 6 dager siden
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Deaf'NitelyBlind 6 dager siden
xD! "His Anger and Hate GROWING!!... With each flap of his cape......". .:,D!
Tim Vincent
Tim Vincent 6 dager siden
Rumors that George Lucas hired Hayden Christensen again. If they plan to make this live action (Vader - A Star Wars Story series) I'm gonna cry of joy.
Tim Vincent
Tim Vincent Dag siden
@Yasopp _Chaser Or they maybe will glue the Vader series into the Obi-Wan series. I don't mind either way, they're coming back!
Yasopp _Chaser
Yasopp _Chaser Dag siden
If that happens imagine if Vader and Obi-Wan had an epic fight in their prime after Vader got the suit! Or was their second fight when they were old? I'm not sure.
Jhon Doe
Jhon Doe 7 dager siden
Yo bro yu are the man!!!!!!!!! CANTTTTTT WAIT FOR THE NEXT FANFILM 🥺🥺🥺
Antonio Alexander Adams
Antonio Alexander Adams 7 dager siden
What good was Jocasta Nu archives? Luke found it, trained some Jedi, they all got killed, and then he decided not to train anymore and died.
andrew davis
andrew davis 8 dager siden
No point. Disney will just make them all non canon when it wants to make a new movie.......
Billy Kim
Billy Kim 8 dager siden
Jocasta was able to deduce EVERYTHING JUST by learning Vader's identity. That is TERRIFYING! No wonder Sidious considered her such a threat.
Cole Parsons
Cole Parsons 8 dager siden
“Slicing each clone like a hot knife through butter” or like a lightsaber through a couple of clones
PunkRockKarl 8 dager siden
This was amazing. The comic was fantastic but your production a d delivery was stellar. I totally enjoyed every moment if this. Thank you so much.
John Maxlyn
John Maxlyn 8 dager siden
John Legend and Keegan-Michael Key take @Netflix Film Club behind the scenes of Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey. 👉
KingGhoul 8 dager siden
"Not tricks. Skill." "So, after they crash land..."
Thomas Cline
Thomas Cline 8 dager siden
foziljon Nabiev
foziljon Nabiev 8 dager siden
ninth sister be looking like the manliest man ever
haroo86 9 dager siden
"Master, what are the pro's and con's for becoming a Sith?" "Well, let's see.. you get a mad power up, you get to slay some baddies every night. hehehe.. you maybe a little to young to get that, but one day, you will my ... hehehehe.. oh, and you get looks like mine 😏, there's also times when you may get hit on by your Grandmas friends, but you get used it, you just go with it.... Heheheh ... my young apprentice..wh..where are you going? You left your light Sabre? ... gdang it, that's the 3rd apprentice this month.. Chapter 26 - true story
isaak ring
isaak ring 9 dager siden
this is pretty pog
hemandy94 9 dager siden
Just sat through the whole thing and I love the way they portrayed Vader- his journey and his trials to become what he is right now. I want more =D
DORITO MARCELO 9 dager siden
Why does Palpatine sound like a JoJo character.
Surya Visvanatha
Surya Visvanatha 9 dager siden
please please stop posting anymore george lucas news. Disney owes Star Wars who gave us three garbage movies except Rogue Once which was awesome. Also I do not know where you get your info about geroge lucas who as retired and is enjoying his life with his family.
Perfect Cell
Perfect Cell 9 dager siden
Lying scamming ©μ¡/\/€
허도율 9 dager siden
2:03:22 remove advertisement
Proma Kondu Rajbari Jala
Proma Kondu Rajbari Jala 9 dager siden
Can I just say I’ve never been a fan of the Palpatine is Vader’s “Father” idea. I prefer the being born of the force not wrinkled ballsack manipulation
Julian Pina
Julian Pina 9 dager siden
Julian Pina
Julian Pina 9 dager siden
The last two comics you read were unreal and unbelievably amazing.
Mon AD
Mon AD 10 dager siden
Great work👍🏼
Tim G
Tim G 10 dager siden
Anakin *Fears the high ground* Vadar *Fears the bad ground*
Raymond Nieves
Raymond Nieves 10 dager siden
That was the coolest Stars War story! Great job thank you!
conor scriv
conor scriv 10 dager siden
nicely done good sir nicely done
Tristyn bishop
Tristyn bishop 10 dager siden
i bet me and Grievous will run to collect all those ligthsabers
Logan Ross
Logan Ross 10 dager siden
The emperor voice is dead on
Shannon Beaumont
Shannon Beaumont 11 dager siden
Can you buy these as hard copies?
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford 11 dager siden
That's it the fuck lol
Vibotx 11 dager siden
oh come on,, i need a video game of this story, this would have been better than the jedi fallen order game
Sinai Carmona
Sinai Carmona 12 dager siden
Yooo grandma is horrrriiiiblll lol Love the vid though
NO4H 12 dager siden
This is where the fun begins
Quintz 2014
Quintz 2014 12 dager siden
1:09:02 is when I’m calling it quits can’t wait to pick this back up tomorrow night
Gamer Reviews
Gamer Reviews 12 dager siden
The last name on the list at 34:04 is Ahsoka Tano, that's a really cool easter egg!
Steve Jones
Steve Jones 12 dager siden
That was amazing!! Thanks so much for doing this!! I always wanted to know how this comic turned out. You did an amazing job telling the story. I sat through this whole thing.. This is how you do canon for Star Wars!!!!
Moar rahmah
Moar rahmah 12 dager siden
theory about the suit is that it was a limp prostetic which he needed to use the force for every part decentralizing passive uses of the force and limiting his abilities
Regal Tone T
Regal Tone T 12 dager siden
Just discovering your channel bro!!! OMG where have you guys been all my life!!!
jonnywolfpack awesome
jonnywolfpack awesome 12 dager siden
Jocasta nu sounds like a whitch kinda
Jagger 12 dager siden
Dude this video. So good. helping me keep my sanity at work ! Bless you
Rafa Keitaro
Rafa Keitaro 12 dager siden
Imagine a few years later: Vader: A star wars story
Mario Dondiego
Mario Dondiego 13 dager siden
Is there more after 25
mrsjr78 13 dager siden
Great work on this! I really enjoyed it. Do you have other Star Wars runs compiled like this?
Tim Shearer
Tim Shearer 13 dager siden
This shit is fucking awesome, especially coming from comic books and it's a lot more i guess sinister violent bloody etc than any of the movies or tv shows which is another cool but different aspect to star wars in general
Proma Kondu Rajbari Jala
Proma Kondu Rajbari Jala 13 dager siden
Hear me out... Jedi Fallen Order game-style, but this story. Vader: Fallen Jedi
Ahsoka Tano
Ahsoka Tano 14 dager siden
bepinkfloyd 14 dager siden
Why the hell disney didn't just took up these comics and made a movie out of it instead of that shit of sequels? Ffs image a full saga of darth vader... damn
Zlatan Horo
Zlatan Horo 14 dager siden
It be cool if they make cartoon from this comic
MichaelMan 14 dager siden
I luv starwars
Justin Ray
Justin Ray 14 dager siden
Maybe I just hate Hayden Christensen but does Vader's suit have terrible acting filtration unit?
Sean Heberling
Sean Heberling 14 dager siden
Why is no one talking about “bo” using the child to trade or leverage the child to get the dark Saber back which makes mando and “bo” have an awesome fight or conflict
Large Soda
Large Soda 15 dager siden
Anakin: "I hate sand its coarse and rough..." Vader: *I hate ground.*
Celeste Jones
Celeste Jones 15 dager siden
"Master skywalker" dang that bot trolled him
Colly Doo
Colly Doo 15 dager siden
Acolyte Of The Force
Acolyte Of The Force 15 dager siden
Is there only 25 issues? Or is there more cause I seen new ones being released?
Why Do I Even Look At The Comments
Why Do I Even Look At The Comments 15 dager siden
Comic series or magazine in old terms, get cancelled or just finish, then eventually relaunched (not rebooted because continuity is different under a reboot). So there are many many comic series of vader. If you're pirating them anyway you can read comics on read comic online .to or download on get comics. Hope this helps.
Billy Morgan
Billy Morgan 16 dager siden
Lol there is no way that old librarian chick was a jedi. Not everyone has to be part of star wars. Good work on the video though.
Kirshina 16 dager siden
I was starting to read the death Vader comics but now I have an easier and more simple way you binge the whole of death vader
Rocket Tiger
Rocket Tiger 16 dager siden
Bro this should have been made into a movie
Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown 16 dager siden
This is the greatest thing on NOpost, thanks.
Bacon I
Bacon I 16 dager siden
It’s good
Bacon I
Bacon I 16 dager siden
Lol I read that comic I have it lol
Mario Ivoci
Mario Ivoci 17 dager siden
I love your channel and your movie vader shards of the past
SerunaXI 17 dager siden
1:36:00 I wanna imagine Vader has some knowledge at this point of why his homeworld is sand to begin with, and takes the idea of glassing it as an insult.
Haris Krajina
Haris Krajina 17 dager siden
Great job, trully impressive content!
The Eyes Of A True Demon- Anomaly Productions
The Eyes Of A True Demon- Anomaly Productions 17 dager siden
The more I think about it, didn't we have to fight the inquisitor inside the Jedi Temple's library on Coruscant in the superior Ps2 version of the Force Unleashed? I haven't played it for years and I originally thought that the boss was the same species as the utapauians
Pin Johnston
Pin Johnston 17 dager siden
Dude, thank you
proAsason 18 dager siden
1:29:34 "As Mira demands the droid from her baby" God that flub gets me every time hahahaha.
Tyrell Liddell
Tyrell Liddell 18 dager siden
Hmm wow Anakin can have his own agenda can he not he could have gone after the force sensitives and even ordered a small squadron of troopers to go after some if he wanted to. I wonder though maybe Anakin had some light inside of him that couldn’t let him do it at all.
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