My First Bunny Day ...but Zipper is an Animal Crossing Creepypasta 🐰

  Ganger 206,210


7 måneder siden

These are some stream highlight from a couple Twitch streams I did over the past few weeks including my first Bunny Day experience with Zipper the Animal Crossing creepypasta bunny...
*This is not LIVE right now, this is a PREMIERE of a Stream Highlight. But I will be live chatting with you guys in the chat during it!*
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Rylee Crow
Rylee Crow 3 dager siden
If u change the date on your calendar on your game it changes the day for animal crossing and that’s how u skip to the next day instead of waiting
Luna_123 3 dager siden
The filter... 28:31
Lara_gamer E
Lara_gamer E 4 dager siden
Zipper is your dad btw
undi the dragon
undi the dragon 5 dager siden
Any one else when the peach thing happened think of foreshadowing
Katie De Los Santos
Katie De Los Santos 6 dager siden
navreet kaur
navreet kaur 7 dager siden
Ummmmmmmmmm I Woody not animal
William och Emil Orten
William och Emil Orten 8 dager siden
now that peach baby thing fits with u now bc ur PREGanANt
Perla Fun with Bella too
Perla Fun with Bella too 11 dager siden
dont bullly poor lizzy
Stormjoey 11 dager siden
My sis watch you videos
Wet Chicken
Wet Chicken 13 dager siden
Isabelle: okay have a fun day everyone! Lauren: it looks like scotch Isabelle: im dead inside Me: same girl
Ameera Ayan
Ameera Ayan 14 dager siden
laurn dont seal
Demon Gacha
Demon Gacha 15 dager siden
Lauren are you playing on Xbox or PS4
Wet Chicken
Wet Chicken 12 dager siden
Its fine dont be sorry! Im hapoy to help
Demon Gacha
Demon Gacha 12 dager siden
@Wet Chicken oh sorry I’m new to acnh
Wet Chicken
Wet Chicken 13 dager siden
U can only play acnh on the switch
IAZ Gasson
IAZ Gasson 15 dager siden
i do not like her
Wet Chicken
Wet Chicken 13 dager siden
little milly
little milly 22 dager siden
Who else ships Lauren and bread I I
Yuki Chan
Yuki Chan 22 dager siden
Imagine having it snow on Christmas or any day of the year... Can’t relate😭😭😭
AbelGamer 15
AbelGamer 15 23 dager siden
Me and my friend love the peach but also my friend has the recipe for it :>
wolffie _rio_xXx
wolffie _rio_xXx 24 dager siden
I'm in the car rn
Tiff Notes
Tiff Notes 27 dager siden
Super T bunny is your dad because Who wouldn’t do it for you. Just think Yeah only your dad and mom your mom probably is far away and your dad would probably if the. Mom said to your Parents. Are the only ones that one do the Watch. Game theory and you Wil see Game theory bye
Briella .Y
Briella .Y Måned siden
I play Animal Crossing New Horizons and I realized that I put Tammy's house by a wasp's nest. Lol.
shoys68 Måned siden
You can put 30k in the stop for 3 30k
Isabelle Raugh
Isabelle Raugh Måned siden
How you getting the flower trees
Wet Chicken
Wet Chicken 13 dager siden
Thats how some trees look in the spring in acnh
Morgan Ivy !
Morgan Ivy ! Måned siden
Morgan Ivy !
Morgan Ivy ! Måned siden
{itz_ Khloe}
{itz_ Khloe} Måned siden
Marlee Kasprzak
Marlee Kasprzak Måned siden
For animal crossing videos
Emi Cast
Emi Cast Måned siden
Omg i just realized your house is in the same spot as mine
Omar Eldeeb
Omar Eldeeb Måned siden
I'm a Fan
Omar Eldeeb
Omar Eldeeb Måned siden
I'm a bag Fan
B Ramirez
B Ramirez Måned siden
I love your videos
Anna Easter
Anna Easter Måned siden
Hey! I have cally and filbert she's done nothing wrong
Queenamation Måned siden
hey lauren! if there comes a baby put of ANYTHING IN ANIMAL CROSSING ITS AN JAPANESE LEGEND.
Amy Kampis
Amy Kampis Måned siden
Hygjgyyue was the time g giochicchiando tyy🚐$z()::6&’. 🐀🐁🚨🦊🤕🚛🦊v. C🚍🦽🦽🚔🚒🏍🇧🇿🇦🇸🇺🇳🇦🇫🏁6).23234322
She is Eu plays Roblox
She is Eu plays Roblox Måned siden
Ima eat hooman
Sydney Robinson
Sydney Robinson Måned siden
I actually tried talking to zipper from the behind, and he told me to not look at his behind. Before, I did not see the zipper or this video, but now, this all makes sense. 😲
Hayden Jones
Hayden Jones Måned siden
OMG i buyed my house loan and then two day later MY OLD HOUSE IS STILL THERE UGHH AND I PAYED 198,000 I HATE IT
LeeLoo Måned siden
It’s not a Purse! It’s a Man Satchel. #rightsforFilbert
YashiroNene_. ᗒᗣᗕ
YashiroNene_. ᗒᗣᗕ Måned siden
Lauren : goes in house Ad : I’m abt to ruin this whole girls carrer Ad : plays mi pants zuzuzuzuzuuzzuzuzuzuzuzuzu
Blathnaid Leonard
Blathnaid Leonard 2 måneder siden
Alli Cat
Alli Cat 2 måneder siden
I mean people who aren’t Christian can still make snowmen. So yeah snowmen are winter themed not Christmas themed.
Stephane Durocher
Stephane Durocher 2 måneder siden
EAT ree
Kadey Clonts
Kadey Clonts 2 måneder siden
I will take Kaly
strawberry Playz
strawberry Playz 2 måneder siden
5:22 me: f-f-f
The Abbyz
The Abbyz 2 måneder siden
Why does she hate tammy my tammy is nice :3
Amelia Atkin
Amelia Atkin 2 måneder siden
Zipper gives me nightmares hes like so creeeeeeeeeeeepy
Ashi 2 måneder siden
Kara panco
Kara panco 2 måneder siden
its it supposed to be your dad cause you dont see him much
Lolbit 2 måneder siden
My first bunny day was fine
Favorite YouTubers are Laurenzside and Robby
Favorite YouTubers are Laurenzside and Robby 2 måneder siden
Doggoon Weirdo
Doggoon Weirdo 2 måneder siden
I recommend getting a Bertha Amiibo or inviting her to your island via Nook Miles ticket or campsite
Linda Austin
Linda Austin 2 måneder siden
I love the color of your jacket it is so cute and I love your hair so much I whish I had that hair you look so good girl 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌🤝( ◜‿◝ )♡( ◜‿◝ )♡( ◜‿◝ )♡( ◜‿◝ )♡
Linda Austin
Linda Austin 2 måneder siden
OMG I LOVE You I Hope I can meet you some day I hope you get 10000000..0000000
Sean Hunt
Sean Hunt 2 måneder siden
We have the exact same island 25:05
Holly Moose
Holly Moose 2 måneder siden
Rainbow unicorn Frappiccino
Rainbow unicorn Frappiccino 2 måneder siden
Lauren I has Lilys!!!!
Paperjam Sans
Paperjam Sans 2 måneder siden
*sees Dexter* I wanna be able to pick up a warm furry creature that will willingly put up with me when I want to cuddle ;-; but my cat is an outdoor cat and likes food and attention more (she spoiled af cause everyone in the neghborhood knows her and pets her and probably feeds her)
Elizabeth Aviles
Elizabeth Aviles 2 måneder siden
jaybue0922 2 måneder siden
springtrap William's corpse
springtrap William's corpse 3 måneder siden
Zipper be like: stop looking at my back its RUDE!!!!
Darth Joolz Ryan
Darth Joolz Ryan 3 måneder siden
Imagine if bread gurl opra watched this and she watched Lauren reading the chat Person: let’s eat opra I bet she’s full of bread Opra: WHY ME
Arnika barr
Arnika barr 3 måneder siden
Snowman are winter! We don't have snow for Xmas in the southern hemisphere it's summer over here for xmas
Lady Duck
Lady Duck 3 måneder siden
I was playing acnh while watching this for the 5th time and on my way to blathers i found Celeste because this is my first meteor shower :)
Mayce Herrington
Mayce Herrington 3 måneder siden
Your character is super cute!
taslima chowdhury
taslima chowdhury 3 måneder siden
Gracelynn Hudson
Gracelynn Hudson 3 måneder siden
I'm a girl and I'm eight I like to play animal crossing I got the old animal crossing
Gracelynn Hudson
Gracelynn Hudson 3 måneder siden
I'm in 2020 I'm getting this game on Christmas
Gracelynn Hudson
Gracelynn Hudson 3 måneder siden
OMG Dexter is so cute and I love your videos
Sophie Price
Sophie Price 3 måneder siden
Jason Glover
Jason Glover 3 måneder siden
I caught filbert on my island staring at a animal next door very creepily. I used fences to block him but he still gets out
Chasitu Dewbre
Chasitu Dewbre 3 måneder siden
JW_Jill W 2020
JW_Jill W 2020 3 måneder siden
Best peach baby thing ever
hjh siti fatimah
hjh siti fatimah 3 måneder siden
Glitter Bitter
Glitter Bitter 3 måneder siden
Lotte Huette
Lotte Huette 3 måneder siden
Obra: I was gonna sponcer her but now I need some more time
geniegirl1962 3 måneder siden
Joe exotic
geniegirl1962 3 måneder siden
The guy from Tiger King the Netflix show
Yeliza Alfaro
Yeliza Alfaro 3 måneder siden
Hi Lauren 🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞🍞
Ashley Abshire
Ashley Abshire 3 måneder siden
Omg on your wall that jasmine princess hat I have the outfit for that
Kyreebee 3 måneder siden
ValerieHere 3 måneder siden
Bruh I have flip on my island and I HATED HIM like mooooove but Lauren is making me want to keep him LAUREN WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MEEEE
Strawberry Kitten
Strawberry Kitten 3 måneder siden
Who has watched Game theorists theory about Zipper??
Cook 3 måneder siden
Filbert looks like somebody's sleep paralysis demon.
Ashley Martin
Ashley Martin 3 måneder siden
If I could eat one person it would be zucker
Markus Saariste
Markus Saariste 3 måneder siden
I may be zipper hoppy hoppity hop ho
Gaming_ Potato
Gaming_ Potato 3 måneder siden
if you saw dexter's face at the time 7:40 irl, at midnight what would you do?
ViperDaFolf :3
ViperDaFolf :3 3 måneder siden
How come Timmy and Tommy look like they just came out of the sauna
August Maldonado
August Maldonado 3 måneder siden
Lauren: ugh my villagers are running around like idiots me: did you just call my villager an idiot?
Rocky Rebel
Rocky Rebel 3 måneder siden
who has winter decorations??? I have never heard of it
Nutmeg's Creation HQ
Nutmeg's Creation HQ 3 måneder siden
Zipper us your characters father trying to interact with you while trying to avoid his dept (Information: Game theory)
banana theadore
banana theadore 3 måneder siden
So zipper in Japanese’s mean father in debt. Soooooo matpat thinks that it is ether ur father of ur stalker
Keri Lafave
Keri Lafave 4 måneder siden
Keri Lafave
Keri Lafave 4 måneder siden
I like call she is cute can I have her?
George Lunce
George Lunce 4 måneder siden
Zipper looks like Glitchtrap from fnaf, CHANGE MY MIND
Xx_robloxhome 4 måneder siden
I actually have animal crossing pocket camp on my phone but I’m wanting to get a Nintendo. I’m hoping to get one in September because that’s when it’s my birthday
Kly FIELDS 4 måneder siden
I have a photo of hopkins and he has a capsel top on the back of his head 🤯
AJG AJG 4 måneder siden
U had the same starters as me!!!!
Browne Smith
Browne Smith 4 måneder siden
I know you wont see this but can I have the creator code for the paths you have? I really like them!
Amanda Leppke
Amanda Leppke 4 måneder siden
Is this LIVE
Wolfy Sandra Drawing
Wolfy Sandra Drawing 4 måneder siden
Wolfy Sandra Drawing
Wolfy Sandra Drawing 4 måneder siden
She’s not in creepypsta 😢🥺🥺🥺🥺😞
T B 4 måneder siden
Right now it’s snowing on my island
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