He ONLY trusts me when he's Impostor..

  Ganger 2,124,130


2 måneder siden

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Disguised Toast
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Potato yum
Potato yum 59 minutter siden
mom dad please dont fight 😂
Diego Padilla
Diego Padilla Time siden
I like how beat went with the wires
Leilani v.07
Leilani v.07 6 timer siden
11:33 good question by Abe
Leilani v.07
Leilani v.07 6 timer siden
10:08 was perfect timing
Nora L.
Nora L. 7 timer siden
Sykkuno trusts Rae sykkuno was the imposter Leslie trusts Rae leslie was the imposter... Hmmmmm
Hmph_ Hmph
Hmph_ Hmph 23 timer siden
at 10:10 anybody else peek she did wires on beat😯
Marcus Carana
Marcus Carana Dag siden
Whoa! At 10:11 the music syncs with the wires.
anonaaa Dag siden
10:10 the wires match up with the music
Morgan Harrison
Morgan Harrison Dag siden
Hearing the British accents as a British person was very entertaining 🤣 Rae making us seem like we say bloody a lot lmao 😂
Jennifer Bunny
Jennifer Bunny Dag siden
lol peters: *mom dad please don't fight*
Sammy Coschignano
Sammy Coschignano Dag siden
lmao go to the time 10:11 and when she did the wires they were on beat lmfao
Jose Sosa
Jose Sosa 2 dager siden
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Dbzmaster159 2 dager siden
Rae, I love you and your vids, I would simp for you, but I'm pretty sure your accent failure offended some of the British.
Teresa Romero
Teresa Romero 2 dager siden
Cries in arts and science degree.. 😭🥲
Irmak Lule
Irmak Lule 2 dager siden
Rae knew because her life was being threatened and she was being chased all around the map for two rounds 😂 I think i would know if a serial killer was charging at me too
Chou 2 dager siden
Rae I'm so happy now. The wires speed up matched the background music perfectly.
Pulkit Golay
Pulkit Golay 2 dager siden
I bloody love this bloody video and I bloody simp for bloody sykkuno
Wrecking Ball0
Wrecking Ball0 2 dager siden
10:10 the music lined up so well with the wires it soothes my soul uwu
Chou 2 dager siden
Ibuki Mioda
Ibuki Mioda 3 dager siden
"mom. dad, Please don't fight" 0:34
quackay 4 dager siden
10:11 Watch her do wires with music on. Do you notice it? Did you notice it yet? If you didn't... THE NOISE WAS LIKE- IN SYNC WITH CONNECTING THE WIRES :OO
quackay 4 dager siden
top comment commented this and I only read it just now, sorry DJ's House
Michael !
Michael ! 4 dager siden
Faudel Hosany
Faudel Hosany 4 dager siden
3:42 best cry ever 2
lzl Magician lzl
lzl Magician lzl 4 dager siden
21:50 Omg! 😂😂 this part is too hilarious.!
Jiggly Milk
Jiggly Milk 5 dager siden
I freaking love the “mom, dad please don’t fight” at the start lmao
Haidar Ibrahim
Haidar Ibrahim 5 dager siden
Congratulations your so close to 3m subs I've been a fan since you had 400k subs
char._.dunkinqueen 0
char._.dunkinqueen 0 5 dager siden
this was posted on my bday yayyy
A Knopik
A Knopik 6 dager siden
When the wires lined up with the music I just- 🤯
StarTheNight Wing
StarTheNight Wing 6 dager siden
Sykkuno: Oh god she thinks I’m the killer! And she’s right..
chesh 05
chesh 05 6 dager siden
@8:01 did she just.... start hissing at Toast?!? I'm dying hahaha
Brien Riley
Brien Riley 6 dager siden
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Tylko Jedno w Głowie mam
Tylko Jedno w Głowie mam 7 dager siden
As a british man i feel offended
Dana Scarlet
Dana Scarlet 7 dager siden
I love leslie, shes so fucking cute
Close By
Close By 7 dager siden
I think we learnt a valuable lesson “never trust Rae or you’ll die one way or another”
Exhibit Cooks
Exhibit Cooks 7 dager siden
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Zoe Furrow
Zoe Furrow 7 dager siden
People always kill her bc she has such a big brain imean 100000000 iq plays as crewmate
hi sisi
hi sisi 7 dager siden
At 16:33 the music goes with the wires watch it or die
Kyra T
Kyra T 8 dager siden
I love that at 10:10 her doing the wires lines up with the music!
F8playz 8 dager siden
All the Brits (including me) are dying from Rae's impression
Joe Waugh
Joe Waugh 8 dager siden
“Mom dad please don’t fight” 😂😂
LazEturtle 8 dager siden
You can never trust rae
Mars Apfelnautics
Mars Apfelnautics 8 dager siden
It's complicated. My feelings..
Gacha Leah
Gacha Leah 9 dager siden
Who else saw that at 10:12 the music lined up with Rae doing wires
Cute Kittens
Cute Kittens 9 dager siden
10:10, perfect unison with the song
Michelle 1D
Michelle 1D 9 dager siden
10:11 when you are doing the wires it goes in sync with the music XD
Jensen McKey
Jensen McKey 9 dager siden
The rest of them debating whether or not to kill peter Lily: HARRY POTTER (Btw time stamp 20:42
Priyansh D
Priyansh D 9 dager siden
10:10 the wires syncing with the music is so satisfying =)
dailyvlogs withangie
dailyvlogs withangie 9 dager siden
10:11 she did the wires on beat with the sound lmao
naTaLiE pLaYs CoD
naTaLiE pLaYs CoD 9 dager siden
i keep going back to rewatch the part where the music and wires are perfectly aligned because it is so satisfying. haahah.
Myson Nan
Myson Nan 9 dager siden
Cows have four stomachs
Marion Henry
Marion Henry 9 dager siden
I love you sykkuno I am a girl
HillaryOwusu 9 dager siden
Rae literally laughs like a witch at 15:12
Artist Person
Artist Person 9 dager siden
Rae sees someone : hhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssss
Scrappy Coco
Scrappy Coco 10 dager siden
7:06 lily's "kill him" so cute
// ashley //
// ashley // 10 dager siden
10:10 i couldnt help noticing the wires matched with the music lol 😂
Aima Ah
Aima Ah 10 dager siden
5:56 xD
Erika Mitchell
Erika Mitchell 10 dager siden
Does anyone know what the outro song is
REALSemanticSatiation 10 dager siden
Put the video on .25 speed and watch the stack kill at 13:01. You can see brown vent.
patrick graser
patrick graser 10 dager siden
you guys are fun
patrick graser
patrick graser 10 dager siden
spent all kinds of many for an arts and science degree ..........oh boy
ayush yengkhom
ayush yengkhom 10 dager siden
At 10:10 the music and her task was surprisingly synchronised
Douglas Solis
Douglas Solis 10 dager siden
i feel like rae never stopped doing crack amd kept going and the hype is not from caffeine its the crack
Tristan Perciful
Tristan Perciful 11 dager siden
10:11 holy shit the sync with the music
Cheyenne Bacani
Cheyenne Bacani 11 dager siden
Toast: I'm getting real sick and tired of you man... me: 0:04 creepy vibes from Toast 😥
Wet Ass what???
Wet Ass what??? 11 dager siden
Allison Mu
Allison Mu 11 dager siden
Rae: Can someone trust me? leslie: I trust you Rae. Rae: Okay, oh, it's leslie for sure. I voted for leslie. HAHAHAHA LOLZ
Kikx 11 dager siden
Capetan Jack Sparrow would be so proud off you for pirate !
The Game
The Game 11 dager siden
are we not gonna talk about how at 10:12 the wires lined up with the music
Ciara Gemma
Ciara Gemma 11 dager siden
the british accents sound drunk lmao
Shaqline Therkildsen
Shaqline Therkildsen 11 dager siden
The wires and the music.. 10:07
Scarlet Skies
Scarlet Skies 11 dager siden
Rae being hyped up on caffeine 🤪😜🤪
Emma Rylie
Emma Rylie 12 dager siden
BRUH- everyone who is reading this go to 10:10 in the video and look at Rae doing wires- its on beat with the song
Berrie 12 dager siden
10:11 the way she did wires lined up with the music so smoothly omg
AstronautApples 12 dager siden
“Mom, dada, please don’t fight” Best line I’ve ever heard
Moshi Mosh
Moshi Mosh 12 dager siden
I’m going for a bachelors degree in biomedical engineering
Saule Lisovojūtė
Saule Lisovojūtė 12 dager siden
Dude... Look at 10:09 And see how she does wires.. The beat lines up perfectly
Chandlerson Gommers
Chandlerson Gommers 12 dager siden
somtimes it sounds more like rea is playing a horrorgame
KHENJI DUANE C. GENSON 13 dager siden
mom dad plz dont fight🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Donovan Garcia
Donovan Garcia 13 dager siden
Ervin Russell
Ervin Russell 13 dager siden
Any one else see when rea was doing wiring she did perfectly with the music
sammie 13 dager siden
11:19 "me?" no the bread hes 100% the imposter XD
sammie 13 dager siden
10:10 the music and the task sound fit together XDDD
anime clan
anime clan 13 dager siden
10:10 was satisfying as fuck
Melany S
Melany S 13 dager siden
Lily "KILL HIM" 😂😂 i'm crying of laugh the entire video
Ben Shaer
Ben Shaer 14 dager siden
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allan acera
allan acera 14 dager siden
I couldn't breath for 3 minutes after laughing so hard when rae saw toast. The nerves in my neck were literally bouncing!
Rico is The GOAT
Rico is The GOAT 15 dager siden
10:10 you cannot tell me those wires didn’t match with the sound
VB gaming
VB gaming 15 dager siden
10:05 that was great timing
Isa Verdusco
Isa Verdusco 15 dager siden
This is probably the funniest video I’ve ever watched on NOpost.😂😭
Alexis's World
Alexis's World 16 dager siden
OMG go on 10:11 when Rae is doing wires the music and the wires GO PERFECTLY TOGETHER like what
Lydia Mizutani
Lydia Mizutani 16 dager siden
Tamika Carpenter
Tamika Carpenter 16 dager siden
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Lil Mexican 21
Lil Mexican 21 17 dager siden
I feel bad for u bro
Li Feng Liu
Li Feng Liu 17 dager siden
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Teruya 17 dager siden
Peener just regretting every decision in that second game tho
Lanternz Official
Lanternz Official 17 dager siden
Rae: I think I’m sure- Toast: *comes in* Rae: crrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Brendon Fital
Brendon Fital 18 dager siden
Sykunno: she thinks I’m the killer 😈 and she’s right
jeplanget 18 dager siden
jeplanget 18 dager siden
And I also laugh mostly cuz of her
jeplanget 18 dager siden
And I love her
jeplanget 18 dager siden
I live her 😘💕
My BEST Impostor game in Among Us EVER
Ganger 3,8 mill
Ganger 2,2 mill
I destroyed GTA Vice City with the Chaos Mod
“The STRONGEST AR in Warzone!” 🤔