1 Hour Max Verstappen Overtakes of 2016 NEW

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Best of Max

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The best overtakes of Max Verstappen in 2016. #maxverstappen #f1 #overtakes #redbullracing

SandalphonCPU • 210 years ago
SandalphonCPU • 210 years ago 3 dager siden
It’s still ridiculous out of all the questionable defending Max did in 2016, he only got a penalty, while other drivers, especially Rosberg and Vettel, got multiple penalties for doing the same. FIA bias in the nutshell.
Mc Fireballs
Mc Fireballs 17 dager siden
Lol Paul di Resta is so sour to all drivers, probably because he was to slow
Mouloud Meddi
Mouloud Meddi 19 dager siden
2016 ... Max and Nico made it exciting, I really miss those days.
Undercover Bush
Undercover Bush 19 dager siden
After Brazil i became a beliver.......That race made me a Verstappen fan for life
Donair 25 dager siden
lol hami is such a shity team mate
Maxi F
Maxi F 28 dager siden
The day when Kvyat crash into Seb at Russia was the opening door for Young flying dutch Max to get the contract of his future in F1 then the lucky moment when the Mercedes boys crash into each other give Max his dream lead and the Iceman chase him to the line at this day Max Verstappen become the Youngest ever F1 race winner in history by just only 18 years the Youngest today after them he was clearly the Sunshine at Rb and fight vs 4x Seb legend what a season Mega races lots of great moments
Janfrans Zuidema
Janfrans Zuidema 28 dager siden
I like the 2016 season. Max made it fun.
brodeur212 Måned siden
Do you have 2015 ?
Aiden Whelan
Aiden Whelan Måned siden
How come on screen it says VES when it’s VER
Koen 27
Koen 27 Måned siden
@Arbanyy yes that's true, in 2016 max still had VES, but from 2017 it is VER
Arbanyy Måned siden
there used to be a driver called vergne I think thats the reason now its VER tho
Mc slippery When wet
Mc slippery When wet Måned siden
Hoped to see overtakes , but u put lots of other material in here !! Dont call it OVERTAKES then !!!!!
Henk&Nel eastwood
Henk&Nel eastwood Måned siden
Hamilton is the only female F1 driver ever!!
Ho-Zayy Måned siden
Dirk Klapwijk
Dirk Klapwijk Måned siden
Do a hour video of each year plz
La Yakal Ath Ahmawan Imad Ahmath
La Yakal Ath Ahmawan Imad Ahmath Måned siden
Look at how NICO COULD NOT EVEN GET PAST MAX. Even though Hamilton had passed him with no issues. Max got away with cheating and crashing into cars he can’t get pass.
Dirk Klapwijk
Dirk Klapwijk 23 dager siden
@LordZive yeah lol poor human indeed xD
LordZive Måned siden
@Tim Dev What would you do with so many names. I would be confused all the time.. :-P
Tim Dev
Tim Dev Måned siden
The fuck is wrong with you?
Dirk Klapwijk
Dirk Klapwijk Måned siden
Poor human
La Yakal Ath Ahmawan Imad Ahmath
La Yakal Ath Ahmawan Imad Ahmath Måned siden
Whatever chicken shit. If rotten Nico the CANCER DID NOT TAKE HIS TEAMMATE OUT. Because he lacks the ability to compete. Man to man, without the team reorganization of critical pit crew members. And the access to Hamilton’s rave car settings. He would not have gotten on the podium. Even the Ferrari where struggling after they were dealing with regulation and engine oil burning. They were actually running 60-90 BHP TAKING AWAY.
Timo Zwart
Timo Zwart 2 måneder siden
Half of this vid is just max and kimi🤣
Skyhighathrist 2 måneder siden
'Here comes Alons oh oh'
LRL_ Linus
LRL_ Linus 5 måneder siden
I love Max Verstappen
Firemarioflower 5 måneder siden
48:00 Great defending from Sebastian there, we all know he got the penalty for saying fuck off to Charlie cuz this move was LEGIT and PURE FAIR HARD racing.
phyrexkasgaming 21 dag siden
@Ho-Zayy actually, if you look at F1 channel he seems to suck off Vettel
Firemarioflower Måned siden
@Ho-Zayy Oh get a life child
Firemarioflower Måned siden
Ho-Zayy Måned siden
Oh no it's the estaban ocon fangirl
MGK0802 3 måneder siden
Are you serious?
The fleeing dutchman
The fleeing dutchman 10 måneder siden
Enjoyed that one very much!! Thanks for making this excellent video.
Lincoln Ransford
Lincoln Ransford Måned siden
@Edwin Elliott I will try it out now. Seems good so far :)
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