Kepler Telescope Found New Planets Better Than Earth

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Kepler Telescope Found New Planets Better Than Earth
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The Kepler Telescope was built for one purpose; to look at a certain patch in the Milky Way in search of exoplanets.
The exoplanet hunter observed over hundreds of thousands of stars and discovered thousands of exoplanets during its lifetime.

Destiny Måned siden
NASA's Plan To Stop An Asteroid
Tarj Wilkinson
Tarj Wilkinson 19 timer siden
@Mystery Saupe yes
Mystery Saupe
Mystery Saupe Dag siden
@Tarj Wilkinson As you like to say to me, no.
Tarj Wilkinson
Tarj Wilkinson Dag siden
@Mystery Saupe um buddhism is more accurate
Tarj Wilkinson
Tarj Wilkinson Dag siden
@moonlitshadow okay the quraan isn't a bunch of Roman's trying to rule the world but maybe you're taking it to literally
Tarj Wilkinson
Tarj Wilkinson Dag siden
@Bill Peart atomic bomb
RA MEEKA JAMANDRON 18 minutter siden
Better than earth?! Seriously, earth is the ONLY living planet
FuZz 2 timer siden
Next thing u know we gunna have a multiverse
Frakkin' Dirt Eater
Frakkin' Dirt Eater 3 timer siden
We will all enjoy the James Webb telescope! When it's ready in the year 3021....
cxcxzxxz 4 timer siden
better than earth?? LOL nothing’s better than earth. It’s the humans that are worst.
Mandeep Singh
Mandeep Singh 6 timer siden
I don't know how you are able to see these planets and stars. As you have to wait for 300 year to see light from these star. according to my knowledge this is what a 300 light year mean. ( 5:30 )
Ak othman shah Pg Mohd Yussuf
Ak othman shah Pg Mohd Yussuf 14 timer siden
CoSmic Muse
CoSmic Muse 23 timer siden
Listen, if you tell me "there's a planet *better than* Earth", you must've already made a death wish. You can give me any riches on any planet, I'd appreciate it but will never acknowledge it to be better than earth.
Antory Dag siden
To get there 2.5million years🙃 I dont wanna go there.
"Better than Earth"; Says the title of the video...😆
Abdul Aziz
Abdul Aziz Dag siden
I am sure with technology moving so fast, we will a aircraft which flying maybe 100 times compare to last one
Luka.B Dag siden
Imagine those people on other planets have already found us but they refuse to contact us cuz they know how stubborn and retarded humanity is and we can't even look the past the difference we have.
Nigel Tempest
Nigel Tempest Dag siden
The universe is expanding at the speed of light since the big bang
The cat
The cat Dag siden
Imagine us all ready to go and it turns out there are already aliens
rampal singh
rampal singh Dag siden
Earth : Water is about to end ! Earth 2.0 : wait for me boy
Styv Breton
Styv Breton Dag siden
Hi Earth 2.0, I know you don't know what Earth is,.. but it doesn't matter, it's an old story about a planet we have exploited until total depletion, possess like soulless beings and abandon without any regret, now its your turn.. hope you have plenty of goodies to commercialize or else we will just test our shit on you. Thank you for your comprehension.
Snow Leopard
Snow Leopard Dag siden
I wonder if the aliens also invented a bible. Long way for them to travel to find earths jesus and get a spot in the pearly gates. Or do only earthlings get saved?
Floda Reltih
Floda Reltih 2 dager siden
All these people saying humans are ruining earth? How so?
Floda Reltih
Floda Reltih 2 dager siden
How the hell would you know if water existed on a planet so far away? 🤔
angel 2 dager siden
You know it sucks that we’ll be dead before we even see another alien or get to another planet, I hope when I die I get to be an observer of the world
Strawsberry YT
Strawsberry YT 2 dager siden
I like how coincidentally so far earth is the smallest of the exoplanets discovered
Scott Kautz
Scott Kautz 2 dager siden
By now the telescope is quite out of date. Technology advances at a multiplying speed. The time it will take us to achieve the ability of interstellar travel will be sooner than we think. The fact that aliens are highly probable ups the chance of discovering and acquiring said technology also.
Divyesh Gupta
Divyesh Gupta 2 dager siden
Now Elon Musk must have new project to move to these planets...🤣😂🤣
NeverSwordBG_YT 2 dager siden
Eyyy man it doesent matter men cus people be like IMMA POLUTE Dont do that lol and this is not a mean comment or anything
George Winters
George Winters 2 dager siden
safia r
safia r 2 dager siden
There's no earth 2.0 the only new earth is the one that God will create after he destroys this one
NYARAI sash 2 dager siden
God is great guys, his power is just something
NYARAI sash 2 dager siden
Maybe we the blacks came from another planet full of black people imagine living a racist free life 🤔.....
donalias 2 dager siden
I don't want to die until there's news of the first expedition to a new world. How shocking would that be. Whatever the outcome, that's a one lifes experience
Doggo1890 2 dager siden
Earth 2, electric boogaloo
Lalith Gopikrishna
Lalith Gopikrishna 2 dager siden
One thing is for sure,being alone in this vast,dark and never ending emptyiness is hell of a lot scarier than not being alone for humanity.
Amir Shah
Amir Shah 2 dager siden
Fun fact: *1400 years ago* in the *Quran Allah* told us that there are 7 earths in the universe: (Surah 65, ayah 12) “It is Allah who has created seven heavens and of the earth, the like of them. [His] command descends among them so you may know that Allah is over all things competent and that Allah has encompassed all things in knowledge.”
Carlos Jett Romero
Carlos Jett Romero 2 dager siden
If we eventually move there, Biden would probably ban all littering and gather the best politicians to uphold that or something, I’m counting on that
I know who killed JFK
I know who killed JFK 2 dager siden
what if there is like an enormous black hole some insane number of light years away and leads to another non-dark mode but very bright universe?
TheWhaddeva 3 dager siden
Good to know there is so many planets we can go to and destroy with our garbage and megalomania
Deplorable Snowman
Deplorable Snowman 3 dager siden
Imagine being a spacefaring civilization and some pre-FTL ape keeps dumping telescopes in your space.
Omair Sheikh
Omair Sheikh 3 dager siden
The graphics on this channel are some of the best for space videos on youtube
Kyan .C
Kyan .C 3 dager siden
Yeah better than earth... for now 100,000 years later: ...Humanity all over again
Jack Amul
Jack Amul 3 dager siden
All those planets. Galaxy is alive n has living aliens creatures animals humans. We cannot see with eyes 👀
bassbignbad 3 dager siden
Why would anyone make such a subjective statement as 'better than earth'? I am offended by that remark because it implies discreet superiority. It's like saying... 'My dad is better than your dad.' when the speaker doesn't know his dad. It's childish and arrogant to make such a statement. One could say, 'Keppler telescope has discovered planets with features that might be better than earth.' That leaves the assessment to the individual. But this poster has declared to think for all. Weak.
Juicy Penguin
Juicy Penguin 3 dager siden
We need to name these. Maybe after the Greek gods, like the planets in our solar system being named after the Roman Gods. Names like Keplar-9877C (random made-up example) won't really work.
Thotted 3 dager siden
Let white ppl leave and go take over that planet and we’ll stay to hold this one down
Richard Bowman
Richard Bowman 3 dager siden
I saw a disc shaped UFO up close floating in the clear twilight sky silently by approximately 500 feet away just after the sun had set above an adjacent field just west of my position during the mid 1950`s. I also saw a cylindrical shaped UFO in the night sky during the same time frame.
Phyco Cyan
Phyco Cyan 3 dager siden
Elon Musk:and I'll take that
Freeman 3000
Freeman 3000 3 dager siden
year 3115. Neuralink modified Elon Musk: After all theese years, finaly i have all of them!!!
The Force
The Force 3 dager siden
Awesome we can go there and pollute it 😃
Emily huang
Emily huang 3 dager siden
Lol our technology can not go beyond Mars let alone found other planets
Libtard Larry
Libtard Larry 3 dager siden
Hey everybody, just here to remind you that Human's will never make it off of Earth successfully.
Brandon Coronado
Brandon Coronado 3 dager siden
Thing is tho what lives in those planets cause we still have to land there and test there can be Huge creatures just saying aliens all that other
MonTV 3 dager siden
If only humans have the power to teleport into the infinite universe. That would be amazing for us to see the other side
Adivasi Folk Cultural Videos Collection
Adivasi Folk Cultural Videos Collection 3 dager siden
We should work on our earth and not search for another world. It is good but not possible for humans to reach there. So scientist should work for betterment of humans and Our politicians should also take care of Us.
999 Holy
999 Holy 3 dager siden
found this on my toilet at 3:34 am. wth
quent 3 dager siden
just imagine this scenario: some day humanity moves to a exo planet the moving process maybe needs like 1-2 weeks, a few weeks later someone wakes up from his coma he has fallen into when noone saw them or could reach out to them. now they whake up and are completely alone. imagine that
AlphaSite 4 dager siden
Not sure a planet with 8x the gravity of earth is better for us...
Artche 4 dager siden
Me: So this are the next planets we're going to destroy with😅😅
nohomers100 4 dager siden
You people understand that casual practical space travel is impossible right? We ain’t going anywhere
Mr. Mercury
Mr. Mercury 4 dager siden
Just so you guys know, k2 is the ONLY planet other than earth that is confirmed to have liquid water. All other exoplanets could be barren wastelands like mars or toxic hellscapes like venus.
nohomers100 4 dager siden
And it’s 124 light years away. Meaning that traveling at the speed of light it will take 124 years to get there. So it might as well not exist cuz we never getting there
Red Scarlet
Red Scarlet 4 dager siden
Uhmmmm Is their an anime portal there???
Matt Harvey
Matt Harvey 4 dager siden
My theory DISCLAMER: MAY BE FAR FETCHED when we die want if instead of god or the Devils maybe just our souls bot to hell or heaven but now this is based on the theory of reincarnation what if we reincarnate to a different planet we all know there are those of different universities and where only a spec there has to be another place where people are in a ice age o flying cars or a pandemic the thing is like what if people reincarnate into a diffrent from or some shit
Garrett Bischoff
Garrett Bischoff 4 dager siden
Too bad we'll probably be dead before we could explore any of them. Stupid government not prioritizing funding towards space travel.
charli'd amelio
charli'd amelio 4 dager siden
If we found another earth we would have already been on it. Can’t believe how gullible people are
Ninjaah 4 dager siden
If you guys believe this fairytail its verry sad we cannot leave earth
Celeste radcliffe
Celeste radcliffe 4 dager siden
No other planets life.God created one earth life. Your father liar of Satan story.
Freeman 3000
Freeman 3000 3 dager siden
soooo, how you explain that few bilion years ago there was a rivers on mars, and lakes on venus???
Thats Amazin
Thats Amazin 4 dager siden
Makes zero sense these planets are better than earth yet why bother we can't even travel to the majority of them it's a waste of time
Samantha rahman
Samantha rahman 4 dager siden
is it true?:/
jesus alvarado
jesus alvarado 4 dager siden
If we can clearly see the planets. Can we see the life in it too
Sajjad Yousaf
Sajjad Yousaf 4 dager siden
3:32 those eyes on the left...
Huseyin Dama
Huseyin Dama 4 dager siden
it is almost impossible to walk in k218, even we manage to find a way to go there because of the gravity , earth is a miracle planet for life
kokichi ouma
kokichi ouma 4 dager siden
i like to imagine that memes in 11037 are like “Awh shit, my package flew into a star again” or “___ was discovered in 2045, people in 2044:”
Kelly Moses
Kelly Moses 4 dager siden
One problem with "super earths" is that our current rocket technology wouldn't be able to reach escape velocity so we would need to built a really fucking big tower to get to space.
922apocalypse 5 dager siden
124 light years means we can never get there!
Della Martin
Della Martin 5 dager siden
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Bobby Holgate
Bobby Holgate 5 dager siden
Your accent is irritating
Grayson Adalyn
Grayson Adalyn 5 dager siden
The neat trial univariately lighten because sink spontaneously live via a optimal cobweb. accessible, chemical valley
oyukata 5 dager siden
47ºC is NOT a blistering temperature, let alone one of the earth's highest temperatures. Its pretty high but i've seen worse
Tim Fremstad
Tim Fremstad 5 dager siden
our yellow sun is brighter than a red sun , is it not? a red sun would present a day that puts out light like when it's dusk on earth
KingKrazy 5 dager siden
The Universe is eternal but yet we’re just that pathetic to be alone in this MONSTER of a universe
R.C.A.F_Lynx 5 dager siden
They are probably better than earth because they do not have brain dead humans living on them
xanvavy 5 dager siden
This is hilarious because they actually believe that all humans believe this stuff 🤣
The Trapdoor Universe
The Trapdoor Universe 5 dager siden
Fascinating. However, you are in error. Water is not the cause of life on a planet. God is.
malcolm ironmmonger
malcolm ironmmonger 5 dager siden
A world without George Soros! That in its self would make it better
Marcus Larry
Marcus Larry 5 dager siden
How can you make something to see so far away but yet you can’t see the bottom of the ocean??
Christian 5 dager siden
I wouldn't say "better"
Bad Mother Fucker
Bad Mother Fucker 5 dager siden
Just wondering; how can we say the Earth is "tilted" since there is no up,down etc. İn space?
Norman Gabbard
Norman Gabbard 5 dager siden
This is why landing on a planet like Mars is important to space Discovery. There are potential planets life supporting planets out there. This is huge news for the human race.. Instead of learning ways to destroy one another, we should be working together to reach these planets..
Wish 5 dager siden
How do you suppose we get there..
Vishnu 5 dager siden
Remy Ranz
Remy Ranz 5 dager siden
Long as the cultures of this Earth and all the rulers don't own or take over the planet it will stay beautiful 😜
Kemal Erhat
Kemal Erhat 5 dager siden
Pretty graphics, no real explanation of anything at all. "Science" for the masses.
William Stryker
William Stryker 5 dager siden
ooh no dont destroy it
Julieta Garcia
Julieta Garcia 5 dager siden
Imagine if there's like dinosaurs or extinct animals on those planets🤔🤔
Jon Wyrick
Jon Wyrick 6 dager siden
Mother Earth God I'm truly sorry humans are so destructive.
Jon Wyrick
Jon Wyrick 6 dager siden
Mother In Truly Sorry Earthlings Destroyed you. Out of Greed. Lucifer got his way . hell on Earth. Do not bow down to him tucking your head. Lucifer tricked everyone into believing God will hurt you and destroy. God's only capable of love and creation. Look up to our all Loving God And Give Thanks While there's still Time.
Jon Wyrick
Jon Wyrick 6 dager siden
Mother. I'm very sorry Earthlings distorted you out of stupid greed. I cry.
Talking Cat
Talking Cat 6 dager siden
It may be better than Earth, but the reason why it is is because we made a dump of ours.
JCJR 6 dager siden
People thinking there are planets better or equal to earth just laying around nearby don't understand the earth. The earth is so finely tuned, so precisely balanced for both life and our civilization, that finding one will be very, very difficult. Take the moon too, perfectly tuned and synchronized with the earth to stabilize conditions. There are so many things that had to go just right to make a world fit for us and life in general that the odds have to be astronomical if random or an act of intelligent, deliberate, creation.
prokrity 6 dager siden
There is nothing better than earth. And that's it..
Josiah Lutchman
Josiah Lutchman 6 dager siden
Space is always so depressing but fascinating
Artist3 Artist
Artist3 Artist 6 dager siden
The graphics sickening nigga and the overall quality of life it's self(the game) look stupid
Artist3 Artist
Artist3 Artist 6 dager siden
They live properly though I'm informing you on why your shit stupid you can tell they acting
SSCREAM100 6 dager siden
Imagine the videos the aliens be making about life elsewhere their solar systems. Only to discover we are doing the same and then it's just an argument of which race is dumber.
The Kid From 2020!
The Kid From 2020! 6 dager siden
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