BORAT 2 Official Trailer (2020) Sacha Baron Cohen, Comedy Movie HD

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BORAT 2 Official Trailer (2020) Sacha Baron Cohen, Comedy Movie HD
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David Mander
David Mander Minutt siden
Why why why are they bringing out this crap!! A sequel is just beyond daft....
Niko Santos
Niko Santos 4 minutter siden
He sounds like gru from despicable me😂
BrokeredHeart 10 minutter siden
Watching the entire trailer was worth it just to pause @02:34. That face? PRICELESS.
Beyblades in My heels
Beyblades in My heels 10 minutter siden
Sopho Cles
Sopho Cles 14 minutter siden
Guilliani is calling this fake news ... so I will be watching
mmcfly566 20 minutter siden
Bruh I wanna see what the whole deal with Rudy is, I’m starting to think that “laptop” is his....
Ooch Bird
Ooch Bird 20 minutter siden
Very nice
mrteabaggervance 35 minutter siden
Oh look, more entertainment with an agenda. I still love part 1.
Jacob Hanna
Jacob Hanna 52 minutter siden
i havent finished watching yet, but i thinking hes going to be a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude
Viktor X
Viktor X 52 minutter siden
Sacha "race baiter" Baron Cohen...
TECH BINGE 53 minutter siden
I am cringing but its still hilarious
Stabby McStabwood
Stabby McStabwood Time siden
What a jackoff, wonder what propaganda he'll be spreading this time...
Kira1Lawliet Time siden
I don't know why but this feels like EXACTLY what I need to save my sanity right now.
FullyCharged Time siden
Interesting that this POS only shows up during Republican administrations and mainly targets republicans. It's like the propaganda arm of the liberal elite needed a "gotcha" prankster.
Olivia B
Olivia B Time siden
He shows up at Republican conventions and pranks Republicans because the stupidity and ignorance is easy pickings. Speaking as a non American.
Stormbreaker 309
Stormbreaker 309 Time siden
The Rudy thing....... oh my god
The Stuttering Gamer
The Stuttering Gamer Time siden
Triggering the far right just got even better! 😂 😂 😂
Goya Mask
Goya Mask Time siden
who's here after the RudyG tweet?
Joe Stack
Joe Stack Time siden
Sasha baron Cohen is a hypocrite
Trevor B
Trevor B Time siden
This is gonna be interesting. A borat movie in today’s social climate? Prepare for lots of triggered idiots who can’t take a joke
Jacky hi
Jacky hi 2 timer siden
I am here because of David Dobrik
Kurt Hobbs
Kurt Hobbs 2 timer siden
bestvideosever !
bestvideosever ! 2 timer siden
Only borat can make 2020 better WHO AGREES!!!!!
Unknown Number
Unknown Number 2 timer siden
Over 14,000 Trump supporters disliked ......
Angel Love
Angel Love 2 timer siden
Pure trash
Marc Aaron
Marc Aaron 2 timer siden
Part 2 of another ridiculous not worth making train wreck ...
ACE 2 timer siden
not funny, a really stupid character he plays.
Melani Guzman
Melani Guzman 2 timer siden
How many people came here from David’s video
Bruce Zhou
Bruce Zhou 2 timer siden
The abortion doctor looks like George Bush
Zhen Yoong
Zhen Yoong 2 timer siden
anyone here from david’s vlogs
FrostyEmber 2 timer siden
This doesn’t even look good, it’s not like the first one, we live in too much of a pc world for this to be funny, they won’t make jokes like the first one.
Matias 2 timer siden
Who’s here from David Dobrik ?
Emily An
Emily An 2 timer siden
im here after david post about him.
SevenDeMagnus 3 timer siden
So sad.
RM J 3 timer siden
Next level trolling. Again and again. RLMAO!
Martin Amplified
Martin Amplified 3 timer siden
Even uglier
RL Dabomb
RL Dabomb 3 timer siden
when we needed him the most Borat delivers..
Emily An
Emily An 2 timer siden
is getting them to do? You think they are doing these things because they want to? No, they are being manipulated into doing these things.
Simpletown Worx
Simpletown Worx 3 timer siden
14,000 flat earthers can manage to find a tiny dislike button on youtube but not an entire galaxy full of spherical planets. Funny.
Blackbird 3 timer siden
So all the people at 1:14 were there thinking it was some type of old time southern ball. The people allowed inside were the ones who couldn't ID Sacha
p bigras
p bigras 3 timer siden
Who's here after rudy got caught? :)
私はアニメを愛していない。 3 timer siden
Michael P E N N I S
Tom _
Tom _ 3 timer siden
Is that clip with pence real? I genuinely can't tell
Nicholas Gradel
Nicholas Gradel 3 timer siden
Who is here from David Dobrik’s new video?
Billy Bob
Billy Bob 3 timer siden
Oh look another edited hit piece days before an election. Thanks bezoz
Nathan Iseman
Nathan Iseman 3 timer siden
A communist Jew here to save us from ourselves
first last
first last 3 timer siden
in 2020 arabface accent is funny no? We will all wear arabface@@ accents!
Daniel Duncan
Daniel Duncan 4 timer siden
This guy is a hacker of human minds. You think some of things he is getting these people to do are just funny. But what if I told you that I could get YOU to do the same things he is getting them to do? You think they are doing these things because they want to? No, they are being manipulated into doing these things.
Mohd Hussaini
Mohd Hussaini 4 timer siden
im here after david post about him.
B.Sundae 4 timer siden
David dobrik anyone?!!
Dennis Suryana
Dennis Suryana 4 timer siden
Michael what?
Jean-Marc Brand
Jean-Marc Brand 2 timer siden
Michael Penice
MegguhManzz X
MegguhManzz X 4 timer siden
The 14K people who disliked the video are likely all conservatives
RM J 2 timer siden
Or more likely a bot doing the work for them. Conservatives are lazy, self absorbed POS.
Franzi C
Franzi C 4 timer siden
What do you prefer, I fist you or you fist me? Hahaha
Mud Duck
Mud Duck 4 timer siden
Look at those ANGRY Trump dislikers! Such snowflake. Wow.
Aliim عبدالعليم العامري
Aliim عبدالعليم العامري 4 timer siden
Anyone from David’s vlog?!
Dylan Roy
Dylan Roy 4 timer siden
Wheres azamat???
Bubba1990 4 timer siden
People still fall for Borat?
RM J 39 minutter siden
@Techno-Imperium Or worse the color of their skin.
Techno-Imperium 43 minutter siden
@RM J Imagine hating someone because of their political beliefs
RM J 2 timer siden
Idiot conservatives.
Storm Mitchell
Storm Mitchell 4 timer siden
Not Again! He's gonna invade The Town Of Mud Again!
rousfox 4 timer siden
Borat will make this year better for sure
itz me men
itz me men 4 timer siden
A hero come to save 2020
Stevie Wang
Stevie Wang 5 timer siden
85% on Rottens Tomato (10/21/20)! Great success! I will no longer be execute!
Mr Culec
Mr Culec 5 timer siden
Bold move to do this kinda thing in 2020 LMAO
IGGI Beats
IGGI Beats 5 timer siden
Someone here after David Dobrik's vlog?
Fungrt 5 timer siden
Is that the real mike pence? How tf do these movies get made lmao how is he able to get into those places and like in Bruno he met with an al-qeaeda member how tf is this organized. It’s insane and beautiful
jeffezhson anotny fernandez
jeffezhson anotny fernandez 5 timer siden
I'm here after watching David Dobrik
James Daniel Smith
James Daniel Smith 5 timer siden
Used to like Borat but now I see Baron Cohen is just a filthy libtard, he only really picks on Conservatives. The few times he did sketches with liberals he went easy on them.
FrostyEmber 2 timer siden
Yeah it won’t be like the first one anyway, everyone’s a snowflake they won’t make jokes like they did in the first movie
Steve Layton
Steve Layton 5 timer siden
Only fools get fooled.
Mystic Music
Mystic Music 5 timer siden
Borat my fav comedy movie and I love it. But sadly, I agree
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown 5 timer siden
Rudy brought me here😂😂😂😂😂
Vin A
Vin A 5 timer siden
very nice...
Argoon1981 5 timer siden
This man a legend.
Ярослав Корниенко
Ярослав Корниенко 5 timer siden
YES!!! YES!!!!!!!!!
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 5 timer siden
Welcome to Mike judge's vision. Idiocracy 2020. Pray for tidal waves.
razon khan
razon khan 5 timer siden
Anyone from David Dobriks video
Jdm boi 2003
Jdm boi 2003 5 timer siden
Dreams really do come true
WomenRightsLOL 5 timer siden
Keenan Lewis
Keenan Lewis 5 timer siden
Redeeming Quality #1 of 2020:
Gay Eric FL 1982
Gay Eric FL 1982 6 timer siden
Only TWO days left!
jazmin santos
jazmin santos 6 timer siden
who’s here after David?!
Rich Kendall
Rich Kendall 6 timer siden
critics said the only downside is he had to use a lot of disguises cuz hes so recognizable - nypost said this. they also said watch it
Baran 6 timer siden
Jak się masz My name Borat Dziękuję
onlyfor laugh
onlyfor laugh 6 timer siden
Where is the "15 is old for you" scene?
T-Bone Shteak
T-Bone Shteak 6 timer siden
Democrat election broadcast
Trippy McHippy
Trippy McHippy 6 timer siden
Can't wait to download this from piratebay.
Mikaila Artist
Mikaila Artist 6 timer siden
OMG he's back!
D C 6 timer siden
Oh Rudy
Dosirt Visda
Dosirt Visda 6 timer siden
who's here after watching David's vlog?
King Frezno
King Frezno 6 timer siden
Fuck ya I just noticed this and it’s almost out to
Michael Lubek
Michael Lubek 6 timer siden
Michael Penis gonna stay here forever ;)
Roberts 6 timer siden
Trai 100
Trai 100 6 timer siden
David sent me
kjg200 10
kjg200 10 6 timer siden
yerk smersh
Joshua Aniston
Joshua Aniston 6 timer siden
‘Wa wa we wa’
candyapu3 6 timer siden
Please don't suck
marian maslak
marian maslak 6 timer siden
Did he say Michael Penn.s? -)
Roza Nabi
Roza Nabi 6 timer siden
The Russian sentence in the last scene: "Don't look at the children, it will spoil your brain"
Baz Cuda
Baz Cuda 7 timer siden
Who's here because of Rudy Giuliani ? :D
justanotherguyful 7 timer siden
Lol its funny that he supports the left while also making an extremely racist and nationalist movie , even the first one was. Im not saying the first one wasnt fun to watch but anybody who has seen it has to admit it literally is trying to humiliate people that live in and around central asia. Its almost like the left are the actual racists and nationalists 🤪
justanotherguyful 5 timer siden
@Jelly youre a sad pos troll. Comment got deleted by youtube again, I roasted you so hard lol
Jelly 5 timer siden
@justanotherguyful You really do sound triggered man, the fact you have to write such angry tirades in your rage that even NOpost is like "yeah we ain't having that here" shows all I need to know, snowy. Now show me how totally not triggered you are by replying again.
justanotherguyful 5 timer siden
@Jelly The other comment I made keeps getting deleted, rest assured that is not all that I said to you but youtube is protecting your little snowflake brain from me. We are on a leftist platform after all.
Jelly 6 timer siden
@justanotherguyful Well you do seem pretty triggered over words, so yeah, you're quite a fragile snowflake.
justanotherguyful 6 timer siden
@Jelly snowflake? Lol thats what we call you liberals. You dont even know the meaning of the word you imbecile 😂
Drake Flores
Drake Flores 7 timer siden
David dobrik brought me here
zane khan
zane khan 7 timer siden
Where is Rudi Gulliani lmao
italiener 7 timer siden
very nice
Sohan Sahir
Sohan Sahir 7 timer siden
Who is here from David Dobrik’s video??
Mikey Medina
Mikey Medina 7 timer siden
who else hear from david dobrik vid
Jeff DIxon
Jeff DIxon 7 timer siden
And we wonder why the laptopfromhell hit. Durp.....
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