25 Insane 200 IQ Among Us Tips to Always Win

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25 Insane 200 IQ Among Us Tips to Always Win! Among Us is a game all about strategy, so today we're going over 25 of the most insane tips and tricks to help you win your first game of among us, as well as your 100th game as impostor. Among Us requires masterful deception in the impostor gameplay and big brain plays as the crewmate, so these are 25 among us tips you might not know, and how to use them to win a game of among us. Skip the Tutorial is ready to show even more ways to win against your friends in this 300 iq among us strategy video!
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sammi vacura
sammi vacura 3 sekunder siden
Biggest crewmate advantage ever: “If not him then vote me”
Alinur Seytoff
Alinur Seytoff 4 dager siden
I can call when I’m about to die. I just say “this is where I die” and then I die
Nook Hub
Nook Hub 6 dager siden
How do I sub?
Graham Isherwood
Graham Isherwood 7 dager siden
I already subed
K Hagemann
K Hagemann 10 dager siden
Ugh I hate yt channels that constantly telling you to subscribe plz stop skip PLZ
sammi vacura
sammi vacura 9 sekunder siden
Subscribe, or smooth brain
Lia Alcantara
Lia Alcantara 22 minutter siden
i did it
The filler name one does not work 😑
You sus
You sus 11 timer siden
Have you been in that situation when one Imposter kill crewmate Infront of you and another crewmate but voted you off. I hate those mf
Shamil f Sobhan
Shamil f Sobhan 12 timer siden
cyan is albert einstein
Jashawm Killer
Jashawm Killer 18 timer siden
Who else watch this after game theory I feel like the best among us player now
Wassap brothers
Wassap brothers 19 timer siden
My public games : Anyone:*Emergency meeting Yellow :"ajdhzvsusudhhsk" This actually happens no joke
Joshua Kao
Joshua Kao 21 time siden
who else is going to forget basically every single one of these tips
Cat are the best! 2
Cat are the best! 2 23 timer siden
200 iq plays right here
Alex T
Alex T Dag siden
I’m left handed so I always sub with my left hand
John Smith
John Smith Dag siden
Whenever you are in the final three, only sabotage reactor. Both of the crewmates have to fix it, and you can vent with the doors closed to freak them out.
Raymundo Mujica
Raymundo Mujica Dag siden
At the end he said : so don't forget to vent to the subscribe button
Crystal Marsh
Crystal Marsh Dag siden
my mom aked me what i was doing when i stuck my foot in are air vent and then i said well umm im not qite sure got it frome yotube and the well nothing cause i was grouded for doing bad stuff like sticking my foot in the vent
twfoo e Erica
twfoo e Erica Dag siden
Tip 3 is dead
StoryShift! Chara
StoryShift! Chara Dag siden
When there’s 3 people left, I usually sabotage Comms or O2, because it takes longer to fix them
Gamer Kid
Gamer Kid Dag siden
It’s not working with no name
Emma Hix
Emma Hix Dag siden
Him:Always make trust Public server:hE wAS FOllOwInG mE hE Is SUS
Purple Pig
Purple Pig Dag siden
invisible name doesnt work for me :(
Purple Pig
Purple Pig Dag siden
1:25 ok i know you tried it
Aqil Shadow
Aqil Shadow Dag siden
5:14 when did he report it?
Cam'ron Dag siden
you do know theres an among us sitting sprite that doesnt look like an amputee right
Brian Pierce
Brian Pierce Dag siden
Me: *clicks on video* Channel name: SKIP THE TUTORIAL! Me: *clicks off vid*
Obsessed With Kokichi ;P
Obsessed With Kokichi ;P Dag siden
Here’s a big brain move. Kill someone as soon as someone is alone and then vent out and allow someone else to report it quickly after you killed them and say: self report too fast This only works around maybe 10-30 seconds after the game starts though, it can be risky
The Imposter11
The Imposter11 2 dager siden
Lol I'm left handed
Chases Channel
Chases Channel 2 dager siden
Last time I got impostor I fixed my own oxygen depletion just cause of this video but I didn’t even need I just killed the last person and boom I win Plus I got an idea you could go to Reactor then make an oxygen depletion and then say you’re in Reactor doing the reactor start task and everyone would believe you as long as you have that task go to the other side of the map one sabotaging something
Absulium 2 dager siden
cha cha real smooth
Dabbing_ Corn
Dabbing_ Corn 2 dager siden
When the imposter does a stack kill and one crew mate is watching and reports it and tells who the imposter is
MB 10
MB 10 2 dager siden
Mr. Skelly Boy
Mr. Skelly Boy 2 dager siden
I used the unicode username but the server refused the username.
minecraft68 2 dager siden
Escuse me but I think it's kinda unfair to the imposter to be in groups of 3 or more. Makes it almost impossible to win, even with light sabotage on your side. Plus lots of these strats are SUPER risky.
WANG ZHIHUI 2 dager siden
Scary story: My imposter buddy snitched on me
John Smith
John Smith Dag siden
I managed to pull the opposite. I got caught for a kill I didn't commit, do I said the guy who reported snitched on me. While I had gotten out, I got another free kill for my partner.
RubDaScrub 2 dager siden
I hear that Heahea city theme at the end
陳宥呈 2 dager siden
fact: using vitals on polus can destroy the imposter reason: the heartbeat of imposters are faster or slower than crewmates
Modie Safa
Modie Safa 2 dager siden
Mary Garcia
Mary Garcia 2 dager siden
Biggest crewmate advantage ever: “If not him then vote me”
Eva Frahm
Eva Frahm 2 dager siden
I jest subbed with my right hand - I a left hanneded -
Hoang Katelyn
Hoang Katelyn 2 dager siden
S u n n y R o s e s
S u n n y R o s e s 3 dager siden
*Sheild in polis will shoot tiny laser beams when its being done, similar to The Skeld except there it actually lights up on the side. Thank you for coming to my Among us Talk :)*
blazedUpProductions 3 dager siden
Unicode name change is patched
Angeli Kengier
Angeli Kengier 3 dager siden
“If 2 people are together they are imposter” Me: so I can’t stay with the guy who scanned for safety
Esther Lalremruati
Esther Lalremruati 3 dager siden
Oops for get to pot e
Esther Lalremruati
Esther Lalremruati 3 dager siden
Can u do the hacks very eazy for evryon in 1 video
Joe Bolt 420
Joe Bolt 420 3 dager siden
AshTree 3 dager siden
Charon 3 dager siden
Skip: Hit the subscribe button with you left hand Me: I broke left hand
poly mations
poly mations 3 dager siden
This helped actually This just happen a while ago I used the "dowload/upload" tip I saw blue download in weapons I followed him and he went to coms and downloaded again Just like you said,you always upload in admins and not anywhere else Aaand we voted him off _He was the impostor_
Meme Boi
Meme Boi 3 dager siden
The name trick is sadly banned from Among Us it says "inappropriate username" when you enter it and try joining a game. So it doesn't work sadly.
niya ahmed
niya ahmed 3 dager siden
My brother: What is the worst part of the "skeild" map? Me: Electrical duh. That is where I hateee
niya ahmed
niya ahmed Dag siden
@John Smith -.-
John Smith
John Smith Dag siden
Ramcharan Arya
Ramcharan Arya 4 dager siden
Is this anyone else’s problem but if you copy the code it says ‘server rejected name:’
Colton Moore
Colton Moore 4 dager siden
I didn’t work it kept saying the name was innapropereate
Masticlox Poker
Masticlox Poker 4 dager siden
Well, i am bored using my right-hand since the day i was born, and i do not want to spoil that 1.2% . So you get no subscribe from me
Allison Langston
Allison Langston 4 dager siden
Wait can somebody tell me on how to copy and paste the no name thing because I'm on a tablet I cant figure our on how to HELP ME
grace and daisi
grace and daisi 4 dager siden
the unicode 3164 does not work anymore sadly
amy flame
amy flame 4 dager siden
Subbed with meh left hand uwu
Mr Trace
Mr Trace 4 dager siden
Sub to Mr Trace the raven skin
Blobby Mcblob
Blobby Mcblob 4 dager siden
I literally just subscribed with my left hand. WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
Ambika Balachandran
Ambika Balachandran 4 dager siden
When I tried the invisible name it said I disconnected from the server
Drake Allen
Drake Allen 5 dager siden
Who else is scrolling down the comments and not listening to the vid
Zohaib Khurram
Zohaib Khurram 5 dager siden
im pro i catched already 47 imposters since i downloaded the game
The Same Person
The Same Person 5 dager siden
so ur saying that sense im right handed I shouldn't sub?
Itzy Orangie gacha
Itzy Orangie gacha 5 dager siden
I can't do the no name on ipad
Alexis Starkey
Alexis Starkey 5 dager siden
The no username one got patched
Swan Htet Naing
Swan Htet Naing 5 dager siden
1 day ago there was a impostor close the door and tried to kill me in among us and he vented in front of the camera and he got voted out lol
Zaco Mustafa
Zaco Mustafa 5 dager siden
How can you copy paste copy paste the invisible name on mobile like me I have iOS so I need help pls help me on how to do this
Andrew Marcelo
Andrew Marcelo 5 dager siden
Theres actually a way to talk to ghosts in MiraHQ bc at the balcony there are 2 automatic doors that open to ghosts and alive dudes alike so you can ask a ghost to the doors at balcony 2 times if its cyan 3 for lime 4 for red and 5 for pink this is just an example you can tell the ghost to open it up 2 times for lime or whatever color you want
Devin Bounking
Devin Bounking 6 dager siden
Too Apples
Too Apples 6 dager siden
Southpaw strike except dat brudda was in an orthodox stance... That's how I know vidya gam yt don't fight
Mark Thurber
Mark Thurber 6 dager siden
I am in this video!!!!!!!!!! (Chicken, red skin and black hair)
Joseph Dreher
Joseph Dreher 6 dager siden
Videos are helpful any time so you know to look for bodys
mrjonesy35 xd
mrjonesy35 xd 6 dager siden
me who unsubscribed just to subscribe again with my left hand: knOwleGde
Emily Hates Broccoli
Emily Hates Broccoli 6 dager siden
Idea: change the date on your computer to April first and then the map should be flipped backwords then play the map with uncsepecting ppl
Jiena the amalgam lady
Jiena the amalgam lady 6 dager siden
Invisible name is patched out
sby60118 6 dager siden
Funfact: 200 iq is the highest possible iq score as in 2020. I have obtained this information from a single source so take it with a grain of salt.
Moonstar the stonewing
Moonstar the stonewing 6 dager siden
At 1:30 it works t tried
Moonstar the stonewing
Moonstar the stonewing 6 dager siden
Lol nvm
Gaming and more
Gaming and more 7 dager siden
Who else did not even watch the vid just looked through the comments
Veronika Klassen
Veronika Klassen 7 dager siden
Most of them are just basic knowledge tho, not high IQ moves
Kaden Amaral
Kaden Amaral 7 dager siden
the no name dont work what now
Dynamite Legacy
Dynamite Legacy 7 dager siden
i left handed the suscribe button
Steph W
Steph W 7 dager siden
When you're imp and someone says you vented but you didn't even kill: **sad imposter noises**
ABSTREKT 7 dager siden
Dream? Is that you?..
SHORT SHORTS 7 dager siden
me and my help eachother by calling
FluffyPlaysRoblox 7 dager siden
Blue: "where" Green: "its blue" Blue: starts to type out where he's been Black has voted Purple has voted Yellow has voted Lime has voted White has voted Brown has voted Cyan has voted Orange has voted .    。    •   ゚  。   .    .      .     。   。 .   .   。      ඞ 。 .    •     •   ゚   blue was not An Impostor.  。 .   '    1 Impostor remains     。   ゚   .   . ,    .  .
Michelle Tang
Michelle Tang 7 dager siden
tip: sometimes you can pretend to look in security while not actually doing it. works best when there's another person in it. that way if someone vents in cams or kills in cams you can report/call meet
fatou jarju
fatou jarju 7 dager siden
Red sus
Gabby Vlogs
Gabby Vlogs 7 dager siden
invisible name patched btw
Jprawnn Aventures
Jprawnn Aventures 7 dager siden
I tried the no name thing didn’t work and I’m on iPhone 7
Bianca Felicity Vera
Bianca Felicity Vera 7 dager siden
you can click on the "shhhh" screen on mobile and pc to get an extra early head start
MYCQUEST 7 dager siden
i'm left handed
Dark AZumbee
Dark AZumbee 7 dager siden
"vent to that subscribe button below" But... I'm not an impostor-
Alfonzo Federico B Pinohermoso
Alfonzo Federico B Pinohermoso 8 dager siden
i did left handed sub
ItzElite 8 dager siden
TruckerPinneable 8 dager siden
if Ur playing on Chromebook u cant u wasd u can only use the mouse
Skylar Star
Skylar Star 8 dager siden
Hey im right hand i will yeet. You out the window
Well hi I didn’t See you there
Well hi I didn’t See you there 8 dager siden
I had to unsubscribes and reusub, im typing dis with left hand lol
Nayana 8 dager siden
1:30 it says inappropriate name for me :/
Hein Thant
Hein Thant 8 dager siden
Im left handed
Abigail Rose
Abigail Rose 8 dager siden
Has anyone else every un-subscribed just to re-subscribe
Meriah Is Awesome
Meriah Is Awesome 8 dager siden
The Unicode doesn’t work anymore
G06-Mamigo, Exdee Maryss Azuer
G06-Mamigo, Exdee Maryss Azuer 8 dager siden
My crewmate sabatoging wins: 1. One time I was crew o2 was sabatoged lime was with me then dark green killed red then i report and said WHY WOULD U KILL RED IF I CLEARED THEM AND YOU THINK I FIX SABATOGE I DID AND YOU KILL 1 SECOND AFTER I FINISH and we voted dark green out we won. 2. I was sus of red so i followed him then reactor got broken so i fixed and then i saw security door close so i said maybe i should uh check there then the door opened and RED was walking away about to vent out and he tried to kill me then I report and said "OOOHH I KNEW IT EVERYONE ITS RED" then i win this all happened today
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