Cheese Mukbang Disaster - Frenemies #9

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2 måneder siden

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Elizabeth Lavoie
Elizabeth Lavoie Time siden
39:54 theres a fkn demon in the cheese
Nini K
Nini K 3 timer siden
I’m sorry, is any girl supposed to move past his insulting dms like it’s nothing?????? The gaslighting in this was INSANE.
Nini K
Nini K 3 timer siden
Okay but Trisha’s sales woman mode during the Adam and Eve bit is so cute😭😂💞
Camila Alvarez
Camila Alvarez 4 timer siden
I love this video i love frenemies, i don't love the thumb nail:(
MamaTthaOG 6 timer siden
I’m half way through this and I’ve laughed So much! Ty! But Ethan, I need you to go look and research where our magnetic poles are right now...bc global warming - man made climate change is bs, and if you look this up you’ll see. They are using this “man made” crap for financial gain and increased restrictions! Magnetic pole reversal is actually much more dire & there’s nothing we can do to stop it. It is the reason for all the crazy weather today. I’m all for doing things to help our environment, but this has been a big lie. Also, Trisha is Right about politics.. no matter which side you’re on, you’re going to lose the other half of your audience. People watch shows like this as an escape from all the political bs that surrounds us today! It’s everywhere, don’t be that, unless you’re actually in politics, it’s polarizing. Trish I love you! 😘 Edit: Wow!!! You cannot say things like Moses said about a woman you supposedly love, and esp to a stranger! It’s mean & wrong. It will stay in their head and they’ll never forget it! Wth!
M gaming studios
M gaming studios 7 timer siden
Maybe the cheese would’ve worked if they used the can cheese
Emilia Santos
Emilia Santos 12 timer siden
the face at 31:13 omfg
malice 12 timer siden
1:02:36 Ethan comparing Trishas relationship to the dried cheese is... kinda beautiful
malice 13 timer siden
Trisha really ate a piece of lace lmao
yand3r3 17 timer siden
"a book of jew" hahaha
Just Me
Just Me 17 timer siden
I feel like Trisha keeps goading about their sex life as a way of putting Hila down or having one-upmanship. I'm better because I'm more sexual. I think she does this because Hila is quieter than her and doesn't release all her thoughts and Trisha struggles with people like this because where people don't talk her imagination fills in the gaps with hurtful things.
Avery Hebert
Avery Hebert 20 timer siden
People need to know about climate change Trisha. It’s a big fucking thing happening in the world and will effect EVERYONE
Ash Y
Ash Y 23 timer siden
Trish looks like Moira from schitts creek
Alyssa Rowe
Alyssa Rowe 23 timer siden
Oh wow there was a Simple Health ad on this video from Gabbie Hanna
Maria Villanueva
Maria Villanueva Dag siden
Was I the only one who heard the guy in the black shirt say the n word? ( don't know his name)
Karina bear303
Karina bear303 Dag siden
When trish mentioned the trigger warning for people with an ED I felt better because the comment he made about the steak did trigger it. I can’t believe how much he downplayed it and it seemed like he was making fun of people with an ED :/
Who Dunn'it
Who Dunn'it Dag siden
All I have to say is RUN TRISHA
AquamarineQueen Dag siden
Can we get a timestamp? I'm on my lunch break 😂😭
Kiki Clayton
Kiki Clayton Dag siden
Y’all crack me up dude😂😂
Tomboy Music
Tomboy Music Dag siden
The ending was such progress for them, but the disgusting cheese fountain in the middle and mess around them really killed the vibe for me lol
Lindsay C
Lindsay C Dag siden
Had to skip them all gaslighting the FUCK outa Trisha. What in the world was that????
Minus Moon
Minus Moon Dag siden
This content is far more entertaining than h3 politics podcast
cara Dag siden
as the video progresses the cheese starts moving slower and slower then just stops LMAO
Zaga Pettersson
Zaga Pettersson 2 dager siden
I love Trisha
Imogen Crocker
Imogen Crocker 2 dager siden
11:15 15:03 (timestamps for myself ignore this)
Miaa Balboaa
Miaa Balboaa 2 dager siden
the cheese is killing me 😂😂😂
Abdallah Ahmed
Abdallah Ahmed 2 dager siden
Hila was not defending Moses's actions people. She was basically telling Trisha to stop obsessing/ constantly reading the comments made months ago because it will eventually destroy their relationship and love for one another. Hila has called them a "cute couple" multiple times. Please stop trying to light a fire and get Trisha upset at Hila... it is sad
paige 2 dager siden
Trisha your feelings are totally valid I have BPD and stuff like this happens to me all the time people say some thing specifically my boyfriend and it will stick with me and burn a memory in my brain and I can’t get it out no matter how hard I try Ethan trying to say that maybe you’re sabotaging yourself is ridiculous. Obviously if you had the choice you would forget about it in a second. It’s torture to have negative thoughts that you don’t want to think about stuck in your head. I totally get it
Irina Robertson
Irina Robertson 3 dager siden
Moses sounds like a douch. I have a bad feeling about this guy.....
Bobby K. Fauna
Bobby K. Fauna 3 dager siden
When Trisha said it was zach Choi that did the cheese fail when she hadn’t even seen the video so they just kept saying they were gonna do the zach Choi video lol
Jazmin garcia
Jazmin garcia 3 dager siden
bruh this was kinda gross.. this video..
Tayler Philman
Tayler Philman 3 dager siden
I hope you guys do more mukbongs in the future but without the cheese!
Auzlun Westling
Auzlun Westling 3 dager siden
Honestly really disappointed in this. 🤦🏽‍♀️ what they are saying about trish. Like STOP GASLIGHTING HER 🤦🏽‍♀️ she’s allowed to be upset about what was said about her.
6nna cruz
6nna cruz 4 dager siden
I want them to remake this with better cheese and better foods
Heather Bueker
Heather Bueker 4 dager siden
57:23 is the funniest part of this whole podcast episode 🤣💀
rag3 comic
rag3 comic 5 dager siden
Ty Andrews
Ty Andrews 5 dager siden
“Everybody says that and then they cheat” exactly Trisha lmaooo & hila statement was dumb af. And I don’t get why they don’t understand her, if your significant other says something bad about you it literally can make you insecure about what they said , no matter if they meant it or not.
Kile McVey
Kile McVey 6 dager siden
Moses is shadyyyyyyyy.
Silvia Perez
Silvia Perez 6 dager siden
Love how she liked all the food and love seeing them not fighting
Ashley Dailey
Ashley Dailey 6 dager siden
Ok but how does it go from this to bring engaged a few months later
Ella B
Ella B 7 dager siden
I agree with Trish
Kaitlyn Kilby
Kaitlyn Kilby 7 dager siden
wow i can’t believe hila said that... who says that?? you can’t say mean shit about people and be like “oh it’s ok it isn’t meant for them to see”
Rachelle Cook
Rachelle Cook 7 dager siden
dont trust scorpio men lolz
Mohamed Ali
Mohamed Ali 7 dager siden
She knows how to use coagulate in a sentence but doesn’t know what gravity is. She’s definitely a trolololol
Kitty Cat
Kitty Cat 7 dager siden
Hilda is twoface she literally says "my brother is allowed to talk bad behind your back and get over it he didn't say to your face" ... Uff
Kitty Cat
Kitty Cat 7 dager siden
Wow that guy she is dating is fucking toxic. Trisha see your worth don't settle with guys you can't even trust. Yeah you have this past but your a genuine. Don't let yourself get treated like you're less. Idk what is about guys when know a girl is been on porn they feel as they don't need treat her with respect. Guys ain't shit.
Sergio Villasenor
Sergio Villasenor 7 dager siden
Ethan had receipts and Trish froze 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀😂
Julianna Irving
Julianna Irving 7 dager siden
i believe in haven and hell but you dont also there cant be a heaven if there is no hell
Gisela Villa
Gisela Villa 8 dager siden
Why was this the funniest episode 😂
Vincent 8 dager siden
8:15 okay but Ethan splitting his cheese with Trisha was low key adorable lol they look like little kids
julsiek 8 dager siden
why are we all ignoring trisha has two crows on her head
zomasm 8 dager siden
*throws a like at Trish's Moira outfit*
T Cook
T Cook 8 dager siden
Is this Crissy Teigen? Trisha is a daum model
Carolina Ash
Carolina Ash 9 dager siden
wow... cant belive they just gastlight thrisa like that
Vincent 8 dager siden
Carolina Ash
Carolina Ash 9 dager siden
mosses is thrash, thrasha desevers better
Juju-be 9 dager siden
20:27 almost said “here you go little piggy” but switch it up last second 😂😂😂😭
Kirsten Gidon
Kirsten Gidon 9 dager siden
Cow pus
Dancemoms Elite
Dancemoms Elite 9 dager siden
Obsessed with her look
Soldiers-Brooke Amber
Soldiers-Brooke Amber 10 dager siden
She ain’t dumb when it comes to dms. I’m not either. Can’t play a woman over 30...
Rose Bonner
Rose Bonner 11 dager siden
Ethan loves hearing Tricia laugh. Sweet.
Jamess Zoer
Jamess Zoer 11 dager siden
Damnnnnn Ethan chiillllll
Nevaeh Durant
Nevaeh Durant 11 dager siden
58:29-58:41 is honestly the most wholesome thing ive ever seen lmao
Alex Rose
Alex Rose 11 dager siden
I think Ethan has ruined the idea of cheese fondue for me. 😭😫😫😫😫
poyebanny 11 dager siden
Aye shout out to trisha for saying that there should be a trigger warning
MF A 11 dager siden
We need more of this I hate when 2 same personality assholes talk their life. 2 different people finds common ground and discuss is so interesting
Carol DeSarno
Carol DeSarno 12 dager siden
This is the funniest video.... They are so funny together.....!!!
Giselle Lucio
Giselle Lucio 13 dager siden
I actually never liked to accept that I had an eating disorder, and won’t even go into depth on it. But I DO ***** MUKBANGS HELPED ME COPE WITH STARVING MYSELF AND CRAVING FOOD*** It might sound crazy, but it’s true, idk about anybody else relating. Not being a hater, but please take into consideration every perspective not your own.
Zeynep M.
Zeynep M. 13 dager siden
Kezzy X
Kezzy X 13 dager siden
Trish there’s somatic cells in milk which is pus. You’re almost there 😂.
Mia Whitehead
Mia Whitehead 14 dager siden
i wanna work on the set of frenemies id never stop laughing 😭
JenahsissJanuary Milligan
JenahsissJanuary Milligan 14 dager siden
1:09:22 the pepper slowly falling
nicole leos
nicole leos 14 dager siden
This was my favorite episode by far of Frenemies. Now you have someone to eat with and not be judged lol.
kari s
kari s 14 dager siden
honestly Trisha should NOT be in a committed relationship and the fact she’s engaged now is not at all what she needs right now. This woman is so lost and needs genuine help, she needs to put herself before anyone else rn. I feel so bad for this girl but she needs help and she needs to help her self and then think about having a healthy relationship. This is not at all normal nor healthy, it’s sadly so tragic.
kari s
kari s 10 dager siden
@Vic yeah I honestly wish I was I mean not saying I’m a perfect human being but thank god I have no issues wrong with me and I’m super grateful for that and I can point out the obvious on another human being who’s not okay in the world.
Vic 10 dager siden
you her therapist?
Isabella De Pinto
Isabella De Pinto 14 dager siden
I really don’t ever want this show to end
the real Finna Spring
the real Finna Spring 15 dager siden
Hila's takes are always disappointing and crappy
the real Finna Spring
the real Finna Spring 15 dager siden
Trisha has had bad behavior in their relationship, Moses has had bad behavior in their relationship. They can work it out and become better ONLY if they both acknowledge what they did wrong and actively work to change things. Trisha acknowledged her mental health and is getting treatment so that she never hits his arm again. Moses needs to acknowledge what he did is wrong and so does his family and then actively change his behavior. Hila has always gotten on my nerves because she doesn't take accountability and she shields the men in her life from accountability as well. Like she will defend Ethan and Moses no matter what even if they are wrong and always insists the other people are too sensitive. Not a fan of her. And yes talking to someone like that in DM's is wrong when your in a relationship- from some one who did something similar and really hurt my partner. I grew up and changed my behavior and he needs to too.
Elicia Ronto
Elicia Ronto 15 dager siden
They are honestly fucking hilarious together.
Gabriela Santana
Gabriela Santana 15 dager siden
The gaslighting in this episode is unreal. Moses is clearly a liar. He might not have lied about everything but he definitely lied about something big in this situation. Trisha FIND A NEW MAN. UR TOO HOT TO DEAL WITH THIS BULLSHIT👏
Blankety Blank
Blankety Blank 16 dager siden
Ethan: “Would you bring me?” Trisha: “Yeah!” Ethan: “You would?” Trisha: “Yeah!!!” Ethan: “Then let’s bring each other. All the way.” 😢😢😢😢😢👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Blankety Blank
Blankety Blank 16 dager siden
Speaking as someone from the U.K. & Europe, i can’t think of anywhere here where you could buy these “foods”. Lol a mozzarella popsicle? What on earth?
Lily Sweetie
Lily Sweetie 16 dager siden
Women’s body’s are women’s body’s so don’t mess with them unless you know you love them. And if you love them don’t say shit, we aren’t perfect lol.
Eyal Shelly
Eyal Shelly 16 dager siden
The way my heart dropped when he said god’s name bruh...
Lauren Dilaurentis
Lauren Dilaurentis 17 dager siden
I used to think Hila was the voice of reason. But clearly not lol
Lauren Dilaurentis
Lauren Dilaurentis 17 dager siden
Bad advice from Ethan and Hila. Like what are they even talking about
Cairlyn 17 dager siden
i was sus of my ex and i held onto the messages and feelings of anger, turns out he was cheating on me the whole time. trisha is SOOOO justified.
Esteban Romero
Esteban Romero 17 dager siden
Watching this after their engagement 😳
Katlyn Ferguson
Katlyn Ferguson 17 dager siden
i’m dying omg
danstollenwerk 17 dager siden
1:24:27 her joking about this then it happens a month later
Jazmin Quintero
Jazmin Quintero 17 dager siden
And you better not quick Trish I watch every minute of these episodes so don’t or you waisted a lot it my time lol
Jazmin Quintero
Jazmin Quintero 18 dager siden
FAN JOY SUCKS. You should sell your merch with a diff company Trish!! I order a sad boy hoodie and I had to cancel my order which I did before it was even sent out and they still haven’t given me my 60$ back. They said 3-5 days it’s been three weeks and I have contacted them and the bank. Lmao this is me opening my dispute to H3 for Trish to figure your out and get my doll hairs back! Jk love you all but really that company does suck....
Kate Anne
Kate Anne 18 dager siden
i was eating
Ramon Herber
Ramon Herber 18 dager siden
Loved it.
Lauryn Rae
Lauryn Rae 18 dager siden
33:15 literally me eating my soup and bread ;( damn it im triggered lmaooo
Rayen Abidi
Rayen Abidi 18 dager siden
Why is nobody talking about how they are treating the hole cast
Mads Sdam
Mads Sdam 19 dager siden
the cheese is like torture LMFAO
vampirejpg 19 dager siden
the fondue machine fucking up is hysterical
Brad BV
Brad BV 19 dager siden
Why does ethan chew like a caveman? Leftist are gross in general. Im not a republican by any means but i think it is general knowledge knowing leftist are gross people. I think the lack of accountability in every other aspect of their lives puts them in this place where they are unable to accept their role in how much their life sucks because they either lack any ability to be self-sufficient and independent for any reason (hormonal imbalances or physical incapacity) or just because they've never had to be independent and have been sheltered their whole life. It sucks because they en up living in this mental torture where they dont perceive reality like others. I really believe it has turned into a form of schizophrenia that needs to be studied more. Its taking over the youth. Accountability, independence and integrity are no longer valued or taught and it shows
Legally Brunette
Legally Brunette 19 dager siden
I’m only here to say whole foods sushi is amazing .
MorganLaModa 19 dager siden
Hila wtf 🥴 I get trying to support your brother but wrong is wrong. What a gross comment to make
Stacia Mccoy
Stacia Mccoy 19 dager siden
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