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FIFA 21 Twosync video / pack opening / co op / fut champions etc etc
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Máttis Måned siden
Make sundays great again.
Finley Caswell
Finley Caswell Måned siden
Can you do a review on baby cruyff?
KK6-FIFA 21 Måned siden
Can everyone check out my recent video and let me know what you think. I did a flashback alessandrini review.
Armaan Dhot
Armaan Dhot Måned siden
matt's squad is literally just icon's, lmao
Zyad Ahmed
Zyad Ahmed Måned siden
Finished gold 1 happy with that
Zyad Ahmed
Zyad Ahmed Måned siden
Chris varane joe gomez and cannavaro do all have 82 pace
Charlie Bower
Charlie Bower Måned siden
Varane is a lot taller tho feels slower
harvt05 Måned siden
anyone else seen that matt’s headset is on the wrong way around
YOUR DA’s BANGER Måned siden
Where has super Sunday gone
Kyle Alexander
Kyle Alexander Måned siden
matt you can put your keeper on “comes for crosses” in the player instructions, do that with cech and he’ll come for corners.
Daniel Downes
Daniel Downes Måned siden
Did anyone else see Matt's left eye at 5:51
OzHz Studios
OzHz Studios Måned siden
Bro wtf 😂
Lu-Key Måned siden
When people score a sweaty against you you say it's a tramp, but when you score a sweaty it's a great goal?
kishen k
kishen k Måned siden
Owen Måned siden
So Chris dropped varane because he needs pace at the back?😂 Varane is one of the quickest CBs😂
Louis Chalk
Louis Chalk Måned siden
elite 2
Jacob O’reilly
Jacob O’reilly Måned siden
Matt your headset is on backwards nobhead
ciaran p
ciaran p Måned siden
the perfect hat trick, right foot left foot header
Fifa 21 Squad builder
Fifa 21 Squad builder Måned siden
Imagine having that team and finishing gold 2/3😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂my most expensive player is ousmane dembele and I finish elite 3/2
nick meredith
nick meredith Måned siden
@Sam Russell literally he probably is lying and has varane Gomez Walker and mendy at the back he Ruins the game
Sam Russell
Sam Russell Måned siden
You 100% play drop back
Jacob O’reilly
Jacob O’reilly Måned siden
There happy with gold 2 after spending grands😂😂😂😂😂
Dan Måned siden
you can make cech come for crosses on player instructions matt
Red910 Måned siden
Omg I watched this live
EVAN 2004
EVAN 2004 Måned siden
Guy yall can have any icon in CB varane is better than all pf them
Haaris Fiaz
Haaris Fiaz Måned siden
Brodloi Måned siden
choked gold 1, finished gold 2
Zach Tollervey
Zach Tollervey Måned siden
Pace in cb but varane has like the most pace 🤔🤔
James C
James C Måned siden
if cech doesnt come out for corners, set him to come out for crosses in custom tactics
Zerkify Måned siden
It literally baffles me how you can lose so many games with half of your team full of legends, it just doesn’t make any sense
Harvey Meddings
Harvey Meddings Måned siden
@LST Clan don’t know what you’re on about mate. A team helps you massively in this game. If he had the team most people hVe he would struggle to get gold 3, he’d probs admit that himself
LST Clan
LST Clan Måned siden
The team doesn’t really effect it, yes if you have mbappe and playing players at your level it will help. But people have gone 30-0 with a bronze team. That’s the same as manny not going 30-0 with his team. Only the best players will go 30-0 with any team
Luka Deme
Luka Deme Måned siden
i packed Nakata in my icon pack. what a plurrrrrr
Theo Chambers
Theo Chambers Måned siden
57 out 100
Hani Atesh
Hani Atesh Måned siden
Yo Matt and Chris u guys need to try baby Stoichkov his a beast try and use his left foot as its more effective and his shot power is insane
The triple gaming Squad
The triple gaming Squad Måned siden
Matt buys a 15 million coin team: I think this team will fit my playstyle
xGEnglish Måned siden
Finished Elite 3. 0 games left💪
Mr. Winner
Mr. Winner Måned siden
I finished Elite 3 😆
Aidan Jump
Aidan Jump Måned siden
I didn’t play any games until Sunday and ended up 14 wins 4 losses by 11.40pm so left it there
lucas prosser
lucas prosser Måned siden
I kinda just packed a record breaker sancho
Harvey Rockcliffe
Harvey Rockcliffe Måned siden
You guys need to try out that flashback alessandrini, he’s god like 🔥
Nikhil Chetram
Nikhil Chetram Måned siden
Matt, you should try rule breaker kane instead of rashford
Ognjen Dragosavljević
Ognjen Dragosavljević Måned siden
Finished 13-17 ffs
Ognjen Dragosavljević
Ognjen Dragosavljević Måned siden
@Mason Parrott it's a hard life 🤣
Mason Parrott
Mason Parrott Måned siden
Imagine not even getting gold 3
Matthew Guy
Matthew Guy Måned siden
I’m really bad at Fifa and played all my games and only won 5 of them and broke 3 controllers
Stephen Morley
Stephen Morley Måned siden
matt said you're never going to score directly from a corner when i scored 6 goals directly from a corner in the weekend league this week
jordan bekavac
jordan bekavac Måned siden
i opened an 100k pack and got pogba, martial and joe gomez
I10_Active Måned siden
Rltn49 Hates Fifa
Rltn49 Hates Fifa Måned siden
Good vid lads 🙌
James Duxbury
James Duxbury Måned siden
I got 14 and 4 is that good?
Sam Miller
Sam Miller Måned siden
It’s alright
High Times UTD
High Times UTD Måned siden
Yannick Robberechts
Yannick Robberechts Måned siden
my record in WL is 14-1 i stoped at gold 3 like always. cracking vids again boys. keep it up, great to have some positivity in a day in this time.
Billy Is a god
Billy Is a god Måned siden
They don’t even react to packs anymore
brett Davies
brett Davies Måned siden
There’s nothing more frustrating than the way Chris says frustrating 🤣
Archie Faulkner-Lerway
Archie Faulkner-Lerway Måned siden
Matt should’ve shown me not to spend on packs earlier... 700k no player over 83
Thomas Baugh
Thomas Baugh Måned siden
Do kums aguero he’s better than Jesus even after the upgrade
Thomas Baugh
Thomas Baugh Måned siden
HxvocRaZ Måned siden
Usually get gold 3 but I got gold 2
Luczidity Måned siden
I sold my whole team to get a base icon pack so I can do a RTG wish me luck
BlaZe ToBs
BlaZe ToBs Måned siden
Chris: Varane is slow me: he has 82 pace
Michael Rack
Michael Rack Måned siden
You should both get best instead of salah he is such a beast
Hazza_ Zanif
Hazza_ Zanif Måned siden
I want gold 2
Hazza_ Zanif
Hazza_ Zanif Måned siden
@Joel’sgaming nice
Joel’sgaming Måned siden
I got gold 3 with 7 games left
Joel’sgaming Måned siden
It’s hard
CT83 Måned siden
@Dan Armitage didn’t ask
Dan Armitage
Dan Armitage Måned siden
It’s not hard
Owen Jamess
Owen Jamess Måned siden
Flashback allesandrini is very good I recommend
Harry T
Harry T Måned siden
Chris get record breaker vardy he’s a cracking plur
Curtis Holland
Curtis Holland Måned siden
im a cracking plur
Xander Bradbury
Xander Bradbury Måned siden
I got gold 3 in my last game from 4-0 down came back equalised in the 92nd minute and ramos scored a pen in the 116th minute to win the game
Dion Romanos- FIFA 21 Content
Dion Romanos- FIFA 21 Content Måned siden
Had a shocking day today at school go home and this makes my day heaps better. Love from Australia
Michael Tsipnis
Michael Tsipnis Måned siden
Gabriel Jesus scores 8 goals in 4 games for Chris, Matt’s record 8 wins 4 losses! Numerology 9:35
luke franklin
luke franklin Måned siden
Currently in the silvers aiming for a solid gold two
Benjamin John
Benjamin John Måned siden
Top 100
Harry Masterson
Harry Masterson Måned siden
Just get to 14 and stop cos no point in pushing on
Joel’sgaming Måned siden
Ye this week I got 14 wins but I left the last 7 games because I don’t get good from gold 2 anyway
DomijuricYT Måned siden
I got gold 3
Leo Berry
Leo Berry Måned siden
lads i got gold 1 for the first time !
vGamerz x
vGamerz x Måned siden
Need to bring back super Sunday...:(
Ben. D
Ben. D Måned siden
Yes he listened to me saying buy petr chech
TrueKiller Måned siden
I finished Gold 1 I went 20-8 but I’m hoping to get Elite sometime soon!
cbux Måned siden
havent watched you guys since fifa 15 🤣love u both
James Hurst
James Hurst Måned siden
Gold 2 so close to gold 1 but never got it any big players to help me get there under 300k
Joe The Jumbler
Joe The Jumbler Måned siden
Dembele is a cheap player that you can play at st if you make him a LF and link with Kante which is about 300k
GodBuilderXD TTVBTW Måned siden
Kante, or van dijk, trust me (elite 3 player)
artl9 04
artl9 04 Måned siden
“weve done him with the flip flop” - matt 2020
lawdy Måned siden
*Salah scores 10 goals in one game for matt* (Matt”I don’t know I’m not feeling salah”)
luke bailey
luke bailey Måned siden
I bail out at gold 3 because it jars me out
danny sheffield
danny sheffield Måned siden
I love the content but the whole "nothing penalties" and things are wild, just dived into a tackle, of course it'll be a foul. Just because you have an icon CB doesn't mean you can't foul...
Citzon Måned siden
Got gold 1
Seb VInel
Seb VInel Måned siden
15 wins in WL, keep up the good work guys
Frazer Jardine
Frazer Jardine Måned siden
Anyone noticed mat is wearing his headset wrong way round
lee eccles
lee eccles Måned siden
Gold 1 for the first time, kemon
Joseph Foster
Joseph Foster Måned siden
Petition for Chris to slap Matt every time says dude
Ricky T /Logan
Ricky T /Logan Måned siden
I think u two should set up a discord chat for your follows to interact and where u two could interact with your members and we could share our packs and teams Just a thought up u to to be honest ❤️
Craig Low
Craig Low Måned siden
“I’m a dad let’s just all calm down” 😂😂😂
Ruben Måned siden
The fact that you don’t get a walkout in 5 100k packs is criminal like honestly someone needs to look into EA making way too much money
Mike Ortiz-Marquez
Mike Ortiz-Marquez Måned siden
I would say that I bailed out at gold 3, but I played almost all of the games to get there, I had 3 games remaining, I went 14-13
Jense Halton
Jense Halton Måned siden
Just clinched gold 2 with one game
DominicChuckles Måned siden
@Oscar B no
Oscar B
Oscar B Måned siden
Ace Boogie
Ace Boogie Måned siden
Chris underperformed, your team is too over powered
ManLikeClaybob Måned siden
Brandon Robinson
Brandon Robinson Måned siden
Finished on gold 2 my best finish in wel
dean knight
dean knight Måned siden
Matts gunna have another full icon team by Xmas 😥😥😥
J.turnxr Måned siden
Packed 93 ronaldo out of 100k pack then the day after got baby maradona out of an icon pack love to see it
Fosters FC
Fosters FC Måned siden
Will there be a day where Chris does a Waaaaaayyyyyynnnnneeee honey again ?
Gaming NERD
Gaming NERD Måned siden
I normally finish 11 wins because I either stress out or I just bottle everything but this week managed to get 18 wins best finish I have had this Fifa and I played so good
Gaming NERD
Gaming NERD Måned siden
@HawkEU no I’m a decent Fifa player but I mean I normally wind myself up and stop playing or bottle it in the last minute, played a few Friends and asked where I’m going wrong and they told me and I fixed it
HawkEU Måned siden
@Spencer VonBank fair enough
Spencer VonBank
Spencer VonBank Måned siden
@HawkEU difference between silver and gold 2 is not much at all. I leaned a couple skills and bought a decent team with the coins I was hoarding, not really hard to believe
HawkEU Måned siden
@Spencer VonBank cap. Carry on at that speed I should be seeing u top 100 in no time
Spencer VonBank
Spencer VonBank Måned siden
@HawkEU not really I was at 13 wins 2 weeks ago, last week I got 16, this week I got 18
C J Måned siden
Chris: pace at the back was letting me down...proceeds to drop varane the most OP fast cb on the game 👍🏼😂😂
Jordan Tomlinson
Jordan Tomlinson Måned siden
I think Jesus is only expensive because he is a rtf nd city will qualify
Tyler Måned siden
Cannavaro has the same pace as varane
Muhammad El Ayoubi
Muhammad El Ayoubi Måned siden
I wanted to get gold 2 but since I’m 14-1 I’ll just go for elire
Andrew Davo
Andrew Davo Måned siden
Nice I’m 14-4
Muhammad El Ayoubi
Muhammad El Ayoubi Måned siden
Tub Walk
Tub Walk Måned siden
Day #369 to. get featured love the vids
Baconpancakes242 Måned siden
Why is matts headset the wrong way round lol
Appie -_-
Appie -_- Måned siden
Try flashback aguero.. he is a cracking plurrr
Captain Cluck
Captain Cluck Måned siden
Matt buy record breaker mbappe cracking plurrrr
———-—— Måned siden
Lmao i packed Jesus Rttf in a Two player pack, and him and Rashford is the most deadly duo in the game for under 1 mil
———-—— Måned siden
@Luke Scovell. Yes but mbappe over 1 mil
Luke Scovell
Luke Scovell Måned siden
Nope mbappe and Ben yoda
Curtis Woodhouse
Curtis Woodhouse Måned siden
i can't sad
Callum Pike
Callum Pike Måned siden
Got my first gold 2 🥳🥳
Archie Lowery
Archie Lowery Måned siden
So Chris dropped Varane because his 82 pace is too low... Gomez pace = 82 Campbell pace = 82
Harry Lee
Harry Lee Måned siden
Bigboyjohn Måned siden
Andres Reacts
Andres Reacts Måned siden
I’m 15-13 🥲
Hvor Er De Nå? - SKAM
Ganger 41 k
NewsNOW Stream Part 3 - 01/11/21
NewsNOW from FOX
Ganger 3,7 mill
Nancy Pelosi: The 2021 60 Minutes interview
Hvor Er De Nå? - SKAM
Ganger 41 k
NewsNOW Stream Part 3 - 01/11/21
NewsNOW from FOX
Ganger 3,7 mill
Nancy Pelosi: The 2021 60 Minutes interview