FNAF VR's DREAD-ful New Game! | Curse of Dreadbear (FNAF VR Help Wanted DLC)

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FNAF VR has released a new DLC just in time for Halloween! Time to get SPOOKED in VR as we return to the world of FNAF VR: Help Wanted! Boo!
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xcam _ mylax
xcam _ mylax 3 dager siden
DLC stands for: Download (D) Lore (L) Clues (C)
Atticus Miller
Atticus Miller 5 dager siden
Little does Mat know that Balloon Boy is actually the single most important animatronic for the lore.
R0NN13 5 dager siden
9:00 To skip the Pre-talk 16:52 PlushKin Patch
Stephanie Chatelain
Stephanie Chatelain 5 dager siden
No it’s 38 38888888888
laurenbear 7 dager siden
Dylan Selander
Dylan Selander 10 dager siden
Rhonda Welch
Rhonda Welch 13 dager siden
Is this dlc still available
E Cameron
E Cameron 13 dager siden
HOW DID'NT MATPAT SEE DREDD BEAR ONTOP OF THE MOIVE SCREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jackson Myers
Jackson Myers 15 dager siden
Boys during NNN: 59:57
ash games
ash games 15 dager siden
Chat: LOOK UP crew: I’ll ignore that
Raven Capwell
Raven Capwell 21 dag siden
Matt: *scared to death of Mangle* Matt 10 seconds later: "Wait, where's funtime Foxy?"
gacha light
gacha light 21 dag siden
chris: sitting in a void mat: CHRIS CHRIS CHRIS chris: WHO SUMMONED ME!
All54321 Gaming
All54321 Gaming 24 dager siden
19:50 On the hill there are 5 tombstones and then the glitch one.... interesting
All54321 Gaming
All54321 Gaming 24 dager siden
You’re questioning if this is canon and if you should believe the guy on that... remember this is the guy who told you all past FNaF games and lore were fake. So take what he says with a grain of salt.
All54321 Gaming
All54321 Gaming 24 dager siden
14:10 Ah, yes, the 8300s, I remember this time so well.
juju fret
juju fret 25 dager siden
that luck tho
juju fret
juju fret 25 dager siden
yo who else sees the fnaf 4 house
Yeetus Peetus
Yeetus Peetus 26 dager siden
At the end of FNAF Pizzeria Simulator when you see all the animatronics getting burned, the springtrap suit, aka Afton, has a wood lot background texture instead of a metal background texture like the rest of the animatronics. Also, there is some quite obvious pine needles around him as well.
My Gaming Home
My Gaming Home 27 dager siden
Pretty sure the chat saying "look up" was them saying look up to see the fnaf 4 house
Lily Sanders
Lily Sanders 28 dager siden
anyone notice the pixelated shadow of purple man in the first minigame he played by the cabin for a sec or is that just me ?? idk Edit : At exactly 17:05
LiLiBoo Art
LiLiBoo Art Måned siden
This was streamed last year yesterday.... noice.
Disco Bird
Disco Bird Måned siden
This was streamed one year ago today!
L'inconnu connu
L'inconnu connu Måned siden
Matt : *screams in terror* Chris : *laughs sadistically*
Amna Ayman
Amna Ayman Måned siden
now we are only missed jack-o' Freddy :))
Joy Alvar
Joy Alvar Måned siden
35:29 that thing is wrong
LoserBo1 Måned siden
Kurt langenfeld
Kurt langenfeld Måned siden
i think i heard breath of the wild
froliqq Måned siden
rewatching just in time for the spooky season
Arlie Poyser
Arlie Poyser Måned siden
Matpat looks like Markiplier but skinny
Quinton does stuff
Quinton does stuff Måned siden
Chris is the game tester, producer, and secondary lore finder. Of course he needs to be summoned
Tori Viar
Tori Viar Måned siden
Chica is a she
Xx_blue Bunny_xx
Xx_blue Bunny_xx Måned siden
Boi 28:32 thats. Is.WATER
Tori Viar
Tori Viar Måned siden
I’m watching this in the year 2020 to get in the spooky autumn feel.
Shadow Fright 13
Shadow Fright 13 Måned siden
Is it just me, or in the beginning when he's at the prize corner, does he look taller?
John The Dork
John The Dork Måned siden
19:02 It’s Firefox.
WSD 781
WSD 781 Måned siden
Ross are red Hope you’re feeling sporty I know you hate conversations So it starts at 8:40
Jimin’s Lost Jams
Jimin’s Lost Jams 2 måneder siden
I’m not sure why, but I think Mangle’s design is probably my favorite in the whole game. I’ve always like their design, but in this game it’s especially amazing!
Sweepee2 2 måneder siden
To be honest, you actually have too throw the Darts at the Clown Posters, look for Glitchy dancing on a hill and try to find a Bunny Mask while holding Glitchy you will hear a creepy conversation!🐰🙍‍♀️
Sweepee2 2 måneder siden
I tried making Vanny in emojis *me crying inside cause I failed to make my favourite character in emojis*TvT
Sweepee2 2 måneder siden
Freddy Fazbear=Freddy Frickbear
WOLFYFLEE second channel
WOLFYFLEE second channel 2 måneder siden
Can the first reply to this comment be the second last comment and the second comment be the last?
I do stuff
I do stuff 2 måneder siden
Matt. Everything in games happens in 3s. He says while playing FIVE nights at freddys
wiggle- ninja
wiggle- ninja 2 måneder siden
So like does Chris talk more than Jason? I can’t pick a fav. Stan both tbh.
kylie katcarter
kylie katcarter 2 måneder siden
When he's talking about the Indian fire thing he's not talking about the lanterns right??
Avacodo Slothy
Avacodo Slothy 2 måneder siden
The house on the hill is the same house on the cover of Silver Eyes!
Savannah 2 måneder siden
29:24 Im sorry *pink* thats purple
Po Po Skywalker
Po Po Skywalker 2 måneder siden
This is one of the few FNaF games I can watch AND one that I own.
Katie Munger
Katie Munger 2 måneder siden
A potato flew around my room before I watched this. I need mental help
Jade Playz
Jade Playz 2 måneder siden
Did anyone else notice the car in the background blinking Morse code? I don't really know Morse code so I can't figure out when it's trying to say, but it's definitely Morse code.
hadleigh lewis
hadleigh lewis 2 måneder siden
the lights are mores code for its me
Foxfire-chan 2 måneder siden
Is the car flashing it’s headlights in Morse code?
Foxfire-chan 2 måneder siden
Or Freddiestein
Foxfire-chan 2 måneder siden
Lily C
Lily C 2 måneder siden
50:09 when the clock starts ticking faster my anxiety goes 📈
Lily C
Lily C 2 måneder siden
Everyone else: *scared* Mat: COOL
REALbiggestlegofan Connor
REALbiggestlegofan Connor 2 måneder siden
Imagine people doing this in real life closing the door 2 times after the person at the door knocks or rings the doorbell and THEN giving the trick or treater the candy 😂
Lex Moore
Lex Moore 3 måneder siden
Me: hears someone say DLC Me having just played Doki Doki recovering from the trauma: *Your Reality music intensifies*
Lemony FNAF
Lemony FNAF 3 måneder siden
When he said “Glitchbear”, I was gonna correct him and say Glitchtrap but I accidentally said Glitchpat! I mean, he was Glitchtrap on Random Encounters.
Black Reaper
Black Reaper 3 måneder siden
It looked like foxy had a sickle instead of a hook
Sebastian Scaling
Sebastian Scaling 3 måneder siden
Chris: i stay in a corner waiting to be summoned
Blue Shell
Blue Shell 3 måneder siden
The dreadfully annoying banter ceases around 8:45.
Jeremiah Duby
Jeremiah Duby 3 måneder siden
#gtlive pro yeet
Jason Crews
Jason Crews 3 måneder siden
30:53 MatPat is already going crazy
Ok Dude
Ok Dude 3 måneder siden
Bruh the mic
Abigail The Artist
Abigail The Artist 3 måneder siden
39:11 mangle looks like he's just checkin' out the animatronic Mat made, lmao
Matias Wilson
Matias Wilson 3 måneder siden
when you go to nightmare mode glitchtrap is on the hill
The Mastro Show
The Mastro Show 3 måneder siden
There is in the graveyard when you lose five gravestones so lore hint ?
Atomic Dolphin
Atomic Dolphin 3 måneder siden
It would've been funny if you could ding dong ditch in the trick or treat game😆
Luke Krepich
Luke Krepich 3 måneder siden
22:12 i wouldve tried to kick it
Tam Edwards
Tam Edwards 3 måneder siden
keep looking at the ship and a crackinen will grab the ship
dezmond Stone
dezmond Stone 3 måneder siden
Is it jus me or does the reflection in the water or whatever that is looks like Freddy...
ida 3 måneder siden
honestly matpat thinking the reflection of the moon on the lake is fire/something burning for who knows how long is rlly funny ngl
Aareon 3 måneder siden
(yiff the fox)
Judd MacDonald
Judd MacDonald 3 måneder siden
Cinnamon Otter
Cinnamon Otter 3 måneder siden
I played this and its super cool and The mangle build is so hard we must play it like 6 times
FNAF Nerd 2014
FNAF Nerd 2014 3 måneder siden
59:34 *po**#nHub** intro plays*
P A S T E L - F L O W E R
P A S T E L - F L O W E R 3 måneder siden
Jumpscare List (Being Updated!) 8:15 (Baby wearing Freddy Mask) 34:35 (Freddle?) 35:36 (Mangle) 37:35 (Freddle) Kinda 37:33 (Mangle) 38:15 (Freddle) Kinda 39:15 (Mangle) 40:06 (Freddle) Kinda 46:05 (Door/MatPat) 49:56 (Mangle) 50:25 (Nightmare BB) 53:42. (Chica) 1:02:55 (Glowy thing) Kinda Sudden 1:06:25 (Jack-o'-Chica?)
daniel urbina
daniel urbina 3 måneder siden
the band
Sergej Press Start
Sergej Press Start 3 måneder siden
Top 3 fnaf screams: 3 fnaf 4 scream 2 fnf ucn fredbear Easter egg scream 1 Matpat at 46:05
Fluffyth3f0x 3 måneder siden
you can tell that mangle is a dog just by the way It acts. In the build a mangle minigame, it cocks it's head and rummages around acting curious. In other games, it crawls around on all four and has different behavior patterns that the animatronics possessed by humans. It's very interesting.
AEMARR 3 måneder siden
Mat: Maybe it’s a funeral pyre? Reality: Just a lake
thabaconator 3 måneder siden
17:50 did no one see the red eye just walking around
sadie 3 måneder siden
at 1:03:32 it sounds almost like the game over screen from ultimate custom night when you die from golden freddy. maybe that’s me but it sounds VERY similar to the sounds he makes
DerpyTacos 3 måneder siden
Ahh GTLives are the best
the man behind the slaughter
the man behind the slaughter 4 måneder siden
I would like to add the fact that they all just hanging out in the same house
Chronicler9 4 måneder siden
1:16:12 the flashing of the car lights reminds me of the flashing of Freddy's eyes at the end of one of the games (can't remember which) - I noticed it because I'm pretty sure the alternating flashes is a kind of code... gah i wish i could remember more exact stuff. You can encode messages in pulsing lights, something like that. Has MatPat covered more about this idea yet? It's not MORSE code it's a pulse kind of code. I think it's at least fictionally used with brainwashing too.
Alex Redfield
Alex Redfield 4 måneder siden
For those of y'all who are late, game starts at about 8:40
Billy Bob
Billy Bob 4 måneder siden
I don’t know why I still watch gameplay of fnaf Because the games give me night terrors
gg dubbs
gg dubbs 4 måneder siden
On trick or treat could u of just stuck ur face threw the door and seen
Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith 4 måneder siden
I was watching in the dark and the flashing lights hurt alot
Morgan Is Tired
Morgan Is Tired 4 måneder siden
Don’t worry the fun Starts at 8:51
Rick Balmedina
Rick Balmedina 4 måneder siden
Foxy does not get fooled by masks.He gets fooled by his own face.
Xxx Eli Studios
Xxx Eli Studios 4 måneder siden
Dunadunadunadunadunadunaduna BATPAT BATPAT
Mango the Silkwing
Mango the Silkwing 4 måneder siden
When you summoned dreadbear I did not see the house...DREADBEAR CRUSHED THE HOUSE! Wait if dreadbear crushed the house then what did the family do...DUN DUN DUN
eexxllaa 4 måneder siden
Gaby Melendez
Gaby Melendez 4 måneder siden
did anyone else notice a bonnie figure standing behind the computer when he set it to hard mode?
depresso midoriya
depresso midoriya 4 måneder siden
Time stamp?
Serenity Cruz
Serenity Cruz 4 måneder siden
Recently rewatched all the gtlive playthroughs for fnaf and found it worth mentioning that the clown poster is also in the office of fnaf 6 I believe next to the left side vent
depresso midoriya
depresso midoriya 4 måneder siden
Well I noticed because I'm molten fred
Whis Cash
Whis Cash 4 måneder siden
that omnic mechanic
that omnic mechanic 4 måneder siden
Freddy krueger wears a glove there nof his nails mat XD
James Bacon
James Bacon 4 måneder siden
Bruh what cam do you use this is clear af o3o
Nerfamus 4 måneder siden
That "fire" is the reflection of the moon on the water
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