Food Theory: What's SAFE To Eat After Nuclear Fallout?

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2 måneder siden

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Loyal Theorists, nowadays I seem to be thinking a lot about the future of the world. Over on my other channel, Game Theory, I've talked a lot about the franchise of Fallout. Now that we've launched Food Theory, I think it's time to cover a topic I've always wondered about - what CAN you eat after a nuclear apocalypse? What food out there is safe from the radiation that would permeate pretty much everything? Today, we're going to find out what's on the menu after nuclear fallout!
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Writers: Matthew Patrick, Luke Barats, and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Danial "BanditRants" Keristoufi and Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

COOLSHADOW45 challi 3 timer siden
:/ shouldn't this be a game theory video.
Kieba How
Kieba How 3 timer siden
Big problems require simple solutions. It’s big brain time.
Michał Dmochowski
Michał Dmochowski 10 timer siden
Well, you have done one extremely significant error, radiated food is only safe if it's been radiated with non-ionizing radiation and that's what food industry is doing, fruits and vegetables are desinfected with nonionising UVC radiation, while ionising radiation such as gamma radiation from uranium explosion, radioactivates almost everything it radiates. Good job advising people how to die
James Saunders
James Saunders 15 timer siden
why dont you just have animals and plants in your bunker in the first place?
tahz 8002
tahz 8002 15 timer siden
if mat patt was a teacher then he will be my favorite one, i hope he teaches actual stuff that will help me in life tho
Dabin Doge
Dabin Doge 16 timer siden
I have played fallout so much that I know the radio pip boy songs
HuneeBruh Exists
HuneeBruh Exists Dag siden
“Things that are left out in the sun don’t cause sunburns” Yeah, but they can cause burns
Detergent Dag siden
7:33, Thanks for putting kosovo as serbia. Big respects man
Eric Lee
Eric Lee Dag siden
Matpat, how does one even carefully remove topsoil? This seems like a pretty important detail
Anthony Chavez
Anthony Chavez Dag siden
Alcohol theory
DahDaniel Dude HQ
DahDaniel Dude HQ Dag siden
Even if we didn’t get exposed to radiation we would still die cuz we need oxygen
Isaac Worley
Isaac Worley 3 dager siden
These videos are made with quality! Good luck on Conspiracy Theorists! I'm actually very exited to see a full circle soon.
Clipper Gaming Time
Clipper Gaming Time 3 dager siden
Guess how many times Mat said radioactive
Preston Productions
Preston Productions 4 dager siden
Why do I always find my self double checking if I’m subscribed
Microsoft confirmed Dulalevi Original
Microsoft confirmed Dulalevi Original 4 dager siden
6:35 You have a mob farm? There's a lot of XP
Dédjorn Frampton
Dédjorn Frampton 4 dager siden
All we need to do is get a nice spot in the sunlight, photosynthesize and problem solved. No more hunger. The problem is, where would we get clean water.
Pokepoke18 5 dager siden
Good thing I’m vaulting these videos in my brain ;)))))) How do you test it
Demon Darkrai
Demon Darkrai 5 dager siden
MatPat: 8:09 Me: I'd rather blame Jason
Jiminz _Jamz
Jiminz _Jamz 5 dager siden
Haha I'm so used to you saying "Welcome to film theory"
burnerpric 6 dager siden
Heidi Piersanti
Heidi Piersanti 6 dager siden
He should have a book theory
ARTMAINIAC3600 6 dager siden
the 4rth chnnel must be youtube theory
Tristan Mbaya
Tristan Mbaya 7 dager siden
are you sponsoring fallout or something?
Santiago Siliceo
Santiago Siliceo 7 dager siden
Me: *Takes notes* Radiated food are *SUS*
Jon Arbuckle
Jon Arbuckle 7 dager siden
Just pour a little radaway on it it can be used as a very nice sauce
Nicholas Cosse
Nicholas Cosse 7 dager siden
couldn't you use plants to remove radioactive material from the soil, then add fertilizer and plant new ones in the now non radioactive soil
Finzard Plays
Finzard Plays 7 dager siden
Plant used absorb Soil's radiation causes plant to get badly poisoned (Pokemon reference)
Exphixon 7 dager siden
At the end where you asked if we wanted to watch the zombie video it showed me kfc and the curse of colonel sanders
Dim 8 dager siden
What are you talking about, I love me some broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower.
2Beans 1Cream
2Beans 1Cream 8 dager siden
Freeze-dried food
Ojas Nimsarkar
Ojas Nimsarkar 8 dager siden
Mushroom and cockroaches!
ThatNerdyBoyRobbie 9 dager siden
saying "it can be fatal in the short term" could imply it stops being fatal after a decent length of time. you die, but only for a little bit.
Shard 6 dager siden
the gamers and the cats
the gamers and the cats 9 dager siden
Fallout 76 is great and getting out of the vault is way easier than fallout 4.
UtterTrash 9 dager siden
You should do a theory on the Quaker oats radiation experiments
Blake Davis
Blake Davis 9 dager siden
Stew it I’m eating a sandwich
Blake Davis
Blake Davis 9 dager siden
Wandering around in the Mohave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter
Enderdragooon 9 dager siden
Have a farm with fish and vegetables and you don’t have to go out
Piggy Penny Gacha
Piggy Penny Gacha 9 dager siden
Who loves food!!!!!!!
Shush am hungry
Shush am hungry 9 dager siden
10:43 so that happened when I WAS BORN.
Linus Tangen Wollan
Linus Tangen Wollan 9 dager siden
I am from Norway
Ceramic tile
Ceramic tile 9 dager siden
Davidthebot 10 dager siden
Shard 6 dager siden
I disagree
Jade345 10 dager siden
I came from an imagine dragons song to this
Emberframe FFN
Emberframe FFN 10 dager siden
that's why america has so many cancers and weakness due to irradiating food.
Huey gamer
Huey gamer 10 dager siden
I wish all of these videos counted as science homework. Not that I don’t like science, I love it and I’m in set 1 in science but these videos are better
CJ Haskins
CJ Haskins 11 dager siden
This dude has fallen off
Tonii Baloneyy
Tonii Baloneyy 11 dager siden
Nancy Bolivar
Nancy Bolivar 11 dager siden
episode 1 of good theory game food
?it's not me?
?it's not me? 11 dager siden
The drum stick isn't actually the leg its just another part of the wing
Minecraft Player
Minecraft Player 11 dager siden
Chinchilla_Fandoms 12 dager siden
Writing before watching, if there's not at least one Imagine Dragons clip I will be disappointed
Nicola Eriksen
Nicola Eriksen 12 dager siden
Breed pets to keep you company and breed livestock to eat. Boom survive the apocalypse. And I swear if you say eat the pets I will invert your rib cage and teach you that kneecaps are a privilege.
Toad Cod
Toad Cod 12 dager siden
Me as a Norwegian😳😳
Devin Stromgren
Devin Stromgren 13 dager siden
One problem with post apocalypse farming. As a farmer I can tell you that the topsoil is where all the nutrients in the soil are, so you better have a radiation free source of fertilizer otherwise you're looking at some pretty poor crops.
Gunga the caveman
Gunga the caveman 13 dager siden
Wait cooking doesnt remove radiation in fallout though? Im pretty sure it just reduces it
Halo Man
Halo Man 13 dager siden
Guys I got the answer from Bethesda themselves “It just works”
Remus Lazar
Remus Lazar 13 dager siden
Matpat: you know, I'm something of a scientist myself
KC Dreamer
KC Dreamer 13 dager siden
Mattpat-“oh, sorry about your leg” Chicken-“ah, it’s alright I got plenty” *three legs pop out* Me-....Ō~Ô”””....
Battle For Nothing
Battle For Nothing 13 dager siden
Nishanth Kadiri
Nishanth Kadiri 13 dager siden
I just lost my appetite from watching da intro
Frostea 14 dager siden
Where to live during a zombie apocalypse; Nacht Der Untoten
Mythicalives 14 dager siden
Jack Sundström
Jack Sundström 14 dager siden
What was that accent 7:10
Knux English
Knux English 14 dager siden
How harmful is radiation? Y E S
scince wizard
scince wizard 14 dager siden
i'm discovering more and more references the more i see the food theorists intro
Hamza Ahmed
Hamza Ahmed 14 dager siden
Me eating sour patch ) game theory please make a theory about sour patch
D. Carpenter
D. Carpenter 15 dager siden
I was in Germany when Chernobyl had its meltdown, so I got exposed to a lot of fallout (as did we all over there) and didn't even get superpowers! I feel cheated.
Harry Nguyen
Harry Nguyen 15 dager siden
varietygames 15 dager siden
Well that answers a lot of questions I had for settlers in Fallout 4
VOP LegoChef9
VOP LegoChef9 15 dager siden
I just woke up from a dream, and you are describing it in a way. Imagine thanos killed everything.
Janez | Survival Games and other stuff...
Janez | Survival Games and other stuff... 15 dager siden
meme theory is the final theory
Allison Brown ArtDesign
Allison Brown ArtDesign 16 dager siden
#Blamebracias is my new every day line
Noah Lundstrom
Noah Lundstrom 16 dager siden
Hey mat pat, how much do you learn on different topics for your video's ? Because I imagine that you learn a lot on a great variety of topics.
black diamond
black diamond 16 dager siden
Me like
Harold Brick
Harold Brick 16 dager siden
simple solution: walmart
Scy 16 dager siden
5:35 just watch out for them bananers
Morten Opeggard
Morten Opeggard 16 dager siden
I live in Norway
Soma Das
Soma Das 16 dager siden
Nothing what you SHOULD eat is processed food. edit: VERY PROCEESED FOOD
Jodie Striley
Jodie Striley 16 dager siden
6:25 Ash? Where's Pikachu?
[Zαяα] 16 dager siden
Imagine,you live in a post-apocolyptic world,you were runing out of supplies,you go out and try to find supplies,then you decided on taking a look at a,what it looks like,plant,and then the plant turns out to be a radio-active chicken who can talk,would you. A,take it as food B,take it as a pet C,freak out and then run off back to the bunker D,leave and go off runing to find food again
W0lfi18 17 dager siden
For some reason I don't like this one.
Luchiano_920 17 dager siden
While playing adopt me and making mega bat i listen to this XD
BltDaBeast 17 dager siden
Why is that Chicken a New Yorker?
Virginia Clayton
Virginia Clayton 17 dager siden
Matpat the cure for you kown what is 90 % done its going to be ok
Dravidsenior 18 dager siden
What's next religious theory?
GGGaming 18 dager siden
You have not answered my question: Is an animal crossing character nuclear or not?
Nathan West
Nathan West 18 dager siden
so basically canned food and fresh soil are the things one should keeep in stock I doubt that scraping off the top layer will do any good if it rained and what about water?
Y5KTZ 18 dager siden
Mr. Editor
Mr. Editor 18 dager siden
Anything kept in n underground vault.
Arsalan Ali Khan
Arsalan Ali Khan 19 dager siden
Matt, what about water? Haven't you forgot that you can only survive 3 days without it!
evil little kitty tyler
evil little kitty tyler 19 dager siden
Fatpat is back
pretty good gamer
pretty good gamer 19 dager siden
How abt hydroponics
Rock and roll sea lion Sea lion
Rock and roll sea lion Sea lion 19 dager siden
Could you eat irradiated raw chicken ?
a y
a y 19 dager siden
3:24 for me
RMA Studio
RMA Studio 20 dager siden
My mom to my brother: don’t eat that poinsettia leaf it’s poisonous. My brother eats one leaf: yes but how poisonous is it? 😅🤣😅 lol he was fine btw
John Prater
John Prater 21 dag siden
I'll follow Moira's advice and wash down that tasty radroach with a tall glass of rad-cleansing brahmin milk, magnets, and a few happy thoughts.
Fact Mania
Fact Mania 21 dag siden
Hope that radioactive-spider bites me
DeQui LaFeara
DeQui LaFeara 21 dag siden
There's people and animals living right next to the reactor a baby was born and raised there eating food that her family trapped and grew there and they're all normal and healthy some people went back after the government failed tp provide housing for them. They did tests on the people and animals and said a diet high in antioxidants helped fight the harmful results of radiation. The government has a huge population of protected horses living wild there. 😆 This is all b.s.
YEET ! 21 dag siden
Food theriost: tries to make stuff not confusing Me: gets confused
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