Top 5 Teofimo Lopez Knockouts

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Before his unification championship fight, watch #TeofimoLopez Top 5 Knockouts.
Next up for Top Rank Boxing, the lightweight unification showdown between WBC Franchise/WBA/WBO world champion Vasiliy Lomachenko and IBF kingpin Teofimo Lopez will take place Oct. 17 on ESPN.
The #LomaLopez telecast begins at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT and airs on ESPN and ESPN Deportes.
The 10-round junior welterweight co-main features former world title challenger Alex Saucedo against unbeaten contender Arnold Barboza Jr.
In the eight-round ESPN-televised opener, super middleweight knockout sensation Edgar Berlanga tests his perfect record against veteran Lanell Bellows. Berlanga (14-0, 14 KOs) has won all 14 of his professional fights by first-round stoppage.
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Artemio Roque
Artemio Roque 13 timer siden
Esas maromas que da, sus tobillos y rodillas ae lo cobrana caro al llegar a sus 60. Con ello esta fastidiando su cartilago en esas areas.
Youssef Mc
Youssef Mc Dag siden
I love this dude I don't know why
kacia way
kacia way Dag siden
Wow.. 16 fights ..what a knock out reel. Imagine the next 20 fights.. can't wait
Walter H. White
Walter H. White 2 dager siden
Dudes a beast
STEVEN N. L. 2 dager siden
TT.CARACU 3 dager siden
Lopez vs Terence Nice fight
Uuganaa Javkhlan
Uuganaa Javkhlan 3 dager siden
Daldaichaad hund gartai hulgaich yumaa
Feng Xiong
Feng Xiong 3 dager siden
This dude deserves everything hes got.
Randall Traverse
Randall Traverse 5 dager siden
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada 🇨🇦
Randall Traverse
Randall Traverse 5 dager siden
Crushing knockouts
Randall Traverse
Randall Traverse 5 dager siden
Definite knockouts
Randall Traverse
Randall Traverse 5 dager siden
He rocks and hits every muthafucca with devastating power!!!
lamar boyd
lamar boyd 7 dager siden
Teo would fight anybody but his mandatory
lamar boyd
lamar boyd 7 dager siden
"Top rank wbc title" is that even real. Yo bob people would pay good money to see Crawford fight for some else, since teo wants to fight his mandatory 5 years from now, bob your gonna loose way more money. My prediction is teo will be the next loma
A O 7 dager siden
I think I could take Lopez
Briana Jacobo
Briana Jacobo 8 dager siden
no me gustan sus bailecitos al ultimo,se ve muy ridiculo e infantil
Ralav Corp
Ralav Corp 8 dager siden
I cant emagine this man can manage marquez, cotto, alvarez, margarito and ggg.
Fart Ing
Fart Ing 8 dager siden
Only 23 and whoops Loma. I want to see him and Devin Haney now, mega fight.
M Arafath
M Arafath 9 dager siden
i hope he fights nayo inawe and kos him
Vago505 vago505
Vago505 vago505 9 dager siden
Body...right hand to the body...overhand right...this dude has 2 right hands according to this bitch🤣
Moishe Moishele
Moishe Moishele 9 dager siden
The first knockdown the guy took a dive.There was no punch.
Shavoy Lashawn
Shavoy Lashawn 10 dager siden
Seems like everyone is cool with everyone celebrating in sports except black athletes. Ive noticed that
Adonay Avilez
Adonay Avilez 11 dager siden
Ema Nava
Ema Nava 11 dager siden
He was doing fortnite danced
ghoulman18 11 dager siden
When you pull up your taunt list and taunt then do it again.
Phillip Perez Jr.
Phillip Perez Jr. 12 dager siden
Did he do the penny wise dance!?😂😂😂
Paraiso Perdido
Paraiso Perdido 12 dager siden
Acker Maldonado
Acker Maldonado 13 dager siden
El pitbull cruz lo va a noquear, tomenle captura a este comentario... Y en unos meses se confirmará
Jack Woods
Jack Woods 14 dager siden
I know I'll catch a lot of hate for this but I think guys like Ray Robinson and Hank Armstrong would just be another fighter in todays lighter-to-middleweights. This is a golden age that surpasses the days of Ali in the heavies. What does the 1916 tatoo represent?
Kendi Ventura
Kendi Ventura 14 dager siden
The best✊👊🇭🇳❤💙
Adonay Avilez
Adonay Avilez 11 dager siden
🇭🇳 Claro que si mi amor 🇭🇳
Max Power
Max Power 14 dager siden
That Magdaleno Knockout was fucking incredible, sounded like 2 gunshots going off.
Kirk Newton
Kirk Newton 14 dager siden
3:45 Blonde bitch says caught him right on the chin. Really... Really... Not paying attention at all, caught him behind the ear. Ffs
Ferno Fidore
Ferno Fidore 15 dager siden
Take over??!! Let’s Wait and see what happens when you meet Tank! Guaranteed Tank will destroy you!
ulyot r
ulyot r 16 dager siden
he be good at circus
Daquan W
Daquan W 16 dager siden
Gives that vibe of that fighter who’s ahead of his time and dies young from a accident and we never get to see the best of him. #takeoverking.
Edgar Enriquez
Edgar Enriquez 16 dager siden
Pitbull cruz😎😎😎😎
xJonx xUtix
xJonx xUtix 16 dager siden
One day he’ll get injured doing that backflip
Johnny Dah
Johnny Dah 17 dager siden
I can’t understand why tank thinks he’s a side against this guy lopez is a fucking beast
Sergi Molina
Sergi Molina 18 dager siden
Gervonta Davis no tendría nada que hacer ante Teofimo López.
SERVANT JEREMIAH 19 dager siden
The video photo looks like Max HOLLOWAY
Эйнур Аскаров
Эйнур Аскаров 19 dager siden
Christopher 19 dager siden
We seen this movie before with all this cockiness #broner
Maquan Thomas
Maquan Thomas 19 dager siden
Him and Davis have ridiculous power cant see the others taking those shots just being honest. Lopez vs Davis will be the blockbuster
Jordan Ocampo
Jordan Ocampo 20 dager siden
Those punches are soft, rumors said you will face Pacquiao? RIP to your career Teofimo.
Yeti Man
Yeti Man 20 dager siden
Speed vs timing !!!
Bryan Arriaga
Bryan Arriaga 20 dager siden
No cap he’s the Honduras Nacho Camacho
Zachary Mitchell
Zachary Mitchell 20 dager siden
Mac Tabilis
Mac Tabilis 20 dager siden
Teo bro take this for what its worth. You need to bring some tatical strategist for each super fight. Your dad and you arent enough for the superfights yall want to take on. You can fight, you got power. I dont know how else to put this, but its not enough lol. Your KOs are good man, standard stuff though, none of them off-foot none of them from the dead-zone, none from transition. You hit someone not on your level they gonna die man. Loma just put his lead foot outside of yours man. Thats what dad's tell their baby boys to do against southpaws man.... you a fighter, but they tryna put you up for the slaughter, the powers that be gonna make it look believable man. its only about the money. in the end they gonna get what they want. You and your dad have to be smarter...
Christopher Yoon Kim
Christopher Yoon Kim 21 dag siden
Boy be K'ing foo's! 😴💤😴
Tre Wright
Tre Wright 21 dag siden
Gervonta Davis will knock him out
Viajes Carrillo
Viajes Carrillo 22 dager siden
Keseponga con maiguele pake sele kite lo chistoso
Selvin Valle
Selvin Valle 22 dager siden
Ivan l
Ivan l 22 dager siden
So excited about all these boxers coming out of the caves, this generation of boxing will be off the hook, let's keep it up for the boxing sport 🥊🥊
Nathaniel Galarza
Nathaniel Galarza 23 dager siden
Leave a like on this video if you want to see Terence Crawford vs Teofimo Lopez.
Selwyn Yildiz
Selwyn Yildiz 23 dager siden
3:42 of course the female commentator calls it wrong 😆 she says "right hook to the body" it's clearly a left watch it. Then she says overhand, it's not... it's a looping right or a long right hook 🤣
Orange Skittles
Orange Skittles 23 dager siden
He has Theeee PERFECT HooK
JNavarrete08 24 dager siden
This dude is the top guy in the lightweight division. Davis, Haney, Garcia won’t keep up w this man
blake philbrook
blake philbrook 24 dager siden
Why was the ref at 3 counting? Hope he got fired
Dawid K.
Dawid K. 25 dager siden
Loma felt the power early on thats why he never engaged in the fight lol
Israel Rodriguez
Israel Rodriguez 25 dager siden
5:47 , en ese momento lomachenko , perdió la pelea !!!
Sarim Raza
Sarim Raza 25 dager siden
Imagine getting knocked down and the guy starts doing fortnite dances I would disappear LMAO
VTechCho 26 dager siden
This highlight reel shows how damn athletics he is and he got skills too.
roro williams
roro williams 26 dager siden
The 3rd dude basically let him know him out tbh it don’t seem like he’s actually fighting people who give him a challenge like some of the other fighters out there
Cloud Life Gaming
Cloud Life Gaming 27 dager siden
He’s not fighting big names but the kid is nasty 🤮
Francis Odo
Francis Odo 27 dager siden
fire vid b fire. thanks for bringing us the goods. watching dis and listen to tracks I like. needs to pump for me like some slipknot or delta parole. good vid b
team kopassus
team kopassus 28 dager siden
Teo lopez strong
Cashkid891 28 dager siden
I already figured him out it's the jab, straight and left hook. Just to be clear he has a good jab not the best!
manb4war 28 dager siden
I don't see it.
TBE 28 dager siden
Get loma out that clip he’s a bum
SAGA ONE 28 dager siden
Kaya Muzik
Kaya Muzik 29 dager siden
Teo vs g davis.....set it up🤜🤛
Minnesota Fatz
Minnesota Fatz 29 dager siden
How was that number 1?
Jose Ramos
Jose Ramos 29 dager siden
Honduras ! Bamos López!
Will K.
Will K. Måned siden
What was he even doing? 1:15
Victor Alvarado
Victor Alvarado Måned siden
El #5 de López es mucho mejor que el #1 de Loma 😯😯😯
yakine fort
yakine fort Måned siden
Sorry but first shot was landed BEHIND the head (CEREBELLUM ZONE for coordination) That's why the other couldn't make it, Too bad for him, but not a fair victory.
Angello Elias
Angello Elias Måned siden
Y ya
Angello Elias
Angello Elias Måned siden
Angello Elias
Angello Elias Måned siden
Que mejores peleadores han perdido se uminde
Angello Elias
Angello Elias Måned siden
Se ulminde
Patrick Plazo
Patrick Plazo Måned siden
Teofimo Lopez is one of the best fighter in boxing..Every fight is good performance and knockout puncher...Wooowww amazing😊👍👍✊✊👏👏
C K Måned siden
The way he dances is cringy tho
Khabir Amilbarri
Khabir Amilbarri Måned siden
Teofimo vs Gervonta, could be One of the most exciting fight ever.
Al Aguilera
Al Aguilera Måned siden
The first one was a dive for sure I aint dumb...
Rene Valenzuela
Rene Valenzuela Måned siden
He is good.but who are those boxers never seen them😏
David Mcphee
David Mcphee Måned siden
He has no class I like this kid he gonna bring excitement back to boxing
Yellow Smegma
Yellow Smegma Måned siden
wtf? the first clip was soooooooooooooooo fake!
David Mcphee
David Mcphee Måned siden
Ok buddy
House of Balloons
House of Balloons Måned siden
Hey it's Ashtray from Euphoria
HOODRICH S9 Måned siden
Trenton Nicholas
Trenton Nicholas Måned siden
That first one didn’t look like he hit him
R20 Måned siden
His punch landed at the base of his skull near his brainstem..that is a very sensitive area
Jorge Morales
Jorge Morales Måned siden
Been watching lopez for 2 years only because he was honduran and i was curious if he was any good because there aren't any others but man i could never have imagined him to get to this level. Viva honduras🇭🇳🇭🇳✌
Диавол Люцефер
Диавол Люцефер Måned siden
💩 💩 💩
Aleksus Nemo
Aleksus Nemo Måned siden
LOMO The Best off!
MArtim Alvarez
MArtim Alvarez Måned siden
Lamo no le ubiera aguantado un putazo por eso en la pelea no se metió al Lin fay sacan ahora qué loma estaba lastimado del hombro
MArtim Alvarez
MArtim Alvarez Måned siden
Nadir daba nada por el ahora todos lo adoran
Ombili Naikaku
Ombili Naikaku Måned siden
Davis after beating a small guy.... I'm not ducking nobody! Lol
Don Demarco
Don Demarco Måned siden
Nah I would have to jump him if he did that Fortnite dance and then a back flip lol
Milton Ardon
Milton Ardon Måned siden
Garra catracha 💯
Ae7Caro Troyano
Ae7Caro Troyano Måned siden
He has a very strong devastating punch a fight between him and Davis would be great
Jesus Lopez
Jesus Lopez Måned siden
Como en su ultima pelea ni si quiera le pudo dar nada se le veía su puto rostro de cagado
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